Gov’nor wall of shame, Sketchy kayak shooting, When to flip a small jig

Quick lockdown story: Wife says to me last night, “You’re chewing so loud.” I’m like, “Hon, I’m eating a banana. You can barely chew a banana.” Plus the TV was on, plus this is a woman who could sleep through a dump truck fired from a cannon hitting the side of our house!

I’m thinking about camping in my office to get away. Lol, hope you and yours are HEALTHY and holding it all together upstairs….

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Today’s Top 4

Clay Dyer is awesome.

Sometimes I second-guess myself about always holding Clay up as inspiration and a reminder to us all of many good things. I mean, Clay’s a dude who I’m sure just sees himself as a dude/redneck/bass-head too. But then again I think: Maybe that’s why God gave us all Clay — to show us and remind us.

So…yep life’s tough right now, for some super tough, but here’s Clay just being him:

He was on Tims Ford, TN and said he was ketchin’ ’em on a Buckeye Spot Remover head with a Zoom Trick Worm (gp) and a Buckeye J-Will Swimbait Head with a 3.8 Zoom Swimmer.

The governor Wall of Shame.

Part of me wants to get real mad about this, but I really believe that’s one thing way wrong now — peeps get way too bent outta shape about everything. And really, anyone in politics is in a no-win right now whichever way they go on this Covid thing.

So in no particular order here you go. I included political parties NOT to be political, just to see if there’s a pattern. Full state map here — click a state to go to their site and see what they’re doing (yep I went thru all 50…fast…):

1. WA: Gov. Jay Inslee (D) and DFW director Kelly Susewind closed down all fishing — but not boating? — til “at least” May 4. Can’t link it but go here for more info:

2. IL: Gov. Jay Robert Pritzker (D) closed fishing and hunting on all state parks and facilities…but Chicago city parks are still open.

3. MI: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) says no boats with motors allowed. Gotta dissect this statement a little:

> The DNR has received many reports about heavy use of boat launches across the state and the subsequent congregation of people at these launches in violation of social distancing requirements, and in a manner that threatens public health. In addition, people who use motorized watercraft typically need to procure secondary services for their craft, such as parts and gasoline, that could unnecessarily increase contact with others and spread disease.


> Our governments can shut things down just based on alleged “reports”? Is this 1984 (the book)? Is this some WWII-era totalitarian country??

> Who gave these “reports”? How many were there? Is there any pic/vid evidence? Do any of the “reporters” even own a boat or are they just prisoners of their own fear? Example: I’m related to someone (in-law, lol) who flipped out because people were jogging — near NO ONE — without a mask on.

> So motorized boats need gas but folks with non-motorized boats just…paddle to the lake? Won’t that take a long time on paved roads??

> Apparently there’s more crowding at MI boat ramps than other states, and boats with motors only get onto lakes from ramps, not docks? #doh

> I was unaware that MI was a more-densely populated state than places like NJ and FL?? (Sarcasm, sorry.)

Could go on but dang man this reeeeeeealllly smells janky, in a bad way…not that shad or crawfish smell but more like:

MI resident Zona was pretty ticked about it, and did a good job asking for folks to weigh in.

And: Can’t believe the WA and IL gov’nors are giving the name “Jay” a bad…name.

Not on the Wall of Shame but keepin’ an eye on ’em:

4. SC: Gov. Henry McMaster (R) closed all state boat ramps, and had a little bit more detail than the MI gov’nor:

> “As a result of behavior observed this past weekend by the DNR…it has become necessary to…close boat ramps and landings on our state’s lakes, rivers and waterways. This is unfortunate for those who chose to responsibly follow the instructions of our public health officials, but it is a necessary action to prevent the spread of this dangerous virus.”

5. OR: Gov. Kate Brown (D) closed state boat ramps, and state/city lands “with fishing locations,” but fishing is okay elsewhere. Can’t link it, info here:

6. NJ: Gov. Phil Murphy (D) closed all state park facilities but fishing is open elsewhere.

Also, TN (Gov. Bill Lee, R) state park ramps were closed but DNR ramps were open — but now sounds like the state park ramps are open.

And many WI state parks are closed: “Gov. Tony Evers [D] explained Thursday while announcing his order…the decision to close 40…state parks was based on the unprecedented crowds filling them as well as recent litter and vandalism” [from here].

If I forgot anything, pls lmk. And REMEMBER all of this when it’s time to vote! THANK YOU to the governors and states who are not closing waters and huge tracts of land.

Vids that cracked me up…

…you gotta see too:

If you didn’t see this on BassBlaster social, one of the most insane (and lucky) launches I’ve ever seen:

This @payforward_official vid cracks me up cuz who posts a vid of a hat escape??

Elitist @jamiehartmanprofishing is like, Hammer down, don’t matter who’s in the boat hahaha!

Also check Keith Poche’s Off the Grid vid — really does look off the grid, click the pic to watch on Insta:

Shots fired at yakkers…and it gets reeeeeeal sketchy.

At Rivanna Reservoir, VA. You gotta read this whole thing, from

> “The gunshot was within 5 feet to 6 feet from my kayak,” he said. “At that point, we knew we were under attack.”

> They estimate 15 shots were fired at them, but they reached the shore without being hit and took cover. Then they called 911, but the ordeal wasn’t over.

> As the 2 young men gave their information to the Albemarle County police officer who responded, they saw something across the water.

> “A guy dressed all in black, rushing down the hill at a speed that I couldn’t believe,” the college student said.

> “After we saw him, there were 15 gunshots that were fired at us,” he said.

> The college student says they all took cover, and police told him one bullet went over the officer’s head and into a tree.

> The Albemarle County Police Dept announced in a press release that officers conducted a 90-minute search of the area on Tuesday but didn’t find anything. So the younger of the 2 and his father returned to the area on Wednesday morning to look for themselves.

> “We went down there and found 14 cases, 9mm cases, on the trail,” the high school student said. “And for me to find that in 5 minutes and the cops said they searched the area for 90 minutes, I don’t feel like they’re doing what they told me they did.”

Is it me or does that sound like a ‘foot-related cover up?? Either way shooting at folks who are minding their own biz fishing a) ain’t cool at all and b) makes as much sense as the Rock starring in a movie about Squidward:

Dang I gotta get better at these extreme analogies….

Okay serious for a sec: NOTHING funny about getting shot anywhere, so I sure hope the police there are taking this super seriously man….


1. Fish for Each Other.

Cool idea to help folks hurting in fishing — notably small tackle shops and guides. If you are in one of those gigs, hit the site. Also, if you are looking for ways to support the industry, this is/can be a place to do that.

2. BUFFs work as Covid “face cloths”?

I think that’s what it’s saying and sure hope so cuz that’s what we’ve been a-wearin’ here. We look WAY cooler than peeps with the hospital- and dust-type masks too.

Gitcha BUFFs hereladies here. Based on what I’ve seen and read, not sure any mask will do much but you gotta have one now so…and can tell you from experience that the true BUFFs are the most comfortable.

True story: My mom said she was making facemasks outta my dad’s undershirts and sending ’em to people. I was like: eeeeeeeew.

3. Aaron Martens is back!

On the water:

How many days does it take for Aaron to get back to fishing after brain surgery?

Oustanding! Btw Aaron’s new Gamakatsu TGW Nano Finesse Trebles are out:

> …is patterned after the O’Shaughnessy-style hook that Martens has had tremendous success using. The acute angle holds fish better than round-bend hooks, according to Martens.

4. Brandon Cobb’s spawn baits.

The merthiolate-color floating worm is making a comeback.

5. Fletch Shryock will live in AL as long as he’s a pro.

> “As long as I’m fishing as a pro angler, this is where I’m going to live.”

But being from OH, it’s tough for him to be understood by the folks from AL so he has a translator who insists on dressing like this:

These folks also answered his Craigslist ad…guessin’ it’s Leia and Jabba:

Not sure about putting ads on Craigslist man…hahaha!

6. Sounds like Ott DeFoe is getting home-schooled?By his wife Jennie, which I’m pretty sure happens whenever he’s home anyhow…except a new wrinkle is that he’s in detention a lot:

7. Jeff Gustafson on FB Live tomorrow night.

Fellow snow-belter JP Derose is gonna grill Gussy about walrus hunting, stealing entry fees from US bassers and whatever else they talk about waaaaaay up yonder (heehee!). Starts at 8 pm EST (7 pm CST, 5 pm PST).

8. Dustin Wilks fished with Guy Eaker…

…on his show “Catching Bass with Dustin Wilks” on the Sportsman Channel. Both are former Elitists, cool to see Guy still after ’em.

9. MLF BPT champeenship will be Feb in Tulsa/Grand Lake.

Kinda bummed they’re doing it so early in the year like the Classic but maybe that’s just me:

> …Feb 23-27, 2021. The field of the Top 30 MLF pros, based on points accumulated during the 2020 Bass Pro Tour season, will compete for the Redcrest title and top prize of $300,000.

10. MO: Cedar trees sunk at Truman.

Turpin Branch area.

11. Virtual-fish MX with the Googans.

Latest episode of Uncharted, little bull-ridin’, little cattle-ropin’ and of course a little hawg-snatchin’:

Not good:

> …the fish was found Mar 17 during a routine survey of the Tittabawassee River below the Dow Dam in Midland County. The river flows into Lake Huron’s Saginaw Bay.

13. AR starting to kill off giant salvinia in Lake Columbia.

Lowering and spraying.

14. IN: Polaris shutting down 3 boat brands cuz of Covid?

Don’t see how Covid can be a cause of this after just 1 month? Either way 120 jobs are gone:

> …Polaris will stop producing Rinker, Striper and Larson FX boat brands at its Syracuse, IN plant in June.

> “We were fully prepared to expand these brands and our presence within their respective segments of the marine industry. But today, considering market dynamics and the continued uncertainty around the sustained impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided not to move forward with investing the necessary resources to maintain and grow Rinker, Striper and Larson FX, and will discontinue production of those brands.”

15. Coast Guard Foundation helping Coasties in need.

Great to hear. Opportunity to donate at that link.

Headline of the Day

Local anglers head to the lake fight boredom

Uh…pretty sure anglers head to the lake cuz they LOVE TO FISH and work would prolly be way more boring….

On right now…
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Tip of the Day

John Crews says it’s always mini-jig time.

Course he’s talkin’ his Missile Ike’s Mini Flip Jig — with a full-size D Bomb, just shortened a little. Good vid from Mr Missile hisself:

His stuff:

> Daiwa Tatula 100 Reel (7 or 8:1)

Quote of the Day

“No one wants to hug a largemouth bass.”

– Duke biologist Mike Abney talkin’ ’bout stuff like ospreys being stuff that I guess people supposedly like more than bass. Mike, you are wrong sir:

I will never get sick of that pic!

Shot of the Day

@jeremiahjohnsonfishing with a what looks like a pre hero shot — kinda like it better than just a hero shot deal:

Ya got me

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