Bloatations and derps! Schools of 20-lbers?? Small swimbaiting

Got a text from Amart this morning so his brain is working, praise the Lord man! After a big surgery like that, you want to know the faculties are operational. Please keep lifting him up!

And btw, prayers are an ACTION. Active. Ain’t just thoughts. It’s like the difference between knowin’ how to catch those fish and actually fishin’ for ’em…I think. You get what I mean. For some reason reminds me of the old Def Leppard tune “Action not Words.” Wow that came outta nowhere….

Comin’ soon — SPAWN-time baits n stuff!

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Today’s Top 4

Bloatations and derps rollin’ at ya!

First the bloat-melons:

Stephen Browning’s son Beau wins it with a PB 12.57-lb bed fish [mind blown emoji]. Caught on Red Oak Lake, AR on a Neko-rigged stick worm (gp), 1/0 Gamakatsu G-Finesse Hook [1/0??], 10-lb [!!] Gamma Torque Braid to an 8-lb [!!] leader, Daiwa Exist 3000 Spinning Reel, 6′ 9″ MH Jackall Revoltage spin rod. Gonna assume with that setup the Brownings weren’t ‘spectin’ such large specimens:

Jacob Wheeler sight-fished this 11.13 and got it on video:

Some unknown fisherman named Denny Brauer (lol!) caught this 11-lb fish on Lake Amistad, TX, single-handedly proving that all the big bass aren’t gone from that lake. Did the deal on a swim jig/Strike King Rage Swimmer on 20-lb Seaguar Tatsu fluoro:

Cali swimbait dude JD Blackamore looks like he doesn’t believe he caught that fish:

Not sure what this one weighed but was part of a big day — 54 fish, 5 biggest = 33+ lbs — for FLWer Bobby Bakewell and friends/fam. That bait’s a 5″ Yo-Zuri 3DB Pencil (bone):

Now to derp land where derps run free…til they’re caught:

Gotta blast it off with John Crews’ Smith Mountain Lake, VA derp caught on a Tater Hog glide bait (shad) — possibly the first glide bait derp ever, congrats man!

This derp Sharpied up his lips for this shot — caught by Travis T on a Megabass Vision 110 (one of the mat shads) on West Boggs Lake, IN:

Might be a relative of this Sharpie-nosed bass caught by Bruce G:

Landon S caught this’n at Oahe Dam, SD on an unnamed “green” popper:

@craighare70fishing caught this 4.5-lb smallderp on the St. Lawrence River dropshotting a 3″ Berkley Twitchtail Minnow (white):

Melissa H got her fish o’ a lifetime at Melvern Lake, KS on a jig/Beaver (gp) combo:

Last one for today — prolly the biggest derp ever documented:

Schools of 20-lbers and other things you might not know about.

Lookit how small that reel looks! ^^

That’s the world record bass caught by Manabu Kurita at Lake Biwa, Japan on July 2, 2009. “Officially” — accordin’ to the International Game Fish Assn, which for now handles bass records — it’s tied with George Perry’s 22-04 fish. But it shouldn’t be cuz Manabu’s is bigger.

Say you accept George’s 22-04 fish as real. Well, Manabu’s fish weighed 10.12 kg = 22.31078 lbs = 22 lbs 4.8 oz…or 22-05. Anyhow, far as I’m concerned Manabu has the record, even if he did catch it on a live bluegill.

Tripped over this Tackle Tour interview — some tiddbybits:

TT Q: The day you caught the world record bass you said you saw a school of 20-lb bass. Was this the first time you had seen such a big school or do the big fish normally run in packs throughout the year on [Lake] Biwa?

> I saw that school 2 weeks prior to catching the world-record bass. I see schools like this 2 or 3 times a year with each school having around 7 fish.

Schools of 20-lb bass!!!! If I lived there, afraid I’d get obsessed and look like this guy after a couple months:

More tiddybits from that deal:

> In Lake Biwa, I think there are 2 kinds of giant bass — the bass of seasonal migrations and one that stays in a certain place. I try to look for either big bass using my intuition.

> Part of my preparation is making sure to always use new hooks and line.

What should be on a futuristic bassin’ tub?

Elitist and Phoenix Boats absentee CEO/prez/”director of fishing research” Gary Clouse (heehee!) had a deal on Bassin’ called “Envisioning the futuristic bass boat.” Good ideal! Couple quotes from Gary, then I’ll weigh in…then lookin’ fer YOU to weigh in:

> …I don’t expect the length or bow width to change. We’re pretty well maxed out on that. Attempts to sell longer bass boats didn’t go over well, and we’re maxed out on width for towing down the highway.

> …I think the day will come when we will do away with gas engines and utilize powerful electric outboards….

> The day will come when we will have a trolling motor built into the bow of the boat where it’s hidden when not in use. The same thing for anchoring systems built into the gunnels where they aren’t visible until deployed.

> It’s quite possible you’ll see boat companies working with electronic manufacturers to integrate electronics right into the boat.

Okay that all sounds possible, but not necessarily fun or cool? Some ideas off the top of my head — no particular order

1. Anti-Jet Ski sound cannon — Self-explanatory. Plus can you imagine a cannon on a bass tub? How cool would that look man. Btw sound cannons are real — Stark Industries has ’em:

Lol they really ARE real. But they’re too expensive so a salmon cannon would work just as good:

2. Radar with outward-directed proximity alarm — For safety. Know when someone’s comin’ at ya or vice versa, and the alarm lets them know. Guess this could be misused to stop folks from gettin’ too close at a community hole…lol.

3. Bubba for boats — Kinda like Siri but a better voice and maybe could give you bait tips or whatever. “Bubba what should I do here?” “Well, if you had an ideal how to fish, you’d be throwin’ a Carolina Rig.”

4. “Donut” setting — Hit the switch, hang on and do a quick 360. Only engages if idling. Okay this one maybe ain’t such a good idea….

5. Weather-proof padding under your carpet or SeaDek — Little all-day relief for our feet n joints.

6. Candy Crush on your bow ‘lectronics — So you can do it with your toes when the bite’s slow…. I predict Aaron Martens would win the whole deal every time — he uses his toes a lot when he’s fishing (really).

7. T-H Marine HydroWave that talks to us too, like: “You’ll get a bite!” “Keep at it!” “You’re a great fisherman!” “You’re a good-lookin’ dude/gal!” etc lol

8. Auto-Tune for our own pics — That deal “fixes” singing voices, so maybe some software that fixes our fish to make ’em look bigger, and our physiques to make us look more like [insert your fave pro here].

What you got? Hit me on Facebook and I’ll run the bestys in a future Blaster.

What Cliff Prince is fishing now.

I guess in FL:

> Greenfish Tackle Swim Jig (chart/white) with a Bass Assassin Lil Boss Shiner swimbait (snow storm), 7′ MH Fitzgerald Stunner Rod, Fitzgerald Stunner Reel (7.3), 15-lb Seaguar Tatsu Fluoro.
> 3/8-oz Greenfish High Class Blade spinnerbait (white), 7′ MH Fitzgerald Stunner Rod, same reel, 15-lb Seaguar Tatsu Fluoro.

> Homemade prop bait (black back/silver side/orange belly — coming soon from Greenfish), 6.8′ MH Fitzgerald Stunner Rod, same reel, 20-lb Seaguar mono.

> The frog, spinnerbait and swim-jig are fished around any veggies I can find. The prop bait is thrown around treetops, veggies, cypress trees, etc.


1. How Greg Hackney uses his HydroWave (vid).

Might be the most insightful thing I’ve heard about it. No matter what anyone tells you, pros have ’em on their boats because they WORK. Check ’em at the TW.

2. Good Brandon Palaniuk reminder about inflatables.

But more importantly he’s growed him a bassin’ stache:

3. Matt Lee talks about being a diabetic (YT vid).

Great for any folks also living with it….

4. More deets on John Murray’s chicken deal.

Remember this pic:

Word is this dude showed up and shut that whole deal down:

Scary deal but glad it’s over now….
5. New MLF Cup Overflow.

> MLF Cup Overflow features pro anglers that compete in the MLF Cup events together in a virtual watch party, viewing the episode for the first time and allowing fishing fans to watch the show right alongside the competitors.

Could be good — if it’s anything like Schooled by Denny Brauer, one of the best bassin’ TV shows ever, could be real good.

6. Here’s Teckel’s Hideki Maeda’s latest creation.

Called the Bladewalker, and I’m bettin’ it’s fun to feesh:

7. Here’s what James Heddon looked like.

Bein’ inducted into the Bassin’ Hall of Fame — wonder if those are his bassin’ clothes:

8. MN ramps open again.

9. IL canceled HS fishing season.

Dang I really feel for these seniors. KY did the same thing, hopefully no other states did yet.

10. VT seeing “unprecedented” rise in license sales.

11. Several factors in record-high Erie levels.

> “If you’ve got high levels of precipitation and runoff, and those levels exceed the amount of water leaving by evaporation, then you’re going to see an increase in water level. Right now, water levels are at a record high, as we’re coming off of last spring’s record-high precipitation levels and really high runoff. That was related to the same precipitation events that caused all the flooding through the Midwest last year. That added just a ton of freshwater to the system, way more than was leaving from the evaporation.”

12. Would you fish the Vexan Wasp in “crazy clown”?

Guess the good side is if you did and you cauth the snot outta them, you could show everyone what you used and they wouldn’t believe you — lol!

13. New Pyramex ANSI-rated polarized shades.

ANSI-rated means impact-resistant for all you close-up flippers/punchers.

14. Midway getting real serious about fishing ecomm.

Added Favorite, Daiwa, Garmin.

15. Italian tackle businesses asking gov’t to reopen fishing.

16. England sells licenses by the # of rods.

Bass fishermen would go broke fast…lol.

17. AR: Tagged crappie wandered 32 miles.

Not bass, but dang. Wonder how many minners he had to eat to do it….

On right now…
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Tip of the Day

Chris Zaldain finesse swimbaitin’ tips.

Swimbaits ain’t just about mimicking stocker trout. Chris has won at least 1 derby with small swimbaits, here’s a little more on how he fishes ’em:

> My favorite is a 3″ Spark Shad…rigged on a 1/4-oz ball-head jig.

> “A longer spinning rod, something just under 7′, is usually best. Not only is a long rod better for casting light lures, but it also lets me move a lot of line on the hookset, especially when a fish bites at the far end of the cast — and that happens a lot.

> “My line and leader are mission-critical for swimbait success. In general terms, I spool up with 15-20 lb Seaguar Smackdown in the high-visibility Flash Green color…use an FG knot to link to an 18″ leader of 8-lb Seaguar Tatsu [fluoro].

> “…the ultra-thin diameter of Smackdown is essential. …15-lb Smackdown has the same diameter as 4-lb mono — so I can make super-long casts. Moreover, once the bait is in the water and I start my retrieve, the line has minimal water resistance. That means my bait won’t get pulled toward the surface as I retrieve it….

> “…I’m often fishing this way in 25-30-40′ of water, keeping my bait deep is key….

> “…I see deep fish on my sonar. Then I’ll back way off that area and make a long cast…let it fall to the bottom with the bail open so that it goes straight down, rather than swinging like a pendulum back toward the boat. By watching the high-vis Flash Green line, it’s easy for me to tell when I’ve hit the bottom.

> …I close the bail, give the lure one little pop with the rod tip, and then begin a slow and steady retrieve back to the boat. I want to feel that lure deflect off cover every now and then during the retrieve, so I adjust my retrieve speed to get just the right rhythm of strike-provoking bounces and bumps. When a fish bites, I just lean into him to drive the hook home….”

Quote of the Day

“The toughest thing about not being at tournaments is you miss your friends.”

Kevin VanDam talkin’. Word but…he forgot to mention enemies…LOL! Just kiddin’ on that last part. From a cool post about KVD doing a giveaway to raise funds for a local food bank. Check it here.


Shot of the Day

Couple shots for ya today, just to drive home why it’s ultra-important to be out fishing right now — which you all know but maybe some gov’nor will see this.

Check FLWer Brian Latimer‘s son — look at the stoke in his eyes man! Brian posted:

> If it’s windy my son always says “Dad today would be a good day for a jerkbait!” He was right!

Love it:

Saw this shot posted on the GA Outdoors News FB page — says it all:

I’d feel thataway too!

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