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Today’s Top 3
1. New V&M Pacemaker jigs.

Available end of August:

> The Flatline Football jig, the Pulse Swim Jig and the Adrenaline Flipping jig all feature custom Mustad hooks not found in any other jigs…. The jigheads are specifically designed to be functional for each type of jig fishing.

> The Adrenaline Flipping jig features a recessed line tie on a custom 30-degree jig hook that gives the hook a much bigger bite…. It also features flat ridges on the bottom that keep the jig upright and ready for a good hookset.

> The Pulse Swim Jig has eyes that are recessed and protected so they will last longer, as well as a unique keel and wedge shaped head that when the jig hits a piece of vertical cover, it deflects the jig and turns it away from the cover so the hook won’t snag as easily….

> The Flatline Football jig…has a unique triangle wedge on the bottom of it to stir up more sediment along the bottom and give the bait more appeal to bass.

Cliff talkin’ ’bout the baits:

Can also win a day fishin’ with the Classic champ. Deets here.

2. FLW’s Jacob Wheeler passes polygraph…

…about whether he used a guide on the Red River, which is where this year’s FLW Cup is being held.

Props to FLW for giving the ‘graph. Wait…we are talkin’ ’bout FLW here, right??

3. How to make a Sexy Spoon even sexier.

Here’s how, according to this Japanese website. Guess one o’ those anime gals who’s currently famous…but, uh, not real.



1. Rodney Ply officially suing IGFA…

…over world record striper caught in Bull Shoals. If you forgot, Rodney (a B.A.S.S. member) caught it on a multi-armed spinnerbait of his own making, was denied the record by Arkansas and then by the IGFA, and thus Mustad’s $1 mil WR deal. Go get ’em Rodney!

> “Mr. Ply is your average hardworking decorated veteran who was invited to compete in a competition, and as an avid angler he was excited about fulfilling any fisherman’s dream, which is to catch a world record fish,” said [his lawyer] Michael Glasser. “He followed all the rules and he was blessed and gifted enough to succeed at something that everyone dreams of and all he wants is what was promised to him.”

> …expects the association will be served with the lawsuit in the coming days. The association then has 20 days to respond.

2. Bradley Roy’s sponsor: X-Stand treestands.

Love the bass/deer crossover.

3. MA: Guy catches 14-lber…?

Lake Wampanoag in Gardner, 28″ long, 30.25″ girth, too big to fit in his livewell, 14.2 lbs on Berkley digital scale…just under the state record 15.8 caught at Sampson Pond in Carver in 1975.

Guess there’s no reason not to believe it, but this is supposedly a photo of that fish….

4. WA: 3 lakes being rid of smallies.

Illegally stocked….




THIS is why you should be using this shaky head:

Buy ’em here!

Tip of the Day

Mike Long: The best PB baits.

PB = personal best beeg feesh. EXCELLENT article. Worth a full read.

> Ranking them in order, they are the jig, stickworm, swimbait and plastic worm.

> Over the course of his angling career, Long has caught more than 70 percent of his bass over 10 pounds on a jig. Many of them were taken while sight-fishing for bedding bass, but plenty came before the spawn as he “stitched” a jig near spawning flats.

> “On a good trip when I’m fishing a jig around cover, I’ll lose 15 or 20 jigs a day. That’s just the price you pay for getting your lure where the bass are, and if you’re not willing to make that kind of commitment, maybe trophy bass fishing isn’t for you.”

> “I love fishing big Senkos,” Long says. “My favorite is the 7-inch model in green pumpkin with red flake. It’s extremely lifelike and effective all year long.”

> The big Senko is his go-to bait when bass are suspending in 30 to 40 feet of water. That’s when he’ll add a small button-head weight to the middle of the lure and fish it vertically, like a jigging spoon, but slower.

> “I make my own plastic worms in the 12- to 14-inch range. I make both straight and ribbon-tail versions and use the straight-tails when the bass want a lure that’s moving really slowly.”

> Just as with the big stickworm, Long prefers to fish his plastic crawlers without any weight, though he occasionally opts for a 1/8-ounce sinker in extremely deep water.



Quote of the Day

Mark Rose told me to leave it all up to God and to fish to the best of my abilities.

Ott DeFoe talkin’ ’bout the best advice he ever rec’d. Solid.


Shot of the Day

Mike Long’s hand-poured trophy bassin’ worms (click photo to see a bigger pic). Can you fish a 16″ worm all day, no weight, 5 minutes between moving it?? Dude is FOCUSED!

Question is, can Mike Long fish – or fish for – anything…short?


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