Best boat accessory? How Patrick Walters powers up, Winter ‘Trappin’

WHAT UP!!!! 2021 here we come! No – I repeat, NO – bass is safe this year…unless I’m the one chasin’ ’em HAHAHA! Cryin’ cuz it hurts….


Hope yours was Merry and peaceful, and your year started off with joy and hope. Few quick deals from my week off:


– Decided to support my local 2A store, picked up a .308 mountain hunt-type precision rifle (not expensive) + scope, which was cool, and was amazed at the activity at that place. If a gun was on the wall in the morning, was gone in the afternoon. Crazy.


– Picked up the ol’ ‘lectric geetar again, after a long time, and after some fiddlin’ decided to try to play VH’s Me Wise Magic. Sorta like picking up a rod after 9 months and trying to skip docks like Andy Montgomery. Got most of it but then my left hand hurt cuz that’ll happen when you’re outta guitar shape so that was that. At least I got to crank it UP!


– Long walk every day with my Lab and my wife. Rediscovered my wife a bit, which was nice – she’s way more than I deserve, glad I re-re-re-re-re-re-realized that if you know what I mean.


– Rebonded with the Traeger grill. Pretty outstanding.


– Slept way longer than normal a couple times, had some weird dreams. My only bassin’ one was Gerald Swindle and former pro Kevin Wirth picked me up in a rally-like station wagon (with decals) towing a trailer covered in dirt that they were burning the weeds off with some kinda liquid. That’s it. WTHeck!!!


– Did not fish. Couple days of decent weather, but could not bring myself to fish small plastics ultra-slow. Is that bass fishing or torture?? Wanted to be out there but that just ain’t me man….


Anyhow, hope you got some bassin’ presents and let’s kick ‘er off!

Today’s Top 5
Powerin’ stuff up part 1!
This should be the biggest year yet in fishing ‘lectronics. You can guess why (Lives), tho I don’t even think we know everything that’ll be happening yet. BUT we do know that without power, doesn’t matter how many units or what troller you’re a-runnin’. So gonna talk about a couple deals I HAD TO know about, startin’ with Jared Lintner posting this:


> After running a Power-Pole Charge unit for the 2020 season, it’s definitely a MUST HAVE in my boat from this point forward.


Big statement. Seen other pros post good stuff about this thing, I knew hardly anything about it, so I called Jared and a guy who might know it better than anyone, Chris Lane.


Jared Lintner


> “There’s 2 things I’m really excited about. With the advent of all this new tech, we have new batteries…so many different options. AGMs hook into the onboard charger [but] lithiums require a different charger, a separate charger. So for the past 2-3 years I was carrying a handheld charger [for lithiums].


> “I’d get back to the house, plug in the boat and it would only charge my cranking batteries. Then I’d plug in my hand-held charger and charge the lithium batteries.


> “With this Charge unit, you can [charge both battery types] by plugging it into the wall so you don’t have to carry around another charger, another extension cord and find another outlet. So that’s 1 really good thing about it.


> “The 2nd thing – I fish kind of like a spaz. I cover a lot of water, and I’ve always been kind of concerned. even with lithiums, about running my batteries dead. Like car alternators, Mercs and all engines now have an alternator that feeds back into your cranking batteries, and with that Charge unit you can select the percent of that power going to your cranking battery and your trolling battery. I run mine at 50% so when I’m running down the lake I’m actually charging my trolling batteries.


> “At the US Open last year at Mead, I was running an hour and 10 minutes 1 way. After the first day I get back, plug in my boat and within 10 minutes my batteries are 100% charged. So even if you only make a 5-minute run you’re putting juice back into those trolling batteries.


> “For tournament fishermen, batteries are your lifeblood. Without them you’re pretty much hosed. If [a Charge unit] was $5,000 I’d put it in there. It’s one of those things you have to have. It’s really essential.


> “With the [Power-Pole] C-Monster app…. [One BPT he was fishing a river], going against the current and throwing crankbait. I thought, I wish I knew how my batteries were doing. Then I was like, Hey idiot, look at the app and see what percent charge you have left! Sure enough I was good.


> “If you know you’re using a lot of [troller] you can pull out your phone and [with the app] put all the power out of your engine to your trolling batteries.


> “For functionality and peace of mind it’s awesome. A really cool piece of technology. Really unique and essential. And as far as I know…guys who’ve been using it for the past 1-1.5 years, I have not heard any negative feedback or any kind of issues with it at all.”

Chris Lane


> “For the first time in history you can actually see your batteries – you can see what your batteries are doing. You always question that as a fisherman: how long do I run my livewell, do I have enough juice to crank up [etc]. Now you can see all that on your phone.


> “It’s a total power management station. It includes a battery charger and emergency start as well, but it’s really the technology behind it.


> “You can set limits to where you never let your battery get low enough [it won’t crank]. When running all these electronics now [plus] lights, radio, all this stuff on…people always question, What are my batteries like? You can actually see that now…peace of mind knowing that you have enough power in your cranking battery or trolling motor battery….


> “…allows you to prepare for your next stop. To say I’ve got 30% juice left, I’m gonna run 10 miles down the lake and try this spot, knowing you’re charging your batteries so when you get there it allows you to fish the way you want to fish…allows you to make the decisions you want to make throughout the day.


> “It’s the world’s first bi-directional charger. That’s what it is, that’s why it’s so awesome – no one’s been able to do it. It’s 24 volts, 36 volts, doesn’t matter, waterproof, you can see it on your phone…tells you everything. Even on my Lowrances I can see the state of charge…you can see it on the side of your graph.

> “It’s the most amazing piece of equipment you can put in a boat right now. It’s not a battery charger – that’s just 1 of the features. It’s a power management station – it manages everything on your boat. It takes all your batteries and makes them into one, if that makes sense. Power just flows between where it’s needed.


> “It’s crazy. It’s an amazing piece of technology….”


Word is it was developed by Stark Industries:

This P-P vid does a pretty good but job showing how Charge works.


TW has the unit for $1295.99 which sounds like a lot for a charger, but as the guys said it’s not just a charger. Believe it should extend the life of the batteries too but I couldn’t find anything saying that.


Gotta say…I really want one of these things, just to see it work!

Powerin’ stuff up part 2!
Callin’ this “Patrick Walters, 5 all-day units, 1 battery”:
Was talkin’ to Paddy after his Fork win and he mentioned he had this setup where he could run everything except his trolling motor off 1 BATTERY. And it never ran down. If you don’t think that’s impressive, bear in mind we’re talkin’ a pro angler with 5 12″ screens on all day. So I had to run that whole deal down:


> “I’m running Relion batteries – 3 RB100s in series…for my trolling motor [Ultrex], and a single RB100HP…off that I’m running the outboard motor, Talons [he’s going back to Power-Poles], 5 graphs, livewells, radio, deck lights [etc] – off 1 battery.”


He says the Relions are stellar – “I’d been running Relion batteries for 5 years and was absolutely floored with them” – but it’s not all the batteries:


> “A college buddy of mine Trip Palmer, started running Sonar Pros….


> “At the end of the [fishing] day I’d get low voltage [warnings] on graphs or whatever, and I never paid attention to it because it was normal. Voltage was being restricted through the factory setups sometimes…gauge wire [used in boats] was not built for these [graph setups]…weren’t planning on people running 4 12” screens…factory harnesses were not designed to handle that.


> “[His bud Trip] was telling me about [what Sonar Pros’ harnesses can do] and I was like, ‘Man I just don’t know.’ One thing about bass fishermen – we don’t like change. We’re stubborn. [But Patrick finally said], ‘You know what, I’ll try it.’


> “Once he rigged it…blew me away what that wire harness can actually do. You can fish all day long and not run into that [low voltage] issue. I’ve run [Sonar Pros harnesses] in my last 3 boats, and I’ve actually got it in my jonboat. My new boat is at Sonar Pros in Atlanta getting wired as we speak.


> “Each graph gets its own power source…. When I say power source, each graph gets its own designated power harness – its own cable directly to the battery. It’s not one to the bow, then to the circuit board, then spliced off 3 different times….”


Seems like the Sonar Pros deal involves thicker-gauge wire that eliminates voltage drop to each unit, plus stuff like amperage, Variacs, Marshall amps and Les PAUL GEETARS mang!!!

Okay not all that stuff sorry, got carried away. I think it’s like this: no voltage drop = crispy-sharp sonar + longer run time = all day sonar with max capability + improved battery life:


> “The clarity is much better. I wouldn’t have thought that would’ve made a difference, having true 100% power, the max it can get. I didn’t think it was possible. It’s the clearest image the graph is capable of.

> “We usually just plug and play all these graphs, but we’re not maximizing the potential of these units. I can side scan 100′ at 5 mph and can still identify everything – it used to be at 60′ it was starting to black out a bit.


> “You’re also truly utilizing 100% of that battery – it’s not draining [as fast]. …on the water your lifeline is 1 battery so getting the most out of it is the biggest thing. It’s just a no-brainer.”


Note: His rig ain’t cheap at $900+ per battery and $100+ per harness (not too bad) if you wanna install it yourself. I do believe that for us to get the most outta all this stuff, having experienced pro folks do it will make a difference now and maybe forever. Just too technical for most of us to get it right on our own. Gitcha own bass roadie!

“It was the deal at a few tournaments last year and I did not have it.”
John “going on a” Crews talkin’ ’bout fish…I mean LiveScope (heehee!). In this YT vid he says he’ll run all 3 ‘lectronics brands this year and why:
“Today it’s about setting the hook because the mystery about where and when has been solved. All that is left now is the choice of what…lure or bait to use.”
Dude’s sayin’ that with electronics and better rods, reels, etc, fishing is no longer “a mystery” and it’s just about setting the hook. My 2c: no way. If it was that easy it’d be boring and it sure ain’t!


Plus may just be me but I spend a LOT of time – lovin’ every minute of it – figurin’ out the feesh…or not but trying to.


Speakin’ of mysteries, this’n might be solved?

Greg Hackney sent me that…never thought he was a cat guy Just messin’….
5 for 40 already won one!!!
That’s TX’s Derek Mundy with a 40-10 limit at this weekend’s Rayburn (of course) BFL:


> “I caught the first 4 on a big crankbait and they busted up a bit. Then I pulled out a jig and caught the last one. I caught those 5, all on the first stop (17′ mid-lake), in about 20 minutes.”


Dang! Amazingly he was not fishing a Strike King crankbait, almost a requirement for a huge Rayburn bag. Kidding. It was an 8XD, and he caught 1 of those on a 3/4-oz V&M The Flatline Pacemaker Football Jig. He said:


> “It’s the biggest bag I’ve ever caught.”


I bet! Thanks for starting ’21 off with a bang mang!


I’m sure Phil Marks would be stoked to hear about this….

> Many in the fishing tackle industry remember “Big Ev” as the back bone and shoulders that carried the weight of the company as its Rat-L-Trap lure rose to fame in the ’80s and ’90s. As legend has it, Mr. Gill was selling tackle in J.C. Penny’s – yes, JCPenney’s used to carry tackle- – when Mr. [Bill] Lewis was calling on their local store. They immediately connected and ended up working decades together.


> Mr. Gill was the closest partner and confidant of Mr. Lewis…. Former co-worker Ken Chaumont said: “Big Ev wasn’t just called Big Ev for his physical stature. He literally carried the most weight for the company all the time. His calm and cool demeanor made for the perfect balance to Bill’s fiery, hold no punches back approach. It’s hard to imagine the Bill Lewis company being what is today without Everett. ” 


> He will be greatly missed, but proudly remembered! RIP Big Ev!


Ev was 69 years young. Funeral was today. Bless yopuu bassin’ brother, and Lord please bless his family.


2. TX: We lost a brother on Lake o’ the Pines.


Jan 2. He did have a PFD on, the post says. Another man saved by 2 men. Bless you bass brothers.


3. Mark Rose gets MidwayUSA.


Big-time firearms ecomm site, now also selling fishing stuff.


4. Chris and Bobby Lane are fishing the FLWs.


Word his Chris’ son Cal thinks he can take his dad and uncle, we’ll see!


5. Luke Clausen will be running a Charger.


Was Ranger.


6. Gus C “Jeff” Gustafson gets Bagley Baits.


No link 🙁


7. Carl Jocumsen gets X Zone soft-plastics.


No link 🙁


8. Matt Herren and Buddy Gross jersey action for St Jude.


9. Gary Clouse says don’t re-spool too far ahead.


> …I generally don’t re-spool with line too far ahead of my next fishing trip. Line that sits on a reel for an extended period of time will develop memory and can kink when you first start using it.


Gary has one of the greatest gigs in fishing – his own company pays him to fish the Elites! In fact, next time I see him I’ll ask if that was the only reason he founded Phoenix (lol Gary probly man!).


10. Fletch Shryock gets Favorite rods/reels.


11. Wonder what Mike Iaconelli’s fave reel is….

That’s the Abu Garcia REVO MGXtreme2…$499 a pop….


12. FLWer Tom Redington flipped a jig into his chimney (IG vid).


Outstanding. Take that Santa! And he’s now running a Phoenix, was Ranger.


13. FLWer Cody Huff on BassEdge Radio.


14. Randy Blaukat says Opens are legit.


> …none of the high levels of performance I have ever experienced [in his career] equaled the level of competition I witnessed on the 2020 Bassmaster Opens….


Quick story: First time I ever went out in practice with a pro was I think the ’92 Classic at Logan Martin, with Randy. As a Yankee who never saw pro fishing or southern bass fishing in person before, the stuff he was doing blew my mind (deep big worm, cranking bridge pilings). Seared into my brain…but I still have trouble remembering what my wedding date was lol.


15. Zona gets Lew’s.


Was Daiwa. Reminder that Lew’s and Strike King are in the same house now so…. Z said Andy Montgomery and Shaw Grigsby showed up at his house making all kinds of threats if he didn’t switch so that’s how it went down.


16. VA is stocking FL orthern bass hybrids in lakes.


Smith Mountain Lake, Claytor Lake, Lake Anna, Lake Chesdin, Beaverdam Swamp Res. Says those fish should put on 1 lb per year.


17. MN: SIMMS again supporting Mille Lacs Smallmouth Alliance.


Important group. Also will continue the SIMMS schollys for HS anglers which is #stout.


18. KY wants your Christmas tree for fish habitat.


19. MLF announcements.


Can’t link all of ’em 🙁


’21 Redcrest Championship lake moved – Was Grand, OK Feb 23-27, now Palestine, TX Feb 21-25. “The decision to move the event was made after numerous Bass Pro Tour anglers suggested a new fishery location for the championship tournament after MLF announced the cancellation of the Outdoor Sports Expo in Tulsa….”


Academy sponsoring ’21 MLF Cup events – Not sure what that means exactly but interesting because they are a Bass Pro Shops competitor.


MLF Pro Circuit roster – 165 guys, bunch of BPTers in there, Dion and Lawson Hibdon, Larry Nixon still at it, do not see Jacob Powroznik. Also Jacob Wheeler is not fishing ’em.


20. now redirects to a new MLF site.


21. SPRO Little John 50s now have a ball.


A steel rattlin’ ball, both the regular 50 and the MD50.


22. MN: Most summer boating is on the weekends.




23. Bass Pro Shops PR dude talked about the pending deal…


…to buy Sportsman’s Warehouse. Not much there but here’s a couple lines that stuck out to me:


> “Since uniting with Cabela’s 3 years ago, only 3 stores have closed while we have opened 8 new locations.


> “It is also noteworthy that we have a very stable financial platform upon which to move forward.”


24. ID bass-head caught state record carp on a lipless crank.


Alex Veenstra, 30-04 mirror carp, Snake River above Upper Salmon Dam. Hooked it in the lips = carp don’t just eat plankton and doughballs!!


Tx to bass-head John M for the tip.





This is how we’re all wired – great word from Tramell Vickers (@LipRipper863) to start the year:

We HAVE TO fish!


Kinda wish I HAD TO catch too…HAHAHA!

On right now… 


Gloves for braid knots? How KVD finds winter fish, Donut scent, Evil craw


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Tip of the Day


Yep Boyd DOES fish. Or he used to anyhow (heehee!). He does know his ‘Traps so here you go, from Advanced Angler:


> After the grass has died off in the later winter, Duckett then starts turning his attention to the saddles that run between bottom features. “If you look at a map, you will see where a point runs out to deep water and drops off, then begins to rise again as it goes out to an offshore hump. That area in between is a saddle.


> “They will get in the bottom of that saddle and sit there with their bellies on the bottom in cold water when there is no grass.


> “…the Rat-L-Trap sound, it is still the best. Plus you don’t have to move a Rat-L-Trap nearly as fast as other baits to make it vibrate on the retrieve, which is key in cold water.


> “I try to think of using the Rat-L-Trap more like a jig than I would a crankbait this time of the year….” …he slowly lifts the lure and lets it fall to mimic a dying shad.


> “I use a 7′ MH [Duckett] Micro Magic Pro Rod, a [Duckett reel with a 6-ish] retrieve speed…I spool the reel with 12 to 14-lb Vicious Pro Elite Fluorocarbon so that I can feel the bait and have maximum control over it too.”

Quote of the Day
“When he’s fishing, he’s resting in the knowledge that a fish is coming.”


– Amazing. David Dudley talkin’ ’bout his friend, 17-yr-old bass-head Hayden G who just had a liver transplant. I wish I had that confidence, patience and faith to KNOW the next bite is coming. I THINK it is, but then…I think it probly ain’t so time to move! lol


Bless you Hayden, hope everything works out great and keep on bassin’ brother!

Shot of the Day
Outstanding southern coastal bassin’ shot! I so want to be wherever that is…. Posted by @minnkotamotors but shot by @fishbackattack. Love Spanish moss man:


Thought this was a joke but it’s not?? If you’ve seen tiddybits about this recently, that link ^ is from back in ’19 so sounds legit. Seems like they’re trying to kinda replicate what happens with volcanic ash? Whatever, just pretty sure the ol’ lake plankton, veggies and then on up the food chain ain’t gonna do so hot with less sun – #savethebass!


Can’t make up my mind if nothing sounds crazy anymore or everything does….


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