Switch your baits, Largemouths bad worldwide?! Denny and the deets

Today’s Top 5

Slobber melons of the ditchy kind!

Check these whales o’ the week:

@dannyrago gave himself an eclipse with this 11-lb “rat eater” I assume somewhere in CA:

Not a DD but a PB — @chadsmithfishing smacked this’n on Chickamauga, TN:

Here’s what too many trips to McDonald’s can do to ya — gettin’ supersized with @mikelongoutdoors, and props to him for having his tat on a bass (lol):

Just one of many insanely thick smallies Mille Lacs, MN guide @jeremiahjohnsonfishing catches up there, so far north it looks like spring/summer/fall at the same time:

Why we should switch-up our baits…

…and make multiple casts to the same spot with different baits — from a scientific study on the basses de large:

> …bass experienced with a particular lure could use that learning to avoid similar-looking lures, but not lures which were dissimilar.

Not sure whether “similar-looking” means shape or color or both, and guess we gotta bear in mind Steve Kennedy fished a whole season with a white jig and did pretty dang well.

Didja know that largemouths are…bad?

Sorta — they’re #54 on the list of the 100 worst invasive species worldwide.

Truly don’t understand. Have to figure that whoever makes that list doesn’t know how to flip or fish a frog….

Here’s a few foreign names for our fave fish:
> achigan [sounds like Michigan?]
> bas dehanbozorg [sounds like a type of cheese]
> bass wielkgebowy [I think Zona said that exact phrase to me on a boat once]
> biban cu gura mare [si!]
> bolsherotnyi amerikanskii tscherny okun [dang those Amerikanskiis]
> buraku basu [God bless you]
> fekete sügér [totally love pairing the word “sugar” with bass]
> green bass [makes a whole lot more sense than “black bass”]
> großmäuliger Schwarzbarsch [might have had that on a hot dog?]
> isobassi [that’s the ward some of us are admitted to]
> lobina negra [sing it: “livin’ lobina negra”]
> Öringsaborre [orangutan for “bass” I guess?]
> ostracka [we always “ostracka” time when we’re a-bassin’…lol]
> perche noire [sounds like fancy cookin’]
> perche truite [sounds like a fancy dessert, maybe Cliff Pirch’s personal recipe]
> tam suy lo ue [no idea what language that is but I’ll have some pork fried rice with that!]
> zwarte baars [I don’t often go to bars, but when I do, I zwarte baars]

Here’s you an oddball baits roundup.

Yee-haw littel dawgy, heeeeeeere we go:

6″ tadpole swimbait by @marlingbaits:

Russ Lane says he ain’t colorblind but check this Dirty Jigs Swim Jig/Big Bite Tour Toad color combo:

Jewel Pee Wee Football Jig — $$$ name:

That’s right, a swimbait with no fins — @tackletour with the Wild Lures Japan Wild Beat glide bait…which is on Tackle Warehouse…for $180:

Japanese bass-heads ain’t a-feared to be a-puttin’ big and long trailers on jigs — here’s just one example from @backlash_official:

How to be a bug farmer…

…with your host Brandon Palaniuk:

He listed several benefits:
1. Keeps your skin looking young/better than collagen.
2. Crunchier than granola and higher in protein.
3. Stays fresh in the beard for later snax.
4. Keeps strangers at a distance.


1. Elitist Todd Arey’s boat was hit by a police vehicle…

…and the police dept’s insurance company is refusing to pay for the damage. Full story on Bassin’Fan, glad they covered it. Sounds like a recent insurance experience I had — would love to know whether there’s any honest insurance companies out there.

Todd will be fishing from a loaner — Bryan Thrift’s old boat…which might have some mojo.

2. Zona caught him a log that looks like a fish!

Pretty sure that’s Seth “no alpaca no gracias” Feider on the bow tryin’ not to be disgusted:

3. NY: Champlain FLW economic impact will be $1.9 mil?

4. NJ: Bergen Bassmasters 31st annual special needs tourney…

…happened last Sat, huge props for sticking with what’s become a big deal for folks. What one of the participants said:

> “I never knew what fishing was until I held this fishing pole for the first time, years ago. Now it’s freedom.

> “It takes me away from the struggles of having autism, but it also takes me away from the heartache of being labeled as something that you don’t want to be labelled. I feel like a first-class citizen here.”


5. GA: Ex Dolphins WR Kendall Newson teaching kids to fish.

> He focuses on providing underprivileged, disabled and less-fortunate children with the opportunity to enjoy their natural surroundings, and if they can’t get out somewhere to fish, Newson brings the fish to them in a portable fishing pond.

6. TX: New law requires boat drivers attached to kill switches.

Effective Sept 1.

7. OH: Is bass fishing at a historic low…

…in OH as it says at that link? Says the high was in the late ’90s. If so, hope something changes as OH has always been a bassin’ stronghold.

8. NY bass season starts Saturday…

…and lasts for 2 weeks…lol.

9. KS Nation using WhatsApp for a weigh-in?

Love to hear more about that KS folks:

> Anglers are instructed to download the app and text their name/handle…where they will be instructed to join the “KBN Conservation” group. Anglers will be given a conservation-friendly set of portable scales and will be asked to take a photograph of themselves with the fish and weight. More details will be explained at the angler’s meeting prior to the tournament.

10. NC: Catawba Valley Community College hires first bassin’ coach.

She sounds like a stick too:

> Angela Mayo…has been participating on the Lady Bass Anglers Association Women’s Pro Tour since 2014.

> Last season, Mayo qualified for the NC B.A.S.S. State Team and…qualified for the B.A.S.S. Nation National Championship…becoming only the 2nd woman to ever qualify for the championship.

Love seeing a Jr college gettin’ into it! #girlpower

11. NC wants volunteers for planting fish attractors…

…on Shearon Harris. Gitcha free waypoints too….

12. NC: Is Duke Energy polluting a bunch of lakes?

Including Norman and Wylie?

13. OH DNR has a big Sandusky Bay project.

Gonna make it cleaner and more bass-friendly they say.

14. WA: Do shad hurt salmon more than bass?

> With more shad coming over the Bonneville Dam in one day than spring Chinook for the whole year, we should get a clue. Shad spend their time scarfing down the same zooplankton the salmon smolts need to get big and strong.

15. IA DNR will kill gizzard shad out of Sugema this fall.

16. American Baitworks buys SnagProof.

If you’re keeping track they’ve bought: NetBait, Southern Lure/Scum Frog, Halo Fishing and half of Freedom Tackle so far, guess it’s still on the prowl….

17. SPRO is coming out with a John Crews spybait.

I think it’s called the Fat Little John Spy Spin Twirl.

Not really.

18. ‘Rude has 3 new 3-cylinder outboards.

115 H.O., 140hp and 150hp.

19. Check this T-H Marine tee!

Diggin’ it…and sale:

20. SD: Is it me or do these fish look still alive?


21. Now Tesla says it’s building a ‘lectric pickup.

But…from what I read the company’s not doing so hot, plus the founder/chairman has smoked dope on camera so….

22. IL: Chicago carp derby called “the Big Nasty.”

Hahaha fo sho!

23. Peta nutcases might have lost a few more marbles.

It’s getting it’s summer anti-fishing thing going, which is nothing new — lot of wrong info, also nothing new. But it’s also saying this about…oysters:

> “Their shells are torn open and their bodies are cut up. Oysters can sense danger and hide inside their shells.”

The craziest part about this is people actually send them money….

24. Ireland is fighting a crayfish “plague.”

It’s a fungus. They sure do like to throw that “plague” word around in Europe….

Headline of the Day

Big carp biting at Buena Vista

Uh, carp don’t bite, they…suck. Yep, carp suck (heehee!).

Tip of the Day

Do you REALLY pay attn to the deets?

Check what Denny Brauer says about doin’ the flip, from a good post:

> “When it comes to boat docks I’ll fish each pier, the walkway, and if it’s got anything unusual like a ladder or a rope, a boat lift, etc I’ll fish it all. But when you get the bite, really pay attention: Where exactly did that bite come from?

> “Don’t be in a hurry to get to the next dock. Sit and analyze the one where you just caught the fish. How deep of water are you sitting in? Is it a gravel bank or a mud bank? Is the dock on a point or back in a pocket?

> “Those fish will tell you a lot…. Was it on the shallow side of the dock? The deep corner? Was it on the windy side or the calm side? If you’re fishing a river, was it on the up-current side or the down-current side? …that’s what I call developing the pattern within the pattern that can be so critical.”

> …when he’s flipping bushes, flooded buck brush, willow trees, cypress knees, etc he’s constantly trying to figure out what side of the target fish are positioning on….

> “Once I’ve narrowed it down to what side the fish will be on — windy, sunny, shady — I then take it one step further. When you flip it in there and get that bite, ask yourself — did the fish hit it on the drop or after it was on the bottom, and was I shaking it up and down? Because if a fish hits on the drop the fish is aggressive. Then you know how he’s positioned on the cover and how he’s biting. If he hit it on the drop and your bait hits bottom there’s no need to sit there and jig it up and down. Hit the next piece of cover.”

Denny also said “the biggest mistakes that happen with flipping and pitching are involved with your line — either using the wrong line for the wrong situation, using too light of line, or not taking the time to re-tie.”

He designed and I believe exclusively uses Seaguar Flippin Braid and Seaguar Flippin Fluorocarbon.

Quote of the Day

“It’s not just a boat, it’s a state-of-the-art fish finder.”

Dude describin’ a modern feeshn tub…word! It’s just a floatin’ rod/bait storage platform with enough sonar and tech to find a nail at the bottom of a brushpile in 40′!

Shot of the Day

What you can’t see but the bass can because they can see in slow-mo. Okay, I have no idea if they can but still a cool @kentakimura5727 shot:

Btw, my son caught a frog last weekend and launched it a good ways out to see if a bass would eat it. That thing sat there for a while getting its bearings, and then swam back to shore — just UNDER the water, like frogs do. Wonder if we fished a frog wakebait style if it’d work?


Check this feeshn story on North Korean ruler/dictator/strange dude Kim Jong Un:

> Fujimoto said he would take the two boys out fishing on Kim Jong Il’s private boat, and they would angle for sea bass which was the leader’s favorite sushi. Each time the chef would catch a fish, young Kim would demand to hold the rod and shout, “I caught it!”

Sounds about right….

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