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Black Friday-ish special issue – part 2!

Hope your Thanksbassin’ was great! Here’s the rest of the Blaster turkey feast…and remember that the Tackle Warehouse Black Friday sale is on right now and ends Tues 12/03 at 5 pm PST!

Gitcha side dishes!

1. SIMMS’ #winning stuff

Lots o’ SIMMS stuff I’m currently lovin’ because they’re that good at what they do — works well AND cool-lookin’. Here’s just a few of the things I’m diggin’, plus one note: I’m a large (thin) but on me a SIMMS medium fits better. For jackets I’d say go by your waist size…yep, waist:

West Fork Jacket (1 more color here @ SIMMS) — PrimaLoft Gold insulation IS gold. If you don’t know, synthetic insulation still insulates when it’s wet, unlike down. The jacket is warm, light, looks good = money. Here’s a certain bass pro wearin’ it:

Rogue Fleece Hoody — I got the “hex camo croc” color which might actually look too cool for me…lol. Color is greener in person:

All y’all gals, my daughter loves her Ladies West Fork Jacket and my wife loves her Ladies Midstream Insulated Jacket — both seem to fit true to size. Lemme underline that LOVES word: These are picky gals who typically don’t love on “fishing clothes.” SIMMS stuff is just that stylin’ mang! Honestly you can’t go wrong with anything SIMMS.

That’s ^ Ott DeFoe keepin’ his noggin warm! Because you lose most of your heat through your head, even if you have hair. (Guess that’s true unless you’re fishin’ in in your birthday suit…hopefully not….) Anyhoo, ThermoNet’s “made with breathable PrimaLoft yarn that is 4 times warmer than regular microfiber and wicks moisture away from your skin….”

If it works for outdoor adventure types who do things on skis and mountains and whatnot, it’s gotta work for us. BUFF’s stuff is solid, and their merino wool gear (soft, warm, no itch) is great too.

Here’s Ott talkin’ ’bout his winter wear (vid) a few years back.

3. Lines!!!

If you haven’t tried or afforded Seaguar lines yet, now’s the time — get ’em on sale or git yer granny to buy it for ya! Anyhow, here’s the deal:

Smackdown braid — Stealth grey and Flash green, the only 2 colors you need.

Fluoro — I get everyone uses InvizX and Tatsu if you can afford it, but man you gotta try AbrazX! ‘Specially if you’re fishing around docks, zebra mussels or anything else that can cut your line. Try it, I think you’ll love it…tho gotta say all the Seaguar fluoro is pretty tough….

Here’s a Seaguar-lovin’ dude who was in my friend Mark’s boat:

Advance Fluorocarbon

> Jacob Wheeler, Seth Feider, Terry Bolton, Randall Tharp, Patrick Walters, Dave Lefebre and Bernie Schultz all agree — this is the best fluorocarbon they’ve ever used. The proprietary ‘Gel Phase Technology’ produces the ultimate handling, crystal clear, sensitive, abrasion-resistant and all-around most perfect fluorocarbon ever made.

Then I guess this might be the most perfect fluoro vid ever made? (heehee!)

Advance Mono is siiiiiiick….

Here’s my 3 fave models of Kistler crankin’ sticks. Ain’t cheap, but they’re worth it:

Magnesium 2 — They honestly feel Loomis-like to me.

KLX Feel N Reel — Graphite + fiberglass combo for moving baits.

Helium 3 — Use one and you may be like:

They’re all “all that” but here’s 3 I don’t have yet and want:

Power Skipping — 6′ 11″ MHFast — When I think of pro anglers skipping I think of this but I don’t think it’s right:

Wide Glide — 7′ 9″ MagHF — New swimbait/glide bait rod that I need to fish these dang baits…!

ROTM Finesse — 7′ 2″ MF — Pretty sure this rod was my idea (seriously)…. Told Alpha’s Jake “bring on the” Boomer I wanted the DSR (Drop Shot Rod) made into a baitcaster, which is what this rod is. Not sure why it’s not called the Blaster? Whatever man…(heehee).

6. Side dishes I’m innerested in….

Luckily I’m pretty much taken care of with that stuff ^ but these are on my list:

Any Daiwa or Shimano casting reel, and any spinning reel over $500…that one might find at a pro garage sale.

Just remembered: Still wanna try one of Ish Monroe’s Daiwa flip sticks. In general I’m always real curious about stuff that pros develop….

Finger foods

1. YUM Ned Kits

These kits aren’t at TW yet so look around. And they’re not just for adults: dang good baits for kids if you’re lookin’ fer an easy way to get ’em riggin’ and ketchin’:

Finally figured out why Ned Rigs work…bass hate little baits:

Gitcha Vienna sausage appetizer right here! And…it floats:

Can’t do the holidays without a screen! A big one’s already in the living room so:

Sick tourney touch-screen scale used by many a pro…and don’t forget the non-puncture Lip Grip Cull Tags.

Improved, and you get a balance beam with ’em:

Few different ones, this’n implies there’s a bait shape we haven’t tried yet:

I’d probly try a gingerbread man soft-plastic…maybe…but I know SEVERAL pros who definitely would. Because you never know man….

Get there safe!

Your boat needs to run, period, and it should run like you expect it to. Don’t accept gradually worsening performance! Sea Foam says Marine PRO helps your outboard run smoother and last longer, and in my and others’ experience that’s true. Give it a shot, here’s a short vid on how to use it and what it does:

Yep Vexus makes the Ferrari of glass bassin’ tubs, but man I don’t think you can beat the value of the AVX — the glass-tin hybrid that rides like glass. Yep I AM gettin’ one! Next spring…still savin’….. Get in one if you can and you’ll see why I loved it:

Want the cool bassin’ “drone shot” without a drone? Here you go — a camera mount that connects into the 3/4″ seat post and extends 4.5-6.5′. Here ’tis, at 63 mph:

Still think that’s genius:

> Designed with a lead-free, marine-grade construction…features stainless steel and zinc connections that provide improved conductivity.

> …color-coded, insulated wing nuts…makes it easy to identify and manage individual connections without having to remove the surrounding wires.
PSA: Do NOT go cold-weather or cold-water bassin’ without these (my 2c):
– Kill switch engaged (cool name for a band…lol)
– Life vest worn at all times, even when fishin’
– Transom boarding ladder, like even this jack plate ladder
– A plan you let someone know about, even if you’re not fishin’ alone
Stay safe peeps!
– End of part 2 of 2 — thanks for readin’ bass-heads! –
Ya got me

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