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Wiggly pigglys of the week!

Cali Delta legend Kevin Looper fished for this 16-lber for 72 HOURS [!!!] before finally ketchin’ it — and by the looks of that rope he wanted to make sure he had it! Says it was released fine so cool:

How ’bout this 13.4 @everycastcountz caught on a Gambler Burner Craw:

Here’s an 11.1-lb 25.5″ Marine Creek Lake, TX ShareMelon getting weighed by biologists — using a techjique Trip Weldon would NOT be cool with (click pic for vid). Gives ya a ittle different view of a slabosaurus:

Not sure who this is but he smacked a tank at Gville. Kinda looks like Boyd Duckett but he’s holding a big fish so figgered it couldn’t be him…HAHAHA Boyd! Believe that ‘Trap color is bleeding shiner chrome:

Ben [no last name] caught this whoppa spot [no weight or location] on the dreaded Flanders rig with a ML Kistler Magnesium 2 spinacious rod. Mag 2s are sick sticks:

Heartbreaker of the week.

That’s what it looks like when a friggin’ GIANT throws your jig right by the boat (click it for the vid). Dang. Post by Brandon “video king” Palaniuk. Makes me think of:

Bringin’ on the Heartbreak (Def Lep)

Heartbreak Blvd (Shotgun Messiah — ’91 was when the ’80s officially died)

Heartbreaker (Led Zep)

Was gonna drop some Hip Hop in here, but too many cuss words so here’s Tank’s Heartbreaker.

30+ lb bassquatch limits of the week!

At Clear Lake, CA, boater Ron Bruggeman (right) and Patrick Cassi weighed 32.92 during the WON Bass California Open:

Also at Clear, Frank Ono and Edward Zinda Jr had 5 for 30.92:

Mark Hutson won the Santee BFL with 30-14 of spawners — no pic of the fish. 🙁

Word is Seminole (FL/GA) has been kicking out some 30+ limits so if anyone has pics lmk or post them on the Blaster FB group.

AFTCO rolls out fishing undies.

Tagline cracks me up: “Keep your tackle dry.”

What’s left in fishing apparel — socks? Q-tips??


1. Luke Clausen out of Elites with injuries.

> After a 12′ fall headfirst onto concrete, I got…5 broken ribs, a concussion and a separated shoulder! Not sure what the rest of my season looks like….

Dang bruh! Glad he seems to be okay, relatively speaking. Sounds like it coulda been a lot worse.

2. New MDJ rods coming from Favorite?

Sounds like it. That’s Mark with Fave head man Winston Tucker…like the old-school backwards hat mang!

Prediction: MDJ is a better fisherman than many folks realize so watch out yo!

Favorite is taking pre-orders for MLB team-themed rods right now so if you like you some baseball….

3. Matt E Lee gets Moss E Oak.


4. David Fritts doesn’t like fluoro for crankin’.



5. Brandon Palaniuk’s using a new attractant.

Made by Tightlines UV, has scent plus UV coating, which I believe is invisible to the human eye…which is business GENIUS — selling something we can’t see! Lol, kidding, BP says he digs it. Check it on TW.

6. Seth Feider’s throwin’ a bassin’ gang sign.

Lookin’ all south-central…I mean north-central in his case:

7. FLWer Charlie Evans gets Solar Bat.

8. FLWers’ gear stolen at Cumberland, KY.


9. FLWer Bill McDonald on BassEdge Radio.

The Mac Attack is back Jack!

10. FLWer Jason Lambert switches to ‘Rude.

11. You have any buds who do this?

Floss their teeth in the boat…after a little Vie-ennie sausage and Mountain Dew:

Are Z’s glasses off center a little or is it me? And did you know he recaps all the gear he uses on his show on his YouTube channel? Check it here.

12. Here’s how Denny fishes cold water.

Vertical banks, Strike King Football Jig, 15-lb Seaguar Tatsu fluoro:

13. CA’s Austin Wilson is the TBF champ.

Won the champeenship on Bull Shoals last week crankin’ a Norman Deep Little N (reverse green craw) and with an A-rig. Secondary points.

That check’s actually in Yen, which equates to $1,117.58.

Just kiddin’ about the Yen part….

14. CA: ‘Trap-only derby THIS WEEKEND on the Delta.

15. DC: President Trump proposes E15 gas year-round.

Not good. The Prez has also hit China imports with tariffs including some marine products, which the marine industry doesn’t like.

16. AR DNR has a new FB page just for bass.

Click that headline to get there. Part of its updated black bass management plan.

17. IN TBF stocking 1K bass in Raccoon Lake.

> The goal is to stock bass in Raccoon Lake in 2018 and 2020, and to stock bass in Lake Monroe in 2019 and 2021.

Goal is to do even more stocking so they have a GoFundMe page here.

18. AL: Win a truck at Logan Martin derby May 26.

Nissan Titan — which if Z-Man owned it would be a Nizzan TitanZ…. Randy Howell is the emcee. Howell can be funny…unintentionally. Hahaha Howell!

19. Bassmaster HS All-America team named.

Love it and congrats to the young’ns!

20. Huddleston suing Bass Pro Shops…

…sounds like over swimbait design and an associated patent.

21. DC: Marine bill is more about fishermen’s rights…

…than just marine fishing. donny barone does a good job explaining that, and here’s my 2c as a guy who used to work in DC and cover that mess: Recreational fishermen (us) almost always are last after environmental group (the radical ones who spend $$$ in DC) and business (in this case commercial fishermen). So seems like all that marine bill will do is to start balancing things out a little.

Take 1 min to support the Modern Fish Act here.

22. Anyone fishing plastics with red and gold flake?

If so under what conditions? Lmk at the BB FB group here. These are YUM Dingers in “camo:”

23. Lookit this color!

SPRO Bronzeye in “ayu flash” [heart-eyes emoji]:

Dean Rojas says he’ll eventually name a color after a Star Wars character — still waitin’ Deano!

24. How many things are wrong in this vid?

Dude a-feehsn a Lunkerhunt Prop Fish — in cold water with a spinning rod in the thick stuff…but it works?

25. This give you lighted trailer envy?

Dang it I have the #envy now. That’s T-H Marine’s AquaBlaze LED lights on the trailer and boat:

Tip of the Day

Brandon Palaniuk’s total Wiggle Wart system.

The “wiggle” part of the name I get, but no idea what the “wart” is about…though one of the definitions of wart is “an obnoxious or objectionable person” which definitely could describe some bass-heads…lol.

Anyhow, Brandon Palaniuk is a “yuge” Wart fan, so here’s his entire rig for feeshn it:

Total system:
> Storm Original Wiggle Wart
> #6 VMC 7547 regular-shank trebles
> VMC Touch-Lok Snap
> 10-lb Seaguar InvizX fluoro
> 7′ MH Alpha Angler Rebound glass rod
> Daiwa Steez A reel (6.3)

No expert, but here’s my 2c on the whole “pre-Rapala” Wiggle Wart thing:

> Just like many old baits, some of the old Warts were good, some weren’t.
> Everyone talks about “original molds,” but plastic type and rattles are just as important. And I’m willing to bet anything you’ve heard about “the original molds” ain’t true.
> If the current Original Wiggle Warts are good enough for Brandon, pretty sure they’re good enough for the rest of us…but if you have an old, magical Wart, you better own a plug knocker!

Quote of the Day

“Stop your lure and let it sit dead still until you can’t stand it any longer.”

Shaw Grigsby talkin’ topwaters on the Bassin’masters. I hear you Shaw, only problem is the timeframe we’re talkin’ ’bout for me is approximately 0.4 seconds. And I don’t think I’m unique like that in bassin’…lol

Shot of the Day

Frodo bass fishes?! Check it:

@bassquatchfishing out with the hobbit that also goes by Elijah Wood. They were dropshotting submerged grasslines with the “precious” Power Team Lures Finicky Tickler. Asked what he did about his feet and was told “no comment:”

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