Jay Kumar

Bassin’ pet peeves!

by Jay Kumar

You know you got ’em! I’ll start the list off — leave more as comments below, and I’ll update (and rank) the list:

  • Jet skis
  • Angry dock owners
  • Peeps fishing the “bent rod pattern”/can’t find their own fish even with a $50K boat + electronics
  • Peeps who think they own a community hole
  • “Friend” who wants your hot spots but never shares one
  • Fishing a spot for 2 hours and never realizing the fish on your electronics were catfish
  • Buds who always back out of fishing trips, always at the last minute
  • Guys who show up late at the house/ramp
  • Angry, know-it-all interwebz “fishermen”…like this guy:




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