Insane bass of the week, Smallies could win Classic, Vexus glass boat tidbits

Wooohooooeeeeee got the Classic next week! Who’s gonna win? Anybody. Seriously. All dang good fishermen, conditions ain’t optimal (levels the field more — allegedly) and are different in the system, couple different bass species, far as I know Ott DeFoe’s aluminum rig is still banned so…. Also no truth to the rumor that the BPT guys have a side pot for who catches the most….

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Today’s Top 5

Insane in the membrane melons o’ the week!

Check Sean Kennon’s 14-lber from Toledo Bend, good for 5th in the Fort Polk Bassmasters Spring derby:

> “With the water temperature (52), I went there with the mindset knowing fish weren’t going to be up doing their thing yet, so I was focusing on staging fish getting ready to move up.

> “The school of fish was actually holding up shallow, so when I circled around I threw off the side of the ledge — and the big one I caught was actually in about 24’….”

> “I felt my jig hit the actual side of the ledge, and the bite had been real finicky, so I was dragging it back brutally slow. I felt her when she grabbed it, and I told him, ‘That’s a bite.'”

> …fishing with a 7.5′ H Powell rod and a 13 Fishing Concept Z Reel spooled with 20-lb Seaguar fluorocarbon…3/4-oz Santone football jig in peanut butter and jelly….

Next up, accountant Walt J shoulda been doin’ someone’s taxes (hahaha!) but snuck out to a private GA lake and smashed this 10-11 watery melon on a Zoom Brush Hog (black ruby) feeshed in 2′ on a Kistler Mag 2 Rod:

Gitcha 30+ limits!

Bret “Bass” Fisher and Rick Cathey had a HUGE 34-05 to win the Falcon, TX Bassin’ Champs:

How ’bout Ralph Encizo and Denny Bowlines with 31.34 (on a mystery swimbait) to win the CenCal BassEliteTeam Event at Lake McClure, CA:

Not sure where, but @ahaynes505 and his pard harvested 31.29 worth of melons on a YUMbrella Flash Mob Jr. A-rig — on an 18′ flat where bass were chasing gizzards. Big one went 9:

[If you sent me a 30+ limit that’s not here, I might’ve missed it so pls resend….]

Could the Classic be won with just smallmouths??

Conventional bassin’ wisdom from tourneys over the years has got to say no but check this:

> Tellico Dam has no power-generation capabilities and instead serves to divert water through a short canal into Fort Loudoun for greater flood control and navigational purposes.

> As a result, Tellico features clearer water than Fort Loudoun and can be more attractive to deep-water anglers.

> “You’re talking 10′ of visibility on Tellico versus maybe 3′ of visibility on Fort Loudoun,” Brandon Card said. “So the light-line, smallmouth guys are definitely going to favor Tellico.”

> Card said 20-lb smallmouth limits are possible at either [lake] as long as weather allows.

> Mark Menendez…said the biggest decision will be whether an angler wants to catch a lot of smallmouth at Tellico or hope for an occasional monster smallmouth at Fort Loudoun.

> “Loudoun has a good population of 4- and 5-lb smallmouth, and those are going to play big in the Classic. It’s easier to catch a 5-lb smallmouth on Loudon than a 5-lb largemouth, but there are more largemouth.”

Crazy! Can’t wait to see what happens….

“…has the flavor of riding in a limo to a big party with your wife on one side of you and a girlfriend on the other.”

– Hahahaha that’s crazy-talk man! Dude commenting on Bassin’ about both Elitists and BPTers fishing this Classic. Gonna have to take his word on that analogy….

Serious for a sec tho: Some peeps will try and make this the Elites against the BPTs. Nah. It’s a tournament. THE Classic. Whoever wins it deserves it, and it’ll be stellar like it always is — or usually is (heehee!). My 2c….

Is this a kill switch?

Vexus is revealing its fiberglass boat(s) at the Classic, and is letting some tiddy bits out in advance of the big reveal. Gotta say — has to be the biggest new-brand boat intro in a while. They told me it’ll set a new bar overall and with individual features so…will it be the Ferrari of glass boats? I don’t know but they also posted this:

Dang, reconsidering gettin’ me the tin/glass hybrid Vexus…but I know I won’t be able to afford the glass deal….

Foller along on their Facebook or Insta.

Today I saw an alien.

Here it is:

That freaky or what?? It’s haunting me, man — reminds me of this alien from the Simpsons:

Okay — great shot of a citrus shad Bill Lewis MR-6 crank that I believe was designed by BPTer Mark Daniels Jr.


1. Elitist Matt Herren likes the new Elites.

> …with 2 tournaments in the rearview mirror I believe the shakeup was good for us all. Professional fishing is no different than any other profession or career in that things become status quo and stagnant. Most of the time it takes a big event or shakeup to bring about change, and change it has.

2. Elitist Micah Frazier is fishing by the seat of his pants now.

> I’ve kind of learned that I just need to show up and try to get on the pattern that’s current that week, and not rely on scouting and pre-practicing, or how I’d like to catch them, or what they were doing 2 months ago.

> I’ve really gotten confident in my ability to just show up and get on a pattern or something that’s happening currently, rather than visiting the lakes before the off-limits.

> “It’s one thing to visit to learn how to navigate, and I’ll sometimes still do that, but just showing up and not really thinking too much ahead of time has really helped me. I’m taking a similar approach for this Classic.”

3. How Alton Jones says the BPT format is different.

> …you just need to adapt to the conditions at hand quicker than in other events. I’m always looking for new fish now. …It’s like practicing everyday.

Also said:

> My 2 basic baits over the first event were a 6″ YUM Dinger with a lightweight Texas rig or the same bait wacky-rigged. That was on Toho. On Conroe, I flipped and pitched a 4.25″ YUM Bad Mamma. It’s a very skippable bait.

Here’s Alton talkin ’bout skippin’ that bait:

4. On the other hand, Brandon Tharp is fishing the same.


> “Looking at the history of it, the guys who seem to have the most success — Greg Hackney, Kevin VanDam, and Bobby Lane — they just do their own thing. They have not changed their style to fit MLF and that’s why they are the most successful.”

5. Elitist Clent Davis threw a jerkbait around docks?

Ever do that?? Maybe a spotted bass deal? DUEL Hardcore Flat Minnow 110 (ghost pro blue) on 12-lb Yo-Zuri TopKnot Mainline 100% Fluorocarbon.

#sexy (that bait, not Clent)

6. Elitist Brandon Card on BassEdge Radio.

7. FLWer Brian Latimer gets Fell Marine.

Never heard of ’em but Brian’s endorsing their MOB+ — “a wireless ignition-shutoff system.”

Release noted that he’s got 35K YouTube subscribers — pretty stout man!

8. Watch me stump Zona on StrayCasts.

Cracks me up — can’t believe the sasquatch question didn’t give me away. Crackin’ me up way more was the next prank caller — named “Ron Martens.” HAHAHA great disguise there A-Mart!

Prank caller before me was from Gonzales, LA — hmmm….

9. New FLW HS contingency program…

…with Abu Garcia and the Boy Scouts of America.

10. New BOOYAH ToadRunner Jr is available!

Here’s the diff:

Word is:

> Sounds real similar to full-size.

> Still has adjustable tail but the Jr has a new 1-piece screw-lock system inside the tail — helps with fish biting off tail or maybe losing a tail from a braid backlash. [The full-size ToadRunner is transitioning to the screw-lock.]

Of course, smaller frog = more bites. BOOYAH guys have told me the sound makes the bait sound bigger than what it really is, which is interesting.

The full-size ToadRunner was specifically designed by Jason Christie and BOOYAH to catch the biggest fish around.

Head BOOYAH feeshn nut Chad “C-Dawg” Warner says to fish the TR Jr on a 7′ to 7′ 6″ H rod with a fast tip, and braid maybe as low as 30-lb, whatever you’re comfortable with.

Bait’s on TW right now yo!

11. Lunkerhunt Combat Combo now available.

Dick’s only, sounds like:

> …silky smooth 2500-size Lunkerhunt Assault spinning reel that cleanly flows into the 6′ 8″ M-action Combat Rod that is the backbone of this combo.

12. Lovin’ this T-H Marine post.

Funny and good:

Bunch of those products are at Tackle Warehouse.

13. Z-Man goes Nedko…or Neked?

HAHAHA! I’d call it the “Neked Rig” but…. It’s a Ned Neko deal such like:

Also on the TW. Gotta hand it to Z-Man for really hammerin’ the whole Ned Flanders deal, congrats to ’em.

14. TN: Here’s you a “new” crayfish species.

> The screaming Eagle crayfish is…found at only three streams at Fort Campbell and one stream in Clarksville.

Bizarre name for a little ‘ol craw, but:

> …named…in honor of the troops of the 101st Airborne Division.

#stout — check the white claw tips….

15. This how our weather’s changing?

Long-term weather forecasts are always so spot on so add a few lbs of salt to this:

> Because the planet’s poles are warming faster than the tropics, the difference in temperature between these 2 climate zones is becoming smaller. This leads to an expanding subtropical, arid region. This subtropical zone is pushing into Mediterranean climates…causing total precipitation in these places to decrease.

Some Cali-specific stuff — and right now it sounds like CA’s snow pack is good:

> CA is defying this trend — it’s annual average precipitation is expected to remain about the same…. But the intensity of rain is expected to increase, meaning more will fall in less time.

> As temperatures warm, the atmosphere holds more water. So while CA’s overall dry season will lengthen…its winter atmospheric rivers will dump more water than before.

16. EUR: Bullfrog and crayfish threatening native species.

I will propose a solution that actually generates $$: stock bass.

17. EUR: Guess people cheat in fishing derbies there too?

Line of the Day

Anglers fishing for bass are having luck while fishing with bright-colored lures in chartreuse, black or red.

So…BLACK is a bright color in CA? Would explain things like…Brent Ehrler…(heeheehee!).

Tip of the Day

Catch a big smallie before winter’s over.

Headline caught my attention — surely he meant in the pre-spawn, right? Nope, Elitist David Mullins talkin’ — full meal deal on Bassin’

> In most lakes there’ll be a better minnow bite than there will be a crawfish bite. That basically means that you’ll be looking for a depression or steep drop somewhere near the main lake channel.

> But that doesn’t mean that you’ll be fishing deep. Sometimes this late in the winter they move surprisingly shallow, but they’ll still be near the main lake channel.

> As a general rule their depth will be determined by water color and temperature. When the water is 50 degrees or warmer and has a little color to it they tend of move shallow. When the water’s colder and clear they’ll typically be found deeper.

[Wait — 50-degree water is WINTER? Would love to live where Mullins lives lol.]

> I usually start with a 3″ Scottsboro Tackle swimbait. It’s got the right action for colder water, and it’ll produce at almost any depth. Swim it along the bottom with spinning tackle on a 1/4-ounce head for the most success. I go with the smallest size because it seems like that’s what they’re feeding on at this time of the year. They seem to shy away from bigger lures.
> Another one of my choices is the Doomsday Tackle C-Shad, 3.2″ long. I use this one when the bass are schooled and a vertical presentation is the thing.
> My 3rd choice is an old-fashioned Storm Wiggle Wart. Those things have been around forever, and there’s a reason for that — they flat out catch them. I prefer the 2″ size.

Quote of the Day

“The stench of fiberglass resin brought to mind being in a bass boat….”

Dude who was driving a fiberglass-body Corvette. My issue with this is the word “stench” — implies a bad smell when in fact the smell of a fiberglass bassin’ tub is like this:

Shot of the Day

Sick @aftcofreshwater shot by @johnnyz_tryna_go_places — believe that’s Jared Lintner…bassin’ in shadow prison:


A MN dude paid $1,000 for a SHRIMP…for a pet…sorta.

Actually if I read it right, he paid $20K for 20 shrimp and ended up making money on the deal, by selling the fry for $100 apiece. Who knew.

Here’s what such shrimp look like — guess they’re in tanks without fish cuz, like bubblegum worms, they don’t exactly blend in:

Ya got me
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