Bait balls cause shade? Tube and worm bait? Hookset tooth removal!

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Do bass like bait balls cuz of the shade?

Guess I should say “cuz of the shade too,” along with the shad…. Innerestin’ thought from Jason Christie:

> Late summer transitioning into early fall means you’ll start seeing a lot of this — fish under bait balls. I believe they actually swim under the shade of the bait until they’re hungry.

Maybe McDonald’s should provide shaded bass boat parking…or something….

What’s this telling us/the bassin’ biz?

That’s an Overstreet shot of a pretty dang good crowd in Waddington, NY at the St. Lawrence Elite. Question is: Why? I mean, NY ain’t bassin’ central, Waddington ain’t exactly near a city, it’s not real easy to get to for a lot of folks, so what’s the deal? Couple thoughts:

1. If a big tourney happens every year at the same place at about the same time, it can become a destination…ASSUMING the fishing’s good, so not a place like the Sabine River.

2. More important I think is the time of year.

Big tourneys in the summer should be destinations. Back when B.A.S.S. had the Classic in the summer, families would go to it for their summer vacations. For real. Still not sure giving that up just for better TV ratings — the reason the Classic was moved to the winter — was the right call, but it ain’t my biz and no one woulda listened anyway….

Anyhow, this is why I love that the Redcrest is in Aug. If it always happens in the summer, look for it to eventually/possibly become a destination for families — especially if they get Shin Fukae to do a dance off with Skeet Reese:

Hahaha! That’s from @russ_lane’s Insta. Guy in the background is too funny.

Surely this’d work for bass?

Guess it’s a trout deal — anyone try it for REAL fish?

Jig-worm was sorta the what came before the Ned Rig, not sure I’ve ever heard of a tube-worm. Posted by @mooneworms_fishinglures.

Some more bassy stuff:

Clockwise from top L:

> What’s going on here? — Besides this lookin’ like it’d take 10 mins to rig, everything looks a little…much? @taka.m55 shot

> Sling it out to the ballgame — @backlash_official posted this capped crank, which needs to be Russ Lane’s next SPRO bait….

> Dropshot that! — Believe it’s a Russian bait? naprivlac.sk_tomysbait posted it, says it’s a “pintail fiolet perch killer.” Pretty sure it’d be a bass killer too.

> Weedless tube rig — One way to do it, hadn’t seen it in a while. @anglrlabs shot

Couple aha moments from around the webz.

1. Here’s a good reason for no-puncture clips…

…like the T-H Marine G-Force Conservation Culling System, among a few others. Shot = ugh.

2. Here’s why blue jigs/plastics work…

@streamerjunkie17 shot in a stream somewhere. Blue craws just must taste better:

Hookset tooth extraction!

Lovin’ this! Bass-head Sam R gittin’ ‘er done for his boy, with the flip stick:

Woohoo np! Tx for sendin’ it in!


1. 3 Elite boats got broken into last night.

Anyone in NY see folks with some new gear — notably Megabass and Shimano — pls call the 5-0. Not cool at all….

2. KVD is killin’ it…

…as an on-air dude for the BPT Redcrest. Not surprised at all, not just because he’s KVD — dude is $$$ media-wise. Tell him you need 30 seconds or 10 minutes on some fishing deal and he will nail it right off the top of his head. Watch out Z….

Btw, KVD was watching Jacob Wheeler today and Marty Stone had an innerestin’ observation — about how Wheeler fishes just about as fast as KVD but isn’t as good as Kevin when it comes to progressing through baits to get on ’em. But…seems like Jacob is headin’ in the KVD direction, however he gets there….

JT Kenney was talkin’ ’bout Lewis and Clark — pretty sure they never bass-fished?

3. Real good Micah Frazier advice…

…for folks who want to go pro in this post. Btw Micah released this vid about what inspired him to give it all he had to win the St Lawrence:

The pro bassin’ struggle is real man…brought a tear to my eye….

Hahaha Micah! (Full vid here.)

4. You can get a gift box of Brent Champman’s baits.

From Westin, should be available for Christmas time. Apparently the gift box o’ baits deal is a big thing in Europe, which is where Westin is based — click it for the vid:

5. Bill Lowen gets cooler.

Know that’s hard to believe (heehee!)…Mammoth Coolers.

Btw here’s Bill talkin’ ’bout losing 5 fish — outta nowhere — on day 3 at the St Lawrence. Crazy stuff happens when it’s your time and when it’s NOT your time to win one….

6. How Kevin Short trims a jig skirt (vid).

Gotta say the shirt before and after is pretty impressive…. Mr. Pink uses Jewel Jigs ONLY yo!

7. Maybe the best glove pic I’ve seen: Timmy Horton.

Never even thought about a cool glove pic til I saw this:

Don’t think that’s a Squatch glove, just a regular monkey…. Btw I have some of those Fish Monkey gloves and they’re good.

8. LA: Falling water turning on the bass?

> …dramatic falling levels in the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers flipped the switch. Bass are turned on…after months of record high water….

9. FL: Corps working on a new Okeechobee plan.

Hope it includes bass fishing…. Also, FWC planning to remove bottom “muck” there.

10. CA: Irvine is open for fishing again but…

…shoreline only for now.

11. Check the Baby Bull Shad in action.

Niiiiiiice. Can only get ’em here.

12. CatchCo/Googan have 8 new cranks.

Saw ’em at ICAST, seem legit, we’ll see…. Not on the TW yet.

13. First Lunkerhunt Spider fatty?

@harleysethcarter be sayin’ yep:

Actually called the Phantom Spider and a lotta fish are a-waitin’ to see one….

14. Alpha Angler has a new rod…temporarily.

Oh snap — limited edition, limited quantity TopHammer topwater rod. 7′ MFast. #want

15. How to revive your outboard.

Click it to read the post if you can’t make it out. That’s with regular Sea Foam Motor Treatment, but the new Sea Foam Marine PRO is even better for outboards. Both are great fuel stabilizers too….

16. New Vexus VX21 walkthrough vids.

Up on their YouTube channel, 2nd-best thing to gettin’ in one yourself….

17. Minn-Kota will have Mega Side Imaging in Ultrexes this fall.

18. PA: Bloody red shrimp spreading in Erie.

> …the closest the bloody red shrimp had been found in Lake Erie waters was near Dunkirk, NY. It’s also been found off the Ashtabula, OH shoreline….

Might want to dropshot a pink bead-head wet fly….

19. TX: Zebras found in LBJ and Pflugerville.

Central TX. As a result, the TPWD is planning to stock gobies.

Kidding about the gobies….

20. NY/VT: Eels washing up dead at Lake Champlain.

No cause found yet.

21. TX: What a spillway failure looks like.

Dang — no warning! That was Lake Dunlap on the Guadalupe River, 1 of 4 lakes on that river that will be “drained by the end of Sept after water officials decided spillway gates at the lakes are too dangerous to maintain.”

22. AAA says gas might fall 25 cents this fall.

Make it 50 and you got a deal….

Tip of the Day

Seth Feider is fishing the Tokyo Rig like a dropshot.

I’m thinkin’ he likes anything he can shake: #MntnDew

> …heavily pressured reservoirs…”the fish are seeing a lot of baits that do the same thing — they fall to the bottom, they hop a few times, they’re out of their face.

> “With this rig, I can really put a lot of action on that bait without moving it a long ways. I can just shake my rod in there and aggravate that fish into biting…even if he wants to stare at it a little while before he bites it.”

> Feider targets deeper water…. “If I can see those tall, thick clumps with a bunch of bluegills around them, there’s probably going to be some bass sitting in the middle of them. These deep fish, there’s going to be a lot less areas with fish, but when you do find them, you’re going to find large concentrations of bass.

> “It drops straight-vertical every time. It slides down through the stuff really good. …I’m getting good penetration.”

Said this too, and Seth’s not the hype type:

> “The hooking percentage is insane. And where I’m hooking them seems to be a lot different. Without that weight in the front…it seems like my hook penetration has been a lot deeper on all these fish too. Rather than getting them in the edge of the lip, I’m getting them hooked deep.”

Dang it I NEED TO FISH these things. YOU HEAR ME JAY?? (Yellin’ at my hardheaded self….)

Meme of the Day

Love this’n posted by Pink “Kevin” Short:

Shot of the Day

Bassin’ in the FL Keys…nope it’s in Japan, reposted by @deps_official:

I so want to fish that water….


New Holland, MI HS football coach is named Shad Fish…

…how great is that! Should be all good unless he runs into a coach named Bass Fish….

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