2 huge bags, How NOT to reveal fishing spots, Vision 110 total system

Guy outside my office waiting to pick up his kid from school looks like Dave Mercer. Badly wanted to yell Mercer at him so…what up Mercer!

Today’s Top 5

How to NOT show where you’re fishing…

…and still get a little social glory. Startin’ with Jojo postin’ on the BassBlaster Facebook group:

Dang nice fish hoss!

Next: Looks like @kamikaze_biwako yanked this post but it’s $$$:

How’s about two 60+ 2-day limits??

Fast Break Bait and Tackle’s Lake Open on Lake Okeechobee, FL had a 65.8-lb winning weight over 2 days, and a 64-06 limit (with smallmouths) at the BC Open on Osoyoos Lake.

La-la-la-lame there’s no pics I could find, but here’s a representative 5:

“It looks like skirt color you might use in dirty water. But to me it always performs best in really clear, or barely stained, water on a cloudy or rainy day with about a 15 mph wind blowing.”

KVD talkin’ ’bout coleslaw-color spinnerbaits. Uh yeah…me too Kevin, was just gonna say that….

And that, bass-heads, is why the Elitists are up there and we are down here. #deets

Here’s that color in case you don’t know about it — white with orange and green:

Open and Costa winning baits.

Dude with the awesome bassin’ name of Harvey Horne won the Arkansas River Open with 52-07. Main bait was a Big Bite Baits Dean Rojas Fighting Frog (confusion, tilapia hematoma) on an All-Terrain Swing Head Rock Jig with a 6/0 Gamakatsu G-Finesse Hybrid Hook. Hit a gravel pit, brush and spawners.

Justin Margraves (2nd, 48-09) fished spawners with a 5/16-oz Santone Swim Jig and Strike King Rage Craw (both b/b). Said he was fishing the swim jig “like a topwater bait” in muddy 1-2′ of water.

Beeg weener at the Table Rawk Costa was a dude from TN: Hensley Powell. He beat Elitist Mike McClelland by just 1.5 lbs, but no small thing since McClelland is known as “007” on that lake — he’s got a license to “keel” there.

Hensley smashed ’em with a YUMbrella Flash Mob Jr A-rig with Zoom Swimmin’ Super Fluke Jrs (white ice) and a Strike King KVD Jerkbait:

Mike cranked his signature SPRO RkCrawler 55, but also used a signature SPRO McStick jerkbait and — coincidentally like the Open winner — used a Big Bite Baits Fighting Frog on a homemade wobble head jig:

Full top 10 baits broken down:

A-rig = 40%YUMbrella FMJ, Livetarget Bait Ball Spinner Rig, Strike King Tour Grade Titanium U-Rig

Crankbait = 40%Rk Crawler = 30%, Strike King 5XD = 10%

Jerkbait = 20% — Both were Strike King KVD Jerks

Wobble-head = 20%

Finesse jig = 20%

10% each = Spinnerbait, Swimbait, Flip plastics


> The Rk Crawler is sorta Mike’s version of a Storm Wiggle Wart. Here’s Mike talkin’ his 2c on the differences between the two (vid).

> Strike King Rage Bug was most often-mentioned trailer.

> 3 guys from TN in the top 10, and 1 guy from IL!

> Stacey King finished 4th and lookin’ good:

Huge un-developments in fishing technology.

Saw something says Lowrance’s new Autotuning sonar is the easiest “fishfinder” to use. Made me think that:

a) Lowrance is taking a huge chance naming that feature after one of the worst “advancements” in music technology — check YouTube for many examples of famous “singers” who actually can’t sing their way outta a paper sack. (Fave comment under one: “Singing live is hard.” LOL! Yep, for everyone except actual SINGERS!)

b) This bassin’ tech stuff might be getting outta hand. Because this is the easiest fishfinder…

…and this may be the easiest Spot-Lock ever created:

HAHAHA! Props to bass-head Stevie Lee for the Spot-Lock pic.


1. We lost Mrs. Bush.

She was a big-time bass-head. And if you don’t think that influenced policy, you haven’t been married yet. Bless you Bush family — that is APOLITICAL bass-heads!

2. Brent Ehrler gets Lure Lock.

Sticky tackle boxes again. Those LL guys are like this with the Elitists:

3. New “State of G” vid series.

‘Bout time! Should be $$$ because Swindle on vid is $$$. Little surprised the first one is serious, but it’s good.

Under the Swindle funny is a thinker, as you’ll see if you don’t know it already. Believe he calls the serious side of himself…”Gerald.”

Hope these vids don’t get lost in the content firehose of….

4. Something’s happening this week?

Not sure what it is, but a lotta good bassers are heading to Grand Lake, OK. Something about Crass Trashers? Pass Snatchers? Fat Gassers??

Overstreet said it’s been so long he’s had to be mobile he almost forgot how to operate a flip-flop….

5. Got some Elitist fans there too.

For Jason Christie and looks like Boom-Boom’s got him a new nickname: “And.”

6. FLWer Jeff Gustafson gets back most of his gear.

After the theft at Cumberland, gives props to the Burnside KY PD.

7. Great to see Tim Tucker’s pic…

…on the Bassin’masters website, gracias Pete Robbins. Tucker (right) was THE BEST bassin’ media dude ever, will never be equaled.

8. AL: Asian carp getting worse in Pickwick too.

Sounds like a BAD problem in the TN River system. They better reverse it, not just halt it there. Can’t believe everyone isn’t nuts about some of the best bass fisheries on the planet possibly going bye-bye.

9. MN: Bizarre Mille Lacs smallmouth quotes.

I think they are anyway. Quotes from DNR folks:

> “One thing smallmouth anglers were concerned about was that allowing harvest would mean fewer big bass. That’s not what we’ve seen with the most current assessment. About half of the smallmouth are over 17″, and that is consistent with what we’ve seen in past assessments of Mille Lacs smallmouth.” [Pretty sure logic will tell you that when you severely limit keeping walleyes and promote the snot outta keeping smallmouths, you eventually will get fewer big smallmouths…which may show up as a crash rather than a slow decline.]

> “We recognize Mille Lacs is a world-class bass fishery, and we’re committed to protecting it.” [Uh…like you did the world-class walleye fishery there?? That you now have to shut down every year?]

> “Based on the estimated number of smallmouth bass in the lake and the number that anglers catch each year, it’s clear that these fish are being caught more than once.” [Are you seriously saying that all the smallmouth in the lake are getting caught more than once per year??]

Dang, man. Sometimes I wonder whether biologists actually fish or do they just work with numbers.

But I get it — I mean, would you rather fish for smalls or one of these:


10. TX: Amistad not looking so bad?

Bassin’ Champs winners had 24.47 lbs with an 8.65 kicker, with two 9+ fish in the top 10. Weights weren’t great BUT I have a hard time believing there’s mostly small fish in that lake. More bigs must be somewhere….

11. LA: $$$ folks killed public access water bill this year.

Doesn’t mean hope is lost, just means it’s gonna take a fight. All you LA residents, believe here’s a list of who voted for and against the bill in case you wanna tell them what you think….

12. Is Berkley developing a Plopper-like bait in Japan?

Check it, posted by @lurenews:

13. TN: Vols OC supposed to be a stick…

…but in the salt. Someone get that guy out on some east TN lakes (Ott!).

14. Great Lakes: Antidepressants found in fish brains.

> The most commonly detected chemical was norsetraline, which is a metabolite of the active ingredient found in the antidepressant drug Zolof.

How many folks take that stuff? Get out and fish! Point of the post is that current waste treatment facilities (everywhere) weren’t designed to handle drugs like this.

15. Bassin’ Cat expanding by 50%.

16. Another Vexus boat reveal.

Model AVX189, 18′ 7″, starts at $25,795, rated for 115hp, will run in the upper 40s with multiple bass-heads on board. Check more about it here.

17. BMW looking at making diesel outboard.

I’m sure that’ll be cheap….

18. Gill apparel looking for marketing mgr.

19. New stuff released at the Bassin’masters Classic.

Check it all at Tackle Warehouse….

Headline of the Day

Bass Pro founder plans lodge by Missouri sinkhole site

Far be it from me to second-guess Johnny Morris’ biz decisions but….

Tip of the Day

Chris Zaldain’s Vision 110 total system.

Why the Megabass Vision 110 is all that, what colors he likes (they’re all so gaw-jus), what he fishes ’em with, how he fishes it. Gitcha deets — click it for the vid:

Best parts are when he says “jerk-jerk pause, jerk pause,” and seeing his dog Nebo bored stiff behind him lol. Gear:

Megabass Vision 110

#5 Trokar TK 310 EWG style trebles

12-lb Seaguar InvizX fluoro

6′ 11″ Megabass Destroyer Oneten Special rod

Shimano Core 6.2 Reel — no longer made but I wish it was!

You a Yakker?

Sign up for the Bass Yakker email — and tell your yakkin’ buds!



Quote of the Day

“…she would always tell him the only way that would happen is if he won one.”

– Wife to dude sayin’ he wanted a new bassin’ tub. Aaaaaaaand he won a new Nitro Z19 at the Big Bass Tour stop on Smith Mountain Lake, VA with a whopper 8.32-lber — way to go hombre!

My wife never tells me that, but I tell her the next time I’m at Ike’s house I’m gonna make him an offer for that bassin’ rig he has with all weeds growin’ around it in his yard.

Shot of the Day

Laughed so hard when I saw this almost choked — maybe the BEST extra hand fish holdup shot ever. Glad the dude hid behind him because it’s way less cool to see 2 guys than 3 arms:

Ya got me

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