Bass eat the flash? Cool Japan baits, Old new school tips

Quick shout-out to CA’s Dave Baker who met a homie of mine at some biz thing and ended up talkin’ bassin’. Love it!

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Today’s Top 5

Ever been this mad at yer bassin’ bud?

Hahaha! I mean, it’s a nice pic n all (@lowrancefishing) but…you ever done that in a boat?? Sitting, back to back, probly not talking….

Only guy I coulda seen doing this with is Zona, both of us back in the day. Think it was only once we almost launched the fisticuffs, not sure why…Z? I ended up thinkin’ 2 guys goin’ at it in a boat was a great idea for a TV show but ESPN didn’t think so….

“Bass eat the flash.”

Mark Rose talkin’ ’bout reelin’ a Strike King Marky Rose Lil’ Ledge Spoon thru schoolies but…that actually might be all we need to know about EVERY moving bait. For real.

The only thing I’m a-wonderin’ about is this: never heard Mark actually say such a short sentence….

Hahaha brother Mark you know that’s true man! (He’ll deny it.)

Few cool Japan bait findin’s.

Have a PILE of innerestin’ stuff found around the webz, here’s some from Japan:

1. All you need to know about a bladed crank-ish bait.

Believe that’s a Deps Evoke Zero? Insta post here.

2. This the best trailer for fishing a bladed jig slow?

That’s what this Japanese post says:

> …the water temperature begins to gradually drop. At such times, the [bass] will gradually react to side movements.

> The reason why I chose “Drive Stick 4.5in” for the trailer is that the pin tail worm with high specific gravity allows the swim to wind stably when wound [slowly].

Full OSP vid here.

3. How are they doing this??

First I thought it was a finesse jig but seems to be a crazy plastic on a weighted hook of some kind. Believe the plastic is a Hideup Cokie F:

I can see more n a few pros fishin’ it, includin’ Aaron Martens and Seth Feider. Can also think of a few who’d rather peel 100 lbs of shrimp than fish that deal….

Full Insta vid here. Reminds me of Sideshow Bob’s dreads:
More bait stuff a-comin’ Thursdee.

“…fishery managers…must address declines in cool- and cold-water sportfish, while dealing with increased abundance of warmwater sportfish.”

– From a WI science-type study that says a) it’s global warming and b) more bass harvest might not be enough to reduce “a popular warmwater sportfish that has become more prevalent and has prompted management concerns around the globe.”

Say wha?? Also not sure what kinda “challenge” it is to “deal with” a naturally reducing population of the US’s most popular gamefish?? #CmonMan

New spinning rod being developed in FL.

Check it:


KIDDING sensitive peeps/spinnin’ fanz! (Shoot, okay, been known to use one too….)


1. We lost a brother.

Minnesota Twins baseball prospect Ryan Costello, just 23, passed on apparently of natural causes. He’d said:

> “My dad has a bass boat and has had it since I was a kid. The first thing we do when I go home is go fishing.”

Bless you bassin’ brother. Please pray for his family.

2. Gerald Swindle now running a Phoenix.

3. Mike McClelland will narrow his crank colors soon…

…from 2 to…? Thought it was a typo but maybe not:

> McClelland says that he’s currently throwing phantom brown and phantom green [SPRO Rk Crawlers], and will narrow his colors even more the later he fishes in the fall and early winter.

Okay? Keepin’ it ultra-simple there MM lol!

ICYMI Mike’s on BassEdge Radio right now….

4. Kelly Jordon’s return to Fork will be a full circle deal.

BPT will be there next year and:

> Back in 2007, myself, Dan Friedken and Donato Ramos created the Toyota Texas Bass Classic, which would be the first-ever professional tournament with a format where angler caught fish, weighed them on the water, and immediately released them back into the lake. That tournament was really the godfather for what Major League Fishing is today.

5. Brandon Card’s educational Elite assessments.

Love his Rights and Wrongs that he lists for each event. Here’s part 1, here’s 2.

6. Micheal Neal says fishing clean is this.

> …”fishing clean” or “proper execution” to me really comes down to how an angler reacts after losing a fish. Very few…just throw their lure right back out there and keep fishing like nothing happened. To me, that’s truly what “fishing clean” and “perfect execution” entails.

> I learned that lesson from Kevin VanDam years ago. I remember watching him in a tournament on TV where he was in 1st or 2nd place on the final day. He lost the winning fish — a 5-lber — that shook his crankbait right at the boat, yet he never flinched. He simply fired another cast back out there and said, “Well, the good news is they’re biting a crankbait now.”

Okay but KVD was probly so “mad at ’em” the bass were running away from his boat…. Anyhow, guessin’ Michael uses one o’ these when he can’t get clean upstairs:

7. Ott DeFoe’s been ramping up the YT vids.

Check his channel ^.

8. BPTer FLetch Shryock gets Battle Born Batteries.

9. Elitist Kyle Monti gets Crusher Lures.

10. FLWer Matt Becker gets Bagley Baits.

11. Kelley Jaye selling his 2019 Skeeter FX21.

Loaded of course, Yamaha 250 SHO, Lowrance units.

12. Cool post from Zona about Jerry McKinnis.

They were tight for awhile.
13. Denny Brauer on StrayCasts tomorrow night.Wed 11/20 @7pm cst on Facebook/StrayCasts or

14. New FLW Pro Circuit deets are out.

Here’s the schedule, more at the link ^:

Jan 23-26 – Sam Rayburn, TX
Feb 20-23 – Harris Chain, FL
Mar 19-22 – Lake Martin, AL
Apr 2-5 – Cherokee Lake, TN
Apr 23-26 – Hartwell, SC
May 14-17 – Lake Dardanelle, AR
Jun 27-30 – Detroit River, MI
Aug 8-13 – “Title Championship” – St. Lawrence River, NY

15. Aaron Beshears is the new BPT and MLF Cup TD.

He was the MLF’s manager of competition crew (officials) recruiting and training. BUT heard he was hired for the new gig based on his vision for a new polygraph room, as pictured below:


16. Brief NPFL update.

This is the recently announced new working man’s (ish) pro trail:

> Plan is to launch in 2021.

> New website.

> Couple o’ the co-owners — Al McCulloch and Paul Benson — were on StrayCasts among other webby shows. Huge props to Paul for sportin’ overalls! Hope it’s either those or jumpsuits only for the anglers…lol.

17. ID: Giant ID bass caught but…still not a DD.

JJ Schillinger’s smashed 25″ and 9.7 lbs of large and in charge — in a tourney! On a chain o’ lakes around Coeur d’Alene. New state C&R record. State record is 10.9.

For some perspective, a DD largemouth in ID is rarer than seeing:

> The birth of a rainbow
> The annual rose bush migration
> A bigfoot wearing hightops riding a unicorn

Oh snap.

18. TX: Nice winning weight on Lake Whitney.

Tuff Man bass tourney won with 5 for 27.35 includin’ a 7.7. Props to Byron Albrecht and Charles Reagan:

19. KS found a way to get bass to spawn early…

…so the stockers are a bigger size and survive better. Kinda cool:

> Meade Fish Hatchery manager Jason Vajnar learned to manipulate water temperatures and light levels to trick Feb and Mar brood fish into thinking it was late May….

> “We’re now stocking 1.5-2.5″ bass before wild fish have even hatched. And we’re finding many more of our stocked bass now survive their first winter. After that, they’re in good shape.”

> “The problem was our young bass weren’t big enough to make it through the winters because they weren’t really big enough to take advantage of available food. Most were only 4-5″. We learned if we could grow those fish to about 8″ their odds of survival were greatly improved.”

[At — can’t link it.]

20. TX: Giant salvinia found at Houston County Lake.

Also, TX is focusing on “stocking” native vegetation.

21. Trolling motor updates.

Lowrance Ghost should be shipping this month.

MotorGuide Tours should be shipping early next year.

Gotta say I’m real curious to see what all this competition does to our front motors over time.

22. Asian carp updates.

> Great Lakes Congressmen ask President for help. They want a plan to keep the plague out.

> Is IL dragging its feet on doing something? MI has funds, IL has…?

> Researcher says the carp have hurt upper MS River gamefish. Maybe? Doesn’t specify which pools but can’t be everywhere because the tourneys there are still pretty dang good.

23. Country music gal Stephanie Quayle is a brand ambassador…

…for Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s. Innerestin’.

On right now…

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Tip of the Day

4 great ones from one of the greats, Don Wirth.

From an older deal on, here’s a few coolios from a long list:


Former B.A.S.S. pros Basil Bacon and Ken Cook have relied on this tactic for decades for lunker bass, and I’ve seen it trigger some truly scary strikes. Cast a 3/8- to 1/2-oz spinnerbait with twin CO blades to the bank, hold your rod at 10 o’clock, then adjust the retrieve speed until the lure’s blades are running just beneath the surface and throwing a wake like a fleeing shad.

15. SHAKE IT UP, BABY! [What does this sound like?? #Ned]

In the January issue [1989], tournament angler/lure maker Jerry Corlew explained how he developed a method he called “doodling”…. Wielding a baitcasting [yeah buddy!] outfit with 4-lb line, the CA angler would drop a 4” finesse worm rigged on a darter-head jig straight down to subtle structural edges, then once it hit bottom, he’d gently shake the rod so the lure quivered and pulsated in place.


Sometimes bass will flash or roll on a spinnerbait, maybe even peck its blades, but not strike it. According to “Bass Professor” Doug Hannon, who died in April 2013, the lure’s skirt color may be too intense to pass close scrutiny. “This usually happens when you’re using a chartreuse or bright white spinnerbait in fairly clear water. Switching to a skirt in a more neutral color like smoke gray or moss green will often turn these lookers into biters.”

[Doug knew some stuff man….]


Here’s how to make a hollow weedless frog easier to cast on heavy baitcasting tackle. Cut a small slice in the lure’s back and stuff the hollow body with pinched-off pieces of plastic worm. The lure is now heavier and casts farther, but it still floats. Drop in a couple of glass worm rattles while you’re at it.

One more tiddybit:

> …pitching, which was initially referred to as “long distance flipping.”

HAHAHA don’t remember that one!

Quote of the Day

“In her last days, Bertha floated near the top and Leroy continuously attempted to push her back down, deeper in the water.”

Talkin’ ’bout the famous “Leroy Brown” largie once owned by Tom Mann, and the love of his life (tho he was not monogamous). Not sure if that goes beyond instinct or what, but I love the love man. Pretty sure wild largies ain’t got time for that….

Didn’t know Leroy was only around 2 lbs when caught outta Eufaula, AL. And forgot that Tom and B.A.S.S. founder Ray Scott organized a $4K funeral for Leroy when he went to the Big Pond. Also didn’t know this:

> A casket was made from a satin-lined tackle box complete with strawberry Jelly Worms….

He was caught on that worm, which of course Tom invented. Couldn’t find a pic of the casket — if you have one, pls send it.

Shot of the Day

If this doesn’t say fall to you, not sure what does — #stout @electric_fishing shot:

Pretty sure you could make a push broom outta a smallmouth tail?


Lookit that NC bigfoot track. Anyone who’s been in in the woods knows there’s NO WAY a branch that thick could be mashed into the mud like that — and crushed! — unless it was an amazingly heavy critter man…. Vid here.

Also, if anyone fishes Lake James, watch out fer the ‘foots.

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