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Today’s Top 4

Lardys of the week.




Instead of largies, these = “lardys:”

Here’s a Rayburn 13.25, guide was the one and only Mark Pack — 3/4-oz football jig in deep grass/structure:

‘Nother one from Rayburn, BB reader Tommy M. thunked this one in 24 ft with a Strike King 10XD (segzy shad):

Brad Ferraro won a recent derby at Conroe, TX with a limit that included a 10.44:

Not sure where from, but there’s lard at the end of that rainbow:

A Lake Biwa, Japan lardy, weight unknown, but the swimbait color proves one again that bass will bite anything:

Biffle don’t need no fall rate.




Anyone who’s prone to overthink the deets, check this — from way down deep on

> “I don’t really pay attention to how a trailer will affect the bait’s fall rate. Most of the time I’m flipping with a 1/2-oz jig, and I’ve really never had anyone in the boat beat me by flipping with a lighter jig.” [He varies trailer size based on the size of fish he’s after.]

How ’bout that? More:

> “You can control the fall of the bait with your rod.


> “Using a Zoom Super Chunk as an example, I’ll thread it onto the hook and glue the top of it to the collar of the jig. On my craw trailers I’ll do the same thing, but I’ll bite a quarter of the tip off and then thread it onto the hook. By gluing them on, you can catch a lot of fish with one trailer.”

> “Every once in a great while, a pork trailer will roll up onto the tip of the hook. I don’t care how hard you set the hook, you’re not going to drive through the bulkiest part of a pork trailer. Years ago at Sam Rayburn, I had a 5-lber come off for this exact reason. I lost the tournament by 3 oz. I swore then that I’ll never be in that position again.”

Didja see the Farmers Only spinnerbait ad?




One “innuendo” line in there I’d love to call out but would violate the BB’s PG rating. At least they used a good bassin’ bait for the commercial:

Poyang Black King Kong Fishing Tackle.




“Super Kung Fu chop” name of a legit Chinese tackle company. Seems like Poyang is a lake name, so that would be like:

Lake Fork Green Godzilla Tackle Company

I like that better! Not sure it means anything but a bud took this shot at Fork’s Quail Hollow ramp the other day:




1. Clunn getting more into swimbaits.

> “…I’m trying to reinvent myself right now.”

> “I’ve been real good at finding 2-pound fish. I have to improve my bite to be successful, using more swimbaits and targeting 4-lb fish no matter what.”

> “I love the challenge of bass fishing and as long as it’s done the right way, I plan to continue. Every single day I treat just like it’s a brand new day. I don’t look at anything in the past.”

2. Jocumsen gets Bass Cat.

Odd since the Aussies have declared war on cats…but I guess not bass cats. Here’s the crazy Aussie playing drums with huge pieces of rotini pasta:

3. Big Show bangs out some hammers…

…before the FL off-limits in a cold front!?!?

4. Niggemeyer just installed one of these.


5. Great piece about FLWer David Cosner.

Man I truly hope the worst is over for David — 180 lung surgeries in 6 years plus other stuff = mega-tough. Bless you brother!

6. FLWer Billy Mac gets Orion Coolers.

7. GA angler fishing, winning with ALS.

Very cool.

8. AR: Hamilton Soldiers Wish derby Feb 27.

More derbies on other lakes for that great cause. Deets here.

9. New Strike King KVD Deep Jerkbait.

What’s weird is it doesn’t come in sexy shad and KVD won’t be throwing it at the Classic.

Okay I made that up.

10. Ltd edition leopard Gan Craft swimbait.

Bow-chicka-wow-wow. Catches bass that look like this:

And these…

…catch these:

I guess?

11. B.A.S.S. gets Mountain Dew.

Probly because Bowman drinks a gallon of that stuff a day…and shows no ill effects…not.

12. Z-Man gets another Chatterbait patent.

Hope all that $ spent is worth it for ’em.

13. MN: Zara Spook in title of play.

> The focus of Joan Ackermann’s play is on Evelyn, who is off to Elephant Butte Lake near Truth or Consequences, N.M., to compete in a bass-fishing tournament. Along for the ride are her boyfriend, her best friend, and her main competition.

Ain’t gonna light ’em up there!

Short Stuff

If you wanna know my 2c about K-Pink’s recent payouts column, check it here. If you don’t care to read the whole thing, here’s the part you should read at least 3x:

In case you think pro bassin’ can be “fixed” payout-wise, pay close attention to this:

Once upon a time back in my BassFan days I got fired up and tried to change the pro tourney format and payout. We put on a national tourney, nearly all top pros showed up. Not only was there no entry fee, we PAID THEM AN APPEARANCE FEE which more than covered their expenses AND we had a 6-figure payout AND put it on national TV.

There’s never been another tournament like that, including the Classic.

Believe that was the first and only independent attempt to actually do something about this perceived expense/payout problem, done by someone in this biz NOT interested in getting into the tourney game. Worked like a charm…and no one cared, including the pros! Learned a lot, moved on.

Read it all here.

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Tip of the Day


[This is NOT Dean Rojas’ stuff. Not sure how that got screwed up…sorry!]
> “On warm days, they’re going to be getting up to the top of the flats and the edges of the grass. They will be continuously looking around for something to eat.”

> The key to success is positioning the boat so the ledges of the drains can be worked effectively. “It’s a matter of casting horizontally and working the breaklines.”

> “Rat-L-Traps, Strike King Red Eyed Shads, Stanley Top Toads, Alabama rigs and spinnerbaits have become the most-dominant prespawn lures in the last 5 years. They’re effective at catching large fish, small fish — anything.”
> Dean’s prespawn selection of lures [also] includes Stanley Vibra Wedge spinnerbaits, Chatterbaits, trick or wacky worms, Stanley U-99 plastic jerkbaits….

> “Everybody seems to think that a frog bite is a fall bite, a summer bite or night bite. I can tell you I’ve taken many prespawn bass on frogs, and the Top Toad….”

> In the mouths of drains, he won’t hesitate to throw A-rigs (like the Yum Flash Mob Jr.), Stanley Vibra-Wedge spinnerbaits and Stanley skirted vibrating jigs.

Here’s a shot of some of Dean’s fave pre-spawn baits. Those colors of Rat-L-Trap are Toledo red and white crawfish:

Quote of the Day

I learned at an early age that if you’re hunting something — be it birds or fish — and they’re not where you thought they’d be, you have to do something else.

– J-Power Hour in his first Bassin’master column.

Shot of the Day

Matt “Pig Show” Allen’s at it again, this time on Clear Lake, CA. Caught these fish on swimbaits (wif the Matt Allen Swimbait Head) and lipless cranks, which is interesting because I almost never hear them credited for big Cali fish:


Giant catfish clogs Austrian dam. Lookit that thing!

Be throwin’ these

Only the best…

You gotta get down with this stuff!

Git on these!



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