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Special Issue: Fall baits and such – part 2!

Welcome to part 2 of the Fall BassBlaster Special Issue bass-heads! Gotcha swimbaits and more. Stock up, load up, back the truck up, and go!

Swim yer baits!

Fish it on a jighead, underspin, spinnerbait, whatever — soft-plastic spinnerbaits are the deal this time of year so….

1. Storm 360 Searchbait

Swimbaits — especially the smaller ones fished this time of year — are for-sure fish-catchers. If it eats, these catch ’em…and that’s what the Storm 360 [pictured in “gaga”] was designed to do: Catch everything that swims.

Course that includes bass. You can buy bodies and heads separately, or get ’em pre-rigged. But the bottom line is they’re designed to be easy to rig and easy to fish — tie one on and crank it back. No PhD in bassin’ needed.

Use it to target shad, fish around promising cover or structure or just as a search bait. Works in the water column or along the bottom.

Storm also makes a lipped version called the Searchbait Swimmer — check it here.

2. Strike King Rage Swimmer

Ever hear of an Alabamian Rig? Might wanna try some o’ these Rage Swimmers on one o’ those because that new 3.25″ size is hard to beat. But if you’d rather just stick one on the back of a jighead, this is a good’n. Check that color, green gizzard shad.

Here’s a good vid with David Kilgore about fishing a Rage Swimmer on a lighter jighead in colder water. He has the bigger-size Swimmer, but the same thing applies.

3. BioSpawn ExoSwim

Shad-colored swimbait? Check. Catches ’em? Check it:

That’s Seth “no me llamas” Feider, whose “Feider shad” color ExoSwim is one o’ the deals for this bait in the fall (and is in that pic). Here’s what he be sayin’ ’bout it:

> “Right now’s best time of year to throw it. For smallies, a single swimbait gets really good late in the year when the water’s super clear. They’re really keyed on baitfish then after eating crawfish all summer. A lot of the bait that was suspended in the middle of the lake all summer is making its way shallow in the fall. Smallies take advantage of it and put it on a lot of weight.

> “I fish it on an Outkast Goldeneye Swimbait Head, 3/8- or 1/4-oz with the 4/0 hook option — it fits that swimbait really well. It’s a fairly big bait — 4″, like a 3.8 Keitech.
> “We have a couple really good colors that time of year. I like Feider shad. I fish it on pretty light line — 10-15 lb straight Sufix fluoro. I’m kind of an anti 6.3:1 guy, but this is one of the few things I use it for because you really have to crawl that bait on the bottom as slow as you can. I use a Daiwa Tatula SV and a 7′ ML Daiwa Tatula Rod.
> “You need a rod with really soft tip. A lot of bites don’t feel much different than the rock…. It bows up almost like you’re getting hung up. With this rod you can put pressure on the fish so you know it’s a fish without them dropping it on you.

> “Slow-roll it on humps and points that stick out far into the main lake basin. Up here [MN] we have tulibee [baitfish] which spawn in the fall…smallmouths follow them too. …furthest sticking out main lake points and humps.”

4. Fish Head Greg Vinson V-Lock Swimbait Head

Here’s what pro Greg Vinson wants to know: DO YOU FISH YER SWIMBAITS ON THE BOTTOM? Seriously cuz the pros do that. Here’s a quick tip on it:

Gitcha Fish Head Greg Vinson V-Lock Swimbait Jig Head — made for that bottom-swimmin’ — on the TW.

5. Fish Head Stand Up Underspin

Ever hear of a stand-up underspin? Me neither — how cool is that! From TW:

> An offshoot of the original Fish Head Spin, the Fish Head Stand Up Underspin delivers a modified design that is perfect for crawling across the lake floor. Molded with forward weighting and a flat bottom…maintains a nose-down posture with a steady retrieve and stands up when at rest, just like a feeding baitfish.
> …features a molded-wire top-notch ball bearing swivel, and a super-bright willow blade that generates a brilliant flash. Perfect for pairing with your favorite soft plastic swimbaits….

Fish Head makes a LOT more great stuff to put swimbaits on. Givin’ ’em some love….

Quick fall tip for ya

Here’s how Brandon Card stalks fall baitfish. B-Card says “check it:”

> “The reason bass move so much this time of year is because they’re chasing shad migrating from their deepwater main-lake summertime haunts to the shallows of creeks and rivers. This time of year I really try to target shallow water in creeks because I like fishing areas where I know more bass are coming.

> “I love covering water and catching active fish. Two of my favorite baits for this situation are Yo-Zuri 3DB Pencil (bone) and a DUEL Hardcore Crank 2+ (gizzard shad).
> “The key this time of year is putting the trolling motor down and covering miles of bank. The only time I slow down is when I come to any piece of wood cover.

> “If I’m seeing lots of surface activity like shad flickering on the surface or bass chasing bait, I’ll throw the 3DB Pencil. When I’m not seeing much surface activity, that tells me the shad are closer to the bottom and then I lean on the Crank 2+ more.

> “I use the same rod and reel for both baits — the only thing different is the line selection. A 7′ M Abu Garcia Veritas Rod paired with an Abu Garcia Revo MGX Reel (8.0) gets the nod for both techniques. I use 40-lb Yo-Zuri Super Braid for the 3DB Pencil and 12-lb Yo-Zuri TopKnot Fluorocarbon for the Hardcore Crank 2+.
> “One more key to solving the fall fishing puzzle is anytime you get a bite, always make sure you fish that area thoroughly. There’s a very good chance you’ll catch several more fish nearby. Bass school up more in the fall than probably any other time of year, and just because you’re fishing in shallow water, don’t think that they aren’t schooled up because they are!”

Card’s usually pretty chill but when he gets one on he’s all, “Git in mah belly!”

It ain’t all about baits so…

1. Improve your rig!

If it’s a gittin’ too cold to bass-fish or if cold-water bassin’ ain’t your thang, rather than just using your boat and 16″ screens to watch football, how ’bout a-gittin’ it ready for next year?

T-H Marine makes literally every boating accessory ever invented — except these weird spider-leg things:

Anyhow, here’s some off-season suggestions for ya: Tackle Titan bait storage, Oxygenator aeration system, KONG electronics mounts, Blue Water LED Boat light kits — gitcha Bob the Builder on!

2. BUFF StUFF keeps you warm too!

Got 2 words for ya: Eat Doritos. Wait, wait — no what I mean to say was: BUFF merino. Gitcha some of their TOP NOTCH merino wool stuff and be amazed. I’ll be stylin’ in several BUFF offerin’s includin’ these — click the pic for the full list:

Clockwise from top left:
> Heavyweight Merino Wool Hat
> Heavyweight Merino Wool Neckwarmer
> Midweight Merino Wool Hat
> Lightweight Merino Wool BUFF

Dark colors cuz dark absorbs heat mang! Did I mention that they have new thermal arm WARMERS? Not merino, but a cool idea:

3. Did you miss the best day of feeshn of your entire life??

Maybe…if you didn’t have the BassForecast app:

That worth a sick day at work or what?? Don’t miss out! They woulda been jumpin’ in the boat or you mighta caught that DD you needed to out-brag yer bud. Gitcha BassForecast here.

4. YOLOtek Power Light

Unless you’re way down south, it’s startin’ to get dark earlier and earlier. Cuz you’re squeezin’ daylight to catch the fishes, getcha the runnin’ light-port-powered YOLOtek Power Light cuz your eyes ain’t as good as a possum’s yo! Plus you’d hate to accidentally put your tackle in your bud’s truck lol.

YOLOtek’s stuff is GENIUS…and works.

5. Gitcha BB hoodies!

Last on the list but first in your heart (hahaha!) is these new hoodies, which I was rockin’ at KY Lake last week. Check ’em — not too heavy, not too light:

Back to regular Blasters on Thursday, thanks for readin’!
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