Special pre-Classic edition: 5 things not at the Classic, How it will be won, 16 lber caught

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It’s Classic week — stop me if you see me wandering around. I’ll be at the show a morning or two, then in the back of the arena every afternoon.

This is probably the only BassBlaster of the week. Maybe one on Friday, otherwise next Tuesday. Will do my best, but the Classic is a maaaaaaaaaadhouse mang!

Today’s Top 5

16.3-lber caught in Cali.
That is a state fair-winning melon fo sho! Greg Springer’s Insta page is here.

5 things you won’t see at the Classic.

From Classics past:

1. First Classic winner Bobby Murray — Bummer, would love to see the expression on Trip’s face if a guy hauled his fish out of the livewell on a stringer and carried ’em like this up to the weigh stage:

2. Competitors weighing fish themselves — Is it me or does that scale kind of look like a toilet?

3. Jumpsuits — Honestly these look would cooler than the “everybody has one” sublimated stuff. Digging the Evel Knievel look here:

4. A welcoming committee like this — Remember that the first Classic, which this pic is from, was at Mead, aka Vegas:

5. Led Zep! — Bummer I wasn’t old enough to be there when Jimmy and the boys were tearin’ it up on the shores of Percy Priest at Classic #2:

[One of the above may not be from a Classic.]

How the Classic will be won.

Will most likely be won anyway, from — bars are % of time something is mentioned in winning (gold) or 2nd-5th (orange) patterns:


Baits, winning baits only



Few things:

1. has been pretty much 100% accurate at PREDICTING Classics, and was 92% accurate when it was used to PREDICT the winning and high-placing patterns AND weights for an entire Bassmaster season, from college events up to the Classic — even on lakes for which it had no data. That nuts or what? Data don’t lie yo!

2. Each of those graphs needs to be interpreted — based on current conditions and a guy’s fishing style. So a little wiggle room.

3. All the Elite pros have access to BassGold — ergo this email ain’t no rule violation. Some use it, some don’t…or don’t tell me they do.

4. If you haven’t subscribed to BassGold yet — or have and didn’t re-up — DO NOT hit it yet. In a few weeks we’ll be launching an ultra-cool revamp plus mobile app, and you can maybe gitcha a deal here in the BB.

Last Grand Lake Classic BassGold preview is here on

How much weight will be needed to win.
Again from BassGold. Short version: Unless the conditions are very bad, the winner will need to average low- to mid-20s per day.

Meet the new Rapala Shadow Rap Shad.
That’s how you launch a bait on the interwebz mang:


Please tell me why I love this color so much — one of the new “frosted” colors. I think it’s the “haymaker” color?

Lot more info + good vids here. Worth your time.

> “[Using a disc gauge] it was 17.5” below the surface. “That’s twice what it was last month, so it actually has improved, but normally here by the dam we would be seeing 2.5 or 3 meters.”

> Thursday…the turbidity and water temperature were consistent top to bottom. Even in the area near the dam that was more than 100 feet deep, the water temperature was 43.9 degrees at the top and it was the same at the bottom. Readings of the mid-lake area Thursday had visibility at 17″ in 44.7-degree water. At Sailboat Bridge the visibility was 24″ and the temperature 47.3 degrees.

Interactive lake map here.

Chris Zaldain said:

> Abnormally cold, muddy water on a typically clear Grand Lake has things well, abnormal.

2. Vinson almost missed Classic with concussion.

3. Ott DeFoe’s thoughts about the Classic.

4. KVD Classic contest.

5. Ike’s Classic predictions.

Also, the Ike Foundation is giving away tackleboxes to kids at the Classic Expo.

6. Russ Lane’s Classic hotel room # is 1111.


7. Lots o’ new Shimano stuff.

Curado 70-size baitcasters for flingin’ smaller baits and pitchin’/flippin’, value-priced Caenan 150 baitcasters designed for high school/college anglers, and additions to the Zodias Bass Rod series including cranking and heavy-duty frog rods. Plus the Shimano Garage #gitchareelfixed (2-reel max)
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And I guess think about givin’ someone a beatin’?

lol — never seen that look on Hackney’s face before, and don’t want to! Bet he was looking at Steve Bowman…because I HAVE seen that look on other people’s faces dealing with Bowman…or maybe that’s just me…and Jerry McKinnis….

10. Lots o’ cool stuff at Hall of Fame auction.

Like these KVD-signed baits — get there if you can:



1. Special farces part 2.

Los dos hermanos de pescas go to great pains to uncover a new Nitro:

Johnny Morris requires all employees to go through para-jumper school now…part of the whole bassin’ world takeover thing….

2. Palaniuk and former Rigid partner launch new biz.

Gourmet hot dogs at weigh-ins?? Really guys? I’ll take a combo chili-Chicago dog when I see you.

Okay, it’s not that:

> Crossed Industries is the place for anyone one who loves fishing and their trucks, to buy quality accessories.

BP if you leave your keys in the truck at the Classic, it may not be there when you get back man. But it won’t be me, I swear.

3. Faircloth gets Gill.

Wise move fer Gill.

4. Combs gets Tackle Addict.

Could describe any of us but in this case it’s a TX store.

5. Russ Lane gets Denali Rods.

6. Velvick retiring after this season.

Doing it to be a dad. #stout

7. Elite rookie Brainard gets Strike King.

Git the net that’s the biggest catch of this kid’s career! Congrats to Jay Brainard, who obviously has the best first name anyone could ever have.

A youngster — is that a baby ‘stache I see there?

8. Elite rookie Avena gets A.R.E.

NJ dude used to play competitive…tennis? Can’t wait to see what faces he makes on the Elites:

9. Mercer’s got a new Twitter handle.

It’s not @Loud&Proud or @BBBBBigBass or @ExCanuck or @Ilovetohockey, but just: @DaveMercer. Twitter got it back from a squatter.

10. AL: Ray Scott gets Montgomery marker.

My 2c is Ray deserves everything he gets. #godfather

11. AR: New FLW AR-only TV show.

Interesting. Hope it goes because would love to see a bunch of state-specific ones.

FLW is also behind the upcoming Will Fish for Kids charity derby in AR.

12. NY: Plattsburgh derbies bring in $2.2 mil.

13. TX: Bass Champs Fork had 337 teams.

#stout — reminds me of this AC/DC tune.

14. NJ: Riot Baits sponsors Ramapo College team.

They’re called the “Ramaposers.” Not really, but it’s a good idea.

15. Check out

All you “one fish every 10 trips is great!” peeps…. Kidding. Sorta.

16. New Garmin software update.

17. Carrot Stix hires Weatherly as sales director.

18. Top brand names in feeshn.

As tracked by fishing biz data gurus Southwick Associates

19. PA: Erie Sport and Travel Expo this weekend.

20. DC: Sportsmen’s Act approved by House.


1. Bass Champs IS 5 fish. So Amistad IS still tough. Done with this one!
2. Classic competitors apparently can stay wherever they want. Don’t think it used to be that way but whatever it is now.

BassBlaster Giveaway o’ the Week

Win all this amazing Rapala stuff yo! Same deal — give the machine your email addy, spread the love to get more points, giveaway ends Thursday!

Winner of the Booyah/Yum loot was Vince D. from Dallas, TX! More giveaways coming….

Tip of the Day

Grand ain’t exactly muddy, but it’s off-color. And the Hibdons know highland reservoirs, which is what Grand is, so:

> “If I run in a creek and it’s 2 degrees colder, I’m not going to give it much of a shot. But if I pull in there and it’s 2 or 3 degrees warmer, I’m finding the first rocky bank I can and starting my search.”

> Hibdon almost always starts looking for the right areas in creeks and bays off the main lake rather than the main lake itself.

> A riprap bank can be dynamite in the back of a creek….

> Many anglers think that bass that feed in a normally clear fishery are somehow incapable of feeding when the water gets dirty. “I caught them one time on Rock to win a Central Pro Am tournament after a hard rain muddied the shallows on the lower end of the lake. It’s the only time I remember the lower end being muddy. I ran down there and had more than 52 lbs for 2 days of fishing just fishing hard rocky banks and flipping any hard cover I could find. Those fish were dumb.”

> …covering water to find those small locations in bigger areas that hold concentrations of big feeding bass.

> “I will either throw something red or brown to mimic a crawfish, or something white or chartreuse to mimic a shad. I will crank it slow and steady giving them time to find and hone in on the bait in the dirtier water.”

> He also likes a spinnerbait and sometimes a jerkbait if the water is not as muddy in those areas but still dirty enough to move the bass up to the bank. And usually if he finds fish on the crankbait going through the area the first time, he’ll turn back around and fish it with a jig….

Quote of the Day

I just want to have fun, and I want the people around me to have fun. If that happens, my Classic will be a success and I’ll leave Oklahoma with a smile on my face regardless of where I end up in the standings.

That’s Chris Lane talkin‘!???! Allegedly. Gonna ask him when I get there if he’d just finished eating pancakes with smiley faces on ’em, putting his kids to bed and petting his dog when he wrote that because I ain’t buyin’ that from the crazy competitive Chris Lane I know.

Shot of the Day

Is anyone else sick of these shots from Tactical Bassin’? Me neither:


Lyme disease just got nastier.

Be careful. I’ve had it 2x and the second time really whacked me.
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