Bassin’ hits the bigtime, Red and green best colors, Melons and DERPS of the week!

Today’s Top 5

“Oh lardy, lardy” melons of the week!

@josh_parris_fishing smacked this 12.98-lb lard bass on an Optimum Baits Balam 300 with a “slow subsurface retrieve.” That fish worth a $170 swimbait? Thinkin’…yep:

Andy Montgomery’s bud Rodney Jordan caught this DD endomorph at Santee Cooper after — it sounds like — stealin’ Andy’s setup: 3/8-oz Strike King Skipping Jig (blue craw) with a Strike King Rage Bug (Cali craw), 7′ 1″ H Daiwa Tatula Andy Montgomery Skipping Rod, Daiwa Tatula SV Reel (8:1), 20-lb fluoro:

Rick M. smacked this pig at a FL shiner buffet on a 3/8-oz Lunkerhunt Natural Series Swim Jig (common shiner) with a Gambler swimbait (shad). Used a 7′ 6″ iRod Fiber rod too:

Megastrike’s Bobby Uhrig flew south to do some slingin’ with a 78-yo Roland Martin. Bobby’s Cavitron Buzzbait got them an 8.4, 8.2, 7.4, 7.1 and some smaller fish — in 1 day. Sounds epic, should be on the living room screen at some point:

We don’t need as many colors?

I know that’s sacrilege cuz that COULD mean fewer baits, which ain’t happenin’ (lol), but check these quotes from a recent brain-strain session by some fish science types:

> Most large predatory fish are dichromatic, meaning they rely on only 2 photoreceptor classes to perceive color….

> Largemouth bass possess dichromatic color vision, with green-sensitive single cones and red-sensitive twin cones.

> Our visual detection model of bass vision indicated that dichromatic bass vision limits the perception of yellow coloration. In particular, chartreuse yellow should appear similar to white [obviously not to smallmouths!]. This happens because chartreuse yellow equally stimulates both the green and red cone cells at similar frequencies.

> Bass trained to blue frequently struck at black, and bass trained to black frequently struck at blue.

> The behavioral assays and visual detection model indicate that there is a genuine chromatic stimulus for green that bass can detect.

> Red was particularly easy to identify (for bass trained to red) and avoid (for bass trained to other colors)….

> 100% of bass stayed the heck away from rainbow manatees:

Okay made that last one up. Here’s more for real:

> Bass from IL and FL populations possess similar photoreceptor sensitivities despite differences in environmental light composition.

> In aquatic environments, long wavelengths (orange-red spectrum) are reflected in background lighting, whereas short wavelength (blue-green spectrum) contrasts that background.

Does that last one mean that when we think green pumpkin blends in it actually stands out? Hit me back if you know, science peeps!

Bassin’ has officially hit the bigtime.

Ain’t Ike’s new show — bearin’ in mind his reality ain’t reality for most of us…earthlings — and ain’t bassin’ on ESPN or Swindle on Comedy Central (made that up but should happen). It’s this:

That’s right, bassin’s in Fortnite. #hugetime

Gitcha some derp!

The BB FB group is turning into a derp hall of fame — hahaha love it! Here’s a few:

Windin’ it up with a rhino-lookin’ smallie derp:

Love the bassin’ beard mang!

Poultry-eatin’ basses.

Here’s one piece o’ livewell nastiness:

And how ’bout this?? Dylan T. was a-operatin’ his bass rig on Amistad, TX and got this — wonder how that beak was gonna get digested? Click the pic to see the vid:


1. Edwin Evers has his 29-lb Grand jig tied on.

From his insane Classic day 3 — supposed to be a 5/16-oz Andy’s Custom Bass Lures E Series Finesse Jig (green craw — notice the orange) with a Zoom Critter Craw (gp):

2. Here’s how Luke Clausen is doing.

Vid on his Insta, says he’s gonna miss the rest of the season. Get better man!

3. What Josh Bertrand puts in his pillow.

He’s allergic to feather pillows so he stuffs his old fluorocarbon in it? Guess it works, but maybe get some Claritin?

Kiddin’ kids, do NOT try that at home.

4. Watch KVD back-boat Mercer…

…in Mercer’s own boat — too funny:

5. You fishing a Rapala DT-4?

I’ve got some DT-6s but don’t think any DT-4s. Might have to change that:

> …has been Brandon Palaniuk’s “number-one bait” since he was 9 or 10 years old…starts catching bass on DT-4s when early-season water temps are in the 45 to 49-degree range.

> “It will surprise people how fast I will fish a DT when water temps get to be 54, 55, 56,” says Ott DeFoe. “It’s more about creating a reaction strike. Those bass are ready to feed — they’re hungry. So if you bring something by them at mach 1, you’re more likely to get a fish to totally eat the bait than just to nip at it.”

> “When the water’s cold, balsa’s gonna whoop your b*tt about anywhere you go,” says Gerald Swindle. “It’s just got the right wiggle.”

> “DT’s are sort of a combo of a Shad Rap and a traditional wider-wobble crankbait,” says Mike Iaconelli.

Lotta good info at that link.

6. TX: Charity tourney for vets at Lewisville tomorrow.

7. OK: NBAer Paul George likes golf course bassin’.

Can see why:

8. MD: Potomac killer color?

Word is bass-head named Thomas Harden has been killin’ it at Fishers of Men and possibly other derbies on the Rat-L-Trap color RT68 “wild shiner:”

9. PA: Various factors at play for Susquehanna smallie issues.

10. NM: Sketchy notice about bassin’ clinic in ROSWELL!!

Go at your own risk:

> NM’s Department of Game and Fish will be hosting the event this Saturday near Red Bridge Road.

How sketchy does that sound! Clinic will be hosted by actor Laurence Fishburne…or will it:

That’s from the movie The Signal — killer if you haven’t seen it.

11. IL: Minooka HSer signs letter to fish at McKendree U.


12. BFL happenin’s.

Glen Freeman is a T-Bend hammer!

Dude just won his 10th [!!!!] BFL on Toledo Bend, his 11th FLW win there cuz he also won a Costa there in 2012. Daaaaaaaang mang! This time caught ’em on off north end points, sitting in 5-6′ and throwing up to 2-3′. Fished a 1/2-oz Johnston Jig with a Zoom Ultra Vibe Speed Craw (both gp). Here’s you a hammer:

DE dude wins on the Potomac.

Glad to hear there’s at least one serious bass-head in DE! Said he caught ’em on points at the mouths of Mattowoman and Quantico creeks, pebble rock and sand. Cranked a Rapala DT-6 (no color given) in 3-5′ and switched to a Strike King KVD 1.5 HC Shallow Squarebill (chartreuse/black back) in 1-3′.

13. SPRO BBZ Rat now in chrome.

Figurin’ if you fish that bait, here’s your ride:

14. TX: Nitros now sold at Cabela’s.

Maybe you already know that? Weird but we’ll get used to it. If you don’t know, Ranger had been the flagship boat in Cabela’s.

15. Check this hair-jig jointed swimbait thing.

16. Cool shades?

Don’t know jack about this company but kinda diggin’ these:

17. New camera clips onto fishing line.

Guess it’d only be good for trolling or?

18. Brunswick had a better Q1.

> Brunswick’s marine businesses had revenue growth of 8% in the quarter, with a very strong increase in operating earnings versus first quarter 2017.

19. PA: Penn State says wilderness too risky for outdoors clubs.

> The hiking, camping and other outdoors-focused activities the student-led club has long engaged in are too risky, the university’s offices of Student Affairs and Risk Management determined.

#mommystate So…guess they’ll be shutting down the football program then?

Tip of the Day

Good spawner tips from Alton Jones Jr.

One of the best spawning bass posts I’ve read, good job Al Jr. Worth a full peruse on the Bassin’masters, but here’s a few highlights:

> …anything that is exposed to a south wind will be at least 5 degrees warmer than anything on the south side of the lake that is exposed to the north wind. …I’ve seen it where, on the north side of the lake the bass are spawn to late-spawn, and on the the south side the fish have not begun spawning.

> You’re going to see a 5- to 6-degree temperature change from a north-facing pocket to a south-facing pocket.

> …flatter areas will warm quicker than the deeper water of a steeper bank. That being said, I’d point out that a big fish doesn’t act like all the rest, so I always want to have deep water close….

> For clear-water sight-fishing, I always keep an 8-10″ glide bait on my deck. I can cast this bait out to the deeper water and bring it shallow. I won’t expect to catch a lot of fish this way, but I’ll have big females follow it, and then I can target them more easily.

> I like a YUM Money Craw, a YUM Dinger or a YUM Christie Craw for spawning fish, but…instead of white, I like natural colors like green pumpkin. I think some anglers get too comfortable seeing their bait, but with experience, you’ll learn to tell where your bait is, even if you can’t see it.

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Quote of the Day

“Whenever I’m asked about why I fish docks my answer is always the same: Docks are some of the most reliable places on any body of water to find bass.”

– Props to B-Card for addressin’ some bassin’ basics (I guess?), but has anyone really ever asked that question??

Here’s some free advice, always ultra-valuable: If you ever fish a tourney on lakes like the Ozarks, Martin (AL) or especially Norman (NC), do NOT fish docks. Or if you do, stay away from the shady sides and the backs of ’em. No fish there, no way.

That’s not what Brandon says, but do ya really expect him to give away all his secrets?? HAHAHAHAHA!

Shot of the Day

A little #girlpower — not gonna try to beat this caption from @dariencraig: “My Chick Bad, My Chick Hood. My Chick catch bigs, that your chick wish she could.”


Romanian court tells man he is not alive

> The court told him he was too late, and would have to remain officially deceased.

> “I am officially dead, although I’m alive. I have no income and because I am listed dead, I can’t do anything.”

Sounds like he’s alive, but…is common sense dead??

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