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Check this spooooooky bassin’ stuff.

If you get to fish tomorrow, maybe try these:

Yep, those’ll catch bass!

Apparently St. Croix Rod employees have Sasquatch encounters…which the company doesn’t count as a bonus for working there but they should!

Not sure if this is KVD or what, but weirdly it’s not as scary on the water as KVD is:

3 free bassin’ tips for ya.

Cool quick tip from Alton Jones Jr on fishing a YUM Thump’N Dinger almost like a topwater…WITH a weight, which don’t think many folks would think is logical…which makes it cool:

His crankin’ gear:
Strike King 5XD
Strike King 6XD
Strike King 10XD
Shimano Curado Cranking Rod
Shimano Curado 200K Reel
12-15 lb Seaguar InvizX fluoro

> Seth Feider: “There’s for sure 3 spots you want to fish on every wing dam: the outside tip; the inside tip, where it meets the bank; and the eddy wash-out hole behind it. A lot of them are going to be tucked behind that wing dam, letting that current roll over top of them, or out on that deep tip.”

> “A lot of fish will winter on main-river stuff — wing dams, deep banks, outside bends, wash-out holes. That’s the kind of stuff I’m going to fish on the main river in the fall.”

> When water temps are in the higher 40s…his go-to baits are the Arashi Vibe [lipless crank] and the Shadow Rap Deep.

How good does this color look — black silver shad:

5 alternatives to Power-Poles/Talons.

Ultrex‘s Spot-Lock ain’t the only one, here’s some more:

1. Mountain Dew

Gotta be the cheapest alternative. Drink it all day every day and you won’t be able to stay still enough to use those dang things woooooooooohooooooooo!

Think this is one reason Gerald Swindle became a good junk fisherman, and for sure is how Seth Feider got on that shaking the worm deal on a dropshot — in his case it’s more like “shivering” a worm.

2. No depthfinders

Okay this actually may be the cheapest option — sell yer units on eBay and maybe you can actually MAKE some $$! Yep, sell ’em so you can forget about tryin’ to fish deep and lose sleep over that dude always beatin’ you to every community hole. Just go fishing ‘lectronics nekkid so you’ll have to seine bank water all day — no time to Pole down yo!

Pretty sure most bass-heads do this anyway so the ‘lectronics are just for looks…!

3. Don’t use spinning gear…

…and those things on the end of ’em like those little worms with booger-shaped weights and whatnot. This one’s the same sorta deal as no depthfinders — no one in their right mind is fishing spinning gear shallow, right?

Let’s remember this is “Alternatives to Power-Poles/Talons” so I’m NOT saying don’t use spinning gear in all situations…for all those peeps who get all interwebz-hangry over stuff….

4. Chicago Bears D line

After watching those mountainous dudes play this weekend, gotta say they’d probly hold even the biggest, heaviest bassin’ tub pretty dang firm without hardly tryin’:

Those guys could probly BENCH a glass boat!

5. Use you a cow

Guess that’s how they do it sometimes in eastern TN, just you got to be able to lift that sucker back into the boat. Check Ott DeFoe doin’ it:

They do things different in the hill country out there, but they sure catch ’em so….

How not to get intimated by a big bass boat.

If’n yer upgradin’ from a 14′ johnny boat to a 21′ glass rocket and you’re a-fearin’ like it’ll be like drivin’ a Suburban after lotsa years in a dang Corolla, Carl Jocumsen has a solution fer you:

Just crowd the front deck with all the gear you can find and — bing bang zoom — it’s just like yer a-feeshn outta your little rig!

Word is Carl plans to install a mini-fridge, wet bar and filletin’ station next….

HAHAHA Carl! Dang son! Gitcha tap dance on….


1. Swindle, C Lane, Avena are in the Classic.

Won their bracket matches, hope to have their bait info for the next Blaster. Congrats to ’em! Couple rumors came outta the deal:

> Word was that all 3 dudes said if they won they were gonna form their own mariachi band — don’t think that’s true but they were stoked kinda like this band:

> Folks said Greg Hackney didn’t attend the bracket deal…BUT in fact he WAS there just in that Predator movie camo so no one could see him. Here he is on shore — I highlighted his eyes so you can see him. Sorry to out ya Hack!

2. Cliff Pace gets Glacier coolers.

3. Cliff Crochet signature rods will be out in ’19.

4. 7 guys left FLW for the Elites over the last 7 days.

5. What the Bass Pro Tour/MLF format looks like.

Here you go:

I was like, “Boyd do I have to go to math class again to understand this cuz if so I want you know I almost failed calculus.” He texted back, “The porch light’s on but no one’s home.” Not sure what that means but okay man….

Best line from the post:

> MLF is an angler-driven league and the event rules and formats are subject to change at any time as determined by the Pro Bass Tour Anglers Association.

Can see a few guys wanting to change the rules “at any time”…hahaha fellers!

6. NY: MLF has reached out Waddington to host a derby.

Home of the smallie football factory….

7. Pro boats for sale.

Justin Atkins – Ranger Z520L and a Skeeter ZX200 (certificate)

James Niggemeyer – 50th Anniversary Ranger Z520L

8. WI: Couple bass-heads goin’ in Freshwater Feeshn HOF.

Fred Arbogast, inventor of still-good baits like the Jitterbug and Hula Popper (he passed on in 1947), and Sam Griffin, who invented tons of baits and sold some of ’em to Luhr Jensen which is now owned by Rapala. Sam is a topwater Jedi master — got to fish with him a couple times on Okeechobee…mind-blowing.

Also a shout-out to Matty Straw of the In-Fish mag, who’s also getting in.

Congrats to ’em all!

9. MS: Herbicides coming at Ross Barnett.

Upriver, dumped from the air.

10. WV teen won teen and adult state Nation champeenships.


11. PA: New Susquehanna ramp open in Tioga County.

12. SC: Par Pond has the bigs!

Gitcha an invite:

> …2,700-acre body of water located at SC’s Savannah River Site, is managed by the Dept of Energy. While not open to the public, it is open to fishing a few times each year for special occasions, including a recent fishing tournament for a small number of first-responders….

> organizers called for a 2-fish limit due to the very high water temperature. The winning team’s 2 fish weighed a whopping 17.95 lbs, including a 9.65-lb bass that was the second big fish…. Other heavyweights included two 9 lbers, three 8 lbers, and 6 bass over 7 lbs.

13. 5 conservation tips from T-H Marine.

All good, shoutin’ out #5 — keeping the slime coat on fish. T-H has G-Juice — what do you use and why? Lmk on Facebook.

14. Pat Sebile’s new-ish company bought SpoolTek Lures.

> The SpoolTek name is derived from a patented lure design containing a built-in spool that conceals a stainless steel leader inside the lure. When a fish strikes and the angler sets the hook, the leader is deployed by unspooling. [Thus making the bait tougher to throw.]

15. TX: Chicken processing plants polluting waters?

16. DC: Senators want Corps to spend $50 mil on Asian carp.

To prevent Asian carp from getting into the Great Lakes. Because if the carp get in there, it will be a mega-disaster. Still think a better solution is to do what the Queen likes to say:

17. Sturgeon pass hooks and terminal tackle just fine.

> …a significant portion of the long-lived fish have hooks and other fishing tackle in their digestive tracts, but they seem to be able to process and pass the metal without harm. The metal eventually breaks down from oxidation.

> DuPont said 1 sturgeon sampled during the study had 14 pieces of fishing gear in it. …caught in the fall, appeared skinny and he wondered if it would survive the winter. However, the fish was recaptured in the spring and had passed most of the metal and returned to a normal weight.

18. 100-yr floods don’t only occur every 100 yrs.

[This is on OutsideOnline which I can’t link to here.]

Seems obvious given the number of times we’ve heard that phrase in our lifetimes but that post explains it:

> The phrase describes the chance of seeing a major flood in any given year — not a guaranteed interval between those floods.

> Some locations could have back-to-back 100-year floods, or they could go entire generations without ever seeing one.

> The values that constitute a 100-year flood can change over time. Rapid urbanization along a river could make a flood…occur more frequently….

19. Sea-Doo’s new Jet Ski designed for anglers.

Just…friggin’…great. We definitely need more jet skis on the water: #sarcasm

Phrase of the Day

Carnivorous artificial baits boat angling

A mouthful but…I think that’s what we do??

Tip of the Day

Zona: Fall jerkbait fish are close to spring jerkbait fish.

Quick tip from Z will do you a solid — should be good for your confidence if you haven’t done much fall jerking:

He’s usin’ Strike King KVD jerks and Seaguar InvizX fluoro.

Quote of the Day

“…I’ve got a problem. I like to fish and hunt too much. I can’t get enough of it.”

Regular ol’ bass-head from LA talkin’. Asked a Dr if that sounded like it could be a problem and he was like:

Shot of the Day

Cool animated shot posted by @myyolotek — makes me wish I was there:

Believe that’s a YOLOtek POWERstick….


Why We Started The Premier Lacrosse League

All you BPTers — mentioned in a recent Blaster that pro lacrosse players are leaving Major League Lacrosse and starting their own “tour-based” (like bass fishing) league. Watch or listen to this vid — think you’ll find it interesting.

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