Better Bass Fishing: Read It, Live It

Don’t know if you’ve been hipped to this my wired bros (and sistas) but BASS senior writer and buddy o’ mine (full disclosure) Robert Montgomery has a new book out called Better Bass Fishing.

No explanation needed. Couple tidbits from it:

> Robert’s favorite “secret” from the book: “Confidence baits sometimes are more an accident of timing than they are truly superior lures…. Using a confidence bait gives you a psychological boost, and that’s important when the bite is slow – maybe more important than the bait itself. It heightens your concentration and makes you more eager to fish. It makes you more attentive to where you are casting and to detecting subtle bites. In short, throwing a confidence bait makes you a better angler.”

> My favorite: Denny Brauer advises bassers to pee when they feel the need instead of trying to hold it in. “If you don’t pee when you have to, you’ll be thinking about it and not paying attention to fishing.” [No truer words have ever been spoken, and I will add that to my basket of “didn’t catch ’em” excuses. Thanks Denny!]

If that’s not enough, here’s Robert about why you NEED THIS BOOK, MAN!

I’ve fished for bass from the Columbia River to the Potomac, from backcountry lakes in Canada to the big-bass fisheries in Mexico [25 years as a BASS senior writer]. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about bass fishing. I’ve learned from the best professional fishermen, the best fishing guides, and the best recreational anglers, as well as fisheries biologists and resource managers.

In Better Bass Fishing, you’ll learn to catch more and bigger bass; how and why weather affects fishing; why some baits work better than others – and how some are designed more to catch anglers than fish.

My book contains plenty of how-to information, while concentrating on the big picture, as I recommend how anglers can improve their fisheries through specific individual actions. Also, I show how fishermen can improve their performance through fitness and diet, and provide tips on how to protect yourself and your equipment while on the road.

Mo’ Info

> The book is 176 pages with b&w photos. Retail price of the book is $21.95, which is kinda on the low side of sporting books these days. Even better: As I type this, it’s $17.12 at amazon.

> You can get a signed copy directly from Robert for $20, including s&h. Just email him at: roticomontgomery AT

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