Duckett Desperate for LA Delta Info

Boyd needs help!Do you live in Louisiana? Do you know how to catch a bass? Do you know how to navigate the Louisiana Delta without killing yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we’d like to introduce you to Boyd Duckett. He’s your new best friend.

Apparently our boy Boyd has been so wrapped up in his business ventures this offseason that he hasn’t had much time to chat it up with local Delta sticks about the 2011 Bassmaster Classic. In the latest installment of his Boyd’s Biz blog at, he says: “Here’s my problem: I can’t get help. I want somebody to talk to me about the water we’re going to fish in the Classic because the Louisiana Delta is a huge body of water and it’s almost impossible to figure out without some guidance. We all get help, but the well looks dry.”

To set the record straight, Boyd’s not doing anything wrong or illegal. It’s open season for info mining as far as BASS is concerned, and you can bet that every pro with a pulse has his ear glued to a cell phone trying to scavenge every last tidbit of insight about the Delta he can. And that’s Boyd’s problem. In his words: “I’m a late shopper, and everything’s been bought. (By the way, that’s just a figure of speech.)” Sad face.

Check out the full blog entry, here. The post gives some pretty interesting insight as to how the Elite Series pros prepare for tournaments in their pre-pre-fishing time.

Oh, and we’re not kidding about Boyd really needing info. He invites you to get in touch with him at his website,, if you think you can help him out.



  1. Craig

    September 14, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    This was pitiful on many levels. When I first read this I thought what the h&ll! First to be so desperate that you use a fishing info blog to try to get info for a tourney coming up in February and second, BASS would let him publish that blog on their site! Anyway, just my thoughts.

  2. Bobby Benbo

    November 30, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    Boyd seems to be a bully out on the water. He seems to think the water is all his and local fishermen shouldn’t be on the water while he’s fishing. After reading Boyd’s blog, it seems like he can’t figure out that if he’s searched hard to find a spot and then a local angler is there the next day when he wants to fish it, that maybe that local area knew of this spot for the past 10 years and fishes it every day he goes out. If I was a local angler and Boyd drove up to me asking me to move off this spot because he’s in a big money tournament, I would look right at him and laugh, then point behind him showing him the rest of the lake that he can fish. Seriously Boyd! Just my .02 cents on my feelings towards Boyd since he’s entered the professional scene.

    Good Luck to Boyd in all future events.

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