Couple teen blimps! Maybe the world record derp? Vision 110 jerkbait tips

Well, the corona deal has started to spread. Not sure whether the actual virus is spreading a lot, but for sure the shut-downs are spreading — sports, colleges = not good. I assume college and HS bassin’ will be affected, and guessin’ pro bassin’ too at some point depending on how nuts this all gets. Crazy deal.

Tough for me to trust to anything the fear/divisiveness/self-righteous “news” says, but whatever — just stay safe bass peeps. Guess one good thing is you can’t catch it from fish! And you shouldn’t be close enough boat-wise to catch it from someone else so….

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Today’s Top 5

Couple teen blimps!

Really 2 TX ShareLunkers, startin’ with Blake Cockrell cuz this was his SECOND ShareLunker (13+ lbs) this spring!! In early Feb he caught this 14.36 (26.35″) outta Lake Alan Henry on a crankbat — possibly a Bomber Fat Free Shad — in 5-10′:

Then a week ago he caught this longer (26.5″) but lighter (13.28 lbs) bass on the same lake but on a jig in 15′ — in a tourney:

> “I had only been fishing for 5 minutes…and when she came up and turned, I knew it was a big fish. I looked at the kid in the back of the boat with me and said ‘This is another ShareLunker…this really just happened again.'”

> Cockrell has some advice for anyone wanting to catch a ShareLunker: “You need to put your time in and learn from each and every trip…More time on the water and more knowledge will help you get lucky.”

INsane. Really messed Patrick up:

The same weekend, dude named Joe Castle caught a ridonkulous 15.34-lb, 27.5″ dairy cow melon on a wacky-rigged Senko in 3′ at Lake Nacogdoches — and check this: it was Feb 29, a leap year day and his birthday! Weird…and cool:

Some truly huge fish right there dang!

Biggest derp yet??

Check this fish of a lifetime hooked and boated by the 6-yr-old son of ex-NFL #1 bass-head Brian Robison. Not only is it I believe the biggest derp we’ve ever seen ever (7-02) but it’s also Parker’s PB — how great is that!

HUGE congrats there bud! Caught at “Lake Nunya” [bidness lol], TX on a Santone Swim Jig (bluegrass) with a 4″ Yamamoto Zako (gp/black flake/tail dyed chart).

Gonna be mailing him this LIMITED EDITION BassBlaster derp sticker:

Public notice: IF — and ONLY IF — you’ve sent/messaged me a derp bass pic, send me a self-addressed stamped envelope and I will mailing you a derp sticker. F-R-E-E! Send to:

Jay Kumar
PO Box 133
Lebanon, NJ 08833

“I’ve cried more as an adult, driving home from tournaments I’ve bombed, than anything else.”

– Seth Feider talkin’ ‘in this cool short #FishItWell vid from SIMMS:

Love the realness man….

Few Classic thangs.

Still having issues stringin’ complete sentences together from post-Classic caffeine withdrawal, but here’s a few thoughts. More might pop up later.

1. Before the deal even started, I was askin’ questions no one else was…probly for good reasons lol. The result is this vid, named by Chris Zaldain the “Bassin’ Mustache Must Asks,” where I ask him, Todd Auten and Seth Feider some important bassin’ ‘stache questions:

2. Looks like the INS did take some measures against the Canadian hammers cuz they didn’t light it up at Gville. Word is this Twitter pic really spooked US authorities:

HAHAHA! For real tho — our Canadian bassin’ bros do pronounce “Shimano” weird but for sure are hammers.

3. Saw a bunch of MLFers signing autographs — Edwin Evers had loooong lines — which to me says:

> MOST fans don’t care or maybe even know about MLF vs B.A.S.S. or whatever.

> Bass-heads are fans of bassin’ 1st, pros 2nd, everything else 3rd — wait, I mean BAITS are 2nd hahaha! We all want to catch fish, watch fish catches, eat crusty medium-rare meat, and just love one another man….

4. Definitely a strange hole at the Classic. Not a lot of folks talkin’ ’bout it, but it was there — meanin’ missing a few folks. Glad B.A.S.S. did tributes to Forrest, Jerry, Joe Higgins (head of B.A.S.S. sales who passed on latd last year) — and I heard one for Dave Precht too but he’s still with us which is good!

Read donny barone’s deal about this. GREAT.

5. Was this the first Classic with a daylight savings time change in it…meaning 1 hour LESS sleep for the guys fishin’ the last day? Not sure, no big deal, just innerestin’.

6. Little Classic collage of randomness ^^ roughly clockwise from the top L:

> Me n Jason Christie by the big BOOYAH Covert Series spinnerbait display. Check Jason not huggin’ it out lol.

> Cool red, white n blue Auburn bass on the back of a bass-head named Scott N.

> Me n MLF/Fork hammah Jeff Sprague. Watch him this week….

> Fat Cat Newton in real life = not always talkin’ = false because he is!

> Matt’s always On ‘Em. He’s way more normal than he appears on the ‘gram lol.

> Chad Pipkens won the Pants Classic.

> Tater Hog = great bassin’ bait name for whatever it is. Could be a bait, food, rod, whatever.

> Kim Stricker is either in the National Freshwater Hall of Fame now or someone bought him a plaque with his name on it. Not sure which but I think Shaw Grigsby bought the plaque….

> Tradin’ bassquatch stories with the Hack Attack.

Btw I was wearin’ the SIMMS Rogue Fleece Hoody in “hex camo croc” — everybody was diggin’ it so…I felt special hahaha!

7. ReelFaith did some testimony-type vids at the Classic, Edwin Evers’ is up, more on the way….

Hartwell, SC FLW Series bait breakdown.

Well, well, well a ringer won it hahaha! SC MLF/BPTer Marty Robinson fired up his largemouths + spotted bass attack, bagged 47-04 over 3 days and won it by about 1.5lbs. Some deets from FLW:

> “My main pattern was working the ditches down the lake first thing in the morning. I’d hit those with a 3/8-oz Buckeye Lures Su-Spin and a 1/2-oz [Buckeye G-Man] Ballin’ Out Jig with a Zoom Creepy Crawler (gp)…and get my limit. The bass would hang out in those ditches following the herring after the herring piled in there overnight.”

> …used the same baits to fish a lot of the secondary points about 3/4 of the way back in the creeks. He found some better fish too…working a couple stretches of docks…had 10-12′ of water off the front end.

> …spotted bass began showing up in his bag on days 2 and 3. The spots were mixed in with the largemouth and were hanging pretty close to hard clay and rock bottom…in the 10-12′ range.

Bait deets: Su-Spin Blades were pearl/white and albino with a Zoom Fluke (pearl white), and the jig and trailer were both gp.

Here’s how all the baits of the top 10 broke down:

Crankbait = 50% [Props to the FLW guys for getting the COLORS too.]

– Squarebill = KVD 1.5 (orange belly craw), Duckett BD Soft Squarebill (red craw)
– Flat-side = Greenfish Tackle Big G Flat [same as an F sharp lol] (cellmate), SPRO Little John 50 (spring craw)
– Other = SPRO Rk Crawler 55 (red bug)Underspin = 40%Fish Head Spin = 10%

Jig = 30%

Bladed jig = 20%

10% each = Spoon, Shakey head, Carolina rig, Ned rig


> Zoom Fluke was the #1 trailer.

> Brett Hite’s bait made yet another appearance (or 2) in the top 10.


1. TN: Bodies of 2 people found on TN River.

Not ID’d yet but folks are thinking they might be the folks who disappeared during that Pickwick tourney a couple weeks back. Guess closure will be good for the families and friends but…dang, real sorry to hear it….

2. CA: We lost a yakkin’ brother on Lake Perris.

3. Edwin Evers is on an Optima Batteries tour only for HS bass-heads.

Kicking it off THIS SATURDAY in the Garland, TX Bass Pro Shops 7:30 pm CST.

> The goal of this tour [video from Edwin here] is to encourage high school students to get more involved in bass fishing…. Each event will include an appearance by Edwin, a Q&A session with students, and an Optima Batteries product giveaway.

Other dates/locations will coincide with BPT tourneys.

4. Skeet Reese gets Wiley X shades.

5. TX: This Sunday meet some sketchy fellers…

…decent anglers tho — okay they’re BPT pros. Sounds like at the Lake Fork Area Chamber of Commerce?

6. Hank Cherry said spectators stayed away from his spots.

That’s GREAT to hear.

7. Elitist Jesse Tacoronte gets Atlantic Payroll Partners.

No link but the release says it also does some admin for Enigma Fishing, which Jesse owns: “They handle all my payroll, all my taxes, all my tax filings. They do life insurance, they do health benefits, they do everything.” Sounds like a good deal….

8. Ranger back as B.A.S.S. premier sponsor.

Replacing Triton which is also owned by Bass Pro Shops’ White River Marine group.

9. KY gov’nor tried/trying to hijack DNR $$$.

Would hurt some anti-Asian carp funding too. If you read that whole post, you’ll see that if it happened/happens, it would be a pretty serious screw-up for the state: #notcool

> Gov. Andy Beshear’s proposed budget for the 2020-2022 biennium featured an $11 mil sweep from the operating fund for the Dept of Fish and Wildlife Resources.

10. FL: Certified scale ain’t enough…

…for a state-record feesh:

> …FWC biologist must identify the fish species, and an FWC employee — usually but not necessarily the same individual — must witness its weighing on a certified scale.

A state employee needs to ID a DD FL bass as a largemouth? What else would it be, a manatee-bluegill hybrid?? #cmonman And all that makes a release of that fish kinda tough….

11. GA: Shoal bass up for state river fish again.

Largies are the state fish already, peeps have tried to make “shoalies” the river fish for 4 years. Can’t believe anyone is opposed to this? Are they hopin’ for a chub??

12. GA makes bassin’ a HS sport!

Props! Rest of the states need to get with the program….

13. Love the way Rapala is showing college/HS fishermen…

…in vids. Just like college football or hoops or whatever, these young men and women are real good and real competitors too:

14. Mustad discount for college and HS anglers.

15. New War Eagle Jiu-Jigsu Flipping Jig.

Modified Arkie-style head with a recessed line tie, strong weedguard that protects the hook point from snagging but soft enough for solid hooksets, premium Hole-in-One skirt, and a wire keeper. Here’s dirty junebug:

16. New Skeeter ZXR models.

17. T-H Marine has a new cover for the Hydra.

Hydra Battery Terminal Multiplier = genius, here’s the new cover:

18. SC: Hate to see this….

Tweeted by the Lexington, SC police dept. Only sharing because it sounds like the driver is okay:

19. CT: Northeast Fishing & Hunting Show canceled…

…due to Coronavirus fears. First time in 23 years.

20. SD adding $25 stamp requirement for non-rez anglers.

21. ID non-rez license cost going up.

To $106!! What do they have there, fish made outta gold??

22. TX: OH Ivie has zebras.

23. MN bill wants wake-boarders 200′ off the shoreline.


Headline and Line of the Day

Swindle jibber jabbers about cold water fishing

> …pro Gerald Swindle utilized his AL jibber jabber while revealing his cold-water fishing techniques much to the delight of the noon seminar gathering Friday at the Central Carolina Boat and Fishing Expo.

Hahaha G! Guy from NC wrote that deal…so guessin’ NC folks don’t jibber jabber? Pretty sure that’s false but here’s some good G tiddybits from the post:

> [Swindle] prefers 10-to 12-lb mono line rather than fluorocarbon in cold water. “When the water temperature drops below 48 degrees, fluorocarbon jumps off the reel making casting difficult.”

> …Swindle…never uses more than 12-lb line because big line kills the action of small crankbaits.

> “The new Wiggle Wart is just as effective as the old one. Vary your retrieve and make the lure bounce off objects on the bottom. I’ve caught fish on a Wiggle Wart in water as low as 38 degrees.
> “Carry your Bible with you when you fish [a Rapala Shad Rap] because you can lose your religion when you cast it. The bait goes in any direction in a light breeze. Use a soft cast rather than a snappy wrist cast. The bait will go further and straighter.”

On right now…

Note: The TackleWarehouse links in this email are affiliate links, meaning if you go through them to make a purchase I might earn a commission…at no cost to you. Click here if you want to learn a little more about links in the BB.

Tip of the Day

Chris Zaldain’s Vision 110 rig n tips.

From my YouTube channel, back when Chris’ ‘stache hadn’t fully blossomed yet — good info:

Check all the 110 colors and versions here on the TW. Remember that Hank Cherry used a 100+1 because he wanted it to run deeper….

Quote of the Day

“One day the refrigerator is in the kitchen, the next day it’s in the living room and then the next day it’s in the guest bedroom closet.”

BPTer Cliff Pace talkin’ with I guess frustration ’bout herring moving around a lake. Never heard that one before….

Good herring lake tip in that post, from SC angler Jayme Rampey:

> “A lot of bass anglers that don’t regularly fish herring lakes try to pattern the herring to find the fish. That might work to a degree, but your bigger fish are going to lay in wait on some wood on a point or hump and let the herring come to them.”

Shot of the Day

Nice double ketched by Pete Ponds on a Bandit crank:

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