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Today’s Top 5

Ditch melons o’ the week!

Randy B., aka the Bass Editor, got him this 11.5 on Falcon Lake with a 10″ Power Worm (black/blue flake):

Irishman fishin’ with my bud Jimmy G. in a NH derby whacked this 8.4 from Lake Wentworth. 4″ Senko (black/blue flake) on cabbage bed in 8′:

Give it up for bass-head Ben T., age 14, who caught this 7.5-lb IA swoll-melon with a Brush Hog (gp) and Lew’s rod and reel. Bass had a sunfish in its mouth when it hit!

Tony K. and his dad banged a couple giant smalls (22″ 6 lbs and 22.5″ 6.5 lbs) somewhere in northern MI on a Rapala DT10 (silver) and a Spook (bleeding shad):

Limit o’ the week is from Jeremy Douglas and Casey Smith, feeshn the Cashion Rods Northern derby out of the St. Lawrence River. Made 50-mile 1-way ride in 20 mph wind to catch 28.91 lbs = #stout! Dropshotted 4″ Keitech Shad Impact (silver minnow flash). Dudes were serious as a heart attack, check ’em:

What Greg Vinson is doing right now.

You know, when he’s not catching up on 8 months’ worth of honey-dos, he’s fishing this stuff:

> Fish Head Spin (albino) with Netbait Little Spanky swimbait (“trash” = white/silver flake). Fish Head Vinson V-Lock Swimbait Head (albino) with hollow-belly swimbait (TN shad). “Good for offshore and suspended fish.”

> Super Spook Jr. (Lake Fork shad) and 3/8-oz homemade jig (gp with some black and brown, couple strands of purple) with Netbait Paca Slim (gp, claws dipped in chartreuse JJs Magic). Good for shallower fish in pockets around shad and bream.

Seen that Lake Fork shad color of Spook on more boats this year than I ever have.

Westa Costa top 10 baits.

Clear Lake Costa was last weekend, won by Bryant Smith by almost 10 lbs — dang son! What did he do?

> …wacky-rigged a 5″ green pumpkin/watermelon Yamamoto Senko on a 3/0 Decoy Big Bite Finesse Worm20 Hook, stuck a 3/32-oz nail weight in the tail and spent the entire tournament flinging that Neko rig around docks of every size.

> “I’ve gotten my butt kicked so many times by guys slowing down and throwing Senkos. I put that one rod in my hand and pitched to every dock piling that was in front of me.”

As great as Senko-type baits are, it’s rare that the bigger derbies are won on one. Here’s what all the top 10 did:

Spinnerbait = 30% — all were shades of white

Flip plastics = 30%Rage Bug, Yomama, Brush Hog

Senko = 20% — both were Yamamotos and both were gp/watermelon

Lipless crank = 20% — both were Lucky Craft LV500s

Squarebill = 20% — one was the Bill Lewis Echo 1.75

>> worth noting: 1 lipless and 1 squarebill had Trapper Tackle Standard Round Bend Treble hooks — that’s some quick market penetration. Here’s Ken Mah (5th) with ’em on the Echo:

Jig = 20%

10% each = Football Jig, Shakey Head (Roboworm) and Dropshot (Roboworm)

Check this Okeechobee hammer.

Dude named Jessie Mizell of Sarasota, FL won these BFLs this year: 28th in first one in Jan, then 36th in Feb, but — 1st in March, 1st in April and 1st at the recent 2-dayer. Dude takes a dang consistent pic too:

Won em with a frog, frog and a 6th Sense Quake lipless crank (4K shad). Here’s my fave pattern, from the March derby:

> “I went to a little cove by the North Shore that was out of the wind and fished really slow in the calm water. I focused on some small lilypads. I went back and forth along a 100-yd stretch and caught my limit by 3:30….”

> …used a red ear-colored SPRO Dean Rojas Bronzeye Poppin’ Frog 60….
> “I could see a slight wake under the frog that most people wouldn’t notice. I paused and let the bait sit for about 10 or 15 seconds. When I moved it, they’d eat it.”

That’s a dude with more patience than me mang!

Do you powder your frogs?

Jeff Kriet does:

Yep, he ain’t right in the head, probly never has been, but…some bass-heads do it to make sure the legs are all nice. Kriet just likes the way it smells I guess:

For the record, frog Jedi Dean Rojas doesn’t powder his frogs….


1. B.A.S.S. sold most of itself…to itself (sort of).

Lot of rumors last couple months something was a-happenin’, and guess it was. Group called Anderson Media bought a controlling interest (majority of shares) of B.A.S.S. — but sounds like they already owned part of B.A.S.S. so…anyone else we should know about have a piece??

Right now they’re saying biz as usual, which for the most part is good. Stuff that stuck out to me:

> Anderson was founded in AL (now in TN? I think this is the company?) so at this point it looks like B.A.S.S. will always be an AL company…though part of it is in AR. [Heard the AR folks have advanced east as far as the Mississippi River but haven’t been able to cross cuz old man Harper’s ferry was washed out. Told Jerry to hit the ford up north in TN and then loop down south and attack from Montgomery, but by then he’d hung up on me so….]

> B.A.S.S. co-owner (still?) Don Logan has known the Andersons for 30 years. Since I don’t know Don I can’t tell if this is a good thing or not, but will say I’ve never heard a major complaint about the guy — which is an incredible compliment considering that this is bassin’. [Bruce Akin on the other hand is a Tide fan…which is why whenever I see him I ask how Auburn’s doing…seriously. Everyone else takes things too seriously man, it’s FISHING!]

> Not sure from the company overview if Anderson really knows media but who cares — they own TNT Fireworks mang!! [As a kid I used to take the train to Chinatown in NYC to buy fireworks every year for July 4. Not gonna say whether it was legal or my parents knew, but I loved me some fireworks! Just nothing that could hurt my hands…. Kids, don’t do this because nowadays you could get in trouble for it.]

Also Tim Horton says the Andersons have a good rep.

Believe we’ll get an idea of what kind of company Anderson is by how fast they change things. Recommend they go slow….

2. Jesse Wiggins triple-qualified for the Classic.

From a Bassin’ Cat release: #stout

> …accomplished that feat by winning the first and last Southern Opens of the year, and squeezing in a 37th place finish in the Elite Series points race….

Jesse’s selling his Bass Cat Puma.

3. Ike gets Line Cutterz.

4. FL: Mission 22 bass derby at Kissimmee Oct 22.

Charity derby that “brings local awareness in the Fight to End Veteran Suicide.” More on Mission 22 here, get there if you can.

5. TX: Lake Fork dock owner fired warning shot??

Guy telling the story said the dude didn’t want him fishing the dock, but didn’t fire at him. Either way that’s over the top man, dang.

6. 2018 BFL schedule and rules out.

7. TX: Thieves stealing boat trailer parts at Hubbard.

8. TX: ShareLunker program changes.

They’re changing the name to Bass-heads United for Big Bass Abundance, or BUBBA.

Okay not really:

> The ShareLunker participation season will now run each year Jan 1-Dec 31…but only those entries collected Jan 1-Mar 31 will be accepted as broodstock for spawning.

> …the new year-round participation season will allow for anglers catching bass 8 lbs or larger to submit information about their catch through a web application in four categories: 8 lbs or larger, 10 lbs or larger, 13 lbs or larger and 13 lbs or larger with a spawning donation.

> The goal is to increase the number of participants in the Toyota ShareLunker program and expand large fish catch rate data for fisheries biologists….

Wonder if this has to do with what seemed like fewer ShareLunker fish (13+ lbs) being caught?

FL has already jumped on the bandwagon with their somewhat new Trophy Catch program. CA should do something like this, other states too.

9. WI lake drawdown to kill exotic veggies won’t work…

…but they’re doing it anyway? That’s the way I read it. They want to kill milfoil and “starry stonewort, a fast-growing large algae,” near shore.

10. DC: Mike Nussman retiring from ASA.

Huge deal. The ASA basically is the lobbying arm for recreational fishing, and Mike in my opinion has done a stellar job. Thank you Mike!

The board has his replacement, just not announcing it yet.

11. Anniversary edition Vision 110 X.

Google translate says: “mega-bus” “wan ten.” Google isn’t 100% so here’s what I think I get from it:

> The X is slimmer, has flatter sides and is actually 115 mm long instead of 100 mm.

> It may cast farther because of a different “center-of-gravity movement system” called LBO II.

> Eye looks different.

> Seems like it’s Japan-only (for now?), limited edition and part of Megabass’ 30th anniversary.

Some pics and deets from the Megabass Japan website (can’t link it here because the site has an issue) and here too.

12. 3 new Favorite rod models coming Nov 1.

Here’s a peek at one of ’em:

13. Win a new Okuma Epixor XT spinning reel.

Check the reel on TW.

14. Lots of peeps promoted at Rapala.

Congrats to ’em all!

15. Fisherman now head of Daiwa’s parent company.

Kazunari Suzuki. In the release the parent company said, “Starting in 2012, our company shifted strategies from defensive to aggressive…” — which Daiwa has for sure done in the last few years in U.S. bassin’.

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Tip of the Day

How to use waypoints to help you pattern fish.

Lovin’ this Brent Chapmaniac vid because it goes against the bassin’ grain. Back in the olden times, bass fishing was all about figuring out patterns — it actually still is, but peeps have forgotten that cuz they’re having them some magical waypoints and runnin’ straight to ’em. Forget all the fish you passed, that waypoint is callin’ yer name man!But here Brent shows how to use waypoints to actually help pattern fish. #FullCircle This is the BassBlaster $$$ tip of the week:

Quote of the Day

Honestly have lost count of the 7-9 lbers….

Guy talkin’ ’bout Falcon Lake, TX. Said he’s fished it 14 days over the years, one DD, but…losing count of 7- 9-lbers is crazy #stout. Still on my bucket list….

Word is he was fishing at:

Shot of the Day

MLF reporter gal Aly Akers puttin’ the smooch a diminutive Table Rock spot. Of all the colors in that shot, the red pops the most — which means you should try a-fishin’ it!

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