What pro bassin needs and doesn’t need, How to fish underspins

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Today’s Top 5

Pro bassin’ needs better names.

After ODing on sports last week, realized pro bassin’ needs better names and nicknames. Every sport has better ones dang it! Examples:

Football — Jabrill Peppers, Daunte Culpepper, Lynn Swann, LaDainian Tomlinson, Ray-Ray McCloud, Greer Martini, etc.

Baseball — Catfish Hunter, Skye Bolt, Scooter Hightower, Coco Crisp, Kevin Quackenbush, Socrates Brito, etc.

Shoot, there’s cooler names in every other sport, even track: Usain Bolt.

Then there’s nicknames. Check this:

Football has a Booger and we don’t?? Sure we’ve got a Skeet, but that’s a couple letters short of the more bassin’ “Skeeter.” Plus we don’t have classic southern nicknames like Cletus or even Bubba. Pee-wee? Anyone?

Does bassin’ have any cool names? (Swindle? Ish?) Did we ever?? Hit me back by replying to this email with the best bassin’ names you ever heard of (and where if they’re local dudes) and I’ll put together the list on OT Fears!

Pro bassin’ needs better jerseys…

…or an alternative. I mean come on, everyone with 60 bucks looks just like an Elite pro. Not sure what the next step is but here are some ideas:

Match the uni, like football does and lacrosse:

Wear what wrestlers wear! This one was commissioned for Dave Mercer:

At the very least some random jersey, like this one designed by I believe Randy Howell — that true Howell? If so, it KILLS bro!

Like I said — not sure what the next step is but it has to be something.

Pro bassin’ needs better socks.

The Vikes’ Cordarrelle Patterson be man-crushin’ Randy Moss on the socks:

In bassin’ we have Andy Montgomery with Farm to Feet socks…which are dang good socks but don’t look as cool:


What pro bassin’ doesn’t need.

A giant rulebook. Does it need better rules in certain cases? Yep. Does it need more rules here and there? Yup. But the NFL is getting killed by rule multiplication (plus front-office incompetency). Just think if the Elites had NFL rules:

No excessive fish-catch celebrations:

No conflicting sponsors, like the MLFers made it:

No truck bigger than the commish’s truck. Oh wait…we don’t have a commish. Okay, no truck bigger than Jerry McKinnis’. Sell it Skeet!

No instant replay. Wait…we don’t have that either.

NFL players WISH they could be in bassin’…except, you know, for the difference in $$$.

Whachoo theen Treep?

Who wishes they fished outta a Water Wagon?

BB bass-head TC Adams fishes outta what he calls a Water Wagon. My only question: Is it…Water Tight??


1. Rise up for Grant.

Little bassin’ bud and fam need help. Don barone scribble on it is here. Help ’em if you can.2. Alton Jones’ lake-by-lake Elite season.

Good article on how he’ll approach each lake. He also says Alton Jr.’s on his own.

Okay, he doesn’t say that but he doesn’t say he ain’t!

3. Tim Horton’s new signature Solar Bats.

Disco’s not my thing but:

4. Cody Meyer on BassEdge Radio.

Heard Cody is changing his name to “I only fish for spotted bass with wimp sticks.” That’s what Skeet said, anyway…. Don’t get mad Skeet!

Btw Nitro Boats is now sponsoring BassEdge.

5. FLWer John Cox gets Dirty Jigs.

6. Rob Newell confuses Clunn with Skywalker.

I think that’s what he’s saying anyhow. Also, Newell writes for FLW and that article is on the Bassin’master website so he either went to the dark side or the light side, not sure…lol.

7. Great column from Dave Precht about Wade Bourne.

I learned stuff about Wade I didn’t know. What a great guy we lost.

8. T Brown from Wired2Scout says bass clubs need help.

9. Storm’s new 360GT Searchbait.

Here’s the preview vid, more coming:

10. TN: Rhea County gives B.A.S.S. $35K.

For a couple derbies this year.

11. Angler’s Choice gets Bassin’ Cat.

12. Latest BAM is out!

At Bass Pro, Cabela’s, Tackle Warehouse, Gander Mountain, Barnes & Noble and other spots. Be lookin’ fer this cover:

13. Bass Pro Shops-Cabela’s deal may not close til Oct.

14. Fish with Swindle contest.

When you’re in the boat with him, he talks less than Clunn.

Not really HAHAHA!

Take it easy there Newell or, uh, Luke…or whoever.

15. You need lighted feeshn pliers?

Well they now exist so…of course you do.

16. BassBlaster git it different options.

If you missed the couple emails I sent out about this, here are other ways to get the Blaster. YES will still send the email, but if you’d rather get it differently or another way too: here you go.

Headline of the Day

When fish aren’t biting, try different approach

I’ll have to remember that next time I’m out….

Tip of the Day

Paul Mueller: How to fish underspins.

Possibly the least-sexy-to-fish bassin’ bait (other than the dropshot…lol), but stupidly easy to fish. Good vid from Paul on it:

He’s using a 4″ Reins Rockvibe Shad (bluegill) and 3/8-oz Fish Head Spin (up to 30′ deep). Other underspins here on TW.

The slower the better in cold water. He likes a braid to fluoro combo, and Dobyns Champion Extreme DX764SF rod.

Quote of the Day

Bass have teeth, and slender bony jaws which make unhooking them a task for actually the deftest fishermen. A great set of hemostats may make sure that captured bass could be easily unhooked without a lot of harm to the fisherman, and also both seafood.

Yes, and also both seafood. Says it all.

Shot of the Day

Yakker got him a doozy of a melon with a Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Prop. Check the clear prop — different sound and spray:


Funniest year in review column: Dave Barry in the Boston Globe. Since I’m a Jersey guy, this is my fave line:

> Chris Christie dines alone in a Golden Corral in Freehold, NJ, pondering whether to accept the ambassadorship to Belize.

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