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Cold, wet weather wear plus more spring bait stuff!

Here’s the deal: When it’s hot, you can wear whatever and it’s good. But when it’s any other weather — raining and/or cold — it’s more like we’re okay being uncomfortable. Here to tell you that you CAN be comfortable fishing in tougher weather — and so actually fish better — IF you’re dressed right…for you…which you might not realize you aren’t.

If your job was apparel, you’d know a lot more about it than your average bass-head — or maybe more than ALL bass-heads cuz we only really know what we own. So I asked 3 apparel guys what THEY wear when they’re out a-feeshn in colder, wetter spring weather. Learn ya some about that, and getcha some tiddybits about baits too in this one mang! Talk at ya after el Clasico.

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Today’s Top 5

Patterson Leeth @ SIMMS

Patterson soundin’ off:

> A lot of guys don’t take layering seriously — like for example, jeans under a ProDry Bib isn’t good. Same for jeans and a hoodie under a ProDry suit. In any moisture, cotton is one of the last things you should wear. Many guys complain about a leaky rain suit — it’s your cotton hoodie wicking moisture to your shoulders and neck! It’s making you cold and giving you the feeling your jacket isn’t performing.

> Everyone should layer properly — spending a few minutes to figure out what layering system works best for you and your type of fishing can make an incredible difference in your day. Everyone will do it a little differently. I go from cold to sweating pretty quickly, so if I was heading out on the lake this time of year I’d probably rock the following…depending on how warm/cold it was going to get that day.

1. Top outer layer

> The ProDry is always going to be what I wear as my main barrier, unless it’s like ice cold. Super breathable, windproof and waterproof. If it’s ice cold, I’ll wear the Challenger Insulated Jacket.

2. Top other layers

> I always have a Solarflex Hoody on — always. I like having a hooded baselayer because the extra fabric kind of acts like a BUFF and blocks wind from getting to my back.
> If there’s no rain or inclement weather, I rock a hooded sweatshirt — a Katafront Hoody, which is windproof, or maybe a Rogue Fleece Hoody or a Challenger Hoody. If you don’t like or want a hoody on for some reason, check out the Fleece Midlayer Top.
> I’ve also been wearing a Midstream Insulated Pullover over a hoody or Solarflex lately.
> Rocking a vest is a really good option because it keeps range of motion in the arms and your core warmth intact.

[Here’s some local MN dude Simms got a shot of — looks familiar but can’t place him…cred: Bri Douglas]

3. Bottom layers

> ProDry Bibs or Challenger Insulated Bibs. The Challenger Insulated Bibs are incredibly warm, almost too warm for me. I’d wear them with a light layer underneath if it was super cold. Or maybe the Midstream Insulated Pants.
> If it’s not super cold, I’d be rocking the ProDry Bibs with the Fleece Midlayer Bottom — that pant is super comfy, it has nice front pockets for your phone and you can get away with wearing them into a gas station.
> If it’s warmer, either the Gallatin Pant under the bibs or the Fast Action Pant. The Fast Action is more athletic vs the Gallatin, which is a little heavier and has less stretch.

4. Feet

> I’ve basically been living in the Riverbank Chukka Boots all winter. If it’s really cold, I’ll pull on the G3 Guide Pull-On Boots. Either way I’m wearing the Guide Lightweight-Midweight Sock.

Matt Florentino @ AFTCO

Here’s Matt with some kinda non-bass feesh but wearin’ all his fave stuff:

1. On top

AFTCO Guide Hat

AFTCO Anhydrous 2.0 Jacket

AFTCO Reaper Fleece Hoodie

AFTCO Hexatron Performance Hoodie

(Shades are Electric Zombie S polarized glasses.)

2. Bottoms

AFTCO Anhydrous 2.0 Bibs

AFTCO Pact Pants

– Surplus military-issue lightweight Polartec thermal pants

AFTCO Fishways Tackle Boxers [did we need to know that? lol]

– Stance Lakers [the hoops team] Gameday socks

Kevin Walker @ BUFF

Kevin’s doing some other kinda fishin’ here — let’s call it “oddball” fishin’ (hahaha!) — but he’s fo sho out in the weather:

Here’s BUFF stuff he likes for that weather:
> The BUFF Solar glove or Aqua glove to cut wind and take the bite out of the cold for my hands — and to block the sun on longer days because we’re staying out longer on the water.

> BUFF ThermoNet is perfect for added morning warmth and transition into afternoon sun. Regulates temperature perfectly and honestly keeps me feeling protected from the sun and wind chill this time of year. [For me, warm BUFFs — with or without a hoodie hood — that keep the back of my neck warm somehow keep me real warm.]

> Lastly, a combo platter of two of my favorite BUFF pieces for my dome. Cold mornings start off with the super lightweight and easily packable Lightweight Merino Wool Hat [beanie] — I’m a fan of denim or grey [colors]. As the sun gets higher and the temps warm, I switch to my new go-to piece — the Run Cap in black. The cap is insanely comfortable, lightweight, is flexible and takes up minimal room when packed. It’s cozy on your head and seamlessly accommodates BUFF tubes and facemasks pulled over your face, ears and head.

Some semi-random bait stuff.

Random-ish spring-ish stuff-ish for bassf-ish:

1. You fish “royal red”?

This color popped up a few times on Insta recently:

Those are Bomber Deep Flat As in “royal red.” BOOYAH has the same color in the Hard Knocker and One Knocker lipless cranks but it’s called “sunset craw.”

No blowups, but bass-head C-Dawg Warner takes you on a brief tour of the bait:

Git it on TackleWarehouse.

That’s the lipped version:

> Wheeler adds a blade to the accessory hanger when he targets schooling bass. “Adding a blade makes it look more like a school of baitfish, rather than just one single swimbait out there.”

Here’s someone named Dave-E talkin’ ’bout it — J-Wheels is in there too:

Btw Wheeler recently said he likes the Luhr Jensen Speed Trap too, one o’ my fave cranks of all time….

> Mike Iaconelli: “Once you slide your bait over that little resined keeper, your worm is not going anywhere. It will keep it threaded on or TX-rigged without that bait ripping through. Pretty amazing.

> “They’ve got the most unbelievable hook-to-land ratio of any hook I’ve ever fished. The shape of the Neko style — that particular bend of the hook — once you hook one, you’ll land that fish.”

LOTS of top dudes using that VMC Neko Hook in its various forms: finesse, regular and weedless.

5. Ever see the Yo-Zuri Flat Crank?

Lookit this:

That look sick or what!!!! That’s the Yo-Zuri 3DS Series Flat Crank in “holographic bluegill” (I think). Bait also apparently floats up SLOWLY so it should KILL in certain situations…like tough bites and colder water (but not just)…. 1/4-oz and 2.25″ long.

Honestly I was skeptical (typical bass-head lol) til I saw the vid — pretty sick! Excerpt:

Few updates from bass-heads.

Tx much to the folks who sent this stuff in:

1. CA does have a trophy bass program — sorta (pdf file).

2. KY Lake can’t handle much tourney mortality because of the carp, said one bass-head:

> “I live here on KY Lake and when the lake was doing well (before carp) it could handle the hot-weather tournament mortality. Now we can’t afford ANY fish kills.”

Another bass-head emailed that a few 300+ boat derbies there last year killed a noticeable number of fish.

3. About boating safety and the whole Personal Locator Beacon thing, check this from bass-head Walton Little Jr:

> The PLB devices are true life-savers. Many are under the misconception that a subscription is needed to have one — not true. PLBs do have a battery lifespan that must be observed, and getting that replaced is the only recurring cost. (If you use an ACR beacon product in an emergency for rescue, ACR will give you a free new replacement unit of the latest model if you share your story with them and return the used unit for their “wall of fame.”)

> Here’s a new layer: Let’s say you’re fishing alone in rough conditions with cold water and you go overboard after a stumble — AND you have your high-tech trolling motor set to follow a course along some lake feature. It’s on, and steadily following that course as commanded at a set power level, leaving you behind. What do you do in that case? You better have a PFD AND a PLB or the outlook could be very bleak.

> Even if your boat is discovered in a mere hour, nobody would have a clue where to find you. And spotting someone bobbing in the water isn’t easy — I have thousands of hours experience as first mate and divemaster on a commercial dive charter boat, so I’ve been a party to searches. They aren’t easy. THAT is why I have a ResQLink PLB.”


Yep, mechanical issues kept Jordan Lee on one spot in the CONROE Classic, not the last one on Hartwell. Sorry sometimes they blur together on me….

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