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Part 2 of the Pre-Spawn Special Baits n Stuff Issue!

If you stop, close your eyes and give thanks for bass, bass fishing and Tackle Warehouse, I bet you feel like this:

But when y’all get out there, you’re more like this:

HAHAHA you know that’s true! Not sure WTHeck that has to do with the pre-spawn but here’s part 2 of Pre-Spawn Baits n Stuff — hope you enjoy it bass peeps!

Attack of the Plasticenes and other baits!

Pre-spawn ain’t all about spinnerbaits and cranks so….

The Googs have some goog good baits, and one of the newest is this’n. Here’s a lil more on this Lil deal:

> Sometimes stubborn heavily-pressured fish will react more readily to a smaller jig. The compact profile of the Lil’ Juicee Jig won’t spook lethargic bass in the cooler water temps of early pre-spawn.

> Drag the Lil’ Juicee Jig in areas where bass are likely to set up before moving up to spawning areas — near creek-channel swings, rocky points and steeper banks near the mouths of creeks, places where bass can easily move up and down the water column throughout the day.

> Fishing jigs in the pre-spawn is all about imitating crawfish, and 2 of the best colors of the Lil’ Juicee Jig for this are “cowboy craw” and “rotten pumpkin.” The yellowish skirt of “cowboy craw” and the orange highlights in the “rotten pumpkin” skirt imitate the natural color of crawfish as they turn a reddish-orange this time of year.

The Googans recommend a 7′-7’6″ M-MH rod, 7.3.1 casting reel and 12-17 lb fluoro. You can get the jigs here — not on TW yet but should be this month.

Haven’t fished it yet but looks sick in the water (vid). Here’s what the Lunkerheads say about it:

> The Gambit is great for targeting pre-spawners that are staging on floating docks. Its weedless pre-rigged design makes it great for skipping under docks as well as for targeting shade lines.

> The docks to look for are the ones leading into spawning pockets, that are on secondary points, and also docks that are along transition banks. Dock depths in 1-4′ can be fire. Colors like “silver side,” “ghost” and “gilly” are great choices for this technique.

The Gambit (SilverSide color ^) is 4.5″ and weighs 5/8-oz. Lunkerhunt recommends going kinda substantial — like a 7′ MH Lunkerhunt F117 baitcaster combo with 14-17 lb flouro line.

Yep the Bio Minnow has a classic West Coast swimbait-type look, with a a “T” tail designed to start kicking the instant you pull and kick at a slow or fast retrieves. Mike Bennett, who tweaked it out for FishLab, says:

> “The Bio Minnow Swimbait family has a great secondary action. These baits draw in hungry fish from great distances with all of the movement and chaos that they create.”

Comes in 4″, 5″ and 6.25″, and can be rigged exposed or weedless on a weighted screw-lock swimbait hook.

The Labbers recommend using a 7′ MH Okuma Serrano Rod (or an Okuma Helios SX Rod) and Okuma Helios SX 200 Reel. Depending on what and how you’re fishing, lines can be 50-lb Soft Steel 8x Eminent Braid to a short 15-lb fluoro topshot, or mono: 12-15 lb HT Mono for the 4″, up to 15-lb mono for the 5″, and an H rod, bigger reel (Komodo 300) and 15-20 lb mono for the 6.25″.

Best weights for ’em:
4″ = 1/8-oz
5″ = 1/4-oz
6″ = 1/4- or 1/2-oz

The new 1/8-oz Jewel Gem Shad 2.0 has a smaller profile to match the smaller Keitech Fat sizes: 2.8″ and 3.3″. The 2.0 has the same colors and features as the original Gem Shad: “silver flash minnow,” “pro blue” and “white.”

Jewel recommends throwing it with a 7′ M Cashion Elite Spinning Rod, 3000 series Lew’s (6.2:1) and 6-8 lb fluoro.

X Zone’s Ned Zone has the stuff we like: soft but durable, floating, ribbed, scented, stands straight up when rigged. Kinda cool feature: The belly of the Ned Zone also has an alignment line so you can rig it perfect every time.

Not sure what that “bulbous” (Dave Mercer word) tail does but I’m assumin’ it gives it a little action. Bait is 3″ and comes in 14 colors. That one ^ is “summer craw” but gotta show you one more — 309:

Outstanding! Brandon Palaniuk says 309 and gp purple are his fave Ned Zone colors. Fishes it on a 1/8-oz VMC Half Moon Finesse Jighead with an Alpha Angler Wrench Rod, Daiwa Exist 3000 Reel, and 15-lb Seaguar Smackdown Braid to 8-lb Seaguar Tatsu fluoro leader.

Here’s a good vid about Mark Menendez talkin’ ’bout how jerkbaits pull fish toward them — vs casting baits to the fish — and how he does it. His line of choice is of course InvizX fluoro.

In that vid Mark says he won his first tourney usin’ a 15-20 second pause on a jerkbait. Dang! You could cook a casserole between twitches doin’ that deal….

Raise your hand if there’s NO WAY you could ever move it that slow — this means you Whopper Plopper peeps hahaha! My hand’s up too, fo sho. On cold days, if I pause for a long time hamburgers start talkin’ to me if you know what I mean….

Okay they’re not gonna call it that which is probly smart! Story: While back I asked for their DSR rod (dropshot spin stick) made into a casting rod — using the same blank. Alpha’s chief rod geek Jake Boomer says that after he sent one to BPTer Gerald Spohrer and Gerald loved it, now he’s gonna make it, for fishing little cranks.

Imagine that, listening to a pro angler more than me…lol!

That rod will be KILL-ER when it comes out. I’m gonna use it for dropshottin’, small swimbaits (like with that Jewel Gem Series stuff), smaller cranks, Neds, you name it. Yep you could use spin gear for all that stuff but I just way prefer casting gear….

Anyhow, surf around the Alpha site and check out ANY of their rods. They’re that good man…my 2c. If you need a spinning stick, here’s Brandon talkin’ the DSR:

Damiki rig anyone? Works when the water’s cold (maybe other times too), and here you can see that the V3 Balance Force Jig Head nails that horizontal thing:

Full vid on Facebook. The V3 was designed by BPTer Greg Vinson, has a 2/0 Gamakatsu black nickel hook and wire keeper, and comes in 4 colors (“albino” ^) and 4 sizes. Apparently the V3 development process was a little intense:

Believe the Doomsday C-Shad‘s supposed to be the deal for the Damiki rig, aka the “droppin’ on ’em” deal….

Same deal here — all Kistler rods are really good. Can’t go wrong with any of ’em, but I’ll pick out a couple for ya:

7′ M Kistler Magnesium 2 — Sick, sick rod, one of my faves for sure. Remember: You may not need MH for most stuff!

6′ 11″ MH Kistler KLX Feel N Reel — Gitcha crank goin’. If you need a heavier rod for bigger cranks, they’ve got you covered.

Surf you the rest of the Kistler offerin’s at TW. If you’re in the market for a rod, be REAL surprised if you don’t like any Kistlers. Even Chuck Norris thinks so:

Chuck’s the man! Here’s the other man, Trey Kistler, talkin’ ’bout each of his models of rods — might help you pick one:

Stay warm n comfy.

One o’ the worst things about goin’ after the feeshes in the cold is BEING cold. No thanks dude! Here’s some stuff to help you stay warm and dry….

If you don’t own any SIMMS gear yet I hope yer savin’ up for it cuz it’s that good. I seriously love their stuff, so do a bunch of famous bass guys, it’s legit good. Even great. Sooooo…it ain’t cheap. The Challenger Jacket and Bibs will run you $400 at Tackle Warehouse, but will you wish you had it when you’re out there in the rain? Dang straight!

Anyhoo, here’s the deets from SIMMS:

> With the intention of offering the perfect all-season foul-weather fortress, the SIMMS Challenger Jacket and Bibs keep anglers warm, dry and in the moment from pre-spawn to post spawn.

> Built from the DNA of SIMMS’ ever-popular ProDry Jacket and Bib [the best raingear SIMMS makes], the latest version of the Challenger Suit is constructed from an all-new high-performance, lightweight, waterproof and breathable two-layer Toray fabric. The new fabric is light enough to comfortably keep you protected from the elements on warmer days but is also a fantastic option when worn with layers for those cold, wet, pre-spawn days. [Word! They’re wet!]

> …3-point adjustable storm hood, extended collar, adjustable cuffs and an adjustable bottom hem for maximum protection. Fishing functionality is bolstered by 2 oversized chest pockets and a built-in sunglass chamois on the jacket, as well as 2 hand-warmer/stash pockets on the bib.

> …zippers on the bib that extend all the way up to the knees as well as a polyester liner on both the jacket and bib for easy on/off….

Even comes in duck hunting-color camo if you wanna double up on that deal. If it’s stupid cold or you’re built like a needlefish, check the Challenger Insulated Jacket and Insulated Bibs. I’ve tried the jacket — bulkier than regular rain gear but man it’ll keep you WARM as well as dry.

Pre-spawn weather is cold, wet and windy, so let’s talk some wind protection. If you think the whole BUFF deal’s just for sun protection, think again. It’s also to stay warm — on cold days and cold runs — and to look as cool as Ott DeFoe, if that were even possible…you know, without having a Classic trophy….

Anyhow back to the wind deal. If you’re like me, keeping your neck warm — particularly the back of your neck — really helps. Few facts on these windproof BUFFs:

> Made with Gore-Tex Windstopper Infinium fabric to block the 70 mph chill [100 mph in a Bullet lol]

> 4-Way stretch = super-comfy from pre-dawn through weigh-in [or just a couple hours, all good]

> Made from 95% recycled plastics, taking plastic bottles from our water and landfills [pretty cool]
Here’s the BUFF stuff Ott was wearin’ when he caught that chunk a couple weeks back:

Quick story: Had ribs the other night, broke out the Redneck Lipstick BBQ sauce for the first time in a while and dang! I swear it has some cherry in it, but Bobby the Redneck hisself says nope!

Anyhow, the best way to stay warm is to EAT ANIMAL MUSCULATURE, and Redneck Lipstick will make that experience even betterer…in my opinion, plus several other rednecks I know….

Gotta say it redneck like this: Git you some.

Do you have a bassin’ tub? Is it ready to roll??

Yep Vexus makes a full fiberglass rig and it’s seriously insanely ridiculously cool, but I still L-O-V-E the tin-glass hybrid AVX. Sick, sick boat and crazy value too.

If you’re in the market for a bassin’ tub, check an AVX out at a Vexus dealer or drive one on the Vexus Revolution Tour. If you’re NOT in the market for a new boat, do NOT get in one! I’m tellin’ ya you won’t be able to sleep afterwards hahaha!

Cool vid about WHY Vexus is building boats — not just cuz the fellers were in the biz before:

Love Forrest makin’ an appearance in that vid man. Got me a little choked up again….

Got motor problems? Hole-shot issues? Stalling, whatever? Use Sea Foam Marine PRO.

No motor problems? Slammin’ — keep it thataway by usin’ Sea Foam Marine PRO.

Pour it into your tank — it’s all petroleum-based so no issues with harsh chemicals or whatever.

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert, not a chemist, not a mechanic. All I can say is what I’ve experienced myself and what I’ve heard other folks say, includin’ W2F’s Walker Smith talkin’ ’bout his 20-yr-old Yammy outboard doin’ better on Marine PRO.

Here’s a quick 90-sec primer vid on what it is and does:

The Tour is back yo! Word from MotorGuide pros is it’s the real deal. Think I’m gonna run one too — stoked! Here’s Shaw Grigsby and Greg Hackney talkin’ ’bout why they like it:

Yep it does have “Spot Lock,” known on this motor as “Anchor Mode” I believe.

The Tours aren’t out yet — TW has ’em for pre-order, so if you’re stittin’ on a little bassin’ savin’s, there you go.

The HydroWave is an “electronic feeding stimulator,” which I’m not sure works cuz KVD is so dang skinny…heehee! Seriously — it’s to make the FISH feed or maybe think they should feed or get excited to feed. Pretty sure all the pros run ’em, and they don’t do it (or anything) just for the heck of it so…. Some info from T-H Marine, which makes HydroWaves:

> Kevin VanDam believed in the product enough to help bring the original [HydroWave] to market, along with the KVD Edition…. Consider the following top 3 reasons virtually every pro runs a HydroWave and believes they are worth every bit of the price, especially during the pre-spawn feeding season:

> #3: Mask sounds from your boat that can spook fish — Plenty of great products can quiet your trolling motor and boat, but give yourself an extra edge by running HydroWave sounds and patterns.

> #2: Stir forage into action — When you run a HydroWave, you’ll often see shad boil on the surface of the water or see other signs of forage stirred into action. It may be a bit indirect, but this helps as a natural way to stir predatory instincts in bass and other fish.

> #1: Directly appeal to every predatory sense a fish has — HydroWave sounds and patterns, especially on the KVD model with its expanded options, complement your presentation of baits. Along with sight and smell, sound — vibrations from prey and baits — also has a direct effect to help trigger a fish’s instinct to bite.

That’s pretty much EVERYTHING you need to know about runnin’ one! On the TW….

2 reasons to run a PowerStick with a GoPro-like cam:

1. What if you catch the snot outta ’em or the biggest one of your life.

2. What if you see a dang bigfoot.

‘Nuff said. Here’s recent FLW winner John “I’m here to take your money” Cox runnin’ one on his rig. I think just about everyone does now:

– End of part 2 of 2 –

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