New most spendy swimbait, Tighter or wider in cold water? Shad Rap tips

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How ’bout a 16-inch $860 swimbait??!!

Check it, the Roman Made Mother Chaser:

My buddy D-Wayne was like:

Forget working out to sling that monster. Yer gonna need one o’ those military exoskeleton suits the United Nations is gonna give all its clone soldiers when they take over the US of A after they get our guns:

HAHAHA how you like that! But seriously: If you wanna save for, buy, fish and risk losing that bait, way cool. Whatever happens, please send pics…and just remember: $860 buys a lotta Tackle Warehouse time…but does NOT buy the specifically designed Roman Made Centurion Mind Mother Chaser Casting Rod ($999).

Believe the rod and bait are both out of stock at the only US place I could find it, Carolina Fishing Tackle.

Tighter or wider wobble in cold water?

Don’t know about you but I try to be aware of stuff that’s repeated so often we just accept it without question. Stuff like:
– Fish are dumb — okay they are, but they’re also smart
– An apple a day keeps the doctor away — what does that even mean??
– Slow and steady wins the race — not on the BPT lol
– Whatever the mass media says [eyeroll emoji]
– Cold-water crankbaits gotta have a TIGHT wobbleOkay that last one. I’ve always believed that to be true. The Rapala Shad Rap is a well-known cold-wattah killah, and so is one of my personal faves, the Luhr Jensen Speed Trap. Even the Rapala DT6. Both have tighter wobbles, or maybe wiggles?

Lol my kids used to watch those Wiggles dudes. Anyhow, you might be in the tight wiggle camp, but what about — for example — the Storm Wiggle Wart and the similar SPRO Rk Crawler? Gotcha! Here’s some pro-type on the deal:

Gerald Swindle — tight wobble [can’t link it, it’s at]

> “I stick with wood crankbaits that have tight vibration for winter cranking. Both a Shad Rap and a DT6 have a very tight action and no rattles. I don’t want any unnecessary movement or noise out of a plug if I am cranking in the winter. The fish are still lethargic and are not real excited about biting anything. By keeping it subtle you increase your odds of getting bit.”

Jason Christie — tight and medium wobble:

> Bandit 300 — “If I had to pick one [winter] crankbait, this would be my choice. This one’s good for winter fishing in very clear water with visibility of 3′ or more and 42- to 50-degree water. I catch them year-round on this bait, but 42 to 50 is where you can catch a lot of fish — and some big ones, too.

> “This bait has a pretty tight wobble, and that’s something I want in these clear situations.”

> Bomber 5A and 6A — “…when the water has a little stain to it. In this scenario I want a bait with a little bigger wobble and one that creates more disturbance.”

Here’s Jason catchin’ ’em up on Cherokee, OK with the Bandit 300:

Alton Jones — medium wobble:

> Jones’ favorite [winter deep-cranking] crankbait is a Bomber Fat Free Shad [which has sort of a medium wobble]. He’s caught more giant bass with it than any other crankbait. [Citrus shad and pearl white for shad, or Texas red sparkle for craws.]

Here’s one o’ the giants he caught on it — a 12-04 on Falcon, TX a few years back:

Brandon Palaniuk — wider wobble:

> “The action of that bait goes against everything that we’re told we’re supposed to do in the springtime. You’re normally supposed to throw smaller, tight-wiggling, tight-running baits. But the Wiggle Wart has a wide-wobbling action.”

> The Wiggle Wart’s…wide-wobbling action is superb in the spring, Palaniuk says, because it mimics crayfish movement.

Was a bait store deal at the Kissimmee Open.

How you can tell it was a junk-fishing fiesta at the Kissimmee Open:

1. Gerald Swindle — the guy who made junk fishing an art form — got 7th.

2. 14-ish types of baits were used by the top 10 finishers.

Afore a-gettin’ to those baits, congrats to NC’s Bryan New for winnin’ it by almost 4.5 lbs with 49.08. How he caught ’em:

> …on a TX-rigged green pumpkin magic Damiki Stinger, a 1/2-oz green pumpkin Z-Man ChatterBait with a green pumpkin Zoom Speed Craw, and a Greenfish Tackle G2 squarebill in “High Rock shad.” The [crank] proved to be his biggest producer.

> “That G2 is a balsa bait that floats a lot higher than all the plastic baits, and it’s awesome for cranking this grass. I know a lot of people throw (lipless baits) around the grass, and I actually found my main spot by throwing a (lipless bait). But once I switched to that squarebill, I started catching bigger fish.”

He also fished a prop bait: a Greenfish Tackle Tat (foil gill), accordin’ to Bassin’Fan.

Here’s how the baits of the top 10 broke down. Reminder this is is ALL the baits used by the top 10 finishers so it won’t add up to 100% — it’s the percentage of guys who used that bait type:Lipless crankbait = 40%BOOYAH One Knocker = 20%

Stickbait/Senko = 40%

Bladed Jig = 30% — 2 were Jack Hammers
Swim-Jig = 30%20% each = Jerkbait, Flip plastics, Worm, Crankbait (1 squarebill, 1 Rapala DT6)

10% each = Tokyo Rig, Swimbait, Shakey, Spinnerbait, Topwater prop bait


> Kinda amazed that Brian was the only dude in the top 10 who threw a prop bait, a known major deal in FL “this time of year” (really works year-round, far as I know).

> 2nd-place finisher Josh Stracner kept it simple — a One Knocker in “ghost:”

> One of the baits FL’s Jason Casteel (6th) used was a 1-oz spinnerbait made for Kentucky Lake ledges:

> Heard it wasn’t this dude’s first rodeo…but it was his first one this year:

> First good finish in a semi-major tourney on the VMC Tokyo Rig — Justin Hamner (10th), who I hear might be changing his name to Just A Hammer…okay made that up but would be cool:

> Scott Martin (5th), ex-Elite John Hunter (9th), Elitist Patrick Walters (11th), Jason Christie (13th), Elitist Brandon Lester (15th), Randy Blaukat (18th).

What Ike and Conor McGregor have in common.

Answer — they need to wear their own names:

Not sure if this indicates something — let’s call it, “mental?” Either way I’m pretty sure the whole thing started with Ike when he got fear bit into him by that one largie:

Weird too — fish wasn’t even that big, didn’t have spot teeth neither….

Serious for a sec: That Conor dude never looks right man, not even outta the ring….


1. West Coast basser Jason Borofka needs our help.

His little dude needs it:

> On March 5th 2019, JT was diagnosed with Triosephosphate Isomerase Deficiency (TPI). TPI is a genetic multisystem disorder that is life-threatening — complications such as respiratory and heart failure can occur during childhood. In addition to TPI, JT has Hemolytic Anemia which is premature destruction of red blood cells in your body and is why he will need blood transfusions.

More about it at their GoFundMe. Please help (and pray) if you can. Jason fishes the FLW Series and other stuff….

2. Kevin VanDam is on StrayCasts tomorrow night.

Kevin does have a great sense of humor so hope it comes out. or @straycasts on the Book of Faces.

3. Brent Ehrler and Brandon Palaniuk get SIMMS.

They had had been SIMMS, now they are again. Gotta say that the stuff I’ve been wearing from SIMMS this winter is 100% great. Just as good, but cooler than, stuff like Patagucci, North Face, etc.

4. Aaron Martens gets Carolina Fishing Tackle.

NC store that I believe specializes in Japan tackle n stuff.

Btw believe these are all the new colors he designed for Duo. If you don’t think they’ll work, you may have lost your lower unit:

5. Jared Lintner gets Daiwa reels.

Maybe Daiwa needed a stache on the BPT…?

6. Keith Poche is running a 19′ tin boat on the BPTs.

Triton 19 TXP with a Merc 175. I was like, “Didn’t they have a canoe in stock?” Then he hung up on me so….

lol love it man!

7. MDJ will be freezing his tail off this weekend…

…at the New England Fishing Expo in Boxborough, MA, along with Steve “raaaaaar” Kennedy and Paul “don’t call me A Rig anymore” Elias.

8. Tackle Warehouse is sponsoring the FLW Pro Circuit.

Guess this means the champeenship winner will get 10 minutes with a shopping cart in the Tackle Warehouse warehouse?

Kidding but that’d be better than $$$ yo!

9. Looks like Gambler’s making boats again?

> We will continue to manufacture the former 22′ Sterling Bass Boat, now the Gambler Elite [below], and reintroduce the 21′ and 22′ Gambler bass boats.

And seems like they’ve been posting on the BBC. Here’s the 22′ Elite:

Tx to bass-head Jerry H for the tip….

10. I need one of these!

Jewel Pro Spooler:

> …can be operated by one person and features an angled arm that keeps the ideal amount of tension on the line for proper spooling and eliminating line twists. …also features a built-in line cutter…perfectly fits into a 3700 series tackle box….

Folks at Jewel have a knack for thinkin’ up practical stuff that flat works. You seen the DockStiX yet?

11. I also need one of these: new BUFF DRYFLX+ Balaclava.

> …mapped thermal protection, knit smart zones for targeted warmth and breathability where you need it most.
Yep for cooler-weather bassin’ but it was also 15 dang degrees here in NJ this morn! #getmetoFL

12. What the FishLab BioGill looks like in real life.

Ain’t much of a swimbaiter myself but that looks manageable:

That’s the swimbait version of the BioGill, also comes in glide, wake, soft and weedless versions which is kinda cool — I like the idea of all the versions.

13. Denali has a new Tennessee River series of rods.

Love the idea — water body-specific. Just wonderin’…why no carp stick?? (Heehee!)

14. Rapala reminder: Don’t forget to sign up for…

…Bassmaster Fantasy Feeshn ^.

15. Native Americans also concerned about Asian carp…

…getting into the Great Lakes.

16. Did you know Tacky Ticky Bassyin’ has a new coldwater crank?

I mean Tactically Ticklish Bassin’ — it’s called the River2Sea Tactical Bassin’ DD, deal is it’s supposed to wind like a lipless:

> The bait “feels” like a lipless crankbait in the water but has the ability to make abrupt stops and starts that elicit incredible reactions.

It’s true the Ticklers know stuff, but they’re from Cali and are therefore sketchy and overtaxed (hahaha fellas!). Might be a bait worth tryin’….

17. Fox Nation/Fox News streaming adding fish/hunt content.

> This spring, for the first time, Fox Nation will feature a month of shows dedicated to outdoor sports, with Fox talent and other celebrities going hunting and fishing.

> Fox Nation currently has 200,000 to 300,000 subscribers, according to estimates.

Headline of the Day

Green pumpkin worm lures fat bass

Could be a headline every day….

On right now…

Note: The TackleWarehouse links in this email are affiliate links, meaning if you go through them to make a purchase I might earn a commission…at no cost to you. Click here if you want to learn a little more about links in the BB.

Tip of the Day

Shad Rappin’ tips from Ott DeFoe.

From the site:

> “Confidence and history are important with any bait, and I caught my first 5-lb bass and my first 7-lb bass on a #5 Shad Rap. That gives me confidence, as well as many other memories with it in cold weather.

> “Not a lot of side to side. This just swims along subtly. It’s definitely not a hard-thumping action. It’s not really very buoyant, either. It floats, but slowly, which is great when they’re eating it on the pause.”

> …the #5 and #7 that get the call the most, with the newer #6 getting an increasingly large slice of the pie.

> …he suggests starting “with ‘original shad’ and ‘original crawdad’ and building from there. You can’t go wrong with those two.”

> …he encourages anglers to change the hooks on their Shad Raps. The VMC models that come from the factory are sticky-sharp, but they’re short-shank versions, and by changing them out to regular-length shanks, he finds that he lands more fish.

Quote of the Day

“My happiness has been fishing. I go bass fishing, I do tournament bass fishing.”

Army Ranger Master Sgt. Brian Eisch talkin’. Brian lost a leg serving us all, and then lost his 10-yr-old son Joey in an accident. My heart breaks for this man…and I’m glad he bass-fishes. If you see him out there on the lake, maybe stop and pray with him. Also said:

> “When I’m fishing, I’m looking around I’m like ‘wow.’ And I always see a bald eagle, [and I] say hi to Joey.”

Brian’s also the youth director for the Luxemburg-Casco High School Fishing Team in WI. Bless you and thank you man.

Shot of the Day

Lookit the size of this slab o’ ditchness! Dang son! @official_stanley_jigs shot cuz their Awesome Twin Spin Jig is stickin’ outta that obscene muskrat love feesh!

Bait’s not on TW but you can find it here.


Check this excerpt from a food post about 2020:

> …you’re going to notice an uptick in people who call themselves flexitarians, aka those who follow a largely plant-based diet but also eat meat and animal byproducts on occasion. Nielsen reports 37% of the people purchasing meat alternatives are people who identify as such.

Hahaha what??
Okay so first of all, I hope no actual people are using the word “flexitarian.” (Are you a dropshotarian? A versatilarian??)
Second, any wackos are more than welcome to eat “animal byproducts,” which I believe is another name for organic fertilizer….

Last, peeps are now “identifying” by what they eat??

So kooky I had to shout it out, wow….

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