World’s widest smallmouth? Brandon Palaniuk swimbait secret, Toughest derp shot

Random: Ever seen any goat yoga stuff online? Well, my wife’s yoga instructor apparently does goat yoga, and my wife was all into doing it. I said, “Go ahead but you’re not bringin’ any of that goat stank into the bed I sleep in.” I think that stopped it but…the interwebz all kinda funny til it happens to you…!

Today’s Top 5

World’s W-I-D-E-S-T smallmouth?

Lookit this bad dude, caught by @aj_slegona somewhere in NY on a Z-Man Trick Shotz and a 6′ 9″ M Fitzy Vursa spin stick:

AJ said, “I was gonna keep it as a pet but I can’t afford to feed the the thing.” HAHAHA!

“It isn’t the angler with the most expensive boat, the best electronics or all the new fancy lures that’ll get to the top.”

– That statement by new Elite champ Carl Jocumsen is, of course, a total LIE man hahaha! I mean, why are we buyin’ all this stuff then? Why are all the pro fellers fishin’ with all the biggest, baddest, newest stuff??

But then I remembered this fact about Carl: #Australia

Everything’s just different down there ^…and you can take a dude outta Australia but you can’t take the Aussie outta the dude….

Hahaha Carl this is just one bonus for winnin’ man! Anyhow, that deal he wrote is good, and shows why he’s gotten such a big following: transparency. He ain’t a-feared to talk about his strugglin’s.

2nd-5th Tenkiller Elite baits.

2nd: Chris Zaldain

> “I went to areas where I had topwater bites in practice. With the falling water, I could see what those topwater fish were holding on as the tournament started. I pieced the pattern together one day at a time.

> “As the south winds came, the topwater bite died but I noticed the smallmouth were still feeding ‘up.’ There was one bait that I could effectively fish in the mid-column in only 0.5-3′ — a 1/8-oz Megabass Okashira Screwhead with a 3″ neon pepper Spark Shad. They wouldn’t touch anything on the bottom.

> “The screw head provided vibration and lift on those ultra-shallow ugly points, and the smallmouth would absolutely brick-wall it!”

> 7’4″ Megabass Destroyer Brigand Rod, 3000-sized spinning reel, 15-lb Seaguar Smackdown Flash Green Braid to a 10-lb Seaguar Tatsu fluoro leader.

3rd: Cory Johnston

> 1-oz River2Sea Watson Worldwide Spoon, flipping it in the docks. Had it on G. Loomis NRX 894 JWR Rod with a Shimano Metanium and 20-lb Seaguar Tatsu fluoro.

> 3/8-oz Jack Hammer (white) with a Jackall Rhythm Wave Swimbait, G. Loomis NRX 893 JWR, Shimano Metanium Reel, 15-lb Seaguar InvizX fluoro.

> Neko on docks too, and Jack Hammer on windy banks and points.

[Lookin’ right now, Seaguar InvizX is on crazy sale at TW.]

4th: Brandon Card

> “I was targeting fish that were in the bushes then pulled out to the next available cover like isolated wood. Found the fish in bushes on day 1 of practice and knew the water would fall out so I looked at where they would go from there.

> “I also found one 150-yard stretch of riverbank that had a bunch of fish. Half of my weigh-in fish came from that one small section of river.”

> Multiple shallow crankbaits including the new Yo-Zuri 3DB 1.5 Squarebill (sexy shad). 7′ M Abu Garcia Veracity Rod, Abu Garcia Revo MGX Reel (8.0:1).

> Shakey head: 1/8- and 3/16-oz Perfection Lures Sure Hook Up Shakey Head, straight-tail worms (junebug and gp), 7′ M Abu Garcia Fantasista Premier Rod, 6.2:1 Abu Garcia Revo MGXtreme Spinning Reel.

> Also caught fish on a vibrating jig, buzzbait, dropshot and flipping.

5th: Kyle Monti

> Dropshot: 6″ handpour worm (morning dawn), 15-lb P-Line TCB Braid to 8-lb P-Line Tactical Fluoro. Sunny and calm, dropshotted around brush, 12-15′.

> Main river ledge with hard bottom on top when it’s was cloudy and windy, 4-12′. 1/2-oz wobble head, Magnum Trick Worm (redbug), 10″ Bruiser Curly Tail Worm (blue fleck).

Guess what kinda fish bit this “bait.”

Yep, ol’ greenie jumped it. Assumin’ you’re not surprised. And really, it’s not that big a deal cuz bass LIKE wood hahaha!

But sorta serious: Since you gotta work any bait somehow — even Neds and Senkos — that’s where some o’ the fish-foolin’ comes in.

Warning: Vid’s way too long and not sure the dude knows much about bass….

Toughest derp bass shot so far.

Lovin’ this @bass_brawl_outdoors shot cuz it’s givin’ derps some #respect:

Derpy-smalls was all fired up:


1. CA: Fisherman passes on at boat launch.

From the article:

> They found a Ford Expedition attached to an empty boat trailer. The SUV’s doors were open and the engine running. There was no boat nearby.

> It is believed that the boat began to float away while Rodriguez was launching it, and he entered the water in an attempt to recover it. The incident is being investigated as an accidental drowning….

Bless you fishing brother. Pls be careful out there folks. Just about anything can go squirrely.

2. Elitist Bill Lowen released a limit bass…

…that he thought would die, but it woulda put him into the first cut. At Tenkiller where legal fish were hard to come by. Props to him for tellin’ the story.

3. Why Paul Elias kneels n reels.

I thought it was cuz he was prayin’ and didn’t wanna stop feeshn but no:

> “Kneeling and reeling causes the bait to not only dive deeper, but quicker. It’s all about getting that bait in the strike zone and keeping it there for as long as possible. Those extra couple of feet and seconds can be so critical.”

Post says Edwin Evers does it too so it must still work….

4. Kelley Jaye head-scratcher about Tenkiller.

> I was catching 40 fish a day, but I wasn’t getting many bites….

So if they weren’t biting but he was ketchin’ ’em, were they jumpin’ into the boat like Asian carp and is that legal under Elite rules?? Lol, believe the word “keeper” was left out…but I read it 3x to make sure I wasn’t nuts….

5. Good donny barone profile of rookie Garrett Paquette.

Hockey player — believe Chris Zaldain shoved a puck around too, and I think at least 1 other guy who I’m fergettin’. Anyhow, post is a good way to learn about GP. db said he has slippers older than Garrett — hahaha!

6. 2020 Opens schedule is out plus 1 change.

Here’s the change:

> The Top 4 anglers from each division’s final points standings will receive an invitation to fish the 2021 Bassmaster Elite Series. But as a new addition, Elite Series invitations will also be extended to the Top 4 anglers from the cumulative standings for both divisions.

Eastern Opens:
Jan 15-17, Kissimmee Chain, FL
May 7-9, Cherokee Lake, TN
Aug 6-8, Oneida Lake, NY

Sep 24-26, Lake Hartwell, SC

Central Opens:
Apr 9-11, Lewisville Lake, TX
May 21-23, Neely Henry, AL
Jun 18-20, Arkansas River, OK

Sep 10-12, Sam Rayburn, TX

That’s a lotta driving….

7. MN DNR days it will “mitigate” some of climate change?

From its own news release:

> …[will] mitigate the impacts as much as possible, and adapt to those impacts that cannot be avoided.

Not sure how any impacts can be avoided? Maybe they’ll build one of those Truman Show bubbles:

Oops that’s Ace Ventura, sorry. Either way I smell more bass….

8. TN: Carroll lake reopening in April.

Don’t know anything about it but a 15″ min length and 5/day limit so might have some bigs?

9. OR: Deputy jumps into river, ends up with a Pop-R in his face.

Somehow he has no idea how it happened, but I’m thinkin’: Zell Rowland.

10. ON: ‘Nother cool teen fishin’ story.

> As a teenager, Gallant would set his alarm for 6 a.m. to fish in Bowmanville Creek before catching the 8 a.m. school bus. He remembers stashing his hip waders in his locker at St. Stephen’s Catholic Secondary School so he could fish again right after class.

Nice! Now he fishes bass tourneys. Guess as the global warmin’s and basses migrate north, gonna be more Canadian dudes bein’ bass sticks. I blame Dave Mercer for this whole #invasion…and by extension, Jerry McKinnis….

11. MO flooding = lots of frogs/toads.

I’m sure that’s true everywhere BUT weirdly we had a ton of rain in NJ this spring and we saw way less toads than usual…. Either way, fish you a frowg….

12. Zoom’s coming out with a new frog…that has a tail.

Called the Hollow Body Frog, not out yet, check it — tail’s supposed to help it walk:

12. FL: Okeechobee fishermen concerned about low water.

Hurtin’ boatin’ safety and tourism.

13. CA: Most lakes full…

…so figurin’ the spawn could be epic?

> A review of the 50 major recreation lakes in CA showed that the water levels are 100% of average or better…at 45 of them. Of the other 5 lakes, 4 are better than 90% of average….

14. TN/KY: Residents want steadier KY Lake/Barkley drawdowns.

Way it is now sounds like it’s hurting fishing and tourism:

> The Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for drawing down Lake Barkley, while the TVA is responsible for handling the water levels on Kentucky Lake.

> Bill Stevens…of the Cadiz-Trigg County Tourist Commission, said the season for the Barkley and Kentucky Lakes continues to be at the mercy of the Corps. The short season [because of drawdowns] is affecting opportunities for bass and crappie fishing in the area….

15. Asian carp updatin’s.

KY DNR has a new Asian Carp Program director.

Good! Hope he has this on his wall:

TN wants any Asian carp you catch 9″ or less.

MN: Sounds like carp don’t like dance clubs?

> …a dozen submerged speakers began blasting a repetitive drumbeat — a Pacman-like whomp, whomp, whomp — while underwater strobe lights began to pulse with bright flashes.

KY: Dance club barrier build underway at Barkley.

16. Cool FLIR heat/night vision for boats.

> …blends thermal and high-definition visible color video for enhanced identification of buoys, vessels and other targets at night.
Bonus: Might help you see cryptids…but not sure you wanna see ’em….
17. Suzuki Marine lookin’ fer sales dude.For this district: NJ, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV.

Line of the Day

Bream are biting redworms and crickets.

I get the whole fishing reports thing, but who actually needs to be told that??

Weird and Unnatural Thing of the Day

Ugly Stik announces new carbon rod technology

100% carbon and still indestructible?? If this means I can’t make fun of my semi-fishin’ buds who own those things I’m seriously bummed….

Tip of the Day

Check this Brandon Palaniuk swimbait riggin’ deal…

…that I guess he learned from Bill “Fear the Turtle” Lowen? From (can’t link it):

> I really like a 1/4-oz jighead. That’s my go-to. A 1/4-oz round ball head. Either that or the little screw lock Bill Lowen Slip Shad. It’s just a blank head with a screw lock on it, with a line hole that runs through the top of the head. You run your line through and then you can tie a treble hook to it. That way your line lays flat on the back of your swimbait. Then you stick the treble hook in the back of the bait and when they bite it, the whole head and bait slide away from the treble hook.

> I don’t think many people know about that option. But I like using that rig on the bigger swimbaits, like 4″ and 5″ ones. I’ll use the 1/4-oz one on a 3″ swimbait sometimes but when you go bigger like 3/8-oz the head just looks too big for the 3″ swimbait.

Quote of the Day

“You don’t have to be an Adam Thielen or Kirk Cousins to compete in pro bass fishing.”

– MN bass-head (on — can’t link it) tryin’ to be encouragin’ but…you DO have to be [any well-known pro] to compete in pro bassin’…which is way harder than the football stuff…not that I’d have any way of knowin’ personally, just observin’….

Shot of the Day

Believe it’s Scott Martin’s daughter…on his Insta. To me it looks like she was like, That fish is hung up so I’m gettin’ outta the boat and goin’ to get it. Love it! #girlpower


Never seen a coon ridin’ on a javelina before? I mean, never even thought about it. What else happens in TX at night? Do they talk to each other too?? @wade_middleton shot

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