Different winter techniques, Slow low swim-jigs, Clunn interfered with?

Questions for today:


– Can being freezing cold and fishing tiny baits ultra-slow really be called bass fishing? Or should it be called something else, like “a symptom”?


– Are Labs the only animals that actually look better wet?


– Why is 2sday the 3rd day of the week?


– Has anyone ever tested whether bass like one of the best foods on the planet…chocolate?


– Is this my Tackle Warehouse order?? Either way please #sendit:

Anyone got answers lmk!


Today’s Top 4
4 deals for winter feesh.


Says he would’ve caught ’em in the last Classic when it slicked off if he used the longer-lipped version. He likes the Yo-Zuri 3DB 110s – suspending and deep versions:

2. Chris Zaldain likes 2 baits:


Vision 110+2 — Gets to 12′ on 12-lb Seaguar InvizX fluoro, deep trenches where fish suspend, really long casts.


Football Jig — If they won’t get the jerkbait, 3/8- and 1/2-oz Santone Pro Series (black/brown/amber) with a rattle and chunk.


Good vid – Chris you look way younger without that ‘stache man!

3. Jordan Lee likes deep pockets in highland reservoirs.


> …often finds pocket bass 15-25′ deep, but he has caught them as deep as 40′.


> “Most of the time there are just a few bass in a pocket. But they can be the quality fish that win tournaments.”


> Rather than look for the bass with the graphs on his console, Lee prefers to let his lures do the job. He says you are also more apt to see the bass and baitfish on a bow graph while fishing than when idling.


> “I start out deeper and work in. They usually bite pretty quick. If I don’t get a bite in 5 or 6 throws, I’ll try another pocket.”


He likes a 3/16-oz shakey head with a finesse worm, I’m guessin’ a 5.5″ Berkley Powerbait Maxscent D-Worm?


4. How Johnny Crews fishes riprap with his Little Johnny Boy crankbait.


> “As the days gets sunny, the fish will pull up on those rocks, sun themselves and hang out. It’s a convenient spot for a fish looking for something to eat. Easy to slide off into deep water overnight.”


> …SPRO Little John and sticks with the more bland shad colors like “cell mate.”


> Focusing on the areas with greatest sun exposure, he’ll parallel the rocks to keep his bait close to the structure.


> “I’ll reel down to hit the rocks a couple of times and then stop it. That bait’s going to slowly float up. You can hesitate and it will stay in the strike zone, and then you can resume cranking where it will bounce back into the rocks.”

Would you fish these baits?
Got to a-wonderin’:


YUM Dinger in “bubble gum lemon swirl”:

Paul Krews 4.25″ Flat Worm in “live bluegill”:

Hot pink Roman swimbait (had a custom guitar made that color) – @taro.5800 shot:

Prototype FishLab Bio-Minnow jerkbait:

Weird-lookin’ jig trailer/color posted by @fishgloomis:

Venture Lures Dropper Worm – shoulda been called the “baseball bat worm”? Designed for the Great Lakes:

“The skill of these bass anglers is incredible. To go out in a lake…they just go out there and catch bass from seemingly featureless water. I suppose it’s about knowing what’s going on underneath the surface. It’s a very skilled branch of angling.”
– Iron Maiden guit-player Adrian Smith talkin’ to B.A.S.S. about fishing. Glad he can see what’s 1,000% true which is that yes, we do know what’s going on under the water – which is why bananas in the boat are a bad idea:
Winnin’ Tackle Warehouse World of Wonder ride!
Some real good ones from FB and Insta:


– Pad Crasher bumper cars


– Flipper Plunge tower ride


– Dropshot free fall


– Ride out the perfect storm in a Vexus


– Kayak the lazy river


– Set your drag zip line


– Bite off bungee jump


– White cap butt seat ride


Biiig Winnah


– Culvert Pipe of Love – HAHAHA love it!


Winner was notified, thanks much for playin’ all!



Because of Covid and gatherin’s. Some interesting stuff can come outta this, notably who fishes better pre-spawn/spawn vs summer. Either way glad it’s on like king kong donkeys. Also:


> The Bassmaster Elite at Pickwick Lake…originally scheduled for Jun 10-13, will instead be held…Mar 18-21.


2. Ott DeFoe outs the new Terminator Pro Series spinnerbaits (YT vid).


Not sure why a crankbait guy would design a spinnerbait…KIDDING! Anyhow, TW has ’em but not all colors, 3/8- and 1/2-oz, various blade combos – even a pink one with painted pink blades which for some reason reminds me of Jimmy Houston?

3. Brett Hite now running a Vexus.


Was Ranger. Unofficial rumor is Brett traded for it with 1,000 JackHammers – sounds like a lot but it’s less than 1% of his collection, which I believe is in an underground vault…. That’s right Hite! I know where it is! (Ish told me man, for real.)


4. Micah Frazier’s fave spinnerbait color is…


…”blue herring” (War Eagle double willow) because it’s the “perfect all-around pattern for a wide range of water colors”:

5. How Mark Menendez pics a winter jerkbait (YT vid).


Says he did the vid cuz it was too cold too fish? I hear you man!


Says the jerkbait has an advantage because it draws fish to it, and he wants the bait to float head down.


6. New Fred Roumbanis Bom Boom Swim Jig.


7. Mark Davis’ 3 fave swim-jig colors are…


…guess – yep white, b/b and gp. Why the fact that the pros use those colors most of the time hasn’t sunk into my head yet I have no idea. I just like other colors too I guess….


8. How FLWer Bill McDonald freshen ups tungsten weights (IG vid).


Pretty cool and seems easy. Once I asked him, “Billy how many folks have you served? A billion? 2 billion?” He just walked away….


9. Q&A with FLW champeenship winner Rusty Salewske.


He likes cherries in the boat and:


> “I wish I was [FLW AOY winner] Ron Nelson to tell you the truth…he’s all-in mentally and I love that.”


10. Watch Al Lindner fishing the Rapala OG Flat crank (YT vid).


If you’re wonderin’ whether Al ever blanks, the answer is no. He’s that good. Here’s those baits on the TW.


11. FL gov’nor wants that new Okeechobee rez built.


Yeeehooo! Hope he makes sure it’s got plenty of boat ramps!


12. FL will spray Harris next week.


13. Gambler has an innerestin’ new trailer.


Check it, the Komodo:


15. Ever seen a colored brush guard?


Believe this is the Santone Chris McCall Rayburn Swim Jig in “blue grass:”

Think it’s a really cool idea.


16. New (?) YETI BUFFs.


If you like to rep your crytozoological cool with YETI stuff, be checkin’ this – news to me:


17. New stern-mount ‘lectric yak motor.


Made by Newport Vessels, whoever that is? Here’s the website, here’s a YT vid, says it retails fof $799.


18. FL: 1st US OXE diesel outboard dealer in Ft Lauderdale.


19. Pure Watercraft buys MN ‘lectric pontoon maker.


Remember that PW is the ‘lectric motor company that just got a bunch of funding $$$.


20. Garmin buys emergency response communication company.


> GEOS Worldwide operates the International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC), the nerve center for SOS rescue efforts triggered by Garmin’s inReach personal satellite communicators.


> “In an emergency, every moment matters. The addition of the IERCC to the Garmin family reinforces our commitment to helping our active lifestyle customers make it home safe from their adventures.”



Headline of the Day


Kevin VanDam: Accuracy is Everything in Skipping


Aw come on! What’s next, the right line? The right rod?? I don’t believe it man….heehee!


Gitcha skip on:

On right now… 


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Tip of the Day


If you’re like me – tho I feel bad for you if you are – you fish a swim-jig shallow or shallow-ish. Not Bryan. He likes to fish it low ‘n slow, where he feels fish haven’t seen a swim-jig. In fact Hayabusa just came out with his Lil’ Schmitty Swim Jig designed for this technique which interestingly comes in purple (“the OG”) and all colors have mylar on the bottom of the skirts.


Here he is talkin ’bout it:

He says the head shape of that jig is just a little different than most but it supposedly makes a big difference in coming through grass.
Quote of the Day
“I snuck a few pictures of his tackleboxes as he was loading them. He promptly informed me that I was interfering with his process. Some things never change.”
Rick Clunn’s wife Melissa posted this – way too funny cuz that’s totally Rick! Not sure if anyone in the history of bassin’ is more deadly serious – not just precise or detail-oriented, but also serious. A LEGEND for dang good reasons! Includin’ yep that personality, unreal knowledge, “different” thinking, Classic wins and probly a bunch of other stuff we don’t even know….
Shot of the Day
@mougimasakazu showing us all (I guess?) that it’s never too cold to bank-fish…apparently with a big swimbait? Lake Biwa, Japan:
That branch look like an anaconda head or what??
Had a dang DOOZY for this deal but sittin’ on it for now. Meantime here’s a YT drone vid of South African surfers going right past and right OVER (looks like?) a great white. Gonna stick with bassin’….
Ya got me!
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