New baits coming to bassin? Maximum melons of the week! Cold-water crankin

Today’s Top 3

Can this melon get any fatter??

Uh…I’m saying no, and in fact am dang amazed it hasn’t burst plum open:

Ketched by I believe by Broken Braid Guide Service, on Falcon Lake, TX. Think if you bounced a tennis ball off that fish it’d go a mile….

More visions of maximum visibility melons.

Man I hope one of my fish is on this deal one day, how ’bout you:

Little delay on this’n but cool: Allen R took his sister fishing on Arbuckle, OK 2 days after their dad’s funeral: “Pop used to take her fishing,” he said. What happened: “We caught 8 bass between 6 and 9 lbs, and lost 2 more in the same size range.” Awesome, a gift for sure. Here’s a couple, main bait was a Strike King 8XD (powder blue chart):

Dwight H was heaving a 3/4-oz Strike King Red Eye Shad (chrome/blue back) down Mexico way and caught this 11-08 that taped out at 27″ x 19.5″:

You can catch bass this big possibly more often if you fish baits longer than your forearm (@romanmade shot):

Give it up for 8-yr-old Bo H, who caught this LA 24-incher with a spinnerbait. Love this pic, includin’ what I guess his little bro with a lockback. No fear, raised right:

Windin’ it up with Rick F’s story:

> “I’m from FL, turned 65, so free fishing license. Throwing a Red Eye Shad (sexy shad) that I got free from Strike King folks at the Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Tour event on Guntersville in October. Caught this toad and figured the day couldn’t get any better:

> Walking through the parking lot to get the trailer at the end of the day, there’s a $100 bill on the ground. So, free license + free lure + $100 bill = I finally figured out a way to make money bass fishing!

HAHAHA love it man! Dude be lookin’ way younger than 6-5….

Some bait stuff that hasn’t happened in bassin’ yet?

Thinkin’ ’bout 2020, aka “the future.” I’m sure it’s my bass-centric view of the entire world, but usually I see baits n stuff crossing over FROM bassin’ to places like salty word and the crap-pies. But here’s a few goin’ t’other way that maybe we’ll see when some famous basser outs it:

From the salt

1. Flutter jigs

Huge in the salt, haven’t really crossed over to the basses yet (at least that anyone’s talkin’ ’bout) but Lunkerhunt did show off this beaut at ICAST this year, what they call the Crasher Jig because they’re called “jigs” in the salt:

Can’t really see how they won’t work for bass.

2. Squid

Guess this should be shrimp ‘n squid. Remember, we’re talkin’ bass here — they’ll eat ANYTHING. Doesn’t have to look natural or sound natural. Just chuck it out there.

So if you’re crankin’ or flippin’ and need a different look because every dang bass on that shoreline or dock line has seen a critter bait or a jig or whatever 1 zillion times, WTHeck — why not chuck a tasty salty critter imitation? Shoot yeah they’ll bite it!

You could make it even gooder with squid-flavored Megastrike fish attractant cuz dressed up squid have been proven to attract aggressive bass:

A few bassin’ baits — like this Geecrack G-Flapper — already look squid-ish:

From the specks

1. Marabou jigs

Marabou is the soft feathers on a crappie jig. Why in the world we ain’t flippin’ these on bass jigs — except for smallmouths up north in some areas — is beyond me. Those feathers look like they “breathe” (pulse) underwater, and are regularly used on fly feehsn streamers (minnow imitations) because it works so well. Prolly not real durable for bassin’ but….

Oops, looks like Outkast has a Feider Fly marabou jig (up to 1/8-oz on TW), and VMC makes one that goes up to 1/4-oz. So no excuses now peeps!

From the walleye/ice/up-north world

1. Glow-type stuff

Glow in the dark, glow sticks — both are used in ice fishing, aka being cold and bored (Hahaha! I actually wouldn’t know….) Why not use it in bassin’? What if it got 1 more fish a day to bite??

2. Rapala Jigging Rap

A few pros have fished it cold-water sitches — like Jacob Wheeler at the ’15 Hartwell Classic — but it was actually designed as an open-water bait (in Europe), and guys like Al Lindner kill wally-eyes with ’em in open water.

Key seems to be how to fish it, such like this vid with James Lindner. Way he describes it, might actually work in dropshot-type situations? Rapala might need a goby color for it….

3. Salmo Rail Shad

Also an ice/open water bait, the deal with this thing is it falls down horizontally, like:

Full vid here. If you can’t catch a bass on that deal, you ain’t fishin’ where they live…. (Talkin’ to myself too….)

4. Lindy-type rigs

Invented (by the Lindners) way back to help prevent baits fished on the bottom from getting snagged, I believe. Think it’s not needed in bassin’? Check this recent pic from a Japan post (from, can’t link it):

TW does have the Lindy weights so….


1. Good Berkley Bedell profile by W2F.

Glad they did it.

2. Check Jason Christie’s Christmas tree.

I was like, “Hey man, don’t your kids want to do the whole ornament deal?” He was all, “No.” And, he was lookin’ at me like: ‘Leave it there man.’ So I did.

Those are all prototype BOOYAH Covert spinnerbaits….

3. Ott DeFoe got the world’s biggest bassin'(ish) trophy(ish).

Believe it says “Fisherman’s Best Friend,” not real sure what that means but congrats man!

To me the bass looks kinda like a crappie? Either way hope Ott’s got a spare bedroom for that deal, wow.

4. Carl Jocumsen says he’ll fish a different style now…

…after that whole blue trophy deal happened. Didn’t really say what he meant in that Basin’Fan deal — did he mean no more flat brims?? lol — so I reached out to him and he said:

> I would say it’s a few things. First, I don’t have that weight of the world on my shoulders so I feel I will fish more relaxed than ever before and not let a bad finish affect me as much.

> And second, rather than shooting for a win every single time, I can concentrate on putting bass in the well and when the opportunity comes then I can go for it.

> On the final day of Tenkiller rather than thinking, I have to make this happen, I thought: I’m going to do my deal and if it happens it happens, and not make any drastic moves when things got tough. That’s how I’ll benefit from [that win] in 2020.

Totally get it. Just the financial monkey on the back holds back many a pro from a-feeshn their best.

5. Brian Latimer will fish the Opens (vid).

6. Chris Groh auctioning off jersey for St. Jude.


7. What it looks like for a pro to pick up a new boat.In case you’ve ever wondered…James Niggemeyer vid.

8. TX: Is the French fry making a comback on Bastrop?

From a TPWD fishing report:

> Best lures are Carolina-rigged plastic worms, topwater, french fries, crankbait, and rigged lizards.

Sounds like you could fish just about anything…. Guessin’ the fry is C-rigged?

9. FL: Now’s the time to fish jerkbaits?

> The Rapala Husky Jerk is probably my top pick. I like the 4.75-inch model — it’s a great size to mimic most bait fish in the Florida lakes.

Tackle Warehouse carries that bait and 20-ish other Rapala jerkbait-type baits. That’s a lotta jerkbaits….

10. Get 30% off BUFFs n stuffs.

At, stuff like this-here:

11. Those are Keitechs on the Jewel Gem Series.

Those are Gem Blades — all the Gems are specifically designed for Keitech Fat 3.8s. Gem Series also has a swimbait head, a different swim jighead and an underspin.

12. Check the 7″ BioSpawn ExoRibbon underwater (vid).

Unique tail, moves differently, check it on TW.

13. SC: Boat registration changing to every year.

14. How to stabilize your boat fuel.

Brian from Sea Foam talkin’ ’bout it:

15. Do you have one of these yet?

T-H Marine Tackle Titan — useful and makes your boat cooler:

16. Tell Santa to get you a Fish Head lid.

Can’t promise you’ll look this good in one of their “berry” lids, maybe another one’ll be better for ya:

17. Berkley expanding its contingency program for 2020.

18. Electronics drove good Q4 for Johnson Outdoors.

Humminbird/Minn Kota owner. Bassin’ biz folks take note:

> “In our North American business, gains were driven by emphasis on digital marketing, resulting in positive trends in retail and e-commerce sales.”

19. MotorGuide part of Brunswick’s new Advanced Systems Group.

20. Not sure whose workbench this is but…

…I wish he was my neighbor…and he can clean my reels anytime:

21. TN: Nashville crayfish might get delisted…

…from the Endangered Species Act. Post says they get to 7″ long?? Guess what color they are:

Looks like gp to me….

22. IL cut its environmental agency more than any other state?

Allegedly — dude writing the post somehow managed to put President Trump in the first sentence even though it has nothing to do with him [eyeroll emoji], so not sure if these facts are facts Jack.

23. Asian carp news.

LA will stock City Park Lake with Asian carp .

Turns out they’re talkin’ ’bout supposedly sterile grass carp but dang.

MX: Guys are making jerky out of invasive catfish…

…so it might work with Asian carp too?

24. BIG Buck knives sale.

Got a bud who works there, hipped me to it — believe it ^ ends Sun, Dec 15:

25. Tackle Warehouse 25 days of savings still on yo!

On right now…

Note: The TackleWarehouse links in this email are affiliate links, meaning if you go through them to make a purchase I might earn a commission…at no cost to you. Click here if you want to learn a little more about links in the BB.

Tip of the Day

How Mike McClelland winter cranks.

Mike’s a crankin’ 5th-level Jedi warrior of the 3rd kind, so be listenin’ to his verbals. Excerpted from the MLFers website, worth a full read:

> “Over the last 20 years, I’ve caught fish well into January throwing a crankbait. A lot of Ozark lakes will have a ‘polar bear’ or New Year’s tournament, and year after year, I can look back and remember that we’ve had really good success in those events on crankbaits.

> “…a lot of times after shad have died and fall to the bottom, it’ll pull craw[fish] out of dormancy to feed…. It can be a pretty tough bite right when shad are dying, but that’s one condition where you can get a really good crank bite….

> “Once the water gets into the upper 40s, speed is critical. Sometimes you can still get a reaction bite with a faster wind, but there are lots of times when you cannot fish a crank slow enough. Sometimes I’ll cast, wind it down until I hit the bottom, and then pull my bait 3-4′ with my rod. I don’t wind at all. I’ll do that, and then wind again to basically catch up to the retrieve.

> “…this is not a time when I want a high-speed reel. …drop down to a lower gear ratio — a 6-something:1 or even an upper 5:1 so you can get the speed right.”

Uses SPRO Rk Crawler 50s and 55 cranks, and 8-lb Sunline Crank fluoro.

Quote of the Day

“We used to make fun of fairy wands, but now if I can have 9 or 10 spinning rods on my deck, I’m happy and enjoy that.”

– FLWer Braxton Setzer talkin’ on Bassin’Fan about his season. Braxton, listen dude, you really need to know how to use those things. Don’t just jack around with ’em cuz they can be dangerous. Even for Tinkerbell:

Shot of the Day

Might be the scariest bait shot I’ve ever seen — that’s a Missile D Bomb. Posted by @missilebaits:

Ya got me

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