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Today’s Top 4

This 13.02-er might be a new lake record…

…for Stillhouse Holllow, TX. Justin Rogers caught all 27.5″ of it in a Tuff Man tourney, which him and his pard won:

Anyone have bait deets pls lmk. While I’m a-waitin’ on that, check this 15-lb M O N S T E R “probus fisherman” (Google translate) Kenta Kimura caught at Lake Biwa, Japan on a Strike King 10XD…proving once again that cranks work in colder water:

O’ course the Biwa record is 22-05, which IS the world record — there’s no tie because George Perry’s was 22-04.

Few cold-water jiggin’ tips.

Found these innerestin’ and fit now, from a Yamamoto post with 50 jiggin’ tips:

> In cold water, try putting two skirts on your jig — it will make it fall slower.

> In slower, colder months pitch the jig at a target and don’t move it – just shake it around a little to make it rattle, then move on to the next spot.

> Before you fish a jig with a rubber skirt, hold it by the hook and dip it in the water upside down so the skirt sticks together. Trim the skirt off about an inch to inch and a half from the head. You end up with two layers for more movement and a fuller profile since the short layer in inside.

> For a lion’s mane, separate the two parts of a rubber skirt. Cut the head part really short – this gives it an actual body and head like a craw and a tail.

> Aaron Martens says that the Palomar is the worst knot for fluorocarbon because it breaks. It’s okay for mono, but if you’re using fluorocarbon line with a jig, use a double uni. Use 5-6 wraps for fluorocarbon, 8-10 for braid.

This one’s not just about cold water but is huge — like I say a lot, really feel many of us use rods that are too stiff:

> Your jig rod needs backbone, but don’t overpower it or it can make you lose fish. Look for a rod specifically designed for the jig weight you’re fishing.

Don’t get TOO into skirts like this dude:

This is cool tho:

How the term “wacky rig” happened?

From an old Bassmasterin’ post — think it’s true?

> Sticking a straight-shank hook sideways through the middle of a straight-tail worm and fishing it weightless by twitching it around shallow cover is one of the most exciting bass techniques ever, and unlike many bass-catching innovations, it didn’t come from the pro tournament circuit.

> According to Bassmaster, it was invented when a novice Yankee fisherman visited red-hot Toledo Bend Lake in TX back in the early ’70s. He inquired at a marina what lure to use for the lake’s big bass and a clerk sold him a bag of plastic worms. A couple of hours later, the tourist returned to the dock toting a huge stringer of lunker bass. When asked by a local guide what lures he used to catch the hawgs, he replied, “Just these rubber worms.”

> He held his spincast rod aloft, and at the end of his kinky line was a gold Aberdeen crappie hook with its point stuck through the worm’s egg sack. The grizzled guide exclaimed, “Why, that’s the wackiest way to hook a worm I ever saw!” then promptly started rigging his own worms the same way.

A Yankee fisherman with a push-button rod and a crappie hook named a bassin’ technique?? Gonna go out on a limb and say: Will never happen again.

Trip looking into whether this type of “help” is legal.

Chris Zaldain has been training a goby to help him steer his trolling motor…

…which is INSANELY brilliant. I think. Anyhow, he says it’s legal under the rules and got the high sign from Sidious…

…but Trip Weldon’s lookin’ into it:

Trip what up with the hat man….


1. FL: We lost Berkley founder Berkley Bedell.

A giant in the biz for sure. Unfortunately the media is focusing more on his political stuff than his fishing stuff, so hope someone in our biz does a fitting tribute.

Bless you fishin’ brother.

2. TX: We lost ShareLunker biologist David Campbell.

> The first time he heard about the ShareLunker concept he didn’t think it would work. In his mind, Texas anglers would not be willing to loan their biggest bass to TPWD, and he wanted no part of taking care of the fish if they did.

Glad for him and us it didn’t work out thataway. Bless you fishin’ brother.

3. “Ron Martin” on StrayCasts tomorrow night.

That’s the “alias” Aaron Martens used the last time he was on the deal. Tune in at 7pm central on Facebook StrayCasts or

4. Mark Daniels Jr’s new crankbait is shipping.

That’s the Bill Lewis SB57 — word is “SB” stands for “Super Bad,” meaning “super good” if you know what I mean. Asked him what he loves about it and the gear he feeshes it with:

> The deflection is second to none. Extremely hard to snag the bait! 4-wheel-drive crankbait.

> The computer chip board lip allows for extreme baitfish action and durability. Long-lasting and sensitive. [Awww — sounds like Mike Iaconelli?]

> 7′ MH Favorite Rush Rod, 6:8:1 Johnny Morris Platinum Reel, 12lb Seaguar AbrazX fluoro.

Yeah AbrazX! Give it a shot yo! Here’s MDJ talkin’ the bait on video.

5. Jacob Wheeler gets Frogg Toggs.

Check the Frogg stuff on TW.

6. Elitist Mike Huff also running a Vexus.

7. Ever hear of Ichikawa trebles?

Me neither (I don’t think?) but they’re co-designed and endorsed by Rick Clunn, and apparently have “Ichakawa’s signature Kamakiri bend that lends an increased strength when compared to traditional treble hooks.”

8. Mike McClelland talks the new MotorGuide Tour.

Couple quick Insta vids, here and here. I’ve heard good reviews so far….

9. Does FLW TD Bill Taylor have an action figure??

If so, they made him look a little younger…and thinner…heehee Bill!

Love the toy man! Props to bass-head Len for sending that in.

10. Rapala is a new B.A.S.S. sponsor.

Big-time get by the Bassmaster folks.

11. BFL registration open, lower entries this year.

12. FLW and TBF renewed their partnership.

Doesn’t say how long it’s for.

13. OK: Did a dude ram another boat over a fishing spot??

From the article:

> An arrest warrant has been issued against a man accused of harassing a pair of college students and damaging their boat at Fort Cobb Lake.

> Authorities say he’s one of the two men who confronted the college students in August, harassing them about fishing in the area and rammed his boat into theirs.

This article says the dude was DUI as well….

Hope the college anglers are okay — sounds like a rough/scary deal.

14. Git yer Bubba on!

Gotta shout this out because Bubba…. If you wanna proclaim your redneck bassin’ness, the new Bubba-brand gear is a) funny and b) legit, which is why you’re seein’ it here. I’ve worn the shorts, tee and hoodie, all are legit and comfy, and come with a bonus: I embarrassed my wife at the same time hahaha!

Get ’em here — they have the same items for ladies too….

15. Ex-Elitist Dennis “TJ” Tietje has crawfish camo!

Too funny (even though Dennis looks serious):

Just be careful wearin’ it around Larry Largie….

16. Tackle Warehouse 25 days of savings are ON!!

Includin’ 10% off gift cards…which you might wanna buy to help out Santa with the whole stocking deal….

17. WA DNR voting Saturday on higher bags for bass.

The whole salmon deal…even tho birds seem to eat a whole lot more young salmon….

18. CA: Guide caught a 3+ crappie while bassin’…

…on New Melones. New lake record at 3.47 lbs, 16.5″, caught by guide Josh Parris:

> “I was looking for bass for a guide trip the following day — fishing 40-50′ deep in the main body off long points and underwater dropoffs. I was using a P-Line Laser Minnow 3/4-oz Spoon when the big crappie hit.”

19. MD: First documented effect of snakeheads on fish populations (pdf).

Blackwater River watershed, here’s a disturbing part:

> Of 21 species that were captured both pre- and post-snakehead, 17 declined in relative abundance with percent reductions ranging from 30%-97%.

> Pre-snakehead surveys were more evenly distributed and dominated by white perch, black crappie and brown bullhead, while post-snakehead surveys were less even and dominated by common carp and gizzard shad.

Only thing it said about bass is there aren’t many largemouth in that area to begin with.

20. WI: Gunpowder PR/marketing gets Josh Ward.

Formerly of Game & Fish and Blue Heron. Gunpowder’s getting so big it might…blow up…? Kidding man….

On right now…
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Tip of the Day

Elitist Patrick Walters likes to crank in winter.

Here’s why and how. Excerpted from a SC news site:

> “When the Christmas shopping picks up, so does the wintertime bite. My favorite time to fish in general is the end of Nov, Dec and Jan because nobody is on the water. There’s not a lot of tournament pressure. You catch bigger fish.”

> …bass tend to bunch up in the wintertime…that’s why he likes the crankbait. It allows him to cover a lot of water faster and is one of the best lures to trigger a bite.

> …likes to fish a lipless crankbait like a Rat-L-Trap. He starts the season with shad-colored lures but switches to crawdad colors as the water gets colder.
> “A Rapala DT-6 is my favorite. It has great versatility. You can throw it far, it’s buoyant. It deflects off cover well. And it has that tight wobble. It doesn’t startle the fish as much and creates a reaction strike. It puts a lot of fish in the boat.

> “Early in the winter, I fish around a lot of current. In late fall and early winter, they’re keying in heavily on shad. I look for deep water or an area that’s almost like a funnel, where the lake bottlenecks down.

> “I usually try to catch them in an intersection, not necessarily in the river or main current because they want to be out of the current a little bit. But they want to be close to deep water.”

Yep, moving baits work in cold water! Someone needs to remind Classic anglers about that DT-6 deal…and the Shad Rap….

Quote of the Day

“I learned more in a day not even being on the water [that] it was mind-blowing.”

Dude on the TX Fishing Forum talkin’ a ‘lectronical seminar from FLWer Clark Rheem. YES. That’s what I keep sayin’ — you don’t know what you don’t know, and you can’t really conceive of what you don’t know, so you really don’t know what the pro guys know til you get access to some of their brain at seminars and Bass U ‘n such. For real.

Think of it this way: If you fished almost every day, mostly competitively, and had to catch ’em to survive and be gainfully employed, ya think you might learn, figure out and know some stuff that weekend warriors don’t??

Seen many a bass-head look like this at Bass U…

…but only when the Cajun Baby’s talkin’…heehee Cliff!

Shot of the Day

This is Alton Jones Jr’s chillin’ place — nice n quiet…BUT he had to run half the lake at 70+ to get there, almost killed a couple coots doin’ it, and he still hasn’t got his hearin’ back yet hahaha! #bassin

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