New type of cheating, Mono for topwaters, Meow swimbaits

Not real sure how to say thanks to those we honor on Memorial Day, so I will say this: I feel incredibly privileged to live in this country, where our military serves all of us selflessly. What an example you set. Thank you.

Shoutin’ out Chris Lane’s Memorial Day pic as the bassin’est one I saw:

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Today’s Top 4

New type of bassin’ cheating?

First off, this is ALLEGED cheating because we have courts o’ law in this-here country. That said, here’s what the TX PWD reported:

> Game wardens investigating possible bass fishing tournament fraud in Travis and Bastrop counties discovered a unique sleight of hand while checking the potential violator after he had submitted questionable photos to a tournament on Decker Lake.

> The catch and release kayak fishing event used photos taken by contestants out on the water of their catches placed on a measuring board, with the angler having the most inches of bass in the aggregate declared the winner.

> Upon inspection of the violator’s vessel, a cut tail of a bass was found in the paddle well of the kayak. The violator initially stated he found the cut tail in the reeds and was taking it to shore to turn it in. Later the violator confirmed to have used the tail to place over another bass, using his hand to cover the questionable area, to make the fish look longer on multiple occasions.

> The violator was arrested for fraud in a fishing tournament. The charges are pending.

Shot from the TX Fishing Forum of the alleged person doing that thing:

You may think that cheating in a local yakkin’ derby is a little over the top…and you’d be right. But how ’bout cheatin’ in:

> Scrabble

> Bicycling apps

> Camel beauty contest (botox injections! LOL)

You maybe haven’t heard this cheatin’ stuff before.

From this article — which has cuss words cuz peeps in New York City think it’s cool to write like that [eyeroll emoji]:

> Danny Ray’s grand jury testimony [about cheating in bass tourneys] was set for Wednesday, Aug 29, 1984. On Tuesday, a neighbor found him on the banks of a gravel pit lake near his family home, a shotgun blast blown right through his head.

> Neither of the men were entered in the tournament. But they had a serious rooting interest in someone who was. Terry Isam, from Longview, TX, was an acquaintance of McNeil’s, and Isam had agreed to split whatever money he won in the event with him. All McNeil had to do was give Isam this enormous black bass that he and Scheen had bought in South Florida. The only problem was, the thing was frozen solid. So they stopped off at McNeil’s house to try to thaw the thing out in his bathtub before they got back on the road.

> By far, the most common way people cheat is to store a fish basket or pet taxi under a dock, filled with lunkers they’d caught before the event, and then retrieve the fish while they were supposed to be out fishing.

> A variation on this would be to attach a string to a stump in the water and hook various fish to the string. This way allows fishermen to retrieve the fish while faking that they actually caught them, just in case they were paired up in the boat with a competitor.

> There was the story that Ray Scott told me about a man who showed up for a tournament wearing a full-length raincoat even though there wasn’t a cloud in the sky — his partner later discovered the man had a string of bass draped around his neck.

> There was the guy in the U.K. who…won a [saltwater] bass fishing tournament…only to have the 2nd-place finisher recognize the giant bass from a recent trip he had taken to the local aquarium with his daughter. They called the aquarium and, sure enough, it was missing a big bass.
> Ray Scott: “My primary motivation in 1967 was because I had seen cheating, or a very easy opportunity to cheat, in these events where you win a shotgun or a fishing pole or whatever. These guys didn’t care about the shotguns or the fishing poles or anything else. He’ll do anything to shine. I accept that. That’s a natural motivation. That’s why I wrote rules to take care of that guy.”
Ray was like:

Record Wyoming largie.

Here ’tis:

Lol just kidding — here you go:

> It’s only the 3rd record largemouth bass in WY history and could easily be the last.

> This 11.51-lb fish caught May 10 at Kleenburn Ponds just north of Sheridan didn’t just shatter the old record from March 1992 by nearly 4 pounds — it has astounded fish biologists and bested the state record of not just all surrounding states, but several Midwest states too.

> …Caleb Salzman…The Sheridan College freshman landed “8 to 9 little bass” before hooking the record on a green plastic worm. [Gonna go with green pumpkin.]

> Although the record will always legally be listed at 11.51 lbs, the documents could have read 12 lbs or even a little more had the fish been officially weighed the evening it was caught. Salzman said the bass weighed “12 and a half pounds” on a “cheap” tacklebox scale that night.

> “Catching a largemouth bass of this size is really similar is to shooting a 400″ bull elk in a general license public land area,” said Paul Mavrakis, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s fisheries supervisor in Sheridan. “It’s an incredible accomplishment.”

Elk melon was 24.5″ long and had a 20.75″ girth.

Has the whole swimbait thing gotten outta hand?

Got one word for ya…meow:

I wanted to buy one but it was too many dineros for me, dang it!

If I had a favorite cat meme, this might be it:



1. Didja know Greg Hackney has a TV show?

All LA, here he is doin’ some deep hydrilla. He’s a great educator — show is $$$:

He rigged up a Strike King Ocho with a pegged weight, but ends up slammin’ ’em on a 1-oz Strike King Hack Attack Jig with a Rage Craw. Hilarious that the guy with him is feeshn a spin-rod in that stuff….

2. How KVD got bigger bites at Travis.

Lotta small fish there so:

> I figured out that I had to change the speed of my retrieve and make it even more erratic to get bigger fish to bite.

> Like, on the 6XD, I would burn it as fast as I could, stop, snap it a few times then burn it again. I also caught bigger fish with a Sexy Dawg topwater by doing the same thing…speed up the pace, stop it for just a second and speed it up again.

> I did that multiple times on each cast.

3. Brandon Palaniuk on Stray Casts tomorrow night.

> Stray Casts is back tomorrow night, Wed May 30, LIVE at 7pm Central with the crown prince of bassin’ Brandon Palaniuk — and The Kenny Powers of Bassin’, JT Kenney!

> Bass-heads can view live on the Stray Casts Facebook page and Also crank calls are being accepted at 520-214-BASS (2277).

4. FLWer Randy Haynes posts why he left…

…the winning spot at the KY Lake FLW. Few quotes:

> I am writing to apologize for leaving the water on Day 3. After reflection, I do wish I had stayed in the game elsewhere. I let those young guys and girls down by pulling out early and I am sorry.

> I am not going to fish bumper to bumper. Just not gonna do it. If someone was leading and I had fished the hole they were on before- even if I were in contention- I would not go there. Again, those unwritten rules instilled in me from a time long ago. Manners. Ethics.

> When I pulled the cord I was mad. I was just sick of all that move represented.

> I am just a floorman from Mississippi that fishes a little, in my mind.

Props to him for posting about it.

5. FLWer Chad Morgenthaler does P90X…

…so he can fish jigs like these:

6. Jimmy Holt, on first-ever Bassmaster Mag, passes on.

Bless you bassin’ brother.

7. AZ: Havasu SPRO Frog-only derby deadline is Jun 4.

Stock up at Tackle Warehouse yo!

8. TN: Sounds like politicians waking up to Asian Carp…

…in Kentucky Lake. But…maybe budget issues.

9. WV: New DNR fish chief will be looking at delayed mortality…

…in tourneys, sounds like:

> “On some of our fisheries, the pressure has gotten really high. People are holding a lot of fishing tournaments, and even though those tournaments are catch-and-release, there’s always some delayed mortality. Over the seasons, it adds up.”

Maybe he’s right, but love to see proof that fishing tourneys are affecting fish populations in an entire lake.

10. AL: Bull Wake Shad catchin’ ’em over hydrilla.

> …areas with 6 to 10 feet of water with tall, scattered strands of hydrilla, working the lure along the surface at a slow but steady retrieve that causes it to wobble slowly and swim…puts out a vee wake….

Here’s those baits on the TW — $60!

11. PA: Lake Jean bass numbers looking good.

12. You can vary the sound of the new Mercs.

How ’bout this muscle car feature before:

> Mercury-exclusive Advanced Sound Control allows users to toggle between ultra-quiet operation and a “throatier” sport sound.

13. Tackle Warehouse Memorial Day sale still on!!!

Til at some point this evening so git on it!

Tip of the Day

Cliff Crochet likes mono for topwaters.


> “I’ve had the bad habit of setting the hook too quickly and aggressively…. But it was learning to use the right line for the topwater situation that helped me land more fish with topwater baits.

> Crochet uses all three line types for topwater — braid, fluoro and mono. Which line he chooses isn’t just dependent on the lure he’s using, but the situation in which that lure is being presented.

> “Mono is the best line choice overall in open-water areas because of its stretch and how it floats rather than sinks. The elasticity of the line allows the lure to hesitate just enough that the fish has a better chance of getting it in its mouth as soon as it strikes. So the line compensates for the mistakes I make if I set the hook to fast.”

> Crochet’s go-to monofilament is Seaguar Rippin’ Premium Monofilament, 20-lb his first choice for waking, popping and chugging baits.

> “The mono made today is nothing like the lines I used while growing up, some of which was stiff and brittle, while others stretched like a rubber band. Rippin’ is superior to any mono I have ever used. It’s super strong, yet, soft and thin in diameter — this means I can cast my topwater lure further, which is crucial in shallow-water situations. And when my bait gets hit, it has just the right amount of stretch that the fish can suck it up right away.”

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Quote of the Day

“…many of those fish that were alive, weighed, and then released will not survive for several reasons.”

– MANY? That (on a GA news site), to me, implies that a majority of the fish released in tourneys eventually die because of being caught in that tourney. If we assume the fish were taken care of in the wells, it wasn’t a million degrees out and they were not released into a shallow cove by the tourney trail, then my 2c is: no way.

Plus there’s other factors no one can really test for, like how many times a bass has been caught (or weighed) recently in popular tourney lakes.

BUT…on the other hand, this apparently happened at a recent tourney on Caddo Lake, TX. Not sure what happened so please don’t go nuts on ’em without more info, but dang that doesn’t look good:

Shot of the Day

Great shot by @power.pole. Hope that was you this weekend! Once again it friggin’ RAINED here in NJ…! Anyhow, I’d be throwin’ a frowg — probly the BOOYAH ToadRunner in “night train” — like a madman if that was me in the pic:

Ya got me
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