What if sports corruption in bassin? Go big and shallow in early fall, Melons of the week!

Today’s Top 5

What would college sports corruption look like in bassin’?

Did you hear about the college basketball craziness — federal charges, etc. What if that insanity came to college bassin’? Be something like:

> [Boat company] and [bait company] offers [college bassthlete] through [college bassin’ coach] free baits and a free boat if [bassthlete] goes to [college]. If anyone’s wondering if anything like this happened with the Lee brothers, it did NOT. Did NOT. *cough* lol

> Uncle of [college bassthlete] shops his nephew/niece around to different colleges, and hints he’d like a good-paying job for himself along with the scholarship. [College] offers [bassthlete] free rods/reels/line/baits along with unlimited use of dean’s bassin’ tub, and uncle gets a job sharpening hooks, maintaining outboards and spooling line…for $100K/yr.

> [College bassthlete]’s relative is paid by [fishy character] if [bassthlete] loses a very important derby. [Bassthlete] is observed fishing with dull hooks, hooksetting like a gramma, and helping accidentally hooked fish jump 17 times before getting to the gunnel then boat-flipping it even tho his partner’s waiting with a net.

> [College] admits that [college bassin’ coach] completed class papers for [bassthletes] and also paid [nerds] to do the same. [Bassthletes] GPAs in these classes were 3.5 but much lower in other classes…but they got to spend 5 full days a week on the water! [College president] claims no knowledge of the scandal even though he fished with [bassthletes] at least 1x/week.

> [College booster] provided his private plane for flyovers of [lake] and use of private home and bass boat for [bassthletes] practicing for [tournament]. Booster also paid and flew in [famous Elitist] who won at the lake in [year] to break down the lake for [bassthletes]. Meals catered by [local BBQ joint] owned by [mayor’s nephew] who graduated from [college].

> The NCAA is looking into the disappearance of tournament winning checks and forging of beneficiaries of those checks — note the different handwriting:

Hahaha! Lucky college bassin’ is nothing like that, AND is outside the NCAA — stay out! Other than that, just happy Louisville doesn’t have a bassin’ program….

Thunder-donkey ditch melons of the week!

Startin’ it off with this smallmouth that was caught shortly after exiting a Golden Corral in Vilas County, WI. Believe it was caught by Andrew Ragas with a bait combo put together by is buddy TG Grafton to replicate a cisco — 1/2-oz Freedom Tackle Hydra head with a 4/0 Trokar MagWorm Hook, and 4″ Kalin’s Sizmic Shad:

Put yer bass-stankin’ hands together for SCAD college bassin’ gal Laura Ann Foshee, who cracked these bigs with her grand-pappy on Lake Eufaula, AL with a G Money Elite Swim Jig in (cashflow) and Big Bite Battle Bug (tilapia with Spike It orange claws): #girlpower

If yer wantin’ to catch you some giant Allybama River spots this fall, here’s how Jason Kyser did it — 1/2-oz War Eagle spinnerbait (spot remover), and 1/2-oz Dirty Jigs Football Jig (dirty chartreuse) with a Netbait Paca Slim (gp dipped in chartreuse):


“President Bush isn’t much of a crankbait fan, but from what I understand about his lake, he should be.”

– Alton Jones talkin’ ’bout he and Al Jr fishing with Prez #43 — or really teaching him how to fish his lake:

> My son and I have been invited to fish a 15-acre lake that President Bush is sculpting and help him learn how to effectively fish it.

> I’ve been in communication with President Bush’s ranch manager to do get some idea of what to expect from the lake.
Glad to see #43 has his priorities in order!

“I won’t wear insulated long underwear until well after Thanksgiving.”

– Well, uh, thank you Hack for the TMI about yer skivvies. This obviously is super-important to him so I won’t make fun of it, but will say: Slap yerself out of it man!

Awesome Cooter update!

You’uns may recall I pointed out that the Lions offensive coordinator has a dang good bassin’ name and wondered if he’s a bass-head:

Well, got this in my inbox:

> His dad built Bumblebee Boats in Tullahoma, TN which later acquired by Gary Clouse and became Phoenix Boats in Estill Springs, TN.

Say what?? Could that possibly be true? Whelp, turns out yep, Lance Cooter owned Bumblebee and is Jim Bob’s dad. Tho I’m sure Lance took ol’ (or young) Jim Bob a-bassin’, the Google machine turned me up zero references to Jim Bob bassin’…possibly because sports reporters don’t have the knowledge to ask such a question. But Jim Bob did say this, which is a positive bassin’ sign:

> “I’m from Tennessee and I’m from pretty southern Tennessee, it’s on down there pretty good.”

Wonder if he knows Ott or Wes Strader?

Thanks much to BB reader Jonathan Edwards. Btw, looks like T-H Marine founder Bill Huntley started Bumblebee?


1. Ike goes to DC!?!?

Dude met with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Congress peeps. Sounds like it was at least partly for the Yammy “Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation” deal, which remains a head-scratcher for me — but pretty cool:

Doesn’t sound like Ike needed a translator for bassin’ talk with a south Jersey accent so that’s good. Figurin’ none of those Hill peeps have seen Ike Live, else…lol

2. AL: Watch out for David Kilgore at Smith Lake.

Lots of good fishermen in the Open, Kilgore being one….

3. Scott Ashmore had 3rd elbow surgery.

Dude! Couple quotes from the FB post:

> “Can’t wait to cast without gritting my teeth! 3 weeks in a sling, little rehab and the gym and I’ll be 100% to rock the 2018 season!

> “I pushed too fast on the other elbow at Okeechobee in 2015, ripped the repair apart and had to get it fixed a second time. Big reason I got this one done with plenty of time to heal.”

4. TX: Boaters needed for PVA derby at Ray Hubbard.

This weekend. PVA = paralyzed veterans. Been to a couple PVA derbies, they’re great. Thank you vets!

5. TX DNR loaning boat scales for C/M/R derbies.

Catch/measure/release. They quoted Gary Klein, a Texan and co-owner of MLF:

> “…I’d like to give something back, I’d like to see our fisheries continue to get better. I would like to see our format become the new norm, and become recognized as the way the game is played.”

I still don’t see the problem. Biologists have not shown there’s real issues with existing tourney formats that have been in place for 40+ years. Delayed mortality happens, but it happens with livewell fish AND immediately-released fish. Lots of factors.

BUT I like TPWD experimenting and helping out bassin’ anglers.

6. PA FGC threatens spending cut if license fees don’t go up.

Hasn’t been an increase in 12 years so it’s due, but the state legislature has to approve it. #CmonMan

7. WA bass-heads not down with no limits for bass.

Tell ’em fellers!

8. BFL happenin’s.

> Lake Erie — Hunter Colwell of OH dropshotted a Strike King KVD Dream Shot (color said “smoke” but I’m thinking it’s ghost shad). With all the local dropshot goby-like baits up there, interesting the Dream Shot won out.

> Upper Mississippi River — FLWer Tom Monsoor won it with a (guess) swim-jig: “…signature Humdinger Swim Jig with a white 3.5″ Yamamoto Swim Senko. Sunday he switched to a black/blue swim jig and a 3.75″ Yamamoto Flappin’ Hog. …trimmed off all but the tail from the Flappin’ Hog…the same setup he used to win the FLW Tour event on the Potomac River in June.”

9. OH/PA: Carp-killing virus found in Pymatuning Rez.

Solution for Asian carp issue?

10. It’s time to flip big.

Jason Christie likes to flip this bait, the 7.75″ YUM Magnum Christie Critter:

11. Looks like St. Croix makes a dropshot casting rod.

Noted by BB reader Paulie S:

Here ’tis on Tackle Warehouse. Wimp-stick not needed….

12. New keep ya warm Buff stuff.

ThermoNet Buff with Primaloft, which I’m real curious about cuz Primaloft rocks:

Also new merino wool stuff — merino is a staple for me about 6 months of the year. Doesn’t itch (the good stuff doesn’t), warm and temp-regulating, and somehow takes away or significantly reduces man-stink (bonus!).

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Tip of the Day

If you’re not seeing shallow small shad yet…

…here’s what Elitist Brandon Coulter be sayin’: Go big, go shallow.

> The reason I advise this is for two reasons; the forage (usually gizzard and threadfin shad, and also bluegill) are large in size that time of year, and they begin to move to shallow water. The mature shad spawn in May and then grow throughout the summer. I don’t know how long all varieties of shad live but we’ve got some very large ones on the Tennessee River lakes by August.

> The shad will often swim alone or in very small groups when they move shallow….

> The reason the baitfish move shallow is because the water quality out in deeper water often begins to deteriorate in late summer. Oxygen levels are often better near shore….

> My baits of choice depends a lot on the amount of grass in the lake. If the lake has scattered grass I throw a 7″ stickbait and a 7″ paddletail swimbait. If…little grass I like big, flat-sided homemade crankbaits.

> …even lakes that would qualify as having no grass will have water willow or some sort of “bank grass” this time of year. Seeing that grass should be an automatic tip-off that the water quality in that area is good.

> …in early fall is that the Roman Made Negotiator swimbait will come into play…called a “glide bait” and big bass will absolutely maul it. I use it a lot before summer begins and can’t wait to get it back out once the fish move shallow. There’s not a bite more ferocious than one on the Negotiator.

> This shallow movement will work for a decent amount of time until you begin to see the balls of smaller shad (the current year hatch) moving into coves. Once you start seeing fish targeting those shad by busting the bait-balls, the shallow, big-shad pattern begins to go away.

Quote of the Day

Like Jesus said…try throwing on the other side of the boat.

– Hahahaha! Hilarious advice given on the Texas Fishing Forum to a guy wonderin’ why he wasn’t ketchin’ ’em on the Red River.

Will say that my wife has proven that to be true, catching big ones in the middle of nowhere while I’m tellin’ her to throw at targets on the bank…. She’s no longer welcome in my boat.

Okay kidding.

Shot of the Day

Grae Buck shot this on Lake Ontario recently. Don’t see much on the electronics so can see why he was looking at the horizon…hahaha! Be safe out there peeps!

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