The Ultimate Bassin’ Hat

Recently read about a new fly fishing hat, pretty funny, and I quote:

Imperial Headwear announced today the release of a new cap designed specifically for fly fishermen…. The cap features an industry-first worsted felt panel across the visor to conveniently hold fishing lures and flies [does anyone really do this?]. It also features an extra long 3-1/2″ bill, with a dark gray undervisor to help prevent glare from the water’s surface.

Got me thinking: What would be the ultimate bassin’ hat?

It sure as heck wouldn’t be this:

Don't forget your bobber!

More like this, a ‘copter pilot’s electronic materpiece with a heads-up display from your Humminbird or whatever unit you use, real-time weather and barometric pressure and any other info you might need – like where KVD is on the lake.

Why the helmet? Mostly to mount all those electronics in it, but also to avoid this:

@*(@)*&%#%% co-angler!

Water could also cycle through the helmet, keeping you cool. All kinds of possibilities. What else would you like to see this helmet/bassin’ hat do?



  1. Tumblebug

    October 14, 2010 at 9:48 am

    Tear offs for the face. After ripping down the lake at 80 mph there will be several bug splats.

  2. AlexV

    October 14, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    The Ultimate Hat: It would be a baseball cap with this on it: BASSFAN (while wearing a tee-shirt that says “GOT BASS?” on it, and fishing between Kumar and Zona in KVD’s pond at lunch we’ll reminisce over a my copy of The BASSFAN MAG with Hack Attack in Armor, deer horns, and wielding a battleaxe on the cover…… 🙂 Jay, I’ll await a BASS PARADE hat/tee from you to go with my LOUDMOUTH BASS hat and my aforementioned BASSFAN hat and tee shirt.) == I case you didn’t know, Jay, YOU ROCK!! I am so glad you got back into the “bass dotcom biz” because your snark and “hey diddle diddle straight up the middle approach” have been missed. Not to mention your wry humor. You and Scot definitely influenced the face of bass fishing, and those that live it. Keep up the great work- Alex

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