Black Friday-ish special issue part 1!!

Gitcha Thanksbassin’ meal right here! Hope y’all have a G R E A T turkey day with full bellies, great fam times, take time to BE thankful (to the Lord, at least for the gift o’ bassin’!), and maybe get a few feesh or other critters….

Important note: The Tackle Warehouse Black Friday sale starts FRIDAY at 8 am PST and ends Tues 12/03 at 5 pm PST!

White and dark meats!

Turkey alternatives I guess:

Is fishin’ tough in cold water? You bet. Do you increase your chances to ketch ’em with an A-rig? Yep, and I believe this’n is the most-bought one because it’s so easy to cast. But you still need to figure out how the fish want it (speed, pausing, etc.). Here’s the best gear to fish it with:

Of course, YUM recommends the Pulse or Money Minnow swimbaits.

2. 3 swimbaits

> Brandon Palaniuk: “One thing to keep in mind while fishing the AGB is versatility. Don’t be afraid to throw it where you would throw traditional baits like spinnerbaits, crankbaits and jerkbaits. Many times a big-profile bait like that will get a reaction from a bass that wouldn’t normally commit to anything. Experiment with locations and retrieves, but be careful…it’s addicting!”

Here’s the vid with Brandon — love how he can make the bait rotate back on itself:

Mike Bucca knows a thing or two about shad swimbaits. I hear he sometimes dreams he’s a shad swimbait then wakes up when a bass is about to eat him. Or maybe I dreamed that…. Anyhow check the action:

CatchCo is sellin’ a pile of ’em so what does that tell you — fish don’t lie mang! Get it at the TW.

4.5″, 5/8-oz and a 5/0 hook that’ll hook you when you watch this less than 1-min vid:

If you’re gonna throw at ’em his time of year, you know the bass — most of ’em — probably are gone fropm the creeks and skinny water, and are piled up lotsa times on secondary and main-lake points. Here’s one way to smack those suckers — little tip from Yo-Zuri bass-head Theron Asbery:

> These points have the largest congregation of chunk rocks and bluffs, and the key here is those rocks hold heat.

> The best days I’ve ever had on the water with a Rattl’N vibe were cloudy, overcast days with water temperatures between 56-53.

> …gold in sunny conditions, chrome/blue on cloudy days, and crawfish is a staple color I always have on the deck. Crawfish are the #1 food source for bass around the bluff walls and chunk rock. Crawfish live there year-round, and I’m a firm believer that a bass will gorge on a crawfish when the water is cold before having to chase a baitfish.

> Presentation is the biggest key to making this bite happen. The fish are so lethargic this time of year you literally have to hit them in the head to get them to eat. You want to parallel the bank as close as you possibly can — the best days I’ve had on the water doing this technique I could touch the rocks with my rod tip.

> The second thing is you want to make cast after cast after cast. At the risk of losing your bait, bumping the Vibe into the rocks and working it over them can produce the best bites.

His gear: 7′ MH rod (“I prefer a shorter rod for making more accurate casts”), 6.4:1 reel, 14-lb Yo-Zuri TopKnot 100% Fluorocarbon.

4. Swimbaits on my list

Unfortunately, Brandon Palaniuk’s and Chris Zaldain’s experiments/results with swimbaits, glide baits n such are forcing me outta my “topwater-crankbait-jig-plastics” comfort zone, so these are on my list of stuff I wanna buy/try next season:

Top to bottom:

Lunker City Grubster (cinnamon pro blue) — That paddletail looks different to me. Can get it in 2″, 2.75″, 4″.

Venture Lures Steady Swimmer (alewife) — Hand-poured, 2.75″ and 3.25″.

10,000 Fish Shimmer Swimmer (glass) — 3.5″, apparently best on a round-ball jighead.

Beast Coast Miyagi Swimmer (violet threadfin) — Digging what I’m SEEing from Beast Coast but haven’t fished their stuff yet. This bait’s 4.75″ and TW says “pedal-powered pouring pots” in the description so….

Biwaa SubMission Shad (AR Shiner) — 4″ and 5″, has a belly slit.

MC Swimbaits Weedless Swimbait (green shad) — 6″, hook pocket, says it’s basically weedless at any speed?

Megabass Spark Shad (albino) — 3″, 4″, 5″ and 7″ of Chris Zaldain brainwashing of the basses and us — dang it Zaldain!

Phenix LA Slider (stock trout) — 5.5″ so the same size as the trout that fly-feeshers catch out here in the east lol, but looks reeeeeal tasty to bass I bet.

Tater Types

Gotta fill bass bellies with some carbs:

1. YUM 30-packs

Guess I can see these 30-packs o’ plastics bein’ some kinda yam-type tater:


> Save some dough…which maybe can be used for pie?

> Save plastic bags AND save time rippin’ into new bags…which might save some frustration.

> Save the whales, save the elephants, save the rhinos, save the mushrooms….

> Have more than your buds.

Those are 30s of Dingers, Christie Craws and Christie Critters.

Thinkin’ this tater’s gotta be baked with bacon and some new topping, maybe…oysters? Because the Tokyo Rig is new for bass-heads and might be an unanticipated “the deal” like this, from VMC:

> Want to punch mats, flip and pitch any type of cove…swim or drag swimbaits, worms or any plastics in any depth of water — with a single rig? Adapt your weight and plastic to fit what you’re fishing and get to whackin’ ’em, it’s that easy.

> The Tokyo Rig gives a soft plastic unrestricted movement and action that fish have not seen, which also aids in hooking fish further back in the mouth. The weight is out of the [hooking] equation and takes the leverage away from the fish.

Here’s Ike n Mike talkin’ ’bout it — vid’s been watched 260K times so there’s big interest fo sho:

3 different types of Tokyo Rigs: regular, heavy duty worm, heavy duty flippin’.

Designed by Mark Daniels Jr, who says his fave Thanksgiving tater is sweet potato pie so I guess that’s what this bait is to the basses — and is it a ko-inky-dink that this color LOOKS like sweety tater pie?? (Even tho it’s called “strawberry craw.”)

MDJ is a crankin’ nut and makes his livin’ ketchin’ ’em so I’m guessin’ this bait smacks ’em: 3/8-oz, 57 mm (2.24″), dives to 3-6′, Mustad Triple Grip hooks, “hybrid coffin/squared circuit board bill for sensitivity” and more. Sounds like it’ll be out in Dec so gitcha preorder here at the TW. For sure these are on my own want list….

Guess the Pee Wee ^ is like “baby taters” but with steak stuffed in ’em:

> …an excellent choice for cold- and clear-water fishing throughout the winter. The Pee Wee’s ultra-finesse profile, micro-HD sickle hook and super-fine stranded skirt that “breathes” with water movement makes it the perfect choice for finicky winter bass.

> Right now fish the Pee Wee on channel-swing banks halfway to three-quarters of the way back in creeks…slowly across the bottom.

> For trailers use the Jewel Finesse Craw, TRD Crawz or a small twin-tail grub. Good colors for clear water are rootbeer, watermelon and green pumpkin…the action is more important than the color.

Jewel says use 8- or 10-lb line, and when you catch one do the pee wee football dance:

That blade’s a-spinnin’ so thinking these are mashed taters?

Since these are for finessin’ they’re lighter — 3/16, 1/4 and 3/8:

> Built around a short-shank 2/0 Gamakatsu hook, the Fish Head Finesse Spin Underspin is ideal for 2-4″ swimbaits…fitted with a small willowleaf blade attached by a premium ball bearing swivel that provides a constant flashing action at any retrieve speed to attract fish from a great distance.

Word is that hook — I believe used on other Fish Head stuff — pins ’em. Fish Head tackle is quality and solid, hope you give ’em a shot. The lids are rad too, and I had to have that Fish Head decal on my truck.

6. Mouth-waterin’ taters on my list

100% no-brainer, gotta be fun to see bass eat it (“dock” color pictured):

Yep BOOYAH sponsors the Blaster but that’s not why these baits are on my list. It’s cuz ever since I fished the couple Coverts I do have, I can’t get ’em outta my mind. I must master the spinnerbait now…or at least fish ’em a lot more. They give me confidence in spinnerbaits:

These fat ribbed grubs are being used all over Japan so there’s gotta be somethin’ to ’em. What is it?? I wanna find out:

Yo-Zuri makes affordable Japan-quality baits, ’nuff said. All that attention to detail, sick colors, and those wave-motion ribs on the bottom do something man:

Gotta mention that one of my faves, the Rapala Skitter V, comes in a bigger size now too — 5.25″.

– End of part 1 –

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