Seth Feider’s winning bait, Livewell fish incarcerated?? Spinnerbaits for right now

How ’bout that for an ending on the ol’ Bassin’masters Elitist Tour?

1. Insane amounts of huge fish. I mean, 6-lb smallies are basically like 12+ largemouths….

2. Seth Feider fished with his eyes closed and caught what may be the biggest weight of smallies ever — or ever not counting Great Lakes spawn-time tourneys.

3. Stetson Blaylock caught 71.5 lbs of bass in 3 days and finished 2nd!!??

4. Giant spread of weights after 3 days at a smallie derby. Think about that. Clark Wendlandt (3rd) was 11 lbs behind Seth, though it did tighten up a bit after that.

5. Who the heck was gonna win AOY! Coulda been 4 guys who all fished their brains out, and no one really knew who was winnin’ even with the B.A.S.S Live geometry/calculus deal goin’ on. Huge congrats to AOY Scott “Quaker State of mind” Canterbury — haven’t run him down yet, but will get him and the 2nd-5th Elite baits in the next one.

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Today’s Top 4

How Seth Feider caught ’em at St. Clair.

Really it should say “How Seth Feider couldn’t help but catch ’em” cuz the dude was ri-donkey-diculous. Casting backhand, taking naps n such. One local stopped by his boat on day 3 and was like, “Pardon me sir, do you have a hammer?” Seth was all, “Do you mean me?”

Hahaha! Anyhow, here’s how he caught ’em — full deal pattern info is on the BB website:

> “It was really close to the mouth of the river so there’s a lot of current…quite a bit shallower than any other fish I found. The other fish were in 18′, but both [his wad] spots were in 11′. Sand and rock, not grass — a bit of floating stuff….

> “…lot of bait in that area. They were puking up something pretty big [4-5”] — it was straight white but I think it was perch.

> “…lot of current…lot of stuff sucked through there. Anytime you get around that many fish they get pretty aggressive….”

> Rapala DT-10 (Helsinki shad), 12-lb Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon, 7′ 6″ MH Daiwa Tatula Elite Cody Meyer signature Search Bait Rod, Daiwa Zillion Reel (7.3). [Reminder that “DT” means “dives to” and the # is the depth.]

> “I don’t like hitting the bottom [cranking] for smallmouths. I was a little oversized on my line, so it was running right around 9′. I was pumping it — like speed-fishing a Carolina rig: wind it down, a big long pull, reel it in [repeat]. They hit it right at the end of the pull, like a jig bite.

> “…caught a lot fish on a dropshot too. But looking back, when it was all said and done, I weighed at least 14 on a crankbait.

> “The [Humminbird] 360 was nice because I could see the rockpiles and make the perfect cast every time. Spot-Lock was everything because there was so much current and it took so much time to land them [dropshotting with light gear and cranking with trebles] that without that I’d be 100 yards form the spot every time I got one in the boat.”

5 Qs with Sgt Slaughter.

Aka the champ:

1. WTHeck is it with you and September?

> “I don’t know. It’s been the same way at home too, locally. September has always been my best month. I don’t know what it is.”

Do you think you should maybe start fishing competitively 4 months before the season starts?

> “Yeah maybe it’s when I’ve been continuously fishing the longest — I don’t know. I like the way the fall sets up too. It fits what I want to do.”

2. Does your mustache have a super power?

> “It just makes you a better angler. Look at Zaldain — ever since he grew one, he’s gotten like 2nd place in every tournament. I’m just sayin’, if a guy like Kevin VanDam had a mustache he’d have won 50 tourneys instead of 25. With a mullet too he probably would’ve won 100.”

3. What does the mullet/stache combo do for you?

> “The mustache makes you a better angler — it lets the bass know you’re taking it serious, not goofing off. You’re respecting the game a little better.

> “The mullet does a couple things. It keeps you from getting sunburn on your neck. It acts a little like a spoiler when you’re running, and it gives at least 2 mph better on your top end when you’re running, maybe 3. And a little more torque.”

4. What send was this tourney — full or beyond full?

> “Can you go beyond full?”

Pretty sure you did in this one.

> “Okay then it was Sent to the Fullest.”

5. What was your favorite TV show as a kid?

> “Honestly…Bassmasters. Bob Cobb on TNN. As of the age of 8 or 9, it was Bassmasters. Maybe Thunder Cats, I don’t know.

> “And GI Joe. Sgt Slaughter. Tank top, camo pants, boots and a bangin’ mustache — that was my childhood.”

‘Splains a lot mang!

2c: If B.A.S.S. did regular vid stuff with Seth it’d be [3 fire emojis]. Any doubt just watch this. Didn’t talk the whole llama nickname thing, but if you didn’t know it started from something that happened one summer day:

AR fishin’ scribbler is way off the farm.

Check these pretty unbelievable lines from a fishin’ writer guy in Arkansas — we really don’t need this kinda stuff from inside our own lines man:

> [Talkin’ ’bout the MLF format:] “This eliminates the inhumane practice of parading fish around on a weigh-in stage.”

> “It also eliminates day-long incarcerations in livewells….”

> “Anglers are penalized if a fish touches the deck, eliminating the inhumane practice of slinging a fish onto a deck.”

INHUMANE? INCARCERATED?? And this guy’s from ARKANSAS? What’s goin’ on down there AR bass-peeps? Is everyone there a tie dye-wearin’ sandalistic vegan now or what?

Hate to be that dude when Steve Bowman gets done with him….

C’mon…they’re dang FISH and there’s LOTS MORE in every lake that never even see a bait. Just my 2c — and for the record I 100% believe nothing’s “wrong” with either the traditional weigh or MLF formats. All good…but I do hope to incarcerate some bigs asap….

Bassin’ things that ain’t right.

Things and folks, here you go:

1. When your indoor bass needs a walk outdoors @calcoastfishing:

2. When you’re bassin’ dawg can’t keep it together — and maybe gives away that you’re on ’em @kazukikitajima_fishing:

3. When you have so much tackle you have a meltdown @christiefishing:

4. When you’ve never caught a bass @big_trophy_fish — how gross is that man eeeeew:

5. When you go to the wrong Area 51 rally but you don’t care @blakesmithfishing:

6. When you’re On Em @onem_fishing — Matt’s nuts, so far in a good way:


1. BPTer Jeff Kriet’s back fishing again.

Bet he’s still orn’ry too….

2. How Elitist Garrett Paquette’s season ended.

> Unbelievable end to this disaster of a season. Couldn’t catch a limit any day on Lake St. Clair and ended up tying for the last Classic berth, only to lose the tiebreaker!

Dude! Hard but you’ll smash ’em next year….

3. FLWer Jimmy Reese gets Yo-Zuri.

Jimmy be sayin’:

> “…very intrigued by the new products they are launching into the market, also projects they are currently working on. The baits have every element of Japanese craftsmanship and ingenuity at a very affordable price.”

Dang straight. Rumors of one new bait in particular sound pretty sick….

Jimmy ain’t related to Skeet…least he says he ain’t any more…hahaha just funnin’ Reeses! Btw if you see this dude on Fortnite or Overwatch or whatever, you know it’s one of ’em:

Get it?? #Reeses #cupman

4. Bernie Schultz is selling his ’19 Ranger.

Z520-L, ’19 Merc 250 ProXS and all the fixin’s.

5. Check the new 7″ BioSpawn ExoRibbon underwater (vid).

6. Sounds like Gambler will have a new Super Stinger.

Dude won an Okeechobee BFL Super Tourney on it. Shocked that Gambler baits work on the Big O (heehee!). Here’s the reg’lar Stinger.

Did I mention the dude’s name is Donny BASS?? Sounds like an unfair advantage….

7. OH has 350 new lakes and ponds with bass in ’em.

On 31K acres just bought from a power company for $47 mil.

8. Chance to win this boat and support the bass chaplain.

Wellspoken Ministries is doin’ another boat giveaway — this time a fully rigged 2019 Nitro Z-18. 100% of the proceeds go to the ministry. Tickets are $100, get ’em here.

9. New SIMMS fall collection stuff!

So much of the stuff I wear says SIMMS thinkin’ about changin’ my name to Phil SIMMS…oh wait. Nevermind, the new stuff is out, and here’s what’s on my Santa list already:

Clockwise from top L: Rogue Fleece Hoody (flex camo croc), Midcurrent Hooded Jacket (raven — PrimaLoft Gold is the shizzle mang!), Kennedy Patriotic Bass T, Rogue Fleece Vest (raven).

Check all the cool new duds here, plus a big 40% off summer gear sale. LOTS o’ good stuff on sale, but if you’re a hoodie dude and don’t get the Challenger hoodie at that price you cray.

10. Favorite Rods is the official rod of US Bassin’.

No link 🙁

11. DC: $25 mil earmarked to help fight Asian carp.

12. AR: Snakehead found in the Monongahela.

13. Yammy has a fall buying incentive til Nov 26.

14. GoPro Hero8 Black is out.

> The $399 GoPro Hero8 Black’s most significant change is that it gains a new body design that incorporates GoPro’s signature mounting system right into the case….

15. Raymarine owner FLIR buys drone company assets.

Not sure why but not a fan of drones over the water at all man….

16. Looks like robot boat-building won’t work.

Not cost-effective at bass boat volume…good!

17. Sportsman’s Warehouse buying 8 F&S stores from Dick’s.

Yep Dick’s owns Field & Stream stores….

18. BC: Actual piranha caught in Canada lake.

Looks like a nice’n too — good luck to ’em this winter:

19. UK is ‘castrating’ large invasive American crayfish.

Dang sadist biologists over yonder:

> “…returning the larger males suppresses the juveniles by cannibalizing them and outcompeting them for females and prime habitat.”

So I guess they don’t get all chill after that whole deal? I’m sorry I even thought about this man….

Tip of the Day

Few spinnerbait picks for this time o’ year.

Since all the new BOOYAH Covert Series Spinnerbaits are built for specific feeshn situations, asked what sitches applies to what baits. Here’s a few choices for this sitch: Clear water with 2-3′ viz and 70-degree water temps — aka, Oct in the South:

Primary choice: 1/2- to 3/4-oz Double Willow (JC special)

> The ‘JC special’ skirt is a more translucent option that fits clean water. The double willow blade combo provides a ton of flash to mimic a school of baitfish, and the weights are suited for this water temp because the bass will likely be relating to deeper water.

Secondary option #1: 3/8- to 1/2-oz Tandem Willow (JC special)

> If you see slightly less clear water than expected, the Tandem Willow combo produces more vibration with the Colorado kicker blade.

Secondary option #2: 1-oz Double Willow (white chart blue)

> This option is in play if the bass are deeper than expected, maybe holding on a ledge, hump or brushpile. Because the water you’re fishing is deeper, a brighter skirt will show up better and get more bites. The 1-oz head allows you to fish as deep [and slow] as possible.

All that said, that ^ is just a general guideline. If you know your water and fish enough to know another combo will work better, obviously run with it….

Note: You can get the willow blades in either order: gold-silver or silver-gold. Both are on TW….

Quote of the Day

“As a kid, it was boring. You’ve got to sit in 20 feet of water and it’s slow. You get 5 bites a day. But they’re 5 big bites and you learn to accept it.”

– ME HS basser and hooper Bode Meader talkin’ offshore feeshn. Ain’t just boring to kids Bode hahaha! But we get the point. He also said:

> “In basketball, if your head gets out of it, you’re going to start missing shots and you’re not going to score. And in fishing, if your head gets out of it, you’re going to start fishing faster when that’s the time that you really need to slow down.”

No doubt…unless you’re Seth Feider when you can fish Mntn Dew fast, or KVD when you can fish fast slow. Here’s what Bode said about fishin’ a tourney day:

> “It’s like a day at work. Your shoulders are sore. Your knees are sore. And you get home and you just want to go to bed.”

And if you’re Denny Brauer, you’re reeeeeeeally grouchy! (Hahaha Denny I know you’re admittin’ that man!) You too Tommy Biffle….

Shot of the Day

Big hair + big spoon + big bass = outstandin’!


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