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Today’s Top 4

Extry-ordin’ry things from ICAST.

Have to shout these out, you’ll see why:

1. Can you make a fish bite a particular hook??

Okay here’s what I was talkin’ ’bout in the last Blaster. Rapala peeps Matt “Luhr” Jensen and DQ “Dan” Quinn were tellin’ me that bass would focus on that new VMC Hybrid Bladed Treble so much that you could basically tell the bass where to bite — which hook you wanted them to home in on.

They were quotin’ Jacob Wheeler, who just happened to walk by so I corralled him. Here’s what he said (approximately — I was thumbin’ in my notes):

> Jerkbait — When the hook was on the rear, they would always bite the rear (I think this was mostly spotted bass he was fishin’ for). When he swapped it to the other positions, they would bite there.

> Clearer-water deal spring and fall.

> Also deep-cranking — when you stop the bait, the blade will flutter and the fish will hit it.

Says it does not change the action of the bait, and it’s not magic — meaning it doesn’t work any time on any bait in all conditions, but for sure can be a powerful deal.

Here’s a small sample of what it looks like, full vid here:

2. WTHeck is going on with the Tokyo Rig?

Not intendin’ to sound like a VMC commercial today, just what’s happenin’. For this one, don’t think I can quote you the sales #s but apparently the Tokyo Rig is a rocketship. DQ from Rapala said he hasn’t fished a TX rig in 18 months because the hookup % is so much better with the Tokyo Rig:

Many pros still haven’t fished it a lot, so seems like us regular Joes are the ones buyin’ ’em — which makes me think I need to get those dang things outta their boxes and fish ’em. Couple tiddybits:

> Hook can pivot freely, so the baits move more/differently and fish are hooked deeper than with a TX rig
> No weight interfering with hookups
> The strike feels the same as a TX rig

> Supposedly more versatile than a TX rig — fish it on the bottom deep, shallow, for suspended fish, put a swimbait on it, etc.

BUT this whole deal is highly suspicious for 2 reasons:

> Mike Iaconelli brought that rig back to the States from Japan, and we all know that the South Jersey bassin’ boys ain’t even close to right, except for Pete Gluszek (just watch Ike Live). Think it has somethin’ to do with a power plant down there…?

> Sounds like the high-school bassin’ crowd is all over it, and we all know we’re supposed to tell THEM what to use not the other way around…hahaha way to go HS peeps!

The Tokyo Rig now comes in regular, Heavy Duty Flippin and Heavy Duty Worm. More on how to weight it in a future Blaster.

3. Did Hunter Shryock really cast like 90 yards…

…with the new Abu Revo EXD Reel? Dude that’s a loooooong way and it wasn’t like they had a running start. Here’s the winning cast:

Casting competition so flippers not invited (lol). Hunter — who obviously was unconscious at the time — said he thinks it was paired up with a 7′ 6″ MH Abu Veritas Winch Rod with 12-lb line and a 3/4-oz Berkley Warpig lipless crank…which is weird cuz the rest of the guys were throwing 1/2-oz?

More info on the EXD, which isn’t out yet…and it’s purple (okay black and purple):

> “Recently we have developed a number of technologies that aid in casting distance,” said Abu Garcia’s Andrew Wheeler. “We have engineered a way to bring them all together in the Revo EXD…giving anglers the longest-casting reel we’ve ever built.”

> The Revo EXD is available [will be in Nov] in both right- and left-hand models and comes in 5.4:1 and 8.0:1 gear ratios.

Few of my fave things at ICAST.


  • This is just my 2c of stuff that stuck in my head but I HAVE NOT FISHED yet.
  • Didn’t get a chance to see everything — impossible — so 100% certain I missed some cool things.
  • Some of this is sponsor stuff, some not — doesn’t matter man….
  • Just baits and not inclusive of all categories (like I didn’t see hardly any swimbaits), in no particular order.

Launched at the Classic but new colors for ICAST — the different-color tails are crazy cool, like:

That kinda stuff’s been tried in the past with varying results, so I asked Crews about it and he said he’s got it down. Asked what it took, he said: “No more than 2,000 calories a day, alternating legs and cardio with upper body.” I was like, “Yeah…okay.” Thought we were all about baits but he was doin’ air squats while we were talkin’….

This one’s kinda easy cuz:

1. The notoriously secretive Christie bassin’ clan actually let out some for-real family secrets for these baits. Construction, blades, colors — it ain’t just one secret.

2. Construction = top notch.

3. I’m not a spinnerbait fisherman — these are the first spinnerbaits in a while I’ve really wanted to fish…partly because if I can’t ketch ’em on these things, I get to tell Jason that whenever I see him lol (not that he cares…).

Bill Lewis SB57 crank

Okay I thought I was onto the whole Bill Lewis crankbait namin’ thing when the MR-6 came out — like mid-range around 6′. Then I see this SB57, that also was designed by Mark Daniels Jr. So I’m like…hmmm. It’s not the MR-7? The DR-7? the MDJ-7??

Nope it’s the SquareBill 57mm-long bait. Circuit board lip with a Japanese shape to it (deflects better), supposedly doesn’t float up too fast, more durable thanks to this construction:

Startin’ to think MDJ likes to crank? For sure he knows how to design ’em….

Check 1 5/8″ and 3/16-oz of fall shad-mimicking JUICE:

Git you some of that! Word is the big boys remove both trebles and put a bigger one on the front only — maybe you knew that already but there you go.

Actually called the “Crasher Jig” cuz that’s what they call ’em in the salt, which this was designed for, but feelin’ like it would KRUSH the basses:

Check the vid — shows you all you need to know.

Interesting thick but penetrating (so I hear) bait. 3.5″ and fat for a big hook, plus the ribs make it look even fatter. Makes me want to put it on a bun with some mustard:

Still more stuff from ICAST comin’ at ya next week!

What Teckel means and…

…some more Teckeling, from my convo with Teckel creator Hideki Maeda:

> “Teckel” means “weiner dog”/dachshund in a couple European languages, and Hideki is a big-time weiner-dog fan and owner. Seriously. Check the Teckel logo — NOW you see the weiner-dog head:

> “Sprinker” actually does stand for “sprinkler”! BUT I didn’t ask him what a weiner-dog sprinkler is…heehee!

> He likes “ker” as the ending sound for his baits. Like “Maracker,” which refers to “maraca,” the things you shake in elementary school and sound like Rat-L-Trap beads…cuz that’s the way that bait sounds:

> Dude obviously L-O-V-E-S bassin’ — you can tell from his creativity. Said he literally wakes up in the middle of the night and writes down ideas.How great is the international bassin’ community. The United Nations should stock bass everywhere man….

“There’s just something unique about fishing and faith.”

– Elitist Paul Mueller talkin’. Even though I know (pretty sure anyhow) God loves everyone the same, I TOTALLY feel the same way — Peter and some of the dudes were fishermen! And Jesus was on the shore watchin’ them fish! He might’ve even said, “Got any?” or “Any bites?” Maybe…I like to think about it anyhow….

More Paul talkin’:

> “It’s amazing how God works, and fishing is really a test of faith.”

Even if you don’t believe (yet!), you KNOW there’s a lot of faith in fishing…which I personally believe is one of God’s gifts to fishermen. Couple others being bass, and of course, Tackle Warehouse….



1. Mark Menendez was anti-Asian carpin’ in DC.

Props! Told him he should drop off a dead carp at every senator’s office, but don’t think he did….

2. Ott DeFoe has 5 new colors of jigs.

Terminator Pro Series Jigs, and the new colors are on Tackle Warehouse already:

L to R that’s:

> Over dose (OD), his “go-to really, really dirty-water color.”
> Bama craw, “the perfect bluegill or crawfish imitator. If you swim it, man, it looks just like a bluegill does.”
> Chobee craw
> Glimmer blue shad…to imitate a spawning shad.
> Texas craw

3. KVD got a new hair deal?

Makes your hair come back, looks like it works great:

Hahaha! Dang man I WISH I had that hair…back….

4. FLWer Josh Douglas used an ice fishing rod at Champlain.

Guess that’s what happens when your head accidentally gets run over by a wheelbarrow?

He was fishin’ TRDs, and that whole leanin’ over the boat deal was part of how he was fishing. If this is the start of a new trend — micro rods and baits — I’m gonna fill half my basement with Twinkies and nail myself in. You are welcome to join me.

5. FL: TN vet got a boat overhaulin’ at ICAST.

Courtesy of Minny Kota/Humminbird — pretty dang cool:

> “I don’t know that I feel worthy but I feel awfully blessed,” said David Lowrie. “The stuff that was on my boat was a lot older — I had coveted a Spot-Lock for a long time, and you know, it just wasn’t in the budget because I focus on other things.

> “I focus on the kids and the state program — I don’t focus on me that much. I’m going to be able to take the kids out on an improved boat and improve their chances of catching fish. It’s an unbelievable blessing.”

Looks like Zaldain took him out and showed him how to use all the stuff. Little tussle when he got on the fish and wouldn’t let David on the trolling motor…lol just kiddin’:

6. Here’s the MLF/BPTer Redcrest Champeenship field.

MS River outta La Crosse, WI, Aug 21-25. Top 30 dudes in the points, only one TOTAL surprise in there….

HAHAHA just messin’ with ya BPTers!

Randy Howell was the first man out:

> …I probably would have pushed a little harder if I knew that it was going to come down to one more fish at the end of the season.

Word is after Randy said that he had to sleep on the couch for a week…. 🙂

7. MO: Sounds like Bass Feeshn HOF induction will be Oct 3.

8. AL kayaker got flesh-eating bacteria in freshwater.

Seems to be a growing salty thing, which is a little scary, but if it gets into fresh that’s even scarier.

9. How Airrus Rods let the world know its feelings about Mike Long.

In that Airrus post it says the company had Mike Long signature rods, which it then donated to a kids fishing program. More on Airrus feelin’s in this article.

10. Bassmaster vid crew won some awards.

Wasn’t gonna include it cuz of the hype, but want to say a big congrats especially to Z and Mercer for each getting a moose…which gives me an excuse to show a Canadian Uber:

Hahaha much love fellers!

11. Rapala’s a new sponsor of the ACA college trail.

Rapala, VMC and Sufix brands. Get some action!

12. TX: Vexus Boats will be at the Dallas Boat Expo THIS WEEKEND.

Even if you’re not in the market, go there, get a tour and get your mind blown. The VX is all that plus your own KFC franchise, if you know what I mean….

13. Check the new Skeeter FXR 20.

More pics on its Facebook. Comes in white/red, red/white or white/red. Kidding….

Don’t think I see it on the Skeeter website?? Little more info here — not much but says it comes in a 21 too. Boats supposed to be at dealers in Aug.

14. IA fishing is up?

> Iowa anglers fished 10.50 million days in 2018 according to a recent survey conducted by Responsive Management, compared to 8.30 million days in 2007.

??? That means the 10,000 peeps livin’ in IA fished 1,050 days each?? Maybe IA pheasants fish too? HAHAHA IA bass-heads!

15. Great Lakes water levels finally coming down?

Record highs in June for Superior, St. Clair, Erie and Ontario.

16. AL boating deaths way up this year.

Dang take care folks:

> “In my 24 years of doing this, I’ve never seen anything like it,'” said Capt. Gary Buchanan, the commander of the AL Law Enforcement Agency’s Marine Patrol. “Some have happened at night, some during the day, some have involved one boat, some two boats and alcohol has been a factor in some. It’s all over the spectrum.”

Headline of the Day

McClelland Was Rarely In The Right Place

Kinda funny-soundin’ but also tough…and honest. Here’s Mike talkin’ ’bout the ups and downs of his career in a new ReelFaith vid:

Line of the Day

“Bass often get stressed by being in a fisherman’s livewell too long without getting sufficient air.”

From a post talking a little about delayed mortality. Not an expert, but believe that “too long” should 100% not be “the” factor. Water temp, boat rides/weather, release areas (water quality, water temp, depth, time of day, etc) have a lot to do with safe release of bass…which was invented by Al Gore AND Boyd Duckett…hahaha Boyd!

Quick Q on NY bassin’

Any bass in Lake Placid? If so, anyone know any guides there? Gonna be there for a lacrosse deal for my son, hopin’ to find some dumb fish…. If you know anyone pls hit me back….

Tip of the Day

Cool dip-dye tips from Russ Lane.

Yep we all know the claws chartreuse or orange deal, but check this from the MLF website:

> Lane has even resorted to dying his baits the color of a fish he had never even seen before.

> “I fished a tournament a couple of years ago on Mille Lacs Lake in MN and the main baitfish there was something called a cisco. I had never been on a lake where that was the main baitfish so I had to look up what it looked like.

> “I dyed all my swimbaits the color of cisco and it helped me finish in the top 5. It gave me more confidence about using dyes.”

Innerestin’ for sho. If you don’t dye your craw claws or stickbaits, check this about the last BPT in WI:

> Lane dyed the tips of his green pumpkin-colored soft plastic baits orange. “I used orange to look more like the crawfish that the bass were feeding on….

> “The first 2 fish I caught in practice had big bright-orange claws sticking out of their throat. That’s how I knew that these bass were feeding on crawfish and what dye color I needed to use. It was crazy how much of a difference it made in terms of the number of bites I was getting.”

Russ shot from the post — you ever use blue?

Gitcha dyes on the TW. Believe that’s Spike-It in the pic? Be careful of your boat carpet….

Russ told me he first bought dyes cuz of the word “dip” on the bottle, him bein’ a former baseball thrower and all. Glad he didn’t find a packet in there….

Quote of the Day

TN’s efforts to keep [Asian carp] from advancing through its river system have been largely successful, according to state officials….

From this post. Thinkin’:

BUT have heard things on Barkley are getting better because of the commercial carp fishin’….

Shot of the Day

I think this is a smallmouth?? Looks like it ate the pizza AND the Domino’s man:

@jpderoseoutdoors — Judging by his Insta, he never catches small fish….


Polar bear populations are doing fine?

That’s a link to a scientific study (pdf) by The Global Warming Policy Foundation, which apparently doesn’t like gov’t policies related to the whole global warming thing so add some salt to it I guess…. Innerestin’ info tho.

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