Jay Kumar

Best Bassin’ Names of All Time

by Jay Kumar

What makes a great bassin’ name? Well, guess if your name was Ketch Bass that would be a good one, but if not it’s just something memorable. Out of the ordinary. Not John Smith…not that there’s anything wrong with that…. So here’s some cool bassin’ names that BB readers like, in no particular order:

Woo Daves – Not sure if Woo’s his birth name, but either way it’s great.

Guido Hibdon – “GhEE-doe” not “”GWEE-doe” – patriarch of the Ozarks bassin’ clan.

Dion Hibdon – Son of Guido. Love it.

Bo Dowden – Sounds like a southern bass fisherman fo sho. Only beat by….

Dalton Bobo – Shazam!

Ott DeFoe – Another awesome southern bass-head name.

Basil Bacon – Two ingredients in an eye-talian dish, and a great bassin’ name.

Matt Herren – Find the heron, find the fish. Or find the Herren, find the fish?

Cliff Pirch – Pirch, perch. Only way this would be better is if he was Cliff Bluegill.

Gerald Swindle – Always made me think of a western gunfighter…but really he’s a southern junk-fisherman (lol).

Stetson Blaylock – Another name that makes me think of Westerns.

Fish Fishburne – Not sure what’s a better name: Fish Fishburne, Claudius Maximus or Team Grandma.

Jim Bitter – Nothing to do with the Classic lol (seriously Jim was always cool about it).

Mike Wurm – Think he made Sports Illustrated for his name…seriously, they thought it was hilarious for a fisherman.

Not Top National Guys

> Rip Bass – Seriously. How do you beat that? Maybe: “Crank Bass”??

> Donny Bass – Don’t know what to say except his last name is “bass”….

> Speed Goodnight – LA bassin’ club member, who I believe has passed on. RIP bassin’ brother.

> Billy Westmoreland – Somehow classy. RIP smallmouth king.

My Fave

> Flash Butts – Yep, fo’ real.

My Fave Current Nickname

Didn’t cover that here, but did mention that in the BassBlaster that led to this list. Some good ones but the best has gotta be: the Hack Attack.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Andy Williamson

    January 24, 2017 at 8:57 am

    Neat rundown, Jay. Woo’s real name is Woodford. Yes, Mike Wurm was mentioned in Sports Illustrated a few times. Billy Westmorland’s name does not have an “e” after the “r”.
    I’m still waiting for you to contact Nick Taylor to persuade him to write a sequel to his book BASS WARS. (I sent him an email recently about this, but have not heard from him yet.) Being in the business as a writer, etc. you might be better able to get him to do this than I.
    Thank you, Jay.

    Andy Williamson
    Lake Andes, SD

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