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Today’s Top 5

Buttah-stuffed panda fence melons of the week!

A few of ’em anyway…. Check this T-Rex melon caught by Joseph Pereira on a dang old-school broken-back Rapala. (Caught so many fish on that bait, WHY don’t I fish it anymore?)

JRA Fishing Outdoors caught this Spanish-ham-shaped MI 8-lber on a BOOYAH Pigskin Jig. That = a 10-lber down south no doubt:

Don’t know if this is a best-of deal, but either way niiiiice. Cali guide Pat Jones caught this 12-01 on the Delta on a 3/8-oz Persuader Double Buzz (black) in 5′, and this 7-02 smallmouth at Lake McClure on a 1/2-oz Bass Patrol Football Head Jig (green and brown) in 20′:

Steve “Pudge” O’Keefe joined the merp club with this one from ME on a 3″ Keitech Little Spider grub (gp) behind a 3/8-oz Owner Ultrahead Football Jighead. Said the fishing was stupid, but not as stupid as this fish looks lol:

Not a merp, but Joey Burchill caught what looks like a dead fish in NH…in the mouth: #zombie

Fish jigs slower?

Check this, from a science-type study:

> We found crayfish increased their proportion of time spent frozen and reduced their proportion of time spent active in the tank when exposed to [a largemouth bass] predator cue.

In other words, here’s how crawfish see bass:

And they’re like:

Does that mean we might want to try fishing jigs/flipped plastics slower? Or start/stop ’em more? Not sure, but from a quick Google trip seems like the freezing behavior might depend on the crawfish species.

How to get a limit and an A.

> …I did not have much personal experience with fishing of any type. Due to the nature of this study, I fished anywhere from 5 to 8 hours a week, and quickly improved in casting technique and ability to land fish.

Student at Notre Dame talkin’ ’bout conducting a “study” (aka, fishing) to see if bass relate to wood. !!!!! You’re my hero dude! Joke’s on the prof….

Quick story: Took a geology class in college (nicknamed “rocks”), and my class project was bass fishing, taking pics of it and writing about it. Think I got a B. Didn’t tell my parents, I’m sure they would’ve been like:

Bassin’ is grootheidswaanzin.

Ain’t it tho:

SPRO posted that shot of a little bass on a decent-size swimmybait — a BBZ-1 Jr slow sink — and a dude commented: “we call it in Holland ‘grootheidswaanzin.'”

No doubt. Sounds like “hope-egg-swansin,” but either way I guess it means “insanely great.” Dutch bass-heads have some hopeggswansin palabras mang!

Might have to be my new word…for Seth Feider…for some reason…which reminds me: What’s weirder, a llama wearing a Buff or the bassin’ llama wearing an Elmer Fudd hunting lid in a national derby:

Bass are dumb.

Exhibit 557, a pic from a PA muskrat trapper. Largie got stuck in the trap, which was most likely baited with some form of vegetable matter:

Kinda hilarious we don’t do better catching these fishes….


1. What Tommy Biffle would be like as check-out guy (vid).

At your local tackle shop or grocery. #Bifflewins

2. How much Ehrler counts on his ‘lectronics.

Kong-ing it SOLID up front with the Wave Tamer:

3. Highlight vid from Bobby Lane youth derby.

Cool yet gives ya warm feelin’s.

4. FLWer Greg Bohannan gets Pringles.

Wonder how many cans fit in a PVC rod tube….

5. FLWer Mark Rose battling carpal tunnel.

Dang that sounds painful…. Lay off the fiddle-playin’ Rose!

6. #Fail stories about sponsorships.

True-life ones.

7. Zona’s giving away a Hydrowave H2.

Believe today is the LAST DAY to enter so click it!

Check the H2 on TW.

8. TX: Kistler lookin’ fer a rod-builder.

Good luck peeps!

9. A story about U2 and a weddin’ in Ireland…

…that somehow all relates to bassin’. Of course by donny barone.

Wait — EVERYthing relates to bassin’. Saw something outta the corner of my eye the other day, hit the brakes, looked and saw: Pickwick Liquors, up here in NJ. Dang, bassin’s everywhere.

10. AR planting deep structure in Bull Shoals.

11. MN study shows spawn fishing may not be a big deal.


> Results from our study show that egg densities in nests of largemouth bass are affected by a combination of catch-and-release angling during the spawning season, male total length, nest depth and observed predation.

> Predation appeared to occur heavily when largemouth bass nests were in neighboring areas to the nests of bluegill, and less frequently when another largemouth bass was nearby [meaning other largie nests nearby].

12. Cabela’s contingency program for college anglers.

13. FL: Fish longer worms.


New record python at 17′:

> “That snake could pretty much kill any full-grown man.”

No self-respecting largie would be scared of any snake….

14. What ‘Traps look like under water.

Yep we all know about the vibration of lipless baits, but check this underwater vid of Rat-L-Traps. That flash though….

15. Who knew: Largies are in Croatia.

Foreign link so I can’t run it…but they’re in the Danube watershed.

16. NE: Omaha outdoor retailer closing.

Not Cabela’s. Sounds like big box stores and online did ’em in. My 2c: Neither is the end of smaller physical retail, just got to do it differently.

17. Favorite Fishing With Flair rod is back in stock.

Sold outta the first run so git one asap if it’s a-callin’ ya.

18. Gitcha the ultimate portable PowerStation.

My buds at YOLOTek are crowd-funding it on Kickstarter, all the deets there, but basically if you’re sick of lugging around and worrying about batteries, portable chargers, etc. for GoPros/VIRBs and phones — and if you’ve always wished you had your own camera guy — your life is about to change:

Here’s Gene the master of Flukes Jensen talkin’ ’bout it (vid).

Contest update!

1. This rig…

…we made a vid for and wanted to name apparently had a name or 2 already: kraken rig (after the giant squid look) also spelled by some “crackin” rig and “the palm tree.” But of course y’all head better ones including (add “rig” at the end):

  • P00ping Tube
  • Shucked Corn
  • Thunder Bomb
  • Squiggly Cucumber
  • Squid-Peedo
  • Tube Sock
  • Booty
  • Southern Squid
  • Head Banger

Plus a bunch I can’t get past the PG censors so…. Like a bunch but gotta pick one so…the beeg winnah of some tackle is: Drunken Hula! Kirk Lily come on down and gimme your addy….

2. Ugly Christmas bassin’ sweater contest!

Saw this shot on the Okuma Insta, challengin’ you to do better. Tag or DM me on Insta (best) or FB, or send it to me at this email. Givin’ you til the 20th! Best shot will get something….

That fly-swatter rig’s all Okuma Helios btw. Reels and rods on TW.

BassBlaster needs…you?

Lookin’ for peeps who are DEEP into any one o’ the following bassin’ scenes. In ’em, does ’em, knows what’s happenin’. If you think that’s you or someone you know, hit me back be replying to this email:

> Swimbaits
> Diehard bank anglers
> If you follow/watch the YouTube “kids”
> Cali – what’s catchin’ ’em, who’s hot
> Texas – same
> Kentucky Lake – same
> Florida – same

Tip of the Day

Now’s the time to learn spybaitin’.

Popped up on the Elites this year more than ever before, meaning it works and the guys are learning it…BUT face it — it’s not the funnest bait to fish, so it’s not the funnest bait to learn to fish. But right now, when the bite’s slower anyhow (depending on where you are winter-wise), might be the best time to learn it, catch fish on it and get some confidence in it.

In this vid Dr. LeStrange — Dave Lefebre — schools ya a little on it. He’s using the Storm Arashi Spinbait, which has a little different action to it, and Sufix Nanobraid mainline:

No expert but I’ve seen it done (didn’t want to do it myself lol), and bottom line you’re casting it out there and either reeling it, or twitching and reeling it.

Quote of the Day

I was looking for a recipe and not an already baked cake.

– Most bass-heads would want the cake (plus a pizza lol). That’s yet another Aussie here feeshn, Dean “not Rojas” Silvester talkin’ ’bout this:

> Silvester talked briefly with several pros about Lake Hartwell prior to the official cutoff, but he intentionally stayed away from getting any GPS marks. “I was looking for a recipe and not an already baked cake. Because I’d never fished for largemouth and spotted bass in a tournament before, I knew that I needed to spend my practice trying to understand why the fish were located where they were, and not spend my time running GPS marks and not learning anything.”

Not…learning…anything?? Dude you’d be learning whether you could trust the guy who gave you the spots or if he was playin’ you! lol Good on ya mate!

Shot of the Day

Hahaha I love this shot! Dude lookin’ tough but…that extry hand in there just makes it hilarious! Nice bag tho…flippin’ deep brush with 20-lb Seaguar Flippin’ Fluorocarbon:


Dude beats girlfriend in trout derby…

…by 1/3-oz…in last 5 mins. Not sure that was a good move man….

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