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Ditch melons o’ the week.

Ran a couple DDs on Tuesday but wait, there’s more!

11-08 from Lake Berryessa, CA:

Clear Lake, CA 10-lber caught by Aaron Britt on a Damiki Tremor lipless crank:
A couple 8s but…held by a 10 (sorry, couldn’t resist that one):
Japan, maybe a DD but looks like at most an 8. Probably 7.
Here’s the Google translate on the post:

> It did not come the sun. The bus came. Guest, belly blobbing Fish in Combat crank 480 Gotsun’ where I want you to come eat! Pleasant was one shot!

Belly blobbing! #word

Classic emojis?
Is it me or does the Ike emoji look angry?Think, but not sure, they were done by Monster Fishing Tackle. Frickin’ LOVE the idea.

I’ve decided not to fish the B.A.S.S. Opens this year in an effort to try and requalify for the Elite Series.

Former Elitist Kevin Hawk after being brutally honest with himself about whether he could compete at the Elite level. More:

> …during the Elite Series when I was sandwiched between anglers like Todd Faircloth and Brent Ehrler at the holding tanks, waiting to weigh-in. After catching glances at their bags I was often left shaking my head in frustration. Sometimes it would only be a quarter-pound gap while other times it was 5 lbs. The point is there was always a gap — one I couldn’t figure out how to close.

> Despite my work ethic, focus, and drive to be competitive, I have not finished higher than 71st in AOY points, I have not qualified for the Classic, or come close to winning an event spanning three seasons. I realized I needed to take a practical look at my Elite Series career. I could easily continue forcing my way down that path I’m on but I know I may jeopardize losing the remaining winnings I have left from the Cup — winnings giving me the freedom to pursue bass fishing full-time [as a guide].

Huge props for Hawk for having such courage. Great piece, hope you read it. Link to his Gville guide service is here.

Strike King officially reveals the KVD Deep Jerkbait.

Yeah you’ve seen it here for a bit but it wasn’t official yet:

> KVD talking: “I just really wanted us to build one that would get down to the next level. I can consistently get this bait down to, and get bites at, 11 feet.”

> “We have a few baits in our product line that are standouts. This is one of those. It’s special.”

The KVD Deep is 4.75″ and comes in 15 KVD-approved colors.

Jamey Caldwell recently had a couple tied on:

Not sure who this dude is but he was hassling me for a bait at the dock so I gave him one…and a Strike King hat:
Win all this Rapala stuff!
Gotta be at least $300 of stuff in there, all good stuff too. Here’s the link. Same deal as last time — you have to give the machine your email addy to enter, even if you’re a BB subscriber. And you DO get extra points for spreading your link around, so you might wanna do it!Will announce the beeg weener of the Booyah/Yum giveaway as soon as I get in touch with him. Forgot that it’s just email addies, not names, so I can’t announce a name.

More sick giveaways coming yo!


1. Christie not staying at Classic host hotel?

Could be smart, no idea that was allowed.

2. Montgomery re-gets Farm to Feet.

Usually these announcements have same ol’ boring quotes but not this one:

> “We’re proud to have Andy on our team again this year and we look forward to a season full of monster bags.”

Love it.

3. Lowen gets Lure Parts Online.

4. The 3 baits Schultz will use at the Classic.

Or expects to use: Rapala Shadow Rap (and probably the new Rapala bait you’ll find out about next week), Storm Wiggle Wart and VMC Swingin’ Rugby Jig with a craw trailer. Underwater vid of the Wiggle Wart and crawfish is cool:

5. Fletch Shryock says he’s never fought……with his brother, physically. I ain’t buyin’.

6. FLWer Morehead gets Gimmedat.

Another clothing line. I bet ICAST this year has more clothing, sunglass and cooler companies than rod, reel, line and lure companies.

7. K-Pink: What it is.

K-Pink gets on the pond and re-re-re-realizes what bassin’s all about. Pic is a hint, but I’m not sure what UndeRoos are:

8. General Tire jumps further in.Is this the first time an MLF sponsor has crossed over? Sponsoring B.A.S.S., FLW, Skeet and Evers. Already had Crews and Britt Myers.

9. TX: 202 boats in Rayburn Costa.

Started today.

10. AZ: Wild West at Havasu this weekend.

Interesting that it was off limits from the 15th til today.

11. CT bill = no more free licenses for seniors.

Too many baby boomers they say.

12. TX: Video of Conroe victim’s boat…

…as they pull it out of the water. Messed up. Was going to post a pic here but didn’t feel right. A good excuse to once again mention the fund to help his family.

13. TackleTour loves Kistler Magnesium 2 rods.

Bet you would too. Check ’em here.

14. Vid: Casey’s Classic Runner.

Copy of Casey Ashley’s Classic-winning bait. Talks about how he rigs and fishes it:


Here ’tis on TackleWarehouse. He rigs it with a Zoom Fluke.15. New Missile Jigs Ike’s Head Banger.

That’s cool but Ike is a rap guy.

16. Merc spring promotion.

17. First bullet weight storage system?

Developed by a bass-head, supposed to save you time on the water.

18. Humminbird revenue up 35% in Q1.

Guess they’re not on a calendar year fiscal.

19. Fishing retailers expect better sales in 2016.

Hope spring is not rained out!

20. Rapala buying back shares.

21. Dudes do Perfect thing in Bass Pro Shops.

Yet more evidence that Johnny Morris will dominate the world. #illuminati lol

22. TN: Barrett sniper rifle is new state official rifle.

Surprised it wasn’t the Tennessee Rifle. Does this mean TN will have an official fishing rod?

Headline of the Day


What happens to bass after the Classic weigh-in?

Here’s Trip Weldon’s dinner plate at last year’s Classic:

Okay not really. It was Mercer’s. lol


Forgot Bass Champs was a 3-fish limit…but Amistad was still tough.

Tip of the Day

Props for doin’ it, a seldom-addressed subject:

> Most bass boats run a 25- or 26-pitch prop. Some that carry really heavy loads or extremely large boats might run a 24. Some faster boats run a 27. Outside of that range you’ll only find racing type hulls or tricked-out motors.

> If you’re thinking about changing to a prop with a higher or lower pitch, check your manufacturer’s recommendations before you do. Outboard motors are designed to run at a certain rpm at full power. For instance, my Mercury 250 Pro XS is designed to run at 5,800-6,000 rpm at full throttle, full speed.

> I won’t run a prop that’ll give me more or less than that. Going above or below the recommended rpm range can cause it to run inefficiently and slow you down. I’m not talking just about performance, either. I’m talking about wasting money on gas you don’t need to spend.

> Four- or five-blade props are generally smaller in diameter. This result is more blade surface area, which means better traction in tight turns or on big waves. The drawback to smaller blades is that they don’t have as much surface area for cup, and are smaller in diameter so they don’t have the lift that most bass boats need to reach maximum top-end speed. This difference is usually 2-5 mph from my experience.

Quote of the Day


Two years ago, I lost four key fish during the year. If I’d have caught those fish, I’d have been in the low 20s in points.

Terry the Big Show highlightin’ on Bassin’Fan how much lost fish hurt at the top of our sport. Also said:

> “What happened last year is I didn’t pre-fish any of those places. I felt like I’d be okay, but that wasn’t the case.”

Figure that whole pre-fish deal into Elite expenses too.

Shot of the Day


This pic cracks me up. Not sure what that facial expression is, but to me it looks like he’s struggling to lift those melons:


Have you heard Monster Trucks’ tune “For the People” yet?Some country, some southern rock, a little Creedence, a brief Joe Satriani-like guit-fiddle break. I dig it. Hope the rest of the tunes they do are good. Like ground balls, man, keep ’em fast and hot.

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