Worst boat fire ever? How to flutter spoon, KY Lake FLW baits and stuff

Today’s Top 5

Truffle-snufflin’ ditch melon-howgs o’ the week!

Is OK turnin’ out more DD bass than any lake in TX not named Toledo Bend? Here’s Jonathan Bowling with the 13th biggest Okie largie ever, from Broken Bow: 13 lbs 11.2 oz, 27″ long, 21″ girth. Fish kinda looks like it’s gone but was released okay:

Zach Ivic DD himself this fish outta a private TX lake with a weightless TX-rigged 5″ Big Bites Trick Stick (waterMELON red):

Full-to-burstin’ bass of the week award goes to this smallmouth from an unnamed lake in northern WI. Believe that’s Jeff Butler who caught that 18″ stuffed turkey. Guide Andrew Ragas forgot to weigh it (!!!) but said, “The lake has a huge cisco and rusty crayfish population so short, stocky fish like this can be had. Words cannot properly describe the shape of this one.” You ain’t lyin’ mang:

Top baits from the Kentucky Lake FLW.

Props to Jason Lambert for bustin’ thru the 100-lb barrier at the KY Lake FLW. He cracked ’em mostly with 5″ and 7″ Castaic Baits Jerky J swimbaits (green shad) on a 1-oz scrounger head a 7′ 11″ H Duckett White Ice II Rod, Duckett 360RW Reel (7.1) and 18-lb Sunline Sniper fluoro. Also chucked an 8″ Gene Larew TattleTail Worm on a shallow roadbed:

Here’s how the entire top 10 fished bait-wise:

Swimbait = 80% — Jerky J = 30%, also Livetarget Blueback Herring (Scott Martin 2nd), Strike King Shadalicious (Josh Douglas 3rd), Big Bite Suicide Shad (Michael Neal 4th) and Lunkerhunt Fetch (Matt Arey 10th).

Carolina rig = 30%

20% each = Worm, Hair jig, Football jig, Swim-jig, Swing-head, Stickworm.

10% each = Dropshot, Crankbait (ledge master Mark Rose fished a Strike King 10XD), Jig, Topwater (Rebel Pop-R).


> Minnersotan Josh Douglas finished 3rd! Not sure if there are any ledges in MN but the dude had it workin’. Rumor is he’s a stick so pay attention….

> Cali’s Cody Meyer (8th) manages to finesse ’em in the boat no matter where he is and what size they are. In this one he fished an 8″ Strike King Bullworm (plum apple) on a 3/8-oz Owner Shakey Football Head:

Mo’ ’bout Kentucky Lake.

1. One dude quit.

Not just any dude, but Randy Haynes, who led the FLW the first 2 days. After the field was cut and the top 2 guys (him and Lambert) raced to the same offshore ledge, Randy felt like he was disrespected because Lambert barely beat him there. So Randy went back to the ramp, put the boat on the trailer and bailed. (Bassin’Fan has a good blow by blow.) He ended up 12th.

Couple things on this:

> I don’t know exactly what went down. Wasn’t there, don’t know the guys, don’t know if there’s some history there or not — so not qualified to have an opinion.

> All things being equal, that’s Randy’s choice man. High-stakes feeshn can fo sho get heated.

> Have heard many complaints about the FLW Tour’s field size, and how there’s “always” multiple guys on a spot or waiting for a spot. But it’s not like that’s a secret so that kind of stress just comes with the territory.

2. Asian carp are a HUGE problem.

Everyone can be psyched about the big weights and the fact that big tourneys are still going to Kentucky Lake but:

> If you think all those carp (more every year) won’t significantly alter the fishery at some point, you’re nuts. Seriously.

> In just 1 year we’ve gone from few carp sightings on that lake to a ton. From hardly any complaints to a lot. Bad deal.

Don’t believe me then check this, Lambert talkin’:

> “The schools aren’t very big. In the past, your co-anglers would have weight because there’d be so many fish up on the bars swimming around that they could cast to them too. That’s just not the case now. There are very few, and they’re really tight together.”

And this:

> Crappie fishermen have seen their fishery diminish as the carp numbers have increased.

> …crappie anglers who report very thin fish. Most anglers feel the forage base is down, resulting in inferior physiology of mid-size and large crappie.

> Bass fishermen don’t like them either and feel they displace any fish in an area once they invade.

> Veteran commercial fishermen say they’ve seen a significant decline in threadfin shad, often having trouble finding enough in their throw nets to supply bait for their trotlines.

> …[local] businesses say they are hearing a lot of negative feedback from visitors voicing concern over the lack of crappie and bass.

If the state and federal fisheries folks don’t do something about this asap, they have failed their constituents and failed in their jobs. My 2c.

Also, as a bass-head, be aware that a LOT of new technique and bait development over the years has come from Kentucky Lake. Would 100% hate to lose that too. Git on it bass-heads!

Worst bass boat fire ever?

Check out what MS bass-head Caleb McCaffery just had happen:

Bummed for ya bassin’ brother. Luckily he was aware and was able to unhook his boat. But a lot got burned up. If anyone can help with tackle or whatever, maybe hit the MS Nation FB page and get his mailing addy….

How ’bout some Aussie B.A.S.S. Nation weigh fish.

When the bass you’re weighin’ are smaller than the fish on your tourney jersey….


1. Brent Chapman is drinking more milk…

…says that’s why he’s leading AOY. Stuff is called Sportsman’s Protein Shake, but should be called Deliciousness full of Nutritiousness — I’ve had me a few cans. They have a new-ish coffee flavor which I haven’t tried yet, so at ICAST you will find me inside their booth at regular intervals:

2. Great Ish Monroe post about post-spawn myths.

Here’s one:

> The spawn is never over because it never begins.

My brain hurts from that…and my eyes hurt from this Halloween costume:

3. VanDams start college bassin’ circuit in MI.

Kevin and fam doin’ it. Love it.

4. Win a bassin’ trip with Skeet Reese and Edwin Evers.

5. Matty Herren on BassEdge Radio.

Talkin’ doin’ the flip/pitch.

6. Lookit how A-Mart’s Rhino Head works.

Click that to see the YT vid, but here’s a quick gif — he says the lever action pops the hook into their mouths:

Dude worked on it for YEARS, which is how he rolls. On the TW right now.

7. Freddy Boom Boom ain’t right.

Not sure who likes his new swimbait more, him or the fishes:

8. Jay Yelas spotted on Instagram.

Former B.A.S.S. hammer (includin’ Classic winner) and now FLWer. This may be the first time I’ve run across a pic of him on the Insta. Lookin’ good bro!

9. Westy bro and sis tearing it up on the Costas.

> These two are setting the world on fire on the West Coast. @la8iesfish2 is leading the coangler points in the @flwfishing Costa Series and her brother @uribejr.joe is leading the points on the boater side.

#stout. Guess you could call ’em West Costas….

10. Nichols spoons’ stinger hook system (vid).

Since flutter spoons were all that at the recent Travis Elite….

11. MI DNR finally aware of bass tourney fishing.

Cuz of the mandatory tourney registration program that started 2 years ago:

> “This has really made us aware of just how popular tournament fishing is. Prior to the program, people only talked about how important tournaments were to the economy, but now we see just how important the activity is to our resident anglers as well as those coming in from out of state.”

12. VA: New ramp at Whitehurst opens today.

13. AR: $100K Big Bass Bonanza end of June.

> It’s all taking place on the Arkansas River June 29 through July 1, with access pools in five locations: Fort Smith, Russellville, North Little Rock/Little Rock, Pine Bluff and Dumas.

14. OR: Toxic algae found in Detroit Lake.

15. NH doing lead tackle buy-back.

16. How ’bout this BassForecast story.

> “I have been using BassForecast for over 2 years now. Caught my first 10-lber last year during a minor feed window on an 8.4-rated day! (I went that day because of a mobile notification sent by BassForecast 6 days prior.)

> “I recently won the FLW BFL on the Arkansas River, and BassForecast was a huge part of that — because I stayed in one spot waiting for a feeding window. I caught my last 2 keepers during the feed window before I had to jet back to the lock or I would miss weigh-in.

> “I absolutely stay put anytime I have an area with fish and I’m in the middle of a feeding window. HUGE part of my tournament arsenal!”

18. BFL happenin’s.

Shelbyville, IL — One of the baits Mike Black won it on was an IN-LINE SPINNER! When’s the last time you heard that?? Made by Wicked Lures. I think I want one!

Eufaula, OK — Mark Johnson weighed at 11:30 (!!!!) and won it! Had 18-06 and wanted to make sure his fish were healthy. #stout

Clarks Hill, SC — Adam Wood won it off 1 point around Russell Dam mostly on a a 3/4-oz Strike King Red Eye Shad (chartreuse sexy). How ’bout a lipless crank!

Ross Barnett, MS — Shannon Denson won it on a Rapala DT-6 (silver/black back), one of those often-fished “secret” baits….

Smith Mntn Lake, VA — Rick Tilley won it upriver on a Lucky Craft Sammy. Haven’t heard about that bait in a while. Some folks loved it, I never bonded with it tho….

19. T-H Marine buys Bluewater LED.

Congrats to ’em all. Jeff Huntley at T-H is either gonna a need a bigger piggy bank or a smaller one! #onfire

20. New Megabass Vision 110 LBOII…

…internal weighting vs the original 110 (top):

21. Vexus Boats officially can have Evinrudes…

…or however you’re suppsoed to say that. Check out the Vexus stuff at

22. Tackle Warehouse happenin’s!

> Stuff on clearance, includin’ some sick reels.

> G. Loomis E6X rod closeouts.

> Latest what’s new vid.

> Didja know TW carries JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) tackle?

23. Feeshn Squatch sighting…

…on a tee:

Headline of the Day

Spring salad bar finally open for bass anglers

Thinkin’ bass-heads would be down with a smoked meats bar or a taco bar, but not a salad bar….


1. Got the confusion on the second 8+ smallmouf in the last Blaster. This fish was in fact caught by Chuck Heidt…hope I got it right this time, sorry mang!

Here’s another shot of that giant Sturgeon Bay Open smallmouth which really lets you see how ginormous it is:

2. All the giveaway winners will be announced soon — they already have their winnin’s. Sorry — always on my list and I never get to it….

Tip of the Day

How Ben Parker fishes the Magnum Spoon…

…that’s named after him…self. In this vid, which is maybe 5 outta 10 quality, you learn what he’s doing, actually watch him fish it and he catches a few:

Ogle all the Nichols Mag Spoons on the TW. Here’s the gear he uses to fish it (one o’ my vids).

Quote of the Day

You’re talking to a guy who used to do all of this with a flasher.

David Fritts talkin’ in a post on the Bassin’masters…meaning we actually were NOT talking to him. Guess that means was he talking to…himself? I mean, we probly all do that when we’re fishing, but this makes me wonder that when Fritts repeats himself, does he get mad at himself? And if so, does he argue with himself?

Okay gonna stop there….

Shot of the Day

Hunchback large caught by FLWer CJ Johnston on Kentucky Lake. Is it me or does it look kinda like a carp?


Random thought: Is the new NFL kickoff rule kinda like limiting bass derby takeoffs to 40 mph?

All good, all for athlete health….

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