Big bass baits are small, Best mounts ever, Deaden crank action?

Today’s Top 5

Big bass baits are small.

Hack Attack talkin’ on the Bassin’masters:

> These lures aren’t really all that big. They just look big because most everything else we throw is small. I’m with Strike King so I’ll talk about their lures….

> If you look at a Strike King 3XD, 5XD, 6XD, 8XD or 10XD, it’ll look big. But a 3XD is only 3.25″ long and the biggest model, the 10XD, is only 6″ long. Bass eat forage that big all the time.

> So get the size thing out of your head. It doesn’t count for anything.

Huh. How Hack comes up with this stuff:

HAHAHA! For real, tho: This kind of stuff makes me wonder why Rick Clunn doesn’t have a blog. He’s got mega-insight no one else has. And Denny, Elias, etc for that matter. Get on it Kumar! Hey, shut up…myself….

The goal is to catch fish, not joyride at 70 mph around the reservoir.

Hahaha! Right? That’s college kid John Garrett talkin’ about savin’ gas $$ in a very cool “bassin’ on a budget” post. Heck yeah! The Kumars roll a budget too, mang….

Cali Delta FLW Series baits.

Beeg weener was Hunter Schlander, took it home by a big 7 lbs. Looks like his whole town came out:

Cranked riprap on high tide. Check how small the window was:

Looks like a max of 8′ of water between the riprap and the hydrilla. He cranked a Lucky Craft BDS4 (mad craw) with those crazy-looking Trapper hooks. Here’s a breakdown of what the entire top 10 fished:

Crankbait = 50% — All were crawfish or bluegill patterns. Callin’ out Andy Scholz (7th) for using a Luhr-Jensen Speed Trap — one of the best cooler-water cranks EVER imo — that he had custom-painted:

Senkos and like baits = 50% — Most were shades of green pumpkin.

Dropshot = 30% — All Roboworm, at least 2 of 3 were margarita mutilator which is this color, held by Beau Joudrey (3rd):

Vibe jig = 30%

Swim-jig = 20%

Jig, Swimbait, Spinnerbait, Punch shot = 10%


> Believe this is the first semi-major tourney high finish on the Yamamoto Sanshouo — Bub Tosh Jr. (cool name! for some reason reminds me of a reggae artist) finished 4th punch-shotting it (3/8-oz weight, 4/0 hook). Says the Sanshouo is a good bluegill imitator:

> Plastics dominated the top 5.

> Lovin’ the name of the host: Sugar Barge RV Resort and Marina, which may or may not be owned by this dude:

What complete confidence looks like.

Check FLWer Mike Surman practicing on the upper Mississippi River at La Crosse:

Hey Mike, so you don’t get spotted next time, wear you some North Korean camo, man, it’s the best:

Best bass mounts EVER!!

Both available on eBay for $140 total, not including shipping — deal! lol

Seriously: Who would mount these bass, and why. Maybe Bizarro Supe?


1. Menendez rescues family on Rayburn.

 > Aboard the boat were a pregnant mother, the father and 3 children….
All wearing PFDs — great job dad! #stout Mark!

2. Swindle hunts mini deer?

Looks like it?

3. Elitist Kelly Jordon on BassEdge Radio.

4. Talk with Zell tomorrow in La Crosse.

Meet n greet, learn about how he fishes the new BOOYAH Prank:

5. Hayabusa has first pro staff.

Elitists Fred Roumbanis and Skylar Hamilton, and FLWers Casey Scanlon and Pete Ponds. Hayabusa says it’s the #1-selling bass hook in Japan.

6. NY: Smallies may go over Niagara Falls.

7. AL: TN River derbies have huge economic impact.

> “We’ve been tracking the economic impact of bass tournament fishing for the past 20 years and each tournament that we have can show anywhere from $100,000 to a $1,000,000 [economic impact]….”

8. ID: Massacre Rocks has “massive” smallies?

9. TX put 1K bass into Falcon.

Cool but probly represents 0.00001% of the lake’s bass pop….

10. TX: Whiteside inducted into TX Fishing HOF.

Bobby Whiteside for being a fishing educator. Congrats bassin’ bro!

11. PA: Why the state is getting rid of spawn regs.

Has been no fishing during the spawn but:

> Commissioners say the regulation is unenforceable because magisterial district judges have refused to hear cases.

12. OK: Vets derby at Ft Gibson THIS SATURDAY.

13. KY/TN: ‘Yak Bass Open on KY Lake June 10-11.

14. New Gander owner says more guns at remaining stores.

Not fishin’ stuff but at least the guy is a business guy and not a PC anti….

Line of the Day

Matthew McNellis…caught a reportedly 10.8-lb bass using nothing but a jug line and a chicken nugget.

– HAHAHAHA! That’s on Bardwell Lake, TX. For those of us who are a little nuts about colors, here’s one you need to have in your box:

Tip of the Day

A few Elitist tidbits.

Ran across these, thought they were interesting so:

Paul Elias: Why crank deep

> “…the heaviest bass often prefer a crankbait. Paul Elias has experienced this many times. One instance happened during a postspawn tournament at Lake Guntersville.

> Elias had found a school of bass on a roadbed in 22′. He could catch 2-lbers at will on a jig or a Carolina rig, but nothing bigger. A Mann’s 30+…got fewer bites, but it duped 3- to 5-lbers. “You’re usually going to get bigger bites anytime you throw a big crankbait like a Mann’s 30+….”

KVD: Longer rods

> …longer rods move a lot more line when setting the hook. If you’re setting the hook with a 9′ rod, you’re going to have a lot more power than you do with 7-footers.

> But that can cause problems if there aren’t some adjustments made in the rod action — anglers may be breaking their line more frequently on hooksets with longer rods.

> So, if you’re accustomed to using 6-lb line on 7′ rods, you need more taper in the rod to absorb the shock of the hookset or you need to step up in line size.

Hack: Deadening crankbait action

[Considering how much time and $ is spent on getting the exact right crank action, this fascinates me.]

> “I like to run oversize hooks on my crankbaits to cut down on the action if I want it to run tighter — deadening the action a little. I do this in clear water, heavy fishing pressure, cold water or around a school of pressured fish.”

Quote of the Day

He was like taking a largemouth bass and throwing it in the middle of a coral reef.

Alabama offensive line coach Mario Cristobal talkin’ ’bout a player with a serious motor, and showin’ he fer sher ain’t no bass-head…since, you know, a largie in saltwater would expire pretty quick.

Shot of the Day

Great cell shot of a MI smallie:

That bait is a Megabass Deep-X 300 in midwestern clown, a color that could be named after any bass-head in any one of several Midwest states lol. Will also mention that the SIX HUNNERT DOLLAR Megabass Destroyer X7 Rods are now on TW here.

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