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Today’s Top 4

2 hammers go back to the Elites – the real story….

Of course you know that Brandon Palaniuk — an immigrant from ID — and Gerald Swindle, the funniest guy ever to bass-fish, are fishing the Elites next year. But bet you didn’t know the current Elites had to vote on bringin’ em back — their attitude was:

HAHAHA! Kiddin’ man, I’m sure it was mostly cool, even if the dudes saw this when they went to B.A.S.S. HQ:

But first they had to call B.A.S.S. and it was like:

Then B.A.S.S. remembered it had the Legends exemption deal and was like:

First the guys had to be like this at the MLF tho:

HAHAHAHAH! Okay seriously now, if you’re wonderin’ what the biggest reason was, both guys said they were convicted after this happened:

Man I believe it. Baby Yoda is POWERFUL. Then it was all over social…

…and peeps and trollz were like:

There you have it, the REAL story. Dang man, wish other places would get it right:

> Here’s Brandon’s perspective, which to me reads like he realized his heart is at B.A.S.S.

> Same deal for Gerald, who also mentioned he wants to help his nephew learn the biz.


> All BPT anglers did sign a 3-yr contract last year, but could get out of it for a sizable fee. I know what that fee is but ain’t gonna say cuz I said I wouldn’t.

> Both guys are fishing — or are entered to fish — all the Opens this year.

> Random: Recently saw G on TV, fishing the Hidden Lake Bass Fest…an older ‘Yota commercial, which was cool to see: #bassfishingfollowsme

Meanwhile Bryan Thrift and David Dudley move to the BPT.

Figure it was kinda a no-brainer for ’em but have not talked to ’em. I expect David to get a ton of camera time because he’s one of the funniest dudes there is (unintentionally mostly, if you know what I mean — hahaha David!) and I’m real curious to see how Bryan — the consistently best fisherman on the FLW Tour — does against a field full of hammers, even if it’s a smaller field.

Few tiddybits:

> Bryan: “I had already given FLW my word that I was going to fish with them when I got that initial invitation (from MLF) in 2018,” Thrift said. “It was important to me to keep my word to FLW. But, man, I’m excited now to get to fish with guys like Ott and Andy and Casey again.
> “I don’t care too much what the format is: If it was ‘catch one and race around the lake 3 laps before you catch another one,’ I wouldn’t really mind. I’m just a little concerned about how long it’s going to take me to learn how to practice.”
> David: “I’m nervous about the Bass Pro Tour in the kind of way that makes you fish harder and more focused. I look back at my career as a bass fisherman and I can admit that I’m a goal-oriented fisherman.

> “I’m not the best at catching big (fish), that’s just not what I’m good at. I go out and set the hook, set the hook, set the hook, cull. Set the hook, set the hook, set the hook, cull. I try to get as many bites as I can — that’s always been my #1 goal. The size of the fish is somewhat of a luck factor.”

Could you chop down a tree with this ax bass??

Bass-head Brad D caught this’n down Mexico way — said it wasn’t the heaviest fish (6.8 lbs) but fo sho was the craziest:

Big ax head, small ax handle….

Zoom Ol’ Monster Worm (blueberry) did the deal.

‘Nother bassin’ weddin’!

Love it! But…gotta ask: Isn’t the star of this shot the Skeeter?? (heehee!)

Congrats to ’em all! Hope the Skeeter ain’t too jealous…hahaha!


1. Aaron Martens now with G. Loomis (vid).

He’s still an enigma — you know, as a person — but will now use Loomis…and has been using Shimano reels. Remember that Shimano owns Loomis.

Word is Aaron will be involved in designing future Loomis rods, tentatively called the A-A-Ron OCD Series. Okay I made the last part up….

Enigma posted a classy note about Aaron leaving, good to see.

Btw Aaron did get back to me on that massaging plastics deal, and sho ’nuff he DOES do it — said:

> “It softens the bait to get a better hookset.”


2. Greg Hackney says jigs make you fish slower…

…than if you’re a-fishin’ plastics:

> “It doesn’t go through cover as fast as plastic. You have a tendency to fish slower.”

3. Cool Hank Cherry post on supporting military folks.

For more check

4. Ex-FLWer Andrew Upshaw will fish the Opens (vid).

5. MLFer Jason Lambert will run a Blazer.

6. Adrian Avena is selling his drab and dull Bass Cat (lol).

2019 Eyra, 2019 Suzuki 250SS 4-stroke, Ultrex and Low-Lows.

7. Bunch of guys get Gill apparel.

> Gill will be the title sponsor for Luke Palmer, an OK native who just finished his rookie season. In addition, 2019 Elite Series AOY Scott Canterbury, along with fellow Elite Series pros Jason Williamson, Skylar Hamilton, Chris Groh and Quentin Cappo, were added to the Gill team.

8. Al Lindner on StrayCasts tomorrow night.

Part of the Legends series. Take it from me, Al can still catch ’em better, faster and bigger than 99.99% of the people you know or ever heard of. Crazy.

9. Retired SFOD-D CSM Tom Satterly on BassEdge Radio.

10. MLF adds new Heavy Hitters event.

30 dudes from the BPT field get in — I dig the idea:

> To qualify for Heavy Hitters, the weight of an angler’s single largest bass from each of the first 5 stages of the Bass Pro Tour will be recorded. For example, if an angler’s heaviest fish in Stage One is 7 lbs; in Stage Two, 5 lbs; in Stage Three, 9 lbs; in Stage Four, 8 lbs; and in Stage Five, 6 lbs, that angler’s qualifying weight will be 35 lbs.

> The 30 anglers from the 80-angler field of the Bass Pro Tour with the highest cumulative weight across 5 stages earn a spot to compete in MLF’s Heavy Hitters.

First one will be on the Kissimmee Chain May 16-20. Wonder if Crazy Eddie Evers’ll win that one too….

Because of that, Stage Five of the BPT will move to Grand, OK, Apr 24-29.

11. TX/LA: Fish T-Bend shallow in Dec?

> We went into ditches and fished along the shoreline with 4″ soft-plastic ringworms and caught bass all afternoon. …that was what you need to do even though the water was cold.

12. DE: Millsboro Pond reno complete.

New ramp, lot, dock and lights.

13. Stupid huge Alpha Angler rods sale ends TODAY.

HIGHLY recommend ’em. Couple models already sold out….

Diggin’ the new website:

14. MS: Amory HSer signs with Blue Mountain.

Love it, congrats! Sounds like a hammer:

> Jake Kimbrough started fishing competitively in 2016 and qualified for his first national championship in 2017, placing 3rd. He has qualified for 4 more since then with 3 for TBF and one for Bassmaster, including both national championships this year at Pickwick Lake and Kentucky Lake.

15. CA: 4K lbs of trout being planted in Wohlford Dec 14.

Gitcha swimbait on!

16. SC stocked 102K redbreasts in the Black River.

Cool. Don’t hear about that being done much.

17. Future Fisherman Foundation ebay auctions are on.

18. Lew’s/Strike King added a board member.

> …Connie Parker to their board of directors. Ms. Parker was most recently the director of stewardship and corporate sustainability for Pure Fishing….

Find this innerestin’ because: a) not real sure why this is a big enough deal to announce, and b) if this means Lew’s will pursue conservation stuff on its own — which she kinda is involved in — great.

19. Pure Fishing buys 2 reel brands.

Salty brands (Fin-Nor and Van Staal) but you’re readin’ it here cuz it shows the new owners are already buyin’ more…and many folks thought Pure FIshing would divest brands….

On right now…
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Tip of the Day

Why Gary Klein adds blades to spinnerbaits.

Gary mentioned doing this in an MLF post

> I like to fish smaller blades on my spinnerbaits in the fall because it resembles a group of shad better than anything else. I also like to add multiple blades on my bait, sometimes using 4 or 5 blades on one bait.

…but I wanted the deets so here you go:

> Why: “I’ve been adding blades to spinnerbaits for 30 years. …just a process of me trying to figure out something different.

> “The first time I ever did it was competing in a US Open on Lake Mead. I had a real good spinnerbait bite burning them in shade around bluffs — I was using a 5-bladed combo on a chartreuse spinnerbait. It seemed like it produced a lot more bites.

> “At one time Strike King came out with George Cochran spinnerbait called the Quad, which was a multi-blade spinnerbait.”

He said it doesn’t hurt the action — “it’s just a different look” — and here’s how to fish it:

> “In the fall, when you have shad migrations in the creeks and water temps are starting to cool down, the shad start rafting up. I’m fishing it up high in the water column — I don’t want it to sink — usually around targets.

> “I’ve had way more success throwing it on lighter heads, mostly a 3/8, because that time of year I like to leave it in the strike zone as long as I can. With a multi-bladed spinnerbait on a lighter head, you can ‘float’ it.”

> Trailer: “Most of the time I like to fish this spinnerbait really compact, so I use a little Berkley curly tail Power Grub, 2″ or 3″ — all I want is the kick from the tail to protrude from the skirt.”

> Gear: 7′ 1″ M parabolic bend signature Duckett White Ice Rod, Duckett 360 reel (6.3), 15-17 lb Berkley 100% Fluorocarbon.

He does it with willow and Indiana blades. Here’s an example he sent:

Quote of the Day

“He told me that if I would bass fish the same way I hunted for big deer, I would have success.”

– Former pro and legendary hammer Tommy Martin talkin’ to a preacher/fellow bass-head. More:

> What he was telling me is that big bass stay in the cover just like giant bucks. The only exception would be the spawn and the rut. If you want to catch big bass, focus on heavy cover such as brush, grass, or ledges. This is where the big ones hang out.

> Buzzbaits…frogs, jigs and large soft-plastics have been very good big fish baits for me. …seems that these baits are the most consistent when it comes to producing the monsters. This may be due to the fact that they can all be fished easily in heavy cover.

Shot of the Day

Another insane spotted bass spotted at “the lake that can’t be named” but IS named in the post (ruh-roh):


154 lbs of bologna seized at MX border by US customs officials

Checked — does not appear it was being brought into the country for a smoked bologna fest at a bassin’ event…but we do apparently export our “baloney” to other countries…hahaha!

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