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Today’s Top 4

What’s your crankbait reaction time?

Talkin’ settin’ the hook. Everyone’s got a bud whose reaction time is like this:

HAHAHA! Many a bass-head is like this:

If you’re thinkin’ that’s not so bad, well…what if your reaction time is even faster — 1 second? You missed him. Half a second? Quarter of a second?? Same. Check this:

The mad scientist fisherman Jimmy Liao made that vid, which shows slow-mo that a bass can spit out a double-trebled crankbait in 0.12 secs — friggin ridiculous!! Full vid here.

Crazy and/or cool Japan stuff.

1. Iga Jig Spin — My 2c is this is flat money. Can’t make up my mind if looks better swimming or falling or what. Wow — you gotta watch this vid:

2. Chubby grubbys — So many versions of these now because they appear to be the deal in Japan, not sure why no one’s a-makin’ ’em over here:

3. Single-hook blade bait — Believe it’s for near-shore saltwater fish around rocks, but bet it’d be killa for the bass feeshes:

4. Fermented organ grub — Here’s what fermented internal organ stuff from fish looks like when it’s all molded up:

Rayburn FLW was a crank-fest.

Here’s the top 10 baits, as usual broken down by type. The %ages will add up to more than 100 because it’s each bait type a guy in the top 10 used:

Crankbait = 80% — Terry Bolton won with the DTs (pictured), but Strike King dominated with the 6XD (30%) and 5XD (20%). One guy used a ‘Trap too.

Carolina rig = 40% — 2 guys used stick worms, 2 used creatures.

Spinnerbait = 20% — Check Nick LeBrun’s (2nd) “spinnerplate:”

Stick worm = 20% (TX or wacky)

10% each = Swim-jig, Soft jerkbait, Dropshot, Jig, Jig-football, TX rig.


> Jim Tutt (5th) let out that he sprays even his cranks with Bang attractant, which he says helps him on Rayburn.

> Colby Schrumpf (6th) cranked baits most folks have forgotten about but still kill — a Bomber Fat A and Bandit 300:

> Did Sam George (9th) have the first tour-level top 10 finish with a Salmo crank? European brand headin’ thisaway. He used a #6.5 Salmo Rattlin’ Hornet (red craw).

Ever see an accordion bait??

Or maybe it’s more like a bellows — from a patent application:

Think it’s for the salt but could see it for flippin’?


1. FLWer Terry Bolton tried to pay by check.

Didn’t think it’d work, but hey, you never know til you try:

2. BPTer Randy Howell gets AL aeronautics firm.

Apparently has something to do with the aerodynamics of his flat top. Don’t believe they know about him wearing granny hats…yet.

3. BPTer Freddy Roumbanis gets an AR manufacturer.

I think that’s what it is? CMMG.

4. BPTer Alton Jones Jr gets BassForecast.

Check the app out right here.

5. BPTer Jason Christie’s ketchin’ ’em on a “spinberbsit.”

Which is I guess what happens when you try to type “spinnerbait” with cold thumbs:

Guessin’ that’s a BOOYAH Blade spinnerbait….

6. It’s BPTer Dean Rojas’ anniversary…

…of weighin’ a 45-02 LIMIT!!!!! And then it exploded onto his wall!

7. Elitist Matt Herren’s Dirty Jigs are out.

Flip jigs of course, at TW of course.

8. Elitist Johnny Crews will be in Richmond, VA this Sat.

Outdoor show.

9. Elitist Bill Lowen will have to dig out…

…before he can head south to fish:

10. This week Zona and Hack hammer ’em on a private pond.

3 words: Don’t miss it and D-V-R.

11. FLWer Scott Martin gets Favorite rods/reels.

Was Okuma:

> “For me, I want to support the brands that are supporting the next generation and that’s what Favorite is doing.”

Scott also appears to be linked up with Favorite’s Googan boys somehow….

12. FLWer Chad Grigsby gets Arsenal tackle.

13. Check this jersey — FLWer Blake Smith.

Looks cool and representin’: #stout

14. New list of Shimano brands’ pro staffers.

Glad to see they’re expandin’:

Bass Pro Tour
> Shimano rods/reels — James Elam.
> Shimano and G. Loomis Rods, Shimano reels — David Walker, Jonathon VanDam.
> G. Loomis rods, Shimano reels — Luke Clausen.
> Shimano reels — Aaron Martens. Only problem is Aaron doesn’t own any:

Bassmaster Elite Series
> Shimano and G. Loomis rods, Shimano reels, PowerPro line, Jackall Lures — Jeff Gustafson, Chris Johnston, Cory Johnston.
> Shimano rods and reels — Keith Combs, Brett Preuett, Bernie Schultz, Greg Dipalma, Ed Loughran.
> Shimano reels — Clent Davis.

FLW Tour
> Shimano and G. Loomis Rods, Shimano reels, PowerPro line — Alex Davis, Josh Douglas.
> Shimano reels — Brandon McMillan.

15. MLF BPT gets ‘Rude.

Makes sense since it seems like (to me) that the engines are teaming up with certain tours.

16. Typical MLF day for TV producer Randy White.

No way would I shine Boyd Duckett’s shoes man….
Okay that’s not in there.
17. FLW marshal won $2,500.Combined weight of the pros he was in the boat with.

18. TX: Rayburn ‘Trap Open Feb 24.

19. FL: Okeechobee’s vegetation is way down but…

…may be coming back up:

> …vegetation on the lake has shrunk to around 5,000 acres, down from around 42,000 acres back in 2012.

> …there is hope that some of that vegetation will be able to recover. Currently, the lake level is sitting at around 12′, close to the range that will allow sunlight to hit the bottom of the lake and germinate the seeds of the lake grass.

Sounds like any spraying would be a bad idea right now….

20. Signed up for the Atlas Awards program yet?

If you fish tournaments and have an Atlas Jackplate, you should. This short vid explains it better than I can:

Check the coot photobombing that vid.

21. The ultimate cold-water F-F-Flanders?

That’s a YUM Crawbug on a Ned head. #$$$

22. Dock fisherman in Australia rammed by angry jetskiers.

Water rage. Scary.

Shout-out of the Day

Get action!

> “Don’t fritter away your time. Create. Act. Take a place wherever you are and be somebody. Get action.”

– Heck yeah mang! That’s a quote by #26 President Teddy Roosevelt, a big-time sportsman. It’s also the title of Rapala’s newest marketing campaign geared to “yoots.”

Hahaha! I mean, YOUTHS! Rapala sponsors a bunch of “yoot” feeshn stuff and:

> …salutes youth anglers in “Get Action,” a new national television spot.

> “We are witnessing an exciting explosion in youth enjoyment of fishing,” says Rapala marketing director Matt Jensen (Matt DOES fish). “High school and college fishing teams are growing faster than we’ve ever seen.

> “Youth anglers are independent, social, smart and filled with creativity. At Rapala, we say embrace them, talk to them, educate them, support them, fish with them and, most importantly, have fun with them!”

Why the shout-out? I love that they’re talking STRAIGHT to the kids man — the kids need it! Especially Zona…(heehee!).

Btw I did suggest “Git you some action” but Matt didn’t take me up on the reword.

Tip of the Day

Why Terry Bolton likes Rapala DT-14s and DT-16s…

…particularly when fishing deep structure that’s been pounded already:

Links to the baits on TW:
Ike’s Ink colors (preferred by the pros)
Regular colors

Quote of the Day

“…as soon as I qualify for (MLF Cup events) again, I’ll be going straight to the bank like everybody else.”

Justin Lucas talkin’ ’bout learnin’ the hard way about the MLFer format. Also in that post:

> “I had THE best deep-water fisherman [Mark Rose] tell me…’You’re going to get your brains beat in if you try and fish off the banks’ and he was right.”

Shot of the Day

Boyd Duckett finally got his combo helipad/boat launch done on Guntersville, soon to be featured on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Redneck” — which we all wish we was (sorta)! HAHAHA! Nope it’s actually a Kurt Dove shot at a ramp on Lake Buchanan, TX:

But I have to think Boyd WOULD build one on Gville if he got a mind to….


Rare water frog finds mate on

Can’t make this stuff up. Most hilarious part is the scientists think that going out to catch these rare frogs in the wild and bringing them back to labs is “safer” for the frogs. On the other hand, maybe there’s a reason why the frogs are rare:

> “Romeo is really calm and relaxed and doesn’t move a whole lot. He’s healthy and likes to eat, but he is kind of shy and slow.”

Kind of a miracle any shy and slow frogs have survived longer than a day anywhere on this planet, man, srsly….

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