Why not these colors? Choco-dipped smallies! Swim a tube to mimic shad

Today’s Top 5

Check these chocolate-dipped brownies!

My bud Brett M and his buds were on Mille Lacs, MN fishing some shrooms/TRDs on a gravel/sand transition in 10-11′ just outside a spawning flat when they caught this choco-loco:

YUM Baits’ exec-type Mark Cowan was on Broken Bow, OK and got him this average-sized dipper on a YUM Christie Craw:

Next great idea? Pop-up bait shops.

For all I know someone’s already doin’ this, but if not, I gotta say that I and I’m sure lots of you would drop some coin at the ramp if we could:

Shoot, I might even do it….

“We ain’t even playin’ baseball and we hit doubles!”

Deion Sanders (with Randy Moss) talkin’ in this pretty dang funny bassin’ vid:

Prime asks if anyone wants to play a little 2 on 2 with ’em — I can think of a few pairs of bassin’ dudes they might not want to go up against….

This vid’s gotten quite a run already on the wide world of interwebbin’….

If these colors are so good…

…why aren’t they in all baits? For ex:

Soft-plastic colors that I guess should be jig, spinnerbait and crankbait colors: Aaron’s magic, margarita mutilator, morning dawn, California 420, junebug (not pictured), oxblood (not pictured), gp/purple flake (not pictured), blue fleck, sprayed grass and one of my personal faves, blue/black/chart flake:

Props to YUM for the shad-like “tin foil” color in some of hits soft-plastics including the YUM Dinger but also flipping baits like the Christie Critter:

Hard-bait colors that should be soft-plastic colors (not including swimbaits): sexy shad, chart/blue back, citrus shad, Rayburn red, gold/black back:

Shoutin’ out the Lucky Craft 1.5 in “pink dragon gill,” a soft-plastic-like color I wanna fish sooooooo bad…you hear that Erhler and Tak??

Jig/wire-bait colors that should be soft-plastics: PB&J and cole slaw:

Shoutin’ out Dirty Jigs’ “dirty 420” and “watermelon red” soft-plastic-like colors, and the BOOYAH Squelcher buzzbait in “citrus shad.”Got any others? Lmk….

What a shad spawn looks like…

accordin’ to Elitist Hank Cherry:

> …they look like greasy bubbles up against something — a bluff wall, a laydown, riprap, styrofoam floats under docks or anything else that’s handy.

[Oops sorry, that’s chili — was hungry….]

> At times the spawn will look like rain drops hitting slick water.

Good hints, but it ain’t always that tough! Here’s 1 other possibility (from the TXFF):

Here’s another, from noted bassin’ scribbler George Kramer:

If you see a guy like this, then you know:

One mo thang: Not sure, but I believe when shad spawn they are all “sexy shad”….


1. We lost Glenn Browne.

Former FLW Tour pro, the big C got him. Bless you bassin’ brother.

2. Alton Sr thinks Table Rock fish will be out deeper now.

3. Will Jeff Kriet fish this week?

Dealin’ with bad back pain. Been there, still go there sometimes, feel for you brother….

4. Really good Matty Herren post with math.

Worth a full read, here’s the math part:

> …as a group we tend to think our career equations look like this: Pro Anglers + Sport = Fans, when in actuality the math problem looks like this Sport + Fans = Pro Anglers.

Matt friggin’ LOVES math. Once he texted me this math meme, and gotta admit I still don’t get it:

5. Elitist Jeff Gustafson is a Nedder.

6. A-Mart and Elitist Garrett Paquette on StrayCasts TONIGHT.

Pat Renwick insists that every day is Wed so tonight is StrayCasts — 7pm CST live on Facebook/Stray Casts or

7. FLWer Blake Smith must have a story to tell….

8. AR: Trace Adkins will stomp and shout at the FLW Cup.

Cool, but looks like ‘nother angry country star:

Guess that whole country crooner thing is a tough deal…?

9. FL: Okeechobee water level is 2′ lower than normal.

Weirdly, the bass don’t care….

That’s a lot of water. FL must be the only place in the USA not getting loads of rain?

10. IL: McKendree U wins School of the Year…

…on the Collegiate Bass Feeshn Series. Congrats! Here’s the top 10:

1. McKendree University
2. Bethel University
3. Adrian College
4. Murray State University
5. Blue Mountain College
6. University of Montevallo
7. Bryan College
8. University of North Alabama
9. University of Louisiana – Monroe

10. Grand Valley State University

11. TX: Look what guide James Caldemeyer is fishing on Fork.

Yep that’s a lizard on a jig:

A Santone Football Jig with a Berkley Power Lizard, which are now on sale at the TW.

12. FL: Hydrilla treatment on Panasoffkee June 5.


13. AL: Lookit this crazy-colored bass!

Redeye bass from the Tallapoosa River north of Lake Martin. Diggin’ the blue:

14. Tackle Warehouse has bait guides for…

Pre-spawnSpawn — and Post-spawn.

And if you missed it somehow, here’s the BB Early Post-Spawn Baits n such Special Issue.

15. Yammy spring sales deals are on.

> …eligible, new, select 2.5-75 hp 4-stroke outboards can receive up to $500 in dealer credit based on MSRP toward the purchase of additional goods and services…. …purchase eligible, new, select 90-300 hp 4-stroke outboards can receive 5 years of warranty protection, which includes 3 years of Yamaha Limited Warranty Coverage and the additional protection of a 2-year Yamaha Extended Service plan at no additional cost.

16. Asian carp updates.

17. Gunpowder PR gets SIMMS.

If it seems like Gunpowder’s doin’ a lot lately, it’s cuz they’re renting some of KVD’s minions. Downside is they ain’t real efficient:

18. Facial recognition tech will sort fish…

…and allow “desired” species in while keeping the bad ones out…allegedly….

Factoid of the Day

The FL DNR said in an email that bowfins are also called “cypress trout or, much less glamorously, mudfish.” Cypress TROUT? “Less-glamorously?” Those dang things couldn’t look less like a trout and could not be glamorous even if they were dressed like this:

Tip of the Day

Larry Nixon: Swim a tube for the shad spawn…

…and I guess any other time baitfish are that size — from an oldie/goodie Bassin’masters post:

> During the 2004 Dardanelle Elite 50, Larry Nixon was looking for something to entice bass that were feeding in shallow grass…. “The bass were chasing shad that were spawning there.”

> Nixon tried the obvious stuff — worms, spinnerbaits, jigs and buzzbaits…they weren’t getting the job done. He had a tube rigged for flipping…. He started making long casts…swimming the tube among the stalks. He kept a steady retrieve, twitching the rod tip to pop the lure free as it banged around the grass.

> …the bass ate it. “I missed a few because most of them were just swatting at it. But those that missed often came back and hit again.”

> Shad-colored flipping tubes that have more bulk and size imitate the small shad perfectly…. Nixon rigs swimming tubes with a light sinker, 5/0 hook and fluorocarbon….

Quote of the Day

“You never know why the bass do what they do and why they don’t do what they don’t do.”

BPTer Randy Howell talkin’. Wait…Howell, you NEVER know why bass do and don’t do things? Does this mean all your wins have been…random?? Does it mean that when someone asks you how you caught your fish you just say, “Who cares man!” Lol!

Shot of the Day

This pic cracks me up — BPTer Randall Tharp tryin’ to smile holdin’ what might be the ugliest largie he’s ever caught hahaha! Shoot Tharp, don’t touch that thing!


CrossFit leaves Facebook and Instagram. Several reasons, check this part:

> Facebook’s news feeds are censored and crafted to reflect the political leanings of Facebook’s utopian socialists….

Word hahaha!

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