15.5 caught in Cali, Garmin eyeball display, Rojas C-rig tip

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Today’s Top 5



15.5-lber caught in Cali.
Dean Jamieson, 15.5 lbs of lard-bass, 29.5″ long, 23″ around (whoa!!), Lower Otay Rez:

> Lower Otay has received a steady stream of planted rainbow trout…about 400 lbs of trout stocked every couple weeks this winter. Those rainbows…average 1/2-lb in size, not a whole lot bigger than popular trout imitating swimbaits, and perfect size for big bass food.
Shasta Costa: G2 wins by 4 as water rises by 3.
This weekend’s Shasta Costa (formerly the Ray-o-Start-o-Vac) was smashed on its head by former Elitist Greg Gutierrez, who won a toughie in the bass-filled lake where the water rose 3 feet over the course of the derby. Some deets:

> …while many of the top finishers worked reaction baits for their catch, Gutierrez relied solely on finesse tactics and moved from 17th to first on the second day when the reaction bite died.

> …his primary pattern was fishing chunk rock to gravel or gravel to clay transitions on the lee sides of points [in 30+ feet].

> Gutierrez chose points appropriate for the water level, which rose about 3 feet over the course of the tournament, and he always positioned downwind of his target seam.

> …1/4-oz Frenzy Baits Nail shakey head, made and designed by Gutierrez…because the extra weight helped him fish it deep. He believes the extra noise from its more pronounced bottom bumping also attracted more bites. He rigged it with a 4.95″ Reaction Innovations Flirt Worm in green pumpkin and watermelon.
Other tiddybits from Shasta.

Few observations from the top 10 baits — which FLW is doing a good job with:

1. Guys threw the kitchen sink in this one: jigs, crankbaits, U-rig, swimbaits, jerkbaits, you name it.

2. Richard “don’t compare me to my dad” Dobyns ended up 2nd, and in a demonstration of anti-parent anger was not using Dobyns rods. (Okay, he was using Dobyns rods. Maybe this is my issue with my dad…lol.) Here he is:

3. Can’t believe more guys didn’t swing an A-rig around, ‘specially since Shasta is a highland rez so you know they’re going to be on points. Rick Grover (8th) was the only one, used a YUMbrella Flash Mob Jr. with Keitech Swing Impact FATs. Threw it on an iRod Genesis II Bama Rig Special.

4. Most popular baits: 3 guys used a Senko, 2 guys used a Vision 110.

Btw check out all the jerkbaits with 110 in their names. Ko-inky-dink?

Record DE bass caught.
Almost never use the DE abbreviation so fyi DE = Delaware. Here’s that bass:

HAHAHA! Okay, DE bass ain’t zackly the biggest, but this one was a legit DD, 11-10 caught by Andrew Klein out of a lower Delaware pond (there any lakes in DE?):

Full story here:

> “…something slammed my Strike King spinnerbait (bleeding shad) on the drop. My rod bent in half and it felt like I had a rock on the end of the line. The fish immediately went towards the bottom and I had a fight on my hands. Joe jumped on the net and scooped the fish up…. His eyes nearly popped out of his sockets when he saw the size of this fish.”

I bet! Because this line from the same story:

> “When we left the ramp we joked, ‘Maybe we will land a 5-pounder.”

That’s how tough it is! Best parts about the story:

  • Kid’s bass mentor is his girlfriend’s dad.
  • They went back fishing after they weighed and release the lardie.
Garmin first with eyeball display?
Would be wild if it worked in all weather with polarized glasses…and didn’t cause seizures.

Pretty soon here’s what the Classic crowd will look like:


Dang it. Deets:

> A 58-year-old man died after the fishing boat he was on collided with another fishing boat on Lake Conroe early Saturday morning…on the north end of the lake near Scott’s Ridge Road.

> When emergency workers arrived on scene, bystanders had pulled Michael Wayne Conaway of Magnolia from the water and were performing CPR. Crews continued life-saving measures but Conaway was pronounced dead around 8:35 a.m.

> Officials said the man driving the other boat is ok and that both men were participating in a fishing tournament when they crashed into each other. “The boats tried to yield in the proper way and didn’t think the other one was going to yield, so they swerved back and forth and collided….”

> …it was “a 90 mph hit” with each boat estimated going about 45 mph.

RIP bassin’ brother. If you can help his wife with finances, here’s the GoFundMe site.

Also, a man died on T-Bend, wasn’t wearing lifejacket.

Let’s be careful guys and gals. Wear a dang PFD under power — and if you’re way overweight, wear it all the time. A warden in a northern state told me that most drowning victims in cold water are guys who fall in when they’re relieving themselves, aren’t wearing a PFD and can’t get back in the boat.

2. Alton supporting Miracle Ear.

A “sponsor,” but not paying him. He wants to help them. #stout

John “stache” Crews has done this, other pros too, love to see them all jump on this charity angle.

3. Ike vid on hairy jigs.

4. Howell works out??

He’s follerin’ the SpongeBob workout plan:

Heard he was put onto it by Swindle.

Only one of those guys will laugh at this…lol

5. Classic qualifier Sim gets

6. Zona hosting some cartoon thing.

7. Kurt Dove’s Skeeter for sale.

8. FLWer Shawn Murphy gets Orion Coolers.

9. AL: Ray Scott’s bass utopia for sale.

Gotta call him and find out why. $3.4 mil and it’s yours.

> The Legacy Lake property covers 200+/- acres including 74+/- acres of intensely managed bass lakes….

Been there, fished there, it’s all that mang. If I’d married better we’d be moving to Montgomery…lol.

10. TX: Amistad still tough.

From the Bass Champs derby this weekend:

  • Total teams = 142
  • Winning weight = 19.6 lbs
  • Avg weight = 2.46 lbs
  • # of limits = 62
  • # of zeroes = 44

11. Shimano’s traveling Reel Garage.

Will be at the Classic and other B.A.S.S. events.

12. College bass Buff discount.

13. Bel-Ray Marine sponsors BPS Big Bass Tour.

Who is Bel-Ray and why isn’t the company named Ray-Ray?


You still have a shot to win a couple Benjamins’ worth of Booyah and Yum tackle and swag! Gitcha more points to win by sharing it with buds.

Thursday I’ll announce the winner AND start a new giveaway. #shweet


The prespawn tip in the last Blaster was NOT about Dean Rojas’ prespawn baits. Doh! Good stuff in the tip, but not Rojas stuff. Don’t know how I messed that one up, sorry. Error corrected in this Blaster.

Tip of the Day

…for the light Carolina rig he fishes as a “last resort” for tough prespawn bass. The deets on Dean’s prespawn approach are here on

> “Because it’s a slow technique and because of where you’re fishing it, you can catch a 5-6 lber doing it. Since the chances of catching a good one are good, I want to be able to set the hook as hard as I can, especially with light line [he uses 12-lb Sunline Sniper fluorocarbon]. I want the hook to penetrate and land the fish.”

> “A lot lot of times I’m making long casts with it, and get bit on the end of the casts. That light line will stretch, and I want to have every advantage I can when I get bit.”

He said the 7′ Duckett Terex heavy-action rod he uses isn’t a broom handle so….

As I’ve said here before, the whole hookset mechanics and equipment combo fascinates me and is super-important considering what we all do and spend to get a dang bite! Dean said:

> “Whatever works for you. We’re all different, we’re all built differently. Some people have harder hooksets than others, some people know how to play fish and some don’t.”

Yep — but that doesn’t help me man!

Quote of the Day

Most people don’t know how to use it.

– NY bass guide and seminar dude Bill Lortz talkin’ ’bout electronics. WORD! Count me in that crowd too. Also said:

> “One of the most underutilized things on boats. They don’t realize all the features that are in the unit, or how to adjust the color palette and why they should. They just start screwing around with the sensitivity.”

For me begs the questions: Do boat electronics do too much? Can we get to a place where we get experts to set presets like some of us do with cameras so we don’t have to mess with all those controls?

Shot of the Day

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaayum yo!


Navy teaching celestial navigation again in case GPS gets hacked.

Hear your GPS units can be hacked pretty easy, just no one has wanted to do that yet.

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    February 23, 2016 at 10:42 pm

    Bass champs is a 3 fish limit. 19# limit is pretty stout

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