Ultimate bass crib? The Woods are behind Vexus boats, It’s giant time!

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The ultimate bassin’ crib? 

Supposedly a shot from Lake Biwa, Japan — for real? A ramp right into the garage??

Say yo to Vexus Boats! 

This is the big announcement I hinted with:

Here’s the decode:

Hope I don’t have to say who Forrest and Nina are. Randy Hopper is the former head dude of Ranger and has the plans for about 100 bass boats in his head (another Hopper is his bro Greg). Keith Daffron, who along with Randy is Wood family, was the head of sales for Ranger, and judging by the number of Rangers out there I guess he didn’t do too good a job…lol.

Re: G.O.A.T., yep some dang good boats out there fer sher, and everyone doesn’t love a Ranger, but my 2c is Forrest, Nina and their folks/family set the standard.

Here’s some more Vexus staff, which you may recognize from “Wanted” posters all over the South:

My Q&A with Daffron:

Why are you guys back in the boat biz?

It’s what we do. It’s where our heart is. We took a little time off, looked at other things, did other things, but our heart kept coming back to this industry. We like to build stuff — we like to build good stuff. The [boat] market continues to shape up to where a play like this works for us, for independent dealers and for customers who like the experience of a quality product and exceptional service.

Why now?

We wanted to wait long enough to be sure of what we believe, that there’s a market for [the boats they want to produce] and us doing it. Our business is built around independent dealers and avid customers, and as we see more and more consolidations within the industry…there’s always opportunity for the innovator.

Secondly, there’s a pretty good market out there — the economy’s pretty good, and [several boat companies have] supply issues…which has not really been the case since the recession of 2008-10. So it’s a pretty good time to be in this industry.

Finally, high school and collegiate fishing, and the tailwind behind that, reinforces our desire to do it. [The rise of that market is] a testimony to the efforts of a whole lot of people….

What does the name Vexus come from?

[Keith told me it comes from a Zydeco band he was in called “Vertical Entry Xylophone Under Stairs, but I said no one would believe that so….]

We came to it after a lot of trial and error finding names we could own outright in all segments we plan to be in…. We just like it. What it means the day it starts calling itself that isn’t really what’s important — it’s what it means years into it. Plus it’s easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and I think it’ll look good on a nice boat.

Will you be making a better or different bass boat or what?

Certain people might think we’re coming out with a Ferrari. We want to build a product that we aren’t afraid to sell, and a customer’s not ashamed to spend his hard-earned money to buy. Generally that means the top end of the segment…high resale values, and the boat the stands the test of time better.

When will we see the first ones?

We’ll introduce the product at the Classic, but they’ll be prototypes that were not built on a production line. We’ll have a production line soon thereafter. The product will evolve…to new models throughout calendar year 2018.

Can you say anything about price point?

It certainly won’t be the cheapest in the marketplace, but I think it will be one of the better values. …new technologies, quality, things we will reinforce behind the product….

Will you have tin boats?

Yes. We will build aluminum and fiberglass outboard-powered fishing boats.

Is Vexus just you guys or do you have outside investors?

It’s a privately-owned company that we’re a very big part of. We’re a small group of local people. We’ve worked with some great people through the years who have helped us and taught us a lot, but the opportunity to do something on our own is very appealing.

It’s a real exciting time for us…just a real unique situation. It feels like there’s a fresh energy about what’s happening and we’e glad to be a part of it.

My 2c: With Bass Pro Shops takin’ over the bassin’ world — and the US of A and eventually the United Nations and the galaxy — and independent bassin’ tub makers busier than ever, seems like a smart time to launch Vexus…let alone the G.O.A.T. pedigree these boats will have. As a diehard bassin’ head I’m pretty durn excited….

Check the Vexus site and Facebook — no boat pics at either. This vid has more info:

“…dried cattails and gelcoat have near zero friction resistance by the way.”  

– Good to know? That’s SD bass-head (and ’15 Classic Nation angler) Troy Diede talkin’ ’bout:

> Dad and I made one last outing of the year Sunday on the Missouri River (Lewis and Clark Lake). The middle part of the river near Springfield, SD is best described as a corn maze but with cattails and really tall grass. The sediment build-up funnels the current and cuts little winding channels through silt and sand-filled chutes. This makes for some rather interesting navigational challenges. To throw an extra curveball in, they dropped water levels almost 10″ on Sunday from the time we arrived to the time we left.

> At the end of the day on the route back I knew we were going to have to stay on pad to make it over a couple spots in this one particular chute. Long story short I was not zoomed in far enough on my Lowrance GPS and 5 yards makes a big difference! Went left when we should have stayed right….

They were okay and caught a few — his dad got one of those rare split-tail bass, which surprisingly ain’t part of GA’s bass slam….

Don’t name bait colors when you’re hungry? 

Talkin’ to YOU, Robin Shiver of Bass Assassin! Stumbled on these color names for the same swimbait: electric chicken, hot chicken, chicken on a chain, fried chicken. Also candy corn, which I guess could be chicken seasoning in some parts….

Gotta mention “space guppy,” “Texas hippie” and “b*tt naked” (pictured):

Those goofy names along with the chicken ones make me think this dog was involved in the naming process:


1. GA: Bass-heads pass on after collision at Thurmond.

Dang it. Reminder for us all:

> They believe the two men were not wearing life jackets when they crashed.

2. Hank Cherry gets Grundéns.

Here they are:

lol…known for their commercial fishing gear….

3. Evers finished 5th in AOY points…

…without making one 12 cut…for only the second time ever in his career. That’s pretty dang stout for a peanut farmer! Oops, sorry Edwin — pea-can! Make sure you pronounce it thataway when you see him, he loves it…lol.

4. Ike writes that having too much tackle is…bad?

First of all, no WAY. That’s the point lol! Second, dude’s garage/tackle shed is as big as my house and stuffed to the brim with baits — but don’t take one because he’ll notice! Plus he sometimes practices with 35 or so rods on the deck so he’s got the bassin’ fever pretty bad….

5. KVD will camouflage his boat next year.

Mossy Oak water camo wrap. Let’s see if fewer folks find him out there….

6. Elite rookie Jake Whitaker gets ALX Rods.

Check ALX’s rods on TW.

7. FLWer Todd Hollowell on BassEdge Radio.

8. LA Delta bass are already pre-spawn.

In dead-end canals. Catchin’ ’em now on Brush Hogs in black/red, watermelon red, junebug and junebug/red.

9. KY: Beaver Lake drawdown and habitat project.

10. Phoenix Boats gets new OH-IN rep.

11. Bass Pro Shops funds Hispanic fishing program.

Started by President Bush. Good to hear.

12. Country star Dustin Lynch got his bass boat wet 3x last year.

Glad he’s gone one — someone put that dude on some fish!

14. FL: 100K shad removed form Apopka.

State seems serious about restoring that lake, we’ll see.

15. Seaguar apparel sale.

30% off using code Holiday30

16. Bid made for bankrupt distributor Maurice.

17. PA: Snot otter might be state amphibian.

Shoot with a name like that it’s a no-brainer.

18. DC: EPA raises (!!) amount of ethanol.

EPA asked for input, lots of folks said they want less, EPA raised it anyway. Reminds me of the menhaden (saltwater shad-like baitfish) issue — feds asked for input, everyone said less commercial take, they didn’t listen. What exactly do we pay these people in Washington for again?

19. DC: New tax bills could affect boat taxes.

We’ll see if regular boats see any benefit….

20. Teddy Roosevelt got bass into Kenya’s Lake Naivasha.

Who knew:

> Disappointed with being unable to catch any fish during a trip to the lake, as all the indigenous species had died off when the lake dried up years earlier, the President ordered the bass be introduced….

That’s how Teddy rolled mang!

Rumor of the Day

Heard the TN Vols have expanded their search for a football coach to include folks who coach bass teams. And still no one’s interested…. #firedrill

Headline of the Day

92-year-old fisherman rescued near Atlantic City

Saltwater — dude had just had heart surgery but NO WAY was he missin’ his feeshn trip!

Tip of the Day

Gitcha a PB this time of year.

Matt Allen from Tick-Tock-Tackle Bassin’ says fish really small or really big (swimbait) within 3 days either side of full or new moon…plus some more stuff:

Some of the stuff he mentions:

4″ Keitech Easy Shiner or 2.8″ Keitech Swing Impact Fat

Revenge Darter Hedz jighead

8″ Huddleston Swimbait

Tweak it for your area, but you know that.

Quote of the Day

In the colder months, fish that don’t have access to deep water become moody in their feeding.

Toledo Bend guide Darold Gleason talkin’ ’bout deeper fish bein’ easier to catch when it’s cold cuz they’re more consistent. “Moody” is a great word for shallow, cold-water fish. But have to say that in general fish are kinda frowny:

Shot of the Day

Mike McClelland says SPRO Rk Crawlers should come with a “Warning: Choking Hazard” — sure looks like it:


Word is McDonald’s is testing these fries in Japan — drizzled with a pumpkin spice sauce and chocolate — called Halloween Choco Potato. Gross….

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