Luck but no luck in fishing?? Snell it for Senkos? Target fish by shape??

Get out ‘n git you some green or brown fun this weekend peeps! Have a good one and thanks for readin’ the Blast!

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Today’s Top 5

David Dudley says there’s no luck in tourneys but there is in fishing.

David has one of the most fascinatin’ minds in bassin’, and ain’t scared of trottin’ out an opinion whether even 1 person agrees with him or not. What he’s sayin’ this time:

> Tournament fishing success isn’t luck — the same people come out on top year after year. When you see that, you know it voids luck, but there is definitely luck in fishing.

> I can flip a stump and catch a 2-lber, and the next day someone else flips the same stump with the same bait and catches a 5-lber. That’s luck, but the knowledge of getting the right lure, line, flipping at the right cover, etc., at the moment of setting the hook isn’t luck, but which fish bites is luck for sure.

So David, lemme get this straight…it’s luck which fish bites, but when guys consistently get bigger fish to bite it’s NOT luck?

Don’t know how that’s possible, but also don’t know how this is possible:

Some things just can’t be explained I guess.

When the fish are gone, they’re still there…

…and other innrestin’ findin’s from TX biologists tracking bass — from here:

> Neither biologist has found evidence that fish are relocating to non-traditional places to escape fishing pressure. Driscoll has made 55 fish observations thus far. He says every fish he as located has been positioned in relation to areas where anglers normally fish for bass, such as shoreline cover, dropoffs, stumps on flats, or around channels.

Guess the bass are kinda like Ozzy then:

HAHAHA! Study is partly being done because fishermen have been telling the TPWD that the bass “aren’t there anymore” — but based on what they found, not sure why bassers with electronics couldn’t see ’em? Also:

> Initially, Norman expected to see his shallow fish gravitate towards deeper water with the onset of summer, but that hasn’t been the case. In mid-July, nearly half of his study group had pushed significantly shallower than where they were released. “You could see bottom in some places and the water temperature was 88-90 degrees.”

Whoa! More:

> Once a study fish is located, biologists evaluate whether or not it shies from outboard noise. If it doesn’t, they stop and make 5-10 casts with an artificial lure and watch the bass’ reaction using [Garmin] LiveScope.

> Norman says about 1/3 of his fish have moved away from outboard engine noise and fishing pressure. Interestingly, a few fish have shown no reaction to engine noise, but shied from the presence of a fishing lure. Those that do react to engine noise sometimes move away slowly or disappear completely. [Wormhole? lol]

Hope they record how fish react/don’t react to trolling motor and ‘lectronics noise.

Is this the best Ned bait you haven’t seen yet?

Not sure what I was saying there but what I mean is how cool is this deal:

That’s the Lunkerhunt Finesse Ned Frog, which I didn’t know about but if I did it would have gotten — and is getting now — 5 fire hots for “ICAST.” The Lunkerhunt guys always come up with crazy stuff!

Admittedly that might be a little “too realistic” for the average “stick n ball” Ned rig but man I gotta think that deal will work….

Ever thought of targeting tourney fish by SHAPE?

Alright so there’s this younger walleye pro — yep wally-eyes, bear with me — Korey Sprengel. He’s really, really good at that deal. Seems to think at a whole ‘nother level, and he just won a derby on Green Bay by doing exactly that — by intentionally NOT fishing for the biggest fish! Seriously:

> He decided to deliberately target shorter, fatter walleyes instead of those true 30″ Green Bay giants, the type of fish John Hoyer won with last year.

> Dude meticulously weighs every walleye he catches. Says [depending on] time of year, length alone can be misleading.

Okay: Obviously we weigh/beam the basses. BUT could there be groups of bass that are a little heavier at the same length? If so, would they be deeper or shallower? Would they be around bait schools or just on certain structure? etc.

Got my brain whirlin’.

Serious for a sec: I could see several bassin’ pros havin’ figgered this out already, like Aaron Martens and Rick Clunn…maybe Takahiro Omori….

“…in a couple of days I have 2 sponsors and then I win the BassFest event, get 150 grand, and just like that, 1 week, db, I go from no chance to get into the Elites to signing up and joining the tour.”

Keith Combs talkin’ to donny barone. If not for that week, we might never have heard of Keith (those of us not from TX anyhow) or Strike King XD cranks…HAHA!

Some people might call that “coincidence,” but the older and hopefully wiser I get, the more I’m convinced there’s no such thing…seriously. Anyhow, a few more things about Keith:

> His wife beat him once…not in fishing, with a wiffle ball bat. Oops nope I meant in fishin’ — she actually fished tourneys before she met him, used to fish against him. How great is that!

> Keith’s Bassmaster battin’ avg is .814 so he’s quietly been killin’ it.

> Always thought Keith was a humble quieter dude, but turns out he has a big head:


don writes some of the best stuff ever seen in our lil world man….


1. FLWer Alvin Shaw having gallbladder surgery.

Will miss the rest of the season. Hope it all goes well, hang in there bassin’ bro!

2. Keith Poche DQd from upper MS FLW…

DQd or withdrew or both…because he was running too SMALL a motor. FLW rules says it has to be a minimum of 150 hp and his was a 90. Keith says in that vid that FLW put a minimum on after John Cox won a derby in a smaller boat with a smaller motor.

Hate hearing that — I had no idea of a minimum either?

3. Kelley Jaye withdraws from Elites for personal reasons.

You might remember he withdrew from the Eufaula Elite earlier this year for the same reasons. If you pray, please send some up for the Jaye family.

4. MDJ’s Sturgeon Bay baits.

> Ned was his main deal: Z-Man Finesse TRD (gp and gp goby) on a 1/5-oz Z-Man Finesse Shroomz Jighead, 6′ 8″ M Favorite Hex Rod, 15-lb Seaguar Smackdown Flash Green Braid to 6- and 8-lb Seaguar Tatsu fluoro.
> Also dropshotted: Z-Man Finesse Wormz (gp), 1/0 Owner Mosquito Light Hook, 3/8-oz Woo Tungsten Invisashot colored dropshot weight (“that’s a big deal with smallmouth because they have a strong tendency to bite silver weights), 7′ 1” MH Favorite Sick Stick Rod, same Seaguar lines.

> 10-17′, rocky reefs/shoals.

> “Garmin electronics were a big deal…LiveScope, but on 2D on sonar I caught several dropping straight to them.”

Check this pic — doesn’t it seem like Mark should be…taller??

Lol! Crazy angle on that deal….

5. What Russ Lane does on long drives.

Tunes his Big Bite buzzers up:

6. Mike Iaconelli got an MMA lesson…

…from an MMA champ. Pretty sure no bass fishermen were harmed, but Mike did lose the GPS signal for one of his clones….

7. AL: Cayuga, NY Elite moved to Guntersville.

Cayuga was the one in early July. Gville derb will be Sept 30-Oct 3.

8. CA: Sounds like lots of floaters after the Clear Lake WON?

If so you’d expect reactions like this:

> The bottom line is that the DFW should not allow major bass tournaments during the hot summer months.

9. AR: Monticello getting lots of wood habitat.

10. MO will have online crank-making workshop Aug 18.

Have to register online here by Aug 2.

11. You seen the 10,000 Fish Yoto Worm yet?

Looks like finally a US company — with Japanese flavorin’s — is gettin’ on the ribbed “grub” bandwagon man! Click the pic to see the FB vid:

Don’t see ’em on TW yet, looks like only available here for now.

12. Believe T-H now has Eliminator prop nuts for all trollers.

13. Japanese Wild Side rods now in the U.S.

Looks like available at importer Arundel Tackle only:

> “…booked us with a Japanese pro on Lake Biwa who was one of the early advocates of Wild Side.

> “…founded by rod designer Iitaka Hirofumi and pro bass angler Onikata Takeshi, who has 17 years’ experience as a rod developer. …Wild Side rods are used by top Japanese bass angler Daisuke Kita.

Emailed with the Arundel prez, here’s some of what I got:

> They are extremely light, sensitive and well-balanced. I can feel the bite even early in a cast before my line is tight. The kevlar allows them to be light and sensitive while being strong.

> Most amateurs like myself will yank on the rods more than a pro. These rods are very resilient.

> The attention to detail is also impressive. Every rod is purpose-designed to match certain conditions and techniques. The frog rod, for example, uses a non-sanded blank so that the braid doesn’t catch like it does on many frog rods. And they chose a shorter format so you can put the tip closer to the water and dance the frog along…this level of thought in each of their rods.

14. B.A.S.S. signed up with Comscore.

To measure digital and TV #s.

15. MI had their HS bassin’ championship.

GREAT to hear. This is amazing:

> “These kids all work during the offseason in order to buy their own stuff.”
16. VA wants to keep new invasive out of the Potomac.

Doesn’t sound or look real good — ^ that’s a lake in Fairfax County:

> It looks a lot like Trapa natans, the water chestnut that has blanketed waterways on MD’s upper shore and the northeast US, but it isn’t. It’s a different type of water chestnut: Trapa bispinosa. And northern VA is the 1st place it has been found growing in the country. Biologists want to keep it that way.

> If eradication efforts don’t ramp up soon, though, they warn that the species could spread beyond its current backwater haunts to the Potomac River….

17. NJ man passed on when weed harvester capsized…

…on Lake Hopatcong. Curtis Mulch sounded like a great dude. Lord please bless his family.

Now they are talking about stocking triploid (sterile, but sometimes they turn out to be not sterile) grass carp…I vote no.

18. MN: Milfoil found in Big Mantrap Lake.

One of the weirdest lake names ever…also in MN:

Zebras found in Bowstring Lake

Zebra larvae found in Lomond Lake

19. QC: 1 grass carp caught in Chambly Basin.

Looks like that connects downstream to Champlain?

20. CA/NV: Bubble wall expanded on Tahoe.

Used to help collect floating fragments of invasive veggies.

21. BUFF is making masks with actual filters.

They have disposable filters for adults and kids, as well as some different looks — here’s some:

On right now…
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Tip of the Day

Gary Yamamoto likes a snell knot for Senkos.

For TX rigs which is the way he likes to fish ’em — from a Bassin’masters post a few years back:

> …a snell knot is another key to rigging the lure. Whereas other knots are tied to the hook eye and can slide back and forth on the eye, the snell knot requires wrapping a loop around the hook so the line is secured to the hook instead. “I like that knot because when you tug on it, it will pull that hook barb straight toward the line.”

> While some anglers have success wacky-rigging the Senko, Yamamoto prefers his Senko on a weightless Texas rig with a 3/0 Gamakatsu EWG hook. “I think some people use too big of a hook because they are thinking the bigger hook they use, the better chance they have of hooking the fish. That does work at times, but then sometimes with a bigger hook they lose the action of the bait on the fall, and half the time they lose the bait because it tears off.”
> …also recommends rigging the Senko on a Yamamoto Split Shot Hook, a circle hook that embeds in a fish’s mouth by merely reeling after the bite.

Quote of the Day

“It’s the first day of my whole life!”

– This lil’ dude…

…talkin’ to his dad when he’s got his first fish ever on! Too funny and awesomely great! ‘Nother great line from the vid:

> “That was my first fish, that makes me cry.”

Even better:

> “It’s bigger than that.”

Hahaha fishermen are competitive from the get-go mang!

Shot of the Day

SICK shot by B.A.S.S. shooter Shane Durrance — it’s Cliff Pirch fishin’ by a train today at the Champlain Elite. Might be one of the best basin’ shots of all time:


Fatter tourists cause reduced capacity for Venice gondolas

Going from 6 to 5. Here’s what the prez of the association said:

> “From some countries, it’s like bombs loading on and when [the boat] is fully loaded, the hull sinks and water enters. Going forward with over half a ton of meat on board is dangerous.”

Meat?? Couple things:

1. Wonder if the Coast Guard will look into capacities now too.

2. Might be worth gettin’ those gondolas stealth trolling motors?

3. This is why BBQs happen AFTER weigh-ins, not before…lol!

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