Bass posing outta hand? Let em load up on bladed jigs, Melons of the week

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Today’s Top 5

Ditch melons o’ the week!

Jon R. took his friend out feeshn while their better halfs were gettin’ a surprise birthday ready, and lookit what happened! A 9.25-lb PB on Caney Lake, LA. Caught it on a “red Yo-Zuri:”

Mike Knecht, who wears the same hat as Clunn and Howell (Mike, the glasses in the mouth thing is $$$!), caught this 9.12 watery melon in a derby on Lake Harney @ the St. Johns River, FL. Fooled it with a Zoom Ultravibe Speed Worm (red bug):

Guy named Shaw Grigsby took this gal out for some black bass and they got ’em! Big one was 9-07: #girlpower

BP put the smackdown on this nice winter melon with a Storm Arashi Deep 18 — said it was a custom color, caught on Conroe, TX, future site of the Greatest Bassin’ Show on Earth:

FLWer Terry Bolton texted me this pic all excited, the biggest smallmouth he ever caught he said. I was like, “Dude that’s a WHALE!!!!” Told him to submit it to the IGFA, prolly a world record…lol

Let fish load up on a bladed jig.

Here’s James Niggemeyer on his whole bladed jig system, but the one thing I took form it is to let ’em load up on it like a swimbait. I always have the yips when I’m fishing — set the hook like I got Tazered so….

He likes a Strike King Pure Poison bladed jig (chart/white) with a Strike King KVD Swim N Shiner or Swim’n Caffeine Shad (bluegill or gp).

Has bass posing gotten outta hand?

Pics worth 1K words so this…

…reminds me of this:

Love fish pics, never get enough of ’em, but I wonder if we’ll get to the point where the right pic takes longer to do than the cast and retrieve.

Bassin’ meme of the week.

Buddy o min’s son is a big-time skier, put this together for that crowd, might as well have been done for bassin’ — love it:

HAHAHA! So true…and not just kids!

This dude is very stoked about 10′ rods.

Good one from B-Rad Roy.


1. J-Mac hypes Classic, implies…something.

What’ll be different about this year’s Classic? Jerry McKinnis says it could be the second-most important thing that ever happened in bass fishing. Hmm. Of course: Why would he say that.Hope it lives up to the hype, but either way it’ll be a ton o’ fun. Plus it’s a tournament….

2. FLWer Jason Johnson gets Contingense.

3. FLWer Dunkin gets Vision Wheel.

4. New Bass Pro Shops incentive program.

Elites, Opens, FLW Tour/Series.

5. Pete Gluszek gets all ticked off…

…about people saying he makes too much noise on the water, and here’s what he did about it (click the pic for the vid):

Got him a T-H Marine G-Force Eliminator. And btw, I have seen Pete ticked but he’s pretty mellow.

6. FL spawn should start next week!

7. CA: All kinds of fish stocked in Cachuma.

Even tho the lake is loooooow.

8. NJ still in a drought.

Check out my home lake — think we’ve been getting any rain?

9. What the Aussie BASS Nation winners used.

Well, they caught ’em on a “20g Halco Twisty that the guys had tricked up with Atomic Trick Bitz.” Here you go:

> Adrian and Grant had worked out that they needed to trick the lure up to increase the hook-up rate, so they removed the standard rear treble and replaced it with a set of Atomic Assist Hooks in size 4 and colour 01, subsequently smashing bass…. [Not USA bass.]

> …the anglers found a massive school of bass located on a ridge running into a creek at 13.5m [44′] deep. They focused their casts along the ridge, letting the lure fall all the way to the bottom before starting a steady retrieve. If the bite slowed, they would mix it up and burn the lure back to the boat. Often this was when the big bass really hit hard.

On 6-lb “Unitika Aorika” line.

Speaking of “Down Unda,” here’s what former Elitist Carl Jocumsen fishes for down there. Not sure why he wants to come all the way here to catch way smaller fish?

Don’t know who that other dude is but thinking it’s his twin bro?

10. New 9.3:1 reel.

This guy got the first one:

11. New Ranger, Stratos sales programs.

Skeeter too.

12. New Humminbird radar module.

13. Steve Pennaz going into FF Hall of Famous.

Steve was at North American Fishing Club, which I don’t think exists anymore, and now hosts the Lake Commandos show. I kinda like that name. Congrats man!

Pretty sure Steve has had that greyish beard for like 40 years….

14. New ABT Buzz Bird and Buzz Frog.

Not on TW yet, but here they are — 3″ long:

15. Would you fish a Rasta Senko?

Pour yer own and you could:

16. Email helps retain 1st-time license buyers.

Wait…email works??

17. New underwater drone…

…can go 98′ down, take pics, be a fishfinder and even deliver a bait. If these things catch on where I fish, I’m gonna invent a portable depthcharge unit.

Seriously, these have to be illegal fishing-wise under DNR rules…I assume?

18. New JBL BassPro Go portable speaker.

Not sure why the name, don’t see a Bass Pro Shops logo on it. Not a big fan of tunes on the water, but some folks feel they actually might turn fish on? I’m thinkin’ the opposite.

19. Reminder that BB apparel is here!

Rapala contest yo!

If you didn’t get enough feeshn stuff for Christmas — or even if you did — you can win this pack o’ Rapala luuuuuv which be includin’ one o’ those giant Rapala Original Floaters. Same deal: Enter your email addy, share the link. Good luck peeps!

Tip of the Day

Seth Feider: Shadow Rap vs Shadow Rap Shad.

No they’re not the same, no they don’t act the same in the water and no you shouldn’t fish them at the same time of year/water temp:

Check the Shadow Rap (+ Deep) and Shadow Rap Shad (+ Deep) on TW.

Quote of the Day

I’ve spent more time on the phone talking about fishing in the past month than I have the rest of my whole life.

FLW rookie Chad Warren talkin‘ sponsorship. Full quote:

> “Prior to Dec 1st, I’d never looked for sponsorship. Trying to learn the business side of this thing in a little under 2 months is overwhelming. I’ve spent more time on the phone talking about fishing in the past month than I have the rest of my whole life.

> “Stuff like sponsor logos, jerseys, my boat wrap, what logo goes where, travel plans, expenses — it’s stressful.”

Uh…yep. Good luck to him, but you usually gotta stick around for 4-5 years to really tap into sponsors…unless you get lucky.

Shot of the Day

Mercer fishes in outer space!

Shot is from his Factoids of Fishing show on the Outdoor Channel. Who knew:

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