Top baits from the weekend, Jason Christie muddy water spinnerbaits, Fish rip pants??

Pickin’ up my boat tomorrow!!! Stoked, tho as my bud Chad said, just in time to get it winterized lol. Thinkin’ ’bout not doin’ the huntin’ club this year to make myself fish in the cold. Here’s some more of the Vexus folks who worked on the new Blaster rig — thanks much!

I’ll be a-listenin’ to Mntn Railroad on the way there man — yeeeeeeehaaaaaa! Bluegrass folks can PLAY. Some VH too fo sho.

Did not get a B&W ball hitch this weekend — sold out/supply issues in my area — but found my old one. Used it back when I fished the salt a bunch so I hope it holds together for the 3-hour ride home.

Hit a West Marine to get new safety gear — rope, throwable, etc. Lotta empty shelves, a few tumbleweeds. They said peeps have been buyin’ and they can’t get stocked, just like a lotta stuff. I threw out my old, moldy safety gear just cuz I’m scared of having a new boat with older stuff in it…other than myself I mean hahaha! Only expensive things I own are guitars, shotguns and vehicles, and I never buy any of ’em new so this new boat thing has me a little freaked out like:

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Today’s Top 5

“…even if you can see the fish ahead of you like a video game, forward-looking sonar will not prevent you from ripping your pants while landing them.”

Forward sonar won’t control your cholesterol levels either…WUT?? One of the weirdest, funniest quotes I’ve seen in a while, from Elitist rookie Destin DeMarion. Possible he’s been inhalin’ too much Powerbait stank??
Anyhow, couple things:
1. Based on his random comment, he might be a future bassin’ media stah.

2. Little known fact…fish actually hate ripped pants:

“I worked hard for this one. I spent almost 3 months planting brushpiles.”

Yes he did! Takes a lotta work to build a pile, disassemble it, load it in your boat, then reassemble it underwater:

Lol! That’s NC’s Brian Morgan talkin’ after winnin’ this weekend’s 2-day BFL Super-derb on Norman, his 3rd BFL win in that division this year…impressive.

Rayburn Open top 10 baits breakdown.

Big congrats to Japan’s Masayuki Matsushita for squeakin’ out a win (by 1-09) and entry to the Bassin’masters Classic! If you’re amazed that Japanese anglers are coming over here and doing so well, please give 100% of the credit to Takahiro Omori who had the stones and drive to prove it could be done!Anyhow, Masayuki fished a Deps Sakamata Shad (soft jerkbait) on a 7/0 Owner Wide Gap Hook and a Zoom Ol’ Monster worm in brushpiles and trees in 20-30′:

Is it me or does that bait on the left look like a sperm whale?? (Worst name for a whale ever.) Anyhow here’s the top 10’s baits broken down:

Crankbait = 40%Strike King 6XD (20%) and 5XD, Norman DD22, and 6th Sense Cloud 9 C10 and C15 (Rapala DT14 in 12th). Guess who fished the XDs — rhymes with “chief domes”:

Worm = 40% — All were BEEG worms.

Bladed jig = 30%Delta Lures Thunder Jig = 20% but this kid fished a regular ol’ Chatterbait:

Football jig = 30%

20% each = Swimbait, Jig

10% each = Dropshot, Wake bait, Carolina rig, Flip plastic, Frog

Potomac FLW ‘Yota top 10 baits breakdown.

When’s the last time someone won a tourney on a Terminator spinnerbait?? VA’s James Maupin won this’n by just 7 oz over NC’s Todd Walters. Should mention VA’s Wayne Vaughan only had 14 fish and was a little less than 3 lbs out of 1st.

What James said:

> …Greenway Flats and Mason Neck. Each area had a 200-yard stretch that he would work back and forth no matter the tide…. “I’m not too familiar with tides, so I just put my head down and fished…it was just so consistent. When that sun would peek out I couldn’t get a bite going, but I could throw that spinnerbait down those grasslines when it was cloudy and it was cloudy all 3 days.”

> …3/8-oz Terminator spinnerbait [white]…gold willow blades. He had two identical spinnerbaits rigged on the deck, one on 15-lb fluorocarbon and the other on 20-lb to help the bait run lower or higher in the water. When the sun poked out, especially on day 2, Maupin [fished] a V&M swim jig with a Zoom Fat Albert Twin Tail Grub….

Looked like it was a baits buffet for the top 10 in this deal — no crankbaits?

Punching = 30%

TX rig worm = 20% — Both were a Zoom UV Speed Worm.

Swim-jig = 20%

Popper = 20%

10% each = Spinnerbait, JackHammer, Wacky rig, Weightless Senko, Jerkbait, Dropshot.

Buncha colors too, not just b/b and gp.


Just love the shot — Storm Original Wiggle Wart in “watermelon.”


1. Hank Cherry is recovering from Covid.

Real glad he’s doing better. For sure can be a scary deal. Link has a good rundown of his experience, much of which sounds similar to what I had, key word being “weird.” For me, Covid wasn’t like other stuff I’ve had before — or rather it was but felt strange, if that makes sense.

My local natural-medicine gal (former RN) swears it’s a man-made virus partly because of how it acts — different for everyone. Hope you don’t get it or if you do, no symptoms.

As a former baseball player, Hank said the key to his recovery was chewin’ ‘baccer…kidding!

2. Andy Morgan signature Favorite flip stick coming soon.

3. Ish Monroe: how to work the biz side.

Good post.

Truest statement: “…some anglers just don’t know how to work.” Ain’t just some anglers, it’s an epidemic/pandemic — seriously!

Falsest statement (maybe): Says he loves to cook. Really I think he loves to EAT and just has to cook to get there. Lol Ish!

4. Randy Blaukat talks fishin’ with Rick Clunn.

Innerestin’ and probly confirms much of what you already know or think might be true about Rick like:

> He doesn’t talk much. This was okay because I don’t either when I fish. I understand the mind cannot efficiently do both – fully focus on fishing while trying to carry on a conversation.

> His focus is unmatched. Focus is not the best word for it. The more accurate word would be awareness. His awareness for fish positioning, movement, casting angles, fish personality and anything going on in the natural world on the bank or in the water was amazing.

> His strength is in his mind, not in mechanics….

In my experience Rick doesn’t talk much wherever he is, but maybe that’s just around me…lol. Personally I love the guy and have huge respect for his bassin’.

5. Cliff Pace likes to UPsize baits in the fall.

Lotsa folks like to match small shad but not Cliff…cuz Cliff’s ORNERY man! Lol Cliff, only half kidding but here’s the quote:

> …instead of throwing a Jackall Rerange 110 jerkbait, I’m going to use a 130. That bigger profile is going to catch the bass’ eyes better and get me bit more often than not. Same thing goes for a spinnerbait: I like a 1/2- or 3/4-oz green spinnerbait with 2 willowleaf blades. Do the same thing with a squarebill crankbait, especially if the body of water you’re fishing has gizzard shad.

6. FLWer Blake Smith will be in a Skeeter next season.

7. FLWer Grae Buck caught a smallie from all 5 Great Lakes…

…this year. Pretty cool deal.

8. FL’s top 5 lakes for a 10+ bass.

Read it if you want but here’s my list:
1. Any lake
2. Anywhere
3. Any water
4. Any pond
5. Any ditch

That’s what makes FL so magical — any bite can be a DD, even from a dang ditch! #ditchmelons

9. Rapala has a new global product development dude.

10. You tried the Jewel Gem Blade shallow yet?

Pretty cool deal — designed to be the perfect size for a 3.8 Keitech Fat and doesn’t sink like a rock so you can fish it shallow:

> …designed and balanced so that it swims, tracks flat, and runs true at all speeds. Perfect for firing up those finicky summer and fall time bass.

Willow/willow here and willow/CO here.

11. Gammy has a new Stinger trailer hook.

12. MN: Ex-bassers convertin’ rigs to racin’ tubs.

Not sure why anyone would have an “unused bass boat”??

13. Wonder what size swells this thing could handle.

Electric hydroplane boat made in Europe:

Question: Is there a prop?? Even the video is mystifying to me….
14. New use for a YETI.I’m actually head-slappin’ myself cuz I shoulda thought of this:

“Hon I know we don’t NEED another YETI but it’s more practical than a bench….” lol


Headline of the Day

Noise is necessary when using buzzbaits

Lol yep! Innerestin’ observation tho:

> Fleeing baitfish, a slithery snake, struggling insects and paddling ducklings all are relatively quiet compared to the squawk-box buzzbait.

On right now…
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Tip of the Day

Jason Christie: Muddy-water spinnerbaitin’.

Might not get much of a chance to do it this time o’ year, but if he’s a-talkin’ then I’m a-listenin’. One deal that stood out to me in the vid:

> “I’d say 90% of the spinnerbait bites I’ve had…you actually watch the fish eat the bait.”

Made me think I’ve wasted a bunch o’ time tryin’ to slow-roll…which I’m kinda unable to do anyhow. Jason also says he fishes visible cover and moves his rod, but first he runs down his gear:

Quote of the Day

“If you join a bass club you will learn a ton….”

– Yep like how to eat more than your share, how to moan ‘n complain about everything, how to fish community holes/”[insert long-term member’s name here]’s spot,” how to get spun out by dock talk, and various other key rungs to climbin’ the bassin’ ladder….

HAHAHAHAHA! Just kiddin’ (sorta)! This also can happen:

Lol! Okay for real that’s KS bass clubber (Flint Hills Bass Assn) Thomas Heinen talkin’. Full quote:

> “I really enjoy fishing these club events because I seem to learn something new every time I go out on the water. Without these guys, I wouldn’t be the angler I am today. If you join a bass club you will learn a ton, and that was my goal joining the club. I have been very fortunate over the years and I couldn’t thank the FHBA enough for molding me as a fisherman.”

Shot of the Day

2 great things in this sweet shot from @hardcore_lures and @3b_outdoors_tv:
1. “Meat Stick Jr.” name for the rod (lol!)
2. Drool-worthy Hardcore Ninja Glider 180SS (rainbow trout)

Anyone use Dixie Custom Rods/Reels lmk whachoo theenk!


“Our children are being raised being afraid of having bones attached to their meat.”

One of many $$$ lines from this dude speakin’ (YT vid) against the term “boneless chicken wings” at a Lincoln, NE city council meeting. He says maybe call ’em “saucy nugs” hahaha!

At one point I did have to convince my kids that steak with bones tasted better than without – Big Green Egg and Traeger made ’em get it real quick!
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