Weekend winning baits, New Beaver, Brett Hite chatterbait tips

Headin’ to the Elitist derby tomorrow, on the St. Johns River — soon to be renamed the St. Johnny Morris River (lol). Stoked! Lookin’ forward to seein’ old-timers like Chris Zaldain (hahaha Zaldain!) and the new guys, as well as the #bassstrong folks. Prediction: Bass will be caught. Second prediction: The fish will be damp in nature.

For whatever it’s worth, we’re all one big family. You, me, the Elites, BPTers, FLW, etc. At times the family gets along, sometimes not — if your extended fam is like mine, it’s at best 50/50…ugh. Way I do it is just lovin’ bassin’ for where it is, not where someone wishes it was or thinks it should be or whatever. All good.

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Today’s Top 5

How Jordan Lee caught his fish and won it. 

Pick a number, any number, as long as it’s not 4. Hold a tournament that many days (any number other than 4) and put your $$ on Jordan “the Terminator” Lee. Cuz that’s how he rolls.

Dude of course won the first MLF BPT, first benefittin’ from the weights being zeroed then and whompin’ ’em the last day. Here’s what he fished. Full pattern story and more, like how he feels about cuts and zeroes, on here:

> “I used 2 baits. My main bait was a vibrating jig with a gold blade — gp with a little chartreuse. Something about that color was money…the gold blade was the ticket for sure….was definitely getting more bites. I was using a few different minnow-style trailers, 3.5″ and 4” [gp].

> “I was burning that with a 7.3:1 Revo STX and 7′ 3″ MH Abu Fantasista Premier Rod with 17-lb 100% Fluorocarbon. I was reeling it pretty fast, burning it over the grass, getting that reaction strike. I couldn’t catch those fish slowing down [flipping]. That’s a little bit opposite from FL because it was a cold front — it was a warming trend, but it was pretty cold the first part of the tournament.

> “…fishing scattered hydrilla…better fish were in hydrilla mixed with dollar pads. When I got around that, I made that comeback the 2nd day. You have to have that hydrilla where the water’s cleaned up. That’s where the better fish are.

> “My other bait was a Berkley MaxScent General (black/blue) on a light sinker (3/16-oz tungsten) and a 4/0 Berkley Fusion Hook [Heavy Cover]. I was flipping that around isolated pads. …7′ 6″ H Fantasista Premier and a Revo Rocket with 50-lb Berkley X9 green braid.

> “Depth was 2.5-3.5′. The hydrilla needed about 3.5′ on Kissimmee. You had to cover a lot of water.

Rest of the story is here. Reminder that as of this year, Jordan’s no longer with Strike King.

More BPT top baits. 

2nd: Edwin Evers

> Berkley Rocket Craw and Chigger Bug (both watermelon red and black/blue), 4/0 Berkley Fusion Hook. 7′ 4″ Johnny Morris Platinum Rod, BPS Johnny Morris Platinum Reel (8.3), 50-lb XPS braid.

> 1/2-oz vibrating jig (gp), 7′ 1″ MH Platinum Rod, same reel.

Only Edwin bait shot I could get — official MLF shot:

3rd: Jared Lintner

> Jackall TN 70 (spawn tiger andHL black and gold) on 16-lb Sunline Crank FC fluoro with a 7′ 5″ signature Ritual Angling reaction bait rod and Shimano Metanium HG.

> Fished through pads with hydrilla mixed in, in 1-3′.

Shootin’ fer Anthony Gagliardi’s and Alton Jones Jr’s baits next time.

“I surfed that thing in faster than I’ve ever landed a fish in my life.” 

– Jared Lintner talkin’ ’bout the last-second (literally) feesh that got him into the BPT final round. Full quote:

> “My official told me ‘I’m going to give you a countdown to 10’ and then took a breath to start counting, and I hooked that fish. I surfed that thing in faster than I’ve ever landed a fish in my life.”

That 2-10 (pictured) knocked out Ike, which I’m sure he took well (heehee):

Yes that’s a real ‘stache….


Several of the BPTers used Chatterbait-style bladed jigs — except Brett Hite….kidding. Couple examples: Jason Christie used the BOOYAH Melee/YUM Pulse, and Dave Lefebre used the Terminator Shuddering Bait.

Maybe you think that’s weird — it was cold there, FL fish don’t like the cold and bury up, that’s why lots of guys flipped. Makes sense, but you might remember or might not know that the Chatterbait made its bones on the tourney scene in FL in the winter/early spring — so makes sense it’s in the mix.

Know that you can’t have multiple weeks in Jan or Feb where the weather’s nice and stable — cold fronts are a fact of life. And still the Chatterbait worked.

Not saying who used what at the BPT, but here’s the only Z-Man/Evergreen Jack Hammer I saw with a gold blade (Brett’s bluegill)…

…tho many other Chatterbait and other bladed jigs have gold blades…if you want a gold blade.

Top 10 baits from the Okeechobee Costa. 

Nick T, son of the legendary Peter T, won it by a nice 4 lbs — congrats to ’em both:

Nick fished a Lucky Craft silent squarebill (looks like chartreuse perch?), which he felt was more subtle given all the fishing pressure, a Nichols Jig (looks all black) with a Strike King Rage Craw (blue bug), and a TX-rigged Bitters Salty Sling (Senko-type bait in black/blue/silver). Here’s a quick breakdown of what all the top 10 used:

Stick worm (Senko-type) = 50% — all I saw were black/blue.

Swimbait = 50%

Crankbait = 40% — Lucky Craft squarebill = 20%

20% each = Jig, Topwater prop bait

10% each = Swim-jig, Bladed jig, Soft jerkbait


> Check this crazy story abut Lance Oligschaegler (7th): “…throwing the discontinued Rapala Risto Rap. It was the only Risto Rap he had with him, and when the bill broke off in practice he super-glued it back on…making it through the entire event unscathed.” Fished a tourney with one bait — crazy!

> FLW said Jason Abram (3rd) flipped a not-yet-released Reaction Innovations Spicy Beaver. Here’s the closest I could zoom in on it:


1. 4 Elites get Humminbird/Minny Kota.

Chris Zaldain, Chad Pipkens, Harvey Horne, Dale Hightower. #SpotLock

2. Bill Lowen is on Bassin’Edge Radio.

3. Elite rookie Brad Whatley gets Denali Rods.

4. 2 FLWers get Gator Guards/KeelShield.

James Niggemeyer and John Hunter. Brian Latimer and Casey Scanlon already on there.

5. Zona stoked to see who will emerge on the Elites.

Not sure if it’s emerge like outta a cocoon or a bear den, but some hammers will get out fo sho. $$$ comment under Z’s post:

> I think the reason they’re all so jacked for this season is they don’t have to fish against KVD.

Hahahaha heck yeah! donny barone has a little insight into a few new guys.

6. TX: 14.57 outta Marine Creek is “sister” of other DD bass.

> …a full sibling to the 2017 Marine Creek Lake fish [13.07], both stocked from the same group of selectively bred largemouth bass 13 years ago.
Here’s what the genetics look like:

7. KY: FLW supports eliminating new entry fee and ramp tax.

Good! Hope you KYers are doin’t he same.

8. FL: Dates for spraying public hearings are out.

9. LA: Outdoorsmen fighting for Catahoula Lake.


> …the presiding judge sided with the plaintiffs’ expert testimony in his decision to declare that Catahoula Lake was a flooded river basin and a man-made lake, and therefore not a publicly owned waterbody.

10. TX: Floods, cold holding off salvinia in Caddo.

6,000 acres 2 years ago, now 1,500 acres…which is still a lot….

11. OK: State expands Honey Creek area with land purchase.

12. AL Bass Trail working with AL DNR to analyze bass genetics.

13. Looks like Vexus has another new model…

…of glass/tin hybrid, the Advantage 2080. George Liddle runs it down — makin’ me jealous with those shorts n flops:

14. Sign up for Tackle Warehouse Fantasy Fishing.

Lot of rods on the prize list….

15. Here’s Tackle Warehouse’s latest stuff on clearance sale.

> Couple Quantum and Lew’s reels
> Sufix and Sunline lines
> Good deals on “old” Sonar units that are still sick….

16. Daren Cole joins Blue Heron PR as partner/GM.

Daren worked at B.A.S.S., ESPN Outdoors, Skeeter Boats, Yamaha and most recently was the head marketing dude at Navico (Lowrance). He also MIGHT have had a secret job as a professional high-income assassin, and MIGHT have been played in the movie “Survivor” by actor Pierce Brosnan. I can neither confirm or deny this but here they are:

Hahaha what up Cole and the Herons!

17. KY: Muzzy bowfishing tourney Jul 13-14.

Why is this in the Blaster? This:

> …fishing will take place on Kentucky and Barkley lakes, as well as the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers.

Tell your slime-lovin’ buds so they can go out there and kill some carp!

18. WA DNR wants to raise salmon for…killer whales??

Not bassin’ but…are state DNRs in that business now? Do orcas buy fishing licenses??

19. Had to call this one out.

Outstanding @mysterytacklebox post:

Tip of the Day

Brett Hite: How to fish the Jack Hammer.

Good TackleWarehouse vid. Brett shows how he does it and what he uses. Couple things that stood out to me:

> “The only way you really know you have a bite is if the bait stops vibrating.” It’s either hung or it’s a fish so set it.

> He reels til he feels the weight of the fish, then does a side-sweep hookset. (I’ve been doing this wrong big-time!) That sounds slower than it really is, as you can see in the vid.

> Apparently you gotta grunt on the hookset (hahaha Hite!).

His gear in the vid:

> 3/8-oz Z-Man/Evergreen Jack Hammer
> 4″ Yamamoto Zako
> Daiwa Tatula CT Reel
> Sunline Sniper Fluorocarbon
> Simms rain gear

Quote of the Day

“I have won the 8th-place bag of worms more than I would like to admit.”

– Hahaha! Elitist Cliffy Prince talkin’. I checked and was assured by B.A.S.S. that if Cliff ends up 8th at the St. Johns he won’t just get a bag of worms…unless that’s all he wants and in that case he will get these:

Gitcha snack on Cliff!

Shot of the Day

Hilarious shot from @got0ne — not sure who’s more excited:


Rockin’ your Jax!

Jacksonville is the birthplace of “southern rock,” in quotes cuz it’s just some of the best ‘Merica rock ever. If’n yer unaware, listen to the original Lynyrd Skynyrd. But if you wanna go mellower with the the Allman Bros or a little heavier with Molly Hatchet or Blackfoot (sorta Jax), go ahead. Here’s you a samplin’ platter:

Brisket — Allmans, “Whipping Post”

Ribs — Skynyrd, “Workin’ for MCA”

Pulled pork — Hatchet, “Flirtin with Disaster” — been re-learnin’ this on the ‘lectric fiddle…sick!

Catfish fingers — Blackfoot, “Too Hard to Handle” — song about J-Lee I guess….

Find me one current band better than those 4 bands right there…ain’t gonna happen. And yep, several of those band members fished for the basses!

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