Fishburne is back??, Cliff Pace secret bait?, summer ultra-shallow tip


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Today’s Top 3
1. Claudius Maximus is back??

Aka “Fish Fishburne,” now spokesmang/host of the Pursuit Channel, apparently. This is one of those pure genius or ?? moves. Love it. And what up with Fish never aging?

2. They also bagged a $500 gift card to Cabela’s, a 32-inch LCD flat screen, an iPod and an HP Laptop.

What SC kids won for winning the TBF’s recent High School Fishing World Finals Championship on Lake Dardanelle in Russellville, AR. No X-Box??

This trophy ain’t fittin’ on the dresser….

3. What does Cliff Pace know?

From this weekend’s Detroit River EverStart, 2nd place pattern deets:

> …caught fish this week on jerkbaits, swimbaits, tubes and crankbaits. But by far his most productive bait will remain a secret. Taylor explained it’s a bait reigning Bassmaster Classic champion Cliff Pace clued him in on. Because the Elite Series makes a stop here in less than a month, Taylor wants to keep the bait quiet out of respect for Pace, his good friend.

So it’s not a jerk, swim, tube or crank. Gotta be a dropshot bait? Mebbe one o’ these?



1. CA’s Greg Gutierrez wants back in Elites.

2. AL: Get the new bass tag.

First 1,000 who sign up get it free.

No B.A.S.S. tag…yet?




THIS is why you should be using this shaky head:

Buy ’em here!

Tip of the Day

Bryan Thrift: Going ultra-shalllow.

> If I don’t have a good ledge bite I’m going to leave the deep water and go to the bank where it might be only inches deep, because at different times of the day some of the biggest fish are going to be up there cruising the shoreline hunting bluegills.

> My favorite lures for this type of fishing are shaky heads with either a 5.5-inch Damiki Stinger or a Finesse Miki in 5.5- or 6.5-inch sizes, and the Damiki D-Pop 70 in bluegill. Also, make sure you have a good pair of sunglasses….

> Otherwise, put your trolling motor on high and cover every stretch of bank that looks like it ought to be holding bluegills and bass.



Quote of the Day

It’s taking my mind off business, yet it’s also getting me tuned into smallmouth fishing, which will be on the agenda at the next two Elite Series events.

KVD on “recreational” smallie fishin’ in Michigan. If you EVER think his mind is off bizniz, you crayzay.


Shot of the Day

It’s the IL Smallmouth Alliance’s mascot – named “Brownie” after Wired2Fish man and IL resident Terry Brown!  Okay, I made up that last part. Cool idea, but…

Uh-oh! hahaha!


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